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Time To Heal

Published February 13, 2018 by tindertender

Divinity, in my mind, is about respect, compassion and honor. It doesn’t force itself on anyone. Instead, it sits back and allows people to live their lives as they wish, waiting for the time when they will be in a position to kick back and dwell in the afterlife of their choosing, the world they create.

Become awareUnfortunately, there are many who live in a constant state of chaos and ill will. They spin hurt and harm wherever they go, in all of its forms. This is the world many create, and when the body quits them, they will do everything they can to escape their fate. This includes butting in on other humans lives, trying to find an escape route into something more pleasant.

This could be why so many are behaving in such a brash manner, being completely selfish, for they are under the influence of these others who have realized too late their error.

Humanity is equipped with a will so strong it can overcome all obstacles, ALL of them, yet they often choose to be embraced, and then to return the embrace, of ill will. This is no excuse for bad behavior.

The bulk of energy spent in life should be given to self, as one fortifies their own mind in ability to withstand these attacks, and come back to center, stronger than before. There’s a difference between caring for self, and being selfish.

Anger is a serious issue. I know this is true … personal experience has brought all kinds of it to my mind and life, leaking into the lives of those around me. I also know it is choice which allows the release of it. The human will is strong and determined, whatever it is applied to will be.

The fate of the world really does lie in our hands, in our determination. Pain and anger will cause a person to retaliate, often upon those who had nothing to do with the creation of their pain. Many times, the ones we think cause our pain or anger, have only set our triggers of an underlying issue. Until this is dealt with, all people we deal with will eventually flip a trigger, and we’ll swim in pain and anger. Not only personally, but it will be inflicted into the world, causing the same ol’ same ol’ crap we’ve seen, over and over in its cycle.

Time to heal_1Often it is the pity we have for those suffering which keeps us trapped in scenarios which are hurtful. The fact is, we are the most important factor in our lives. If we do not show sufficient compassion to our self, we will never be able to give proper care to anyone else … truth.

Here is the advice of one … people who suffer anger and pain ought to delve deep inside, find the cause and deal with it, heal it. Those who suffer at the hands of those in pain and anger … walk away, reclaim your energy and do not let it be used to flame the fire of this persons issue. Instead, harness it and use it to heal yourself.

Where attention goes, energy flows.
It’s time to starve out anger and pain.
It’s time to heal.



Double Edged Sword

Published December 21, 2017 by tindertender

There was a time I wanted to be a Private Investigator, then life took me another way. I left that dream of what a future might look like had it gone differently. In today’s world, those skills are badly needed, for with all of the lies and schemes, it is difficult not to get caught in the trap, the ‘fake news’ is so wide-spread, and to have it spin in the mind, and spill into personal life, is not the most favored thing to experience … it does no good.

old-sword-2-1024x768Some may see that these falsities have been happening for many decades, centuries even ~ generation after generation these fabrications have been passed down. The recognition of it much quicker now given the investigative communication tools we’ve been using.

It is ‘bearing false witness’ which creates so much misery in life. I am as guilty as anyone who finds their thought in a web. When something is seen, promoting shock, one wishes to DO something, anything, to bring light to it, to end it. Unfortunately these are twisted methods created by twisted minds to spin pain and defense into the world. It’s working, it’s been working for a very long time.

So what now? Now that we see it, now that we know. On one hand a careful consideration is given, a pulling back, a not wanting to be misled, or to mislead. Yet, there is the question of ‘what if’ it is true? Shouldn’t everyone now about it? Shouldn’t it be pushed into the open for all to see?

Oh, this double edged sword is difficult to bear.
Is there anyone who is able to wield it properly?

Important Questions

Published December 18, 2017 by tindertender

Important questions
Is it possible to be patient and kind to ones self, while (seemingly) so many others are not able to be patient and kind, showing instead hostility?

Is it true, that if in a room with a hostile person, that same hostility will be absorbed by others in the room?

Is it possible to cultivate inner peace while battling negativity, or does the negativity negate any attempt at inner peace?

Does anyone really know?

Living To Learn

Published November 1, 2017 by tindertender

Many of us are always asking the questions,
“What do we do now?”
“How do we make change in the world?”
“Where do we start?”

Inspirational speaker, Tim Minchin, has some very good advice on how to begin. “Be a teacher. Rejoice in what you learn, and spray it.”

Making a difference in the world is not as difficult as some believe it to be. When we make a difference in our own lives, in the way we live it, the effects are felt by all of those we have contact with. THAT is where change happens, by living a positive, honest life with a genuine heart felt effort to improve not only our life, but the lives around us.

Sacred Texts

Published September 4, 2017 by tindertender

Ageless Flame Of Universal Knowledge

Here, I share a link to many great authors and teacher materials. http://www.venerabilisopus.org/en/books-samael-aun-weor-gnostic-sacred-esoteric-spiritual/#books-libros-livres

From one called “The Fourth Way” I share a little tidbit from page 20. One thing I find interesting, is that this particular read is 444 pages long (I only just observed) and this is a number I’ve seen repeatedly since 2004.

“Some people are very proud of their irritability or irritation, or something like that. They like to be thought very hard. There is practically no negative emotion which you cannot enjoy, and that is the most difficult thing to realize. Really some people get all their pleasures from negative emotions.”

From one called “The Flight Of The Eagle” I share a little tidbit from page 52. http://www.venerabilisopus.org/en/books-samael-aun-weor-gnostic-sacred-esoteric-spiritual/pdf/100/189_krishnamurti-the-flight-of-the-eagle.pdf

“We have made life into a battlefield, each family, each group, each nation against the other. Seeing all this, not as an idea, but as something which you actually observe, are confronted with, you will ask yourself what it is all about. Why do we go on in this way, neither living nor loving, but full of fear and terror till we die? When you ask this question, what will you do?”

My hope is that you, too, may find something here which adds value to your life and thought processes.

Increasing Perspective, Discovering New Heights

Published May 9, 2017 by tindertender

BOT Resume Scanner.pngTodays hiring managers have a tool which assists them in finding that perfect candidate. How does the candidate know how to use the tool to their advantage? Information is scarce, even when dug through with a fine comb, yet when presented by firms who have already scoured the information highway it is much easier, and far quicker, to learn.

When applying for a job online, the first stop for a resume is a BOT. A real person may never see the resume if it is not formatted correctly.

Two things I found out today:

~  1) Create the pretty resume, get it ready for when the actual “interview” comes. Do not use this one on-line.

~  2) Create a “target” resume. Alter this resume for every position applied for. Leave the fancy pictures and fonts out, for when the BOT scans them, it may just file the form in recycle because it will not be able to read it.

Increasing Perspective.pngThere were other helpful tips and tricks I learned today as well. Apparently in 2014 the system was overhauled, the cost of the HR tool was decreased making it more affordable for more companies.

It is important to know how this system works in order to increase chances of visibility. Here is the US we have a company called WorkSorce which assists with all kinds of information.

I love learning new things! It is amazing how life experiences give us the chance to broaden our horizons, increase our perspective, and discover new heights.

Once again, I reach for the stars!!

Activist Malala Yousafzai delivers impassioned speech to Canadian Parliament

Published April 16, 2017 by tindertender

Activist and Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai addressed the Canadian Parliament after receiving honorary Canadian citizenship. Malala called upon Canada to “to lead again” and outlined various issues on which she said Canada could be a global leader.

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