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Is It Really You?

Published January 21, 2018 by tindertender

What shall I say to you? You are near but you do not understand. The flow is quite complex! How can one possibly dwell in one place, yet live in another? A dilemma misunderstood by many.

Hand and sand

Some of us do not have a choice, it just is. Which brings a question, “Is there such a thing as freedom?”. Certainly systems can be shut down but is this the wisest thing to do?  Is true freedom having knowledge and experience which surpasses what is thought of as ‘normal’?

When people are faced with an unknown, fear can develop, and there may be a closing down … it can be painful to remain open. But you know this already.

On the other side of time is a soul lived in varying aspects  of itself, revolving through childhood, adult and elder phases? Are there highs and lows, a speeding up and a slowing down, a rising and a falling?

Like a wave,
As an orbit,
In and out of season.

Is there light combined with night or is it all the same, constant, never changing? I don’t really want to know, yet I do.

Is it really you, or is it not? Things change so frequently it is hard to know. Time will tell … as soon as it ends.

Radiation Effects

Published January 16, 2018 by tindertender

Something in the air, energies of a sort … microwaves mixed in with what is natural. Hair raises, flesh tingles, mind becomes slightly agitated and it can be an effort to remain calm.

5G ~ it is a DNA changer, it is a cell disrupter. Although they have not “rolled it out” yet, it is plain they have been ‘testing’ the technology for awhile.

What do you supposed will happen to the human body when the short and mega-fast microwaves hit? We see what happens to foods in the little box sitting on most kitchen counters. When there are towers blasting these waves every tenth house, when these towers are placed every few yards in the forest, do you think the cells of all life will be disrupted? They will be, indeed they already are, and yet the manufacturers and those who stand to make ‘money’ push hard for it anyway.

Can you envision the human body literally dissolving under this barrage?

Radiation effects

“Health Effects. The various types of radiation affect the human body in different ways. … As high frequency radio frequency radiation, i.e., microwave radiation, penetrates the body, the exposed molecules move about and collide with one another causing friction and, thus, heat.”

Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies

The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more.

Are we slowly cooking humanity to death?

EMF’s seem to disturb the human body’s own energy field which can lead to fatigue, cancer, possibly even DNA changes.

Bandaid Heart

Published December 28, 2017 by tindertender

You say I am beautiful. You say you like me. You talk of my strength and how you believe I can help you. Yet in all this time you have not shared with me what it is you need help with. How am I to assist you when I know not what you seek? How do I know I want to provide aide? Perhaps it is an illusion, anyway.

Basic RGB

So much darkness lives in so many hearts, it is difficult to maintain belief in love. In the core of me faith still dwells, I hold onto fragments left from childhood. Growing older, these fragments become more frayed. I grasp at straws now, they are brittle, they break, they turn to dust in my hands.

Life will be a lonely existence without opportunity to share. It seems the need to horde what little we gather is being taught and fostered in mind. There must be more, something bigger than currently imagined. Is it not seen due to of lack of preparedness? What must occur so that possibilities of peace and love stabilize?

Surely there is a reason for it all.

Nuance and Fine Lines

Published December 28, 2017 by tindertender

I met a friend, she and I traveled together. We were being followed by a group of males. Our vehicle, which was a small bus, stopped working. We found ourselves walking and did our best to duck in and out of places so as not to be seen. Danger lurked around every corner, behind every bush, it seemed most people were out to take what they wanted, to do what they pleased, regardless of how it affected anyone else.

I found myself in a cafe, alone, although there were other patrons. A man sat at the table in front of me, a military man. He was young, sipping his drink. I left the building for a moment, thinking it would be safe to leave by hand bag. Upon return, this man pointed out that I must have ‘dropped’ my bag before leaving, it was found on the floor, under the table, most of the money had been removed. I studied the face of this young man, and I told him that I hadn’t dropped it at all, and it was my belief he had removed the funds, and I wanted them returned. He agreed and returned them, stating I could not have proven it. I pointed to the server and mentioned the cameras in the facility and how it was possible to view the footage. The server smiled and nodded yes, it could have gone this way.

Meeting up with my traveling companion, we found a huge house and decided to walk into the entry which was open and led to a wide open space. There were doors which led into glass walled rooms, carpeted with light shag, cozy. Another female saw me and made it clear we were not permitted to be there, I left.

Am I also one who does what I choose, walking into places without permission, not considering anothers wishes? Or do I search for someone so that I might ask for permission, seeking refuge from a dangerous, outer world?

It is said that what we see, is simply a reflection of who we are. Although this may be true, (since we have ALL within us), many people put forth great effort to do the right thing, to steer clear of that which takes advantage of, or intrudes upon another.

We may consider doing something which we see, and know is not acceptable, it is our actions which tell the truth of who we are. While there are those who seem to do the right thing on the surface, it is what happens behind closed doors which tell the truth of who they are. Mimickers of good are not able to fake it all the time. Those who do good will confess to a wavering mind, humbled, perhaps even with a little shame, always the first to tell on themselves. This gives ample opportunity for the faker to beat them up and spew vile rumors, attempting to darken the purity of these ones, yet they only show the true color of their own heart.

It is in the nuances, very fine lines, easy to deceive those who are not listening and watching. “Observance” is a good habit to get into. Sit on a bench for awhile, and see. No need to speak, for there will be plenty of that going on already.



To Feel, Or Not To Feel?

Published December 23, 2017 by tindertender

Rabbit hole

Drifting thought.
Sitting, doing nothing.
I reach for pen and paper,
Knocking things to the ground.
Breathing a deep sigh,
I pause.
Dark moments, seemingly never-ending,
Thinking I was alone.
Fallen into the pit,
I climbed my way out …
Deep struggle, wanting to quit,
But not quite.
Reaching the top, I realized
I was never alone,
Always watched over,
And yet, here I am again.
Singular, yet more than before.
I know better now,
But the pit is rising again
In belly. Same helpless
Feelings … however, knowledge of
The strength residing
Inside, a memory.
Sitting in a crowded room
Invisible walls separating.
There is a hearing of words
Spoken, but no understanding.
Those who hear do not
Engage, only discuss
Among each other.
How can truth be
Known without effort to
Is connection so strong
That it is not seen, or felt,
Invisible to the ones who experience?
There’s a pill for that,
And a resistance
To swallow it.
Feeling is raw, it
Would be relief to ease it,
To lessen it.
But who exactly benefits
From a mind dulled?
Expression muted, or
Which is preferred?

Tough Questions

Published December 18, 2017 by tindertender

self reflectionLife … it throws many trials at us. Some say that women return to the same type of abuse they became accustomed to in the past, I imagine it is this way for men as well. It takes a long time to begin questioning the deep-set cause of the continuation.

Questions, such as:
~ Am I subconsciously sabotaging this situation to protect my heart?
~ Am I really the biggest bitch everyone thinks I am?
~ Why am I standing aloof, far away from others?
~ How is it I have had trust stripped from my mind?
~Why am I so suspicious?

There are many who refuse to ask themselves these types of questions … personally, I swim in them. Does my asking them mean each and every one of them is true of me? Highly unlikely ~ although there are plenty of folks who would affirm the accuracy of them all … without asking of themselves the particular hard questions.

Sometimes, asking the questions of self out loud, gives others who hear the opportunity to latch on and try to prove, with much effort, the truth of it in regard the questioner. Still, the only answer needing sought, the only one, who without doubt, knows this truth IS the questioner, and only by seeking the answers can understanding begin.

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