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Fear Programming

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

If people could fully understand on a body, mind level the extent to which propagated fear, control and manipulation have contributed to our trauma and inability to thrive on this Planet, what a difference it would make.

For it is the people collectively who have the biggest power and strength. But, through the use of fear there is weakness and a loss of self-sovereignty.

Fear is spread first by those who rear us, the schools and social protocols, all pushing in on the young to make them conform.

Once conformity happens there is further conditioning that happens through believing that the government has our best interest in mind, believing and trusting the main stream media and all the different professionals who tell us who we are, as if to convince us that we cannot know ourselves without them.

When will we realize it is all within us and not outside of us?

We have all of the answers and can find the answers without giving away our power to those who wish to control us, those who tell us that they have our best interest in mind, but really do not..

Maybe it is time that we begin to question everything in our belief system and make the appropriate changes.

Healing starts with healing our emotional traumas and wounds. When will we embody the knowing that when we heal ourselves, body, mind and spirit, we heal the world?


Source: https://www.facebook.com/Rowena.McKee

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