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The High Road

Published August 23, 2017 by tindertender

When you are told you cannot join the group, when you are consistently denied, take the high road. While the others are walking the lower road together, they essentially force you to walk the alternative route.

Remember …

We travel quickest when we travel alone. Do not waste time feeling dejected, rejected, or sorry. Be glad instead, for you have been offered opportunity to increase the length of the journey, and the speed and which you rise.

Travel with love in your heart, and as you look below and you see them on the other path, smile, and thank them as you move swiftly by, and up. Focus not on doing better than … but on the work that must be done, the work that only you can do.

The world depends on you ~ on your stamina, on your unbreakable will, on your strength of character, on the fact that you hold honor for all beings in your heart and soul.

Celebrate ~ One Day At A Time

Published August 22, 2017 by tindertender


Regardless of what happened yesterday, today is still a good day to be happy again. Leave the past where it is so you can keep moving forward. Just because they hurt you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t heal. Just because they couldn’t see your value, it doesn’t mean that someone else never will. Just because the relationship ended, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of your love life. Be happy with yourself today. Celebrate the fact that you are still a great person and that you did not allow one bad experience to control how you approach the rest of your life. Live, Love and Laugh, one day at a time. ॐ
Art by Adam Scott Miller

We Are Not Blind

Published August 22, 2017 by tindertender

We can see. The reality of a huge and spectacular truth has not blinded us, only assisted us in seeing more clearly.

When the sun is covered and the day turns to night, when the heat from it escapes the atmosphere ~ there is a turning inward, looking at the eclipse of ones own heart and mind. What has covered them, no longer does, an awareness has presented itself for those who wish to see.

This is a new age. The power you hold within you will change the world. You choose the reality that will be.

Pain may have been a frequent visitor and skewed the way thought has been processed into action, it may still. With diligent attention and effort, that pain can be transmuted into great learning, a gift of sharing, and valuable lessons about that which does not promote peace or joy or love.

This world, it belongs to you. It is your canvas, just as your personal life. Go within, nurture what makes you happy, make it a strong surety, and then ripple it out from you, so that it touches others who may need to see what it feels like. Wearing a smile in the face of adversity, square off your shoulders and say, “I Am That” and show life what you can do to ease this suffering, for you, and your capacities, are immeasurable.

So Hum is derived from Sanskrit and literally means “I am That” . It means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. As we meditate on this, we realize that we are all one, we have all come from one Infinite Source, and a part (Ansh) of that infinite source is present in all of us. We are all connected. 

“You are the same as I am” OM is the sound of universe. Om Soham ~ I am the universe, I am part of it, I am connected to that Infinite source.

Reclaiming Symbols and Phrases

Published July 27, 2017 by tindertender

Throughout time, there are certain symbols and phrases that have been utilized for misdeeds. Knowledge of horrific acts are wide-spread, known to many, and symbols are associated with these events. For example the swastika, and its real meaning.


“The Swastika is a holy sign and symbol from thousands of years ago. Practically, the only symbol that is more important in the Vedic tradition is the Sanskrit Om Symbol.”

Evil has made practice of claiming sacred symbols and warping the meaning of them, skewing peoples minds, manipulating thought, stripping humanity of its sacredness … one symbol and practice at a time.

It is a difficult to own these symbols and meanings, to practice the spiritual rites that go along with them. There is a lot of push to eliminate certain symbols from those who have suffered much trauma and pain due to the manipulation of sacred signs. The only way to heal, is to reclaim these symbols. Strongly wearing them, and stating for all to see and hear, “Evil has no power, the attempt to strip what is good from us … from this world, will not be.”

In life, there are those who wish to inflict anxiety and self doubt upon people. They have practiced and become very good at doing so. Reacting to these manipulations in a negative light, being vulnerable and going into victim mode, is what gives them power, your power.

Take it back.

Refuse to be part of this sinister game. Only you can decide what has meaning for you, what inspires you and what you hold sacred. When someone comes along and gives a foul meaning to a sacred symbol or practice, and it is absorbed and allowed to take hold, by you, then you cede your power. Reclaim it! This power of what is good does not belong to manipulators!

You are a sanctified and beautiful giver of life! You are a powerful creator who does not need to bow to the will of men. You know this already.


Who Knows Best?

Published July 25, 2017 by tindertender

Not knowing, they assume … thinking they know better than the experiencer, they become judgmental and cruel, lacking awareness that their behavior, which is based on ‘lack of knowing’, causes them to spew negativity.

So it is in the world.

Only when there is an awareness of how an individuals own actions and words affect the whole, and a conscious choice is made to be more kind, will things shift.

Fortunately, many people are doing just this.

Good people, who are adored and respected, admired for their successes, have this habit of judging without full knowledge. Some call it ‘leadership skills’.

Stepping back and simply observing, however, one begins to see the constant barrage of negativity coming from mouths. Good intentions, mixed with lack of empathy, really do no one any good.  The ‘I know better than you’ mentality, I believe, is partially responsible for the state we now find ourselves in.

It takes a lot of courage, back bone, and a strong will to step away from this, and firmly plant the feet in our own awareness, moving forward as we know is best for us in any given moment, in a wide set of circumstances.

You know best … you know whether it is beneficial to your present ‘beingness’ and those who your life is touching. You know. You are much wiser than, perhaps, you have let yourself believe. Deep within you is an abundant flow of advice. No words are spoken there, yet the information comes through just the same.

Allow yourself the freedom to be YOU. In kindness love grows. In pain compassion is multiplied. An understanding is gained through your experiences which will benefit others.

Be gentle. The world needs gentleness. A healing must take place and it begins in your own mind. Nurture yourself with positive thought and affirmation. When you understand how wonderful you are, you will begin to see this sameness in those you see around you. Even when they are cruel … for truly, they do not know what they do.

Walking Between Worlds

Published July 24, 2017 by tindertender

I wake from dreaming, as I have done many times before. As I come into consciousness I think, “It’s time, here I am awake again.” I stop for a minute and I wonder, “Is this too, a dream?”

For a brief moment I glimpse a possibility. The conscious and aware me is actually experience dual realities, all the while being fully awake. Moving forward into petty, insignificant thought, I wonder if my husband can relocate the modem back to the middle of the house so I can use my lap top in the rear instead of coming to the kitchen. Wireless is finicky and does not travel through furnaces it seems.

It’s another beautiful early morning.The skies are clear, and I am grateful. My hope is that we will not be sprayed today with unknown chemicals.

I dream of calculations, and every single step that must be performed in order to complete task. I determine time and cost for it all in my mind, and then I remind myself of all the other components and vendors who will need to be utilized in conjunction with efforts made by the base to have a successful outcome. I make a list of questions and requests which will be asked as soon as I arrive.

Dreaming and waking, immediate projects vs calculations made to determine how much of what will be needed in the world to replenish and be plenty for all.

It is a busy life, walking between worlds.

I absorb all possible knowledge and use it to benefit not only this immediate reality ~ it includes the immediate future outcomes as well. I imagine I am not the only one.

Om, Let me meditate on the great Lord,
Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect,
And let God Shiva illuminate my mind.

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