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Evening Thoughts

Published February 22, 2018 by tindertender

It amazes me the way cauliflower smells when cooking, slightly pungent, yet my taste buds know very well it is good. I wait for it to finish so I can eat to my hearts content what will be my supper.

This week went by extremely quick! I looked at the calendar this afternoon and realized tomorrow is Friday already. I am curious if this time warp is due to the snow fall. Perhaps the beauty of it, and the extra care to drive in it, threw my senses off somewhat. Whatever it is, I am happy, for the weekend will be here soon and I will enjoy to the best of my ability the coming 4 days off work.


It was chilly when I arrived home tonight so I built a fire in the fireplace. This is rare, for during the week there isn’t many hours to enjoy it before bed. It is quite nice though, the crackling of the wood, the smell of it, and the beauty in the flickering flames.

I will be calling the Federal DO NOT CALL list phone number and register my cell phone. I am tired of automated calls wanting to talk about the credit card I do not own, or the other calls wanting to thank me for choosing Marriott, where I never go. Amazing … they do not even have real people do the soliciting nowadays.

I filter, distill, filter again, and then once more, my water and amazingly, the last filter still gets clogged very quickly! Now what in the world is a person to do if all these filtering processes do not clean the water sufficiently? I suppose a second distillation may need to be in order.

I’ll have my test results from the snow in about eight days. I will know then whether I should give it up, or pour it on … and you will know as well.


The Non-Conformist

Published November 29, 2017 by tindertender

Breaking OutShifting color turns to amber, dense form. Ebony looks like licorice, I dare not bite … open end, raw connection. Tickle at end of nose, as if there were a hair there … but no … scent gone now.

Delicate movements, no spill, replenished supply. Formula for pleasure, lasts for a time, out of sight out of mind.

Where did the heat come from? I did not sense it at first. Black spots on white, stubborn, settled in, comfortable right where they are.

Who wears a red bow tie at night? Perky and stiff all at once. Images so dark, it is a challenge to lighten them, to brighten them, what will they become?

coherenceSlowly with downward motion, equally slow to rise … moving to and fro, settling once again. This makes no sense! What ever does? A strange convincing is what we give ourselves, master story tellers, awesome reality creators. Think ~ great surprises await.

Misfit phrases make beautiful lyrics for song. How many life experiences can one tune hold? How many memories, or current realizations?

Practice … practice releasing anything coherent, break open that cage of conformity, let it go. Standards and norms are not to be sought after. No cookies for the cookie cutter, the mold has been broken.

Oscar WildeHa, ha, ha, a chuckle rises from depths, laughing, silly nonsense. Imaginings of thoughts potential, mayhem?

Current bounces high coming to a point as it peaks and falls once again, rapidly. A slight, ever so faint smokiness develops … unseen, barely noticed.

Two circles, lopsided beauty they hold. Delicate remnants of the past, collected there and held as treasure.

Mired, or Mirrored … who knows. The mystery really isn’t a puzzle at all. Categories fall, they fail. New beginnings forming some day, a new end.

Purposeful opening to scattered remains of what began as a question never fully answered.

Shallow, or Deep?

Published March 11, 2016 by tindertender

Or is it too critical of me to mention, let alone think?

Let’s discuss water. When it is cold, there are those who will inch their toes in and say burr and that’s that. Then there are those who brazenly jump full body into the freezing force of this liquid nature. Well, if their limbs don’t paralyze, they swim out , shake it off exhilarated as never before, every time just as good as the first.

When I was 10, or perhaps 11 years of age, we moved to the national forest, off grid so I now know. The river was glacier melt, and if in it too long, your blood would turn blue in your veins, quite the site to see and experience.

I refused my first bath in the river. My mother made me retrieve a coffee cup from the kitchen, where she then proceeded to pour, one cup, after another, over my head. Torture! I jumped in and was quickly out just the same. Lathered up, jumped in to rinse and out again. Lesson learned.

