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Visitor With Benefits

Published February 11, 2018 by tindertender


I dress for the concert, in need of a new shirt. For some odd reason I cannot find one to match my slacks. With this closet full of clothes, you’d think otherwise. Once I arrived, I saw the crowd was huge! Afterward, my host was readying to entertain important visitors, and did so, only to find the ones entertained were impostors. Once they were made to leave, the mess left behind needed to be quickly cleaned in time for the real  visitor he was meant to entertain.

Home entertaining

How did it ever become that one visitor was more important than the other? Is it because one has something to give which is desired, while the other does not?

Our lives change moment by moment, year by year, and what we deem beneficial today will change. Those we shun might have something very important to offer, something we simply are not yet ready to receive. By shunning them, we will miss out on this opportunity in the future, for they will remember our attitude toward them.

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