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No Kitty, I’m Not Your Food

Published August 14, 2019 by tindertender

Yesterday I decided to go ‘upstream’ by many miles. I sat by the river until I heard a twig snap then decided to go where people were … no kitty, I’m not your food.

As I wandered around the trails I took a few pics. As the sun went down the shadows began showing who they held.

I stopped to listen to crickets, and realized it was only the hum of the electricity running through wires. It made me sad.

I took a right, when left was the way home. I drove many miles on these wilderness roads as the sun continued to fall.

It was completely dark by the time I found my way back to the highway. I love getting lost and finding my way back. It’s been a life long love of mine … weird perhaps, but exciting too.

Working Through Tension

Published June 15, 2017 by tindertender

Nothing to do … twiddle thumbs, look around … and eat. Get up from chair, pace the room, repeat.

A new adventure is about to begin. When these moments in life, these opportunities occur, it may feel as though the clock stops, butterflies do their thing in the belly and slight agitation erupts in the mind.


Calming the nerves takes effort and practice. Running at 1000 miles per hour, or 2 ~ it has the same affect. Being so busy one cannot think, and being so stagnant that is all one has to do, has the same unsettling outcome … both require an effort of stilling the mind.

With eyes shut feel a long breath enter the lungs, with a long slow exhale, feel it leave. Pay attention to the way air moves into, and out of, the body. Do not stop after 3, let the uncomfortable sensation sit, keep breathing ~ slowly. After a time, a small relaxation will arrive … keep breathing. Breathe through the need to get up and be busy … just sit and breathe.

Let Us Live, Let Us Breathe

Published February 16, 2017 by tindertender

Why do evil hearts feel the right to do this to people? We keepers of Love and Light must stand for those who are also standing. Ignorance is no excuse, you know what has happened, and what is happening now … in North Dakota, and other places in the world. We have an obligation. An obligation for standing with the sacred.

Occasionally I smell the smoke of a pipe, sweet tobacco. I like it, but one day I said they should quit smoking, that it was bad for them.   Then I felt bit my tongue because I spoke without understanding. I have not smelled it again since then. Right away I recognized I may have been disrespectful. I am sorry it happened like that.

I love that you have shared your experiences. Thank you lady. It is special to hear you.

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