I suppose what the title means is, are you willing to stand there and criticize those who dare to live fully? Or are you going to join them?

Will you make believe that the life you currently have and the risks you currently … or not … take, give you the freedom and exhilaration life desires for you?

This may not even make sense to some, but it’s interesting just the same.


Sudden Observation

Published February 2, 2016 by tindertender

One day quick,  one day slow,  one day flows as it ought to go.

Time will tell, the story will unfold, it is amazing to see the attitudes we hold.

I sit here still,  waiting to see who will be verbally,  or otherwise,  attacked … will it be me?

So that is it,  all the time I will spare for pondering a thought that definitely is not rare.

Simply I turn my head and I do not see anyone looking at me.

I am free.

Hidden Treasures

Published January 24, 2016 by tindertender

Cleaning has never been my favorite thing, however this morning while doing just that I came across a treasure I had written in late December 2014. It is good to look back once in awhile …

There is a stretching of the Soul to encompass that which believes it has power to control. The Soul is Universal, of which I am a part of. The many make the whole and together we flex to hold / contain that which must be held.

And in early January 2015 …

Trees, like people, come in varying types and sizes. Some have missing limbs, some are crooked at the top, some have leaves and some have nettles. They are all home for birds and other life, none overlooked or deemed more perfect than the other, only different … and beautiful.

Wherever we are in our lives this moment, the above, for me, is truth then, now and will be in the future. It is very interesting to reconnect to thought forms and patterns.

Blessings are ahead this day for I have opportunity to sit with kind hearted people, sing songs, and appreciate each other. Community, when it fits with our hearts and minds, is so good. When we deny ourselves the joy of togetherness, we cheat ourselves of something so grand and beneficial!

Let us learn from each other, respecting our differences. None of us has all of the answers, and no one is above another.

There are so many blessings! Let’s count them.

Deep Thinking At 2am

Published December 5, 2015 by tindertender

I wake, it is 2 am. I hear music in the living room and it is a relief. It was changed from the American dramas of television to music last night per my request. It is so much easier to relax to someone singing of songbirds singing than the terrible agenda the media has on their minds for us.

All lives lived are so important to the outcome of the greater whole. It is my perception that at times darkness in life is needed so that we can boomerang further into lightness. Please do not devalue your role in this world. Personally, I prefer to feel good, and so I practice, daily, to be the kind of person I wish to be.

If you find yourself confused, step away. Withdraw to a place of solitude and embrace the silence that dwells within. The answers you seek are in that silence, born of your truths. They will be answers that move you forward.

Don’t try to deny your emotions.

Like the tides, you are moved by the pull of the moon. Notice the patterns within yourself and flow with them.

Life has ups, and it has downs, just like the waves of the ocean. Our personal experiences are small in comparison to the experiences of the world but no less important. In fact, it is these very experiences which build the reality of the whole, the big world we live in.

As touched on briefly already, I have thought deeply on the subject of suffering. I have lived long enough to have had my share, although others have had, are having, different experiences, they all matter.

I have seen in my own life the times of love and light and happiness, so full that I felt giddy, overly happy even. These times were followed by darkness and sadness. Over and over these two extremes take turns in my world, one becoming more intense than the other, every time.

I believe these experiences help me to grow stronger with the ability to withstand the storm, and I am blessed with the relief of sunshine afterward, every time.

I view the world, and I hear of tragedies all around me, and yet I also see this same sequence of the shifting poles, the opposites which dwell together, becoming more intense.

I have this thought in  my mind that one day we all will burst forth from this experience of intense change into the light and love that is described as Heaven on Earth.

These truths of sorrow and joy are a necessary process to achieve the highest goal of the Universe. We are on our way to the outcome, and it will be good.

Have faith in the fact that you are Divinely loved, deeply, as we all are. It is the desire of the Highest Universal Potential that all beings dwell in peace and love.

It will happen.
And so it is.

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