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Published July 15, 2019 by tindertender

Ever wonder how bumblebees and hummingbirds fly when science has shown definitively it is aerodynamically impossible for them to do so?

Ever wonder how Criss Angel and Dynamo among others have managed to levitate in front of hundreds of people in broad daylight or even at night time over buildings hundreds of feet above the onlookers and without cables, cranes or helicopters?

How does the Levimoon globe continue to hover in mid air and never pushes away from its base clearly not attached below if this is merely magnetic repulsion keeping it suspended?

More than this, have you ever wondered how is it commercial jets refuel between passenger stops in less than 5 minutes (as has been filmed using time stamping video) when it would take *many hours to pump as much fuel as they claim to consume, even from massive hoses much larger than what airports use?

Man as been levitating in secret right in front of our eyes many thousands of times a day for the better part of a century now without anyone catching on even to this day.

The science of how it has been done is revealed in Cheops SPOKE if you would care to find out, even if you’re not interested in how a pile of rocks in the desert used to generate more energy than a nuclear power plant and in fact still does today.

There are many ways to achieve anti-gravity, not just one. Governments around the world have been using it right before your very eyes now for going on a century with no one ever even recognizing what they’re actually seeing.

In this video that has been seen over 1 million times, two jets show you again that levitation is real, but likely not one of those people bothered to even notice that the dirt below their engines just sits there undisturbed.


This is scientifically impossible using the laws of propulsion physics. But it is totally possible if they are merely using Meissner Fields. Which they are.

More in the 5th installment of the human handbook series decoding the hive; Cheops SPOKE: Global Cold Fusion Energy Temple Network at http://decodingthehive.info/handbooks/ This is official disclosure.

For more information see web site or email direct: decodingthehive@gmail.com

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