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Wireless and Chemical Warfare Exposed

Published August 8, 2017 by tindertender

Wireless Warfare is being exposed. It may have done such damages, which are not really seen, unless we are quite observant of the symptoms. These symptoms are everywhere, if only we look.

Many of the questions asked about the dilemmas we experience these days are met with the answer of, “We don’t know what causes it”, but they know, do not be fooled.

It is quite shocking, unbelievable really, that our own government would do something so horrific to us. We must ask, “Why?”. What is the agenda? All the while, forests and lands and waters everywhere are being contaminated by the overhead sprays, and again they says things such as, “The trees are diseased”, you bet they are, they are dis-eased with the chemical concoction which makes it difficult for them to survive.

Forests everywhere are dying. The animal life that depends on healthy forest are dying too, or moving on the where there IS life still. Soon if we do not act, there will be nothing left. I implore people from the world over to observe and stand against this mass destruction.

We heard a president once give a speech on “weapons of mass destruction”, and we see these weapons in use, right here, right under our noses.

There are people who are employed to inflict this damage in the world. If they do not allow themselves to see the truth of the affect of their works, they will continue. Only when they refuse to be coerced and misled, only when they refuse to participate in the ruination of this wonderful planet, will it end.

People have power against the destroyer, but only if they educate themselves, and then stand strong in morality, and integrity, if not for themselves, then for their families, and of they have no family, then for the children of the world that will come up into tomorrow.

Our own bodies are dis-eased as well. Illness is met with, “We don’t know, take these pills, we’ll do blood work and tests, research it.” Yea, they’ll research it alright, they want to know the affects of these sprays on the human, and other, bodies.


There is something in the air now days which causes mysterious body system attacks. There are those who know full well what this is, and then there are those scratching their heads wondering.  NANO – Particles carry in them only what a few have privilege to know of, yet we ALL are exposed to … without our consent.


We ~ and this planet ~ Water, Land, Air … are experiencing all out warfare infliction, it is silent, yet the signs are everywhere, if only we pay attention.

Hemp Plastic & A Song To Boot

Published July 12, 2017 by tindertender

Have you heard about plastic water bottles?
They do horrible things to your body.
Leave them in a hot car or just sitting around
and they leech the toxin DEHA, so studies have found.
When looking to drink some water, bottled is not the answer
DEHA causes liver & reproductive problems, and even cancer.

The Hemp Bottle
It is biodegradable
It’s safe for boys and girls
It’s going to change our world

Did I mention that plastic bottles never biodegrade,
when they sit in our landfills?
Plastic is polluting our world and killing our wildlife
There’s only one way to end this nasty plastic strife
Not sure about you but I wouldn’t give them to my daughter
I wish there was an alternative to buying bottled water!

The Hemp Bottle
It is biodegradable
It’s safe for boys and girls
It’s going to change our world

Did you know that the average consumer spends over $1,400 a year,
on bottled water?
You know what else? If that same consumer
drank from his tap instead he would have only spent 49 cents
49 cents?!?

The Hemp Bottle
It is biodegradable
It’s safe for boys and girls
It’s going to change our world
If you donate…

Water Distiller

I LOVE my water distiller!! Really assists in ending plastic water bottle purchasing!! Now I just need a hemp water bottle!!! But for now, stainless steel will do.

Denial Is A Killer

Published July 7, 2017 by tindertender

There are those who would rather scoff and ridicule when the dangers of events in our skies are mentioned. They would rather act as though the concern is “hypochondria”.

Lap tops, I-phones, video games … many other distractions, may include alcohol, some form of drugs … Fact is, many folks do not want to know. They do not care to know. I’ve been told by some that they just want to “live their lives, and when it’s time to die they’ll just die.” They do not want to be bothered with anything larger than their daily activities.

Some say they are old and it doesn’t really matter to them because they are on their way out, not considering the lives of their children, grandchildren and even further on down the genetic line.

There are those who do not wish to hear what people have to say on the subject of mass poisoning. The land, the air, the waters, are background noise that has “always been there, and always will be.”

It seems to be tough for folks to look and truly see the state of the world, and the affect our selfishness has had on it. Corporations have been out of control and we, for convenience sake, have financed the destruction of, and theft of, resources. We have promoted the production of substances which kill life.

So while the beaches are full of trash and marine life dies, skies are full of intentionally sprayed nano-particles of who really knows what, rivers burn from fracked gases bubbling up, and eco-systems die due to oil spills where NOTHING will grow and decades will go by without possibility of recovery …

Good times will be had at all the fun parties planned … where more trash will be thrown into the fills and oceans and who really gives a dam.

There are so few people who see the reality, and they don’t even care. In fact, they are quite mean to those who DO care and are trying to open awareness.

Human Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Published July 4, 2017 by tindertender




(Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)



They have destroyed the natural patterns of the earth. If they stop it will get worse before it gets better, however, if they do not stop, life extermination is a definite reality.

Sacred Spaces

Published May 14, 2017 by tindertender

In the city, energies collect and become charged with whatever is going on in minds. It can get so thick at times it is difficult to breathe. It really is no wonder there are so many folks who just explode on each other. Many people haven’t the opportunity to get out of town and just step away from it all for a time.

It is very important to create a sacred space, wherever time is spent, even if it is only a little corner in the room. Following are several images on what a sacred space means for a few people, and perhaps might be utilized to spark your own creativity for that little haven you’ve been needing.

Whatever this space may be for you, the wonders of healing can be had when items cherished are placed about and time is spent there, if only for a short time per day, or even just when you have time.

Take time for you. When you bring mind and body into harmony, it is much easier to participate in the dealings of the world.


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