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Inner Power

Published March 1, 2018 by tindertender

Stand, or sit comfortably, back straight.

(1) Like a wave the breath moves in … and out … arms up, bent at elbow, palms open. Breathe out moving shoulders and arms forward, breathe in pulling shoulders and arms back …. continue as you become one with the beat for a time.

(2) Elbows bent, palms together at chest level, listen to the beat with eyes closed, breathing normal. Focus on the breath as you listen to the beats, the rhythm. Feel the pulse between the palms of your hands. This is your Life Force. Rest here for a moment.

Quickly rub your palms together, breathe calmly, tighten your sphincter while doing so, this raises chi. Briskly rub you hands until they are hot. Repeat steps one and two. Feel the heat rise in your body.

Remember this moment throughout your day, come here to this memory in times of trial. Retreat to a quiet place and practice in silence if need be.

The power that is within you will overcome many challenges. Get in touch with it, be with it, you are it.

Thought Transfer On Waves

Published February 28, 2018 by tindertender

Standing, I stretch my arms out to my side, fingers splayed. I start low and slowly raise them, feeling the stretch in my elbow and the pulse in my hands. I raise then higher, slowly, feeling the stretch in my shoulders, in my back. I lower them, slowly, feeling this pulse through my hands and arms, fingers stretched out and a reaching for something ‘out there’, and then I raise them again, just as slowly. Doing this several times, I then lower my arms slightly, bending my elbows. At first all is quiet, but then the pulse begins again as this energy flows through my body.

Qi EnergyQi (chi) … life force …

Palms facing away from me, I push out to the front slowly. I feel the energy move. Turning hands inward to face me, I bring them back slow and feel the energy pulsing from them as they move toward my face. I hold them there a moment, I move them slowly down my face without touching flesh, to my neck, to my chest, to my stomach.

A warmth spreads through my body unlike heat, more like a ripple of energetic fusion. It’s nice. My hands are electrified, everything they come near feels this effect, knowingly or not. The hands are the highest transfer of this force. I rub them together swiftly, tightening my sphincter. I release and stretch them out to my sides once more, repeating the above. The entirety of both arms are now alive and pulsing. I hold them, bent at the elbow, palms up, and I feel the energy move.

I clasp my hands together loosely and I raise them over my head. I release, and move the arms slowly outward and splay the fingers once more, feeling this pulse as I do. I bend my elbows once more, palms upward, and I chant … Aum … Aum … Aum. I feel the vibration of my voice in my hands, and I know that this energy is in full flow. As I chant Aum, I silently think the words … Healing, Peace, Harmony. I send these thoughts out on the wave coming from my body.

I am now ready for work. I will walk with this energy and vibration throughout the day, coming back to this moment in times of intensity.

This can be done seated as well, keeping the feet uncrossed for proper flow.

Reaching Beyond Walls of Darkeness

Published February 20, 2018 by tindertender

I see you in a lighted room surrounded by dark walls.
Outside those dark walls is more light. 

Our Box

As human beings we find ourselves inside walls of darkness. You can think of it as your house, and if you do not have a house you will understand better, these walls are a creation made up of beliefs, perhaps instilled in you by other humans from your past, and also your present.

Breaking down these walls we see that we are entering the truth of life, we are light, living in light, and there are others who will do whatever they can to prevent you from seeing this … hence the walls, physical, and invisible.

Walls of doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, revenge, pain, heart break of all kinds … these are the mechanisms which hold us in this cage of darkness.

People have a very strong will. This will has been manipulated into thinking there isn’t anything other than the mechanisms which hold it inside the walls of darkness. Humanity has a strength beyond that hold, and ALL scenarios can be altered when this determination is put to work.

Release these things, do not allow them power over your life. You deserve to be united with the vast amount of light your were meant to thrive in, we all do.

Reclaiming Symbols and Phrases

Published July 27, 2017 by tindertender

Throughout time, there are certain symbols and phrases that have been utilized for misdeeds. Knowledge of horrific acts are wide-spread, known to many, and symbols are associated with these events. For example the swastika, and its real meaning.

“The Swastika is a holy sign and symbol from thousands of years ago. Practically, the only symbol that is more important in the Vedic tradition is the Sanskrit Om Symbol.”

Evil has made practice of claiming sacred symbols and warping the meaning of them, skewing peoples minds, manipulating thought, stripping humanity of its sacredness … one symbol and practice at a time.

It is a difficult to own these symbols and meanings, to practice the spiritual rites that go along with them. There is a lot of push to eliminate certain symbols from those who have suffered much trauma and pain due to the manipulation of sacred signs. The only way to heal, is to reclaim these symbols. Strongly wearing them, and stating for all to see and hear, “Evil has no power, the attempt to strip what is good from us … from this world, will not be.”

In life, there are those who wish to inflict anxiety and self doubt upon people. They have practiced and become very good at doing so. Reacting to these manipulations in a negative light, being vulnerable and going into victim mode, is what gives them power, your power.

Take it back.

Refuse to be part of this sinister game. Only you can decide what has meaning for you, what inspires you and what you hold sacred. When someone comes along and gives a foul meaning to a sacred symbol or practice, and it is absorbed and allowed to take hold, by you, then you cede your power. Reclaim it! This power of what is good does not belong to manipulators!

You are a sanctified and beautiful giver of life! You are a powerful creator who does not need to bow to the will of men. You know this already.


Intense focus on what will be

Published July 5, 2017 by tindertender

You are building the future.

Intensely focusing on what you do not want to see in people, or the world, will never make it change.

The focus must be equally intense on what you DO want to see in people, and in the world. Imagine it as if it were so. Imagine the change happening right before your eyes. As a pot of soup slowly begins to simmer, see goodness coming to the same, soft rolling boil in people. Indeed, feel this same simmer in yourself.

Stop giving energies to that which does not serve life. Cut out the argument, forgive those who may have passed on or are still here, forgive yourself.

Sunshine, sweet breezes, clean waters and nutritious foods can be had by the whole world if we, as a collective, see to it.

Those intent on destroying life are few, with BIG dollars, however we are many … and there are those in office who also wish to see a bright future for the children of generations to come.

Work with them.

Dreams For Peace

Published May 15, 2017 by tindertender

Catastrophe/Apocalyptic Dreams

Dreams.pngThe laws of change state that when you act positively it changes the future. Every time someone does a positive act it affects the future by making it more positive.  When stagnation and non-action exist, the future gets more terrifying. It is a very simple formula for getting out of any rut you are in. Even when the worst conditions exist around you, the moment that you act positively toward a vision like helping your neighbors, the world and the future suddenly appear brighter.

It is only when you are doing nothing toward changing the current reality or trying to maintain the way things are that the current reality gets frightening. When you act positively, you start to remember who you are truly and then that opens up even more positive possibilities.

Modern Ayurveda ~ Getting in Rhythm

Published March 27, 2017 by tindertender



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