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Water/Snow Testing

Published February 22, 2018 by tindertender

What's in your water
I found a company that will test my snow sample. I’m taking it in this morning. Cost? $102.00, and another $40 to test for Pseudomonas: fluorescents and aeruginosa. I’ll post about the results when I receive them.

Until then, be wise, distill your water, don’t drink from plastic which seeps chemicals into the water. Protect your cells.

Water Test Push Back

Published February 20, 2018 by tindertender

jar of snowI collected snow and called a water testing facility here in my home city. Before I could even say what I wanted to test for I was told it would cost thousands of dollars to test, and I was not given a list of frequently tested items to choose from. I sent a list of chemicals I wanted to test for and was not contacted in return.

It is apparent who this particular testing facility is working for, and it is not the people. They could care less what people are being contaminated with … it is their job to maintain the smoke screen.

I will search for another facility. Perhaps I will work out a way to slip the sample in and get the screen results I want so that I can use them to inform myself better about what is there, and then share it with you.

Working toward solutions, willing to pay for professional and accurate testing. Now to find a lab that is based on integrity and morals.

Geoengineering ~ Water Testing

Published February 19, 2018 by tindertender

I’ve collected snow samples and will collect rain samples as soon as it begins to fall. I will take them in for testing, I really want to know the levels of whatever chemicals are going to be found. I will investigate the affects these chemicals have on the soil and all life which grows there. Everything living drinks the waters, bathes in them, lives in them … whatever is in the water is also in our bodies. I’ll investigate and share how the chemicals found affect the physical form also.

Lesson Learned

Published February 10, 2018 by tindertender

I bought a ceramic indoor tabletop water fountain. At first, the sound wasn’t quite what I wanted, but it’s growing on me. The other one, made of plastic, arrived today. I set it up in my bedroom and the only sound that thing makes is the sound of the pump running, can’t even hear the water move! WASTE of money, fortunately, it wasn’t real expensive. I suppose you get what you pay for … this would make more water noise than what I received today!

water fountain

Water Movement, Atmosphere Changes

Published February 9, 2018 by tindertender

Ceramic Birds water fountainI decided to purchase an indoor tabletop water fountain tonight. It is late though, now that I have arrived home with it, so I will set it up tomorrow. This one will go in the living room and the other one I ordered, which should be delivered any day now, will go in the bedroom.

The force or energy of the falling or splashing water causes splitting of neutral particles of air, freeing electrons which attach to other air molecules causing a negative charge. https://pranaviewaustralia.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/the-power-of-negative-ions-the-ocean-and-bodies-of-water/

It has been discovered that the dispersion of water from waterfalls, waves, or even lightning and water evaporation from plants, create  hydrogen ions by splitting water molecules. The negative electrons join up with other free positive electrons in the air neutralizing their electrical charge.

I have room for one more plant, I think I’ll buy it tomorrow, and I would like to make some beeswax candles this weekend too. According to the following article, these two things will also create negative ions in the living environment when put to proper use and care.  https://www.phyto5.us/blog-1/negative-ions-health

These things combined with my 4 salt lamps ought to assist in a healthier atmosphere. I cannot speak with authority on this matter until I have fully experienced the effects, so here I go, full on, into the thick of it. At the same time, I am working on a heavy metal detox, so in a couple weeks change should be pretty noticeable.

River Called Life

Published January 29, 2018 by tindertender

tree of life_river of life

The river of life brings turbulence at times, throwing logs of destruction … as well as fish, along with every other little critter that dwells there in harmonious balance. The fallen trees can seem like damage causing annoyances, yet they are the ones who break up stuff and force a new reality.

Often the new reality will not have the log in it, or sometimes life gets caught up with many of them in a “jam”. When this happens, the river changes course, leaving behind the jam and forging new paths of wonder which benefit all creatures along the way, bringing water, the source of life, as life, to others.

Woman, and man, are the source of life, bringing life to others much like the river. This genealogy flows like the mighty river which touches so many lives. Some do not bear children and if they are the last in the family line, then that ‘river’, that line, will wither and dry up, no longer helping the other life that requires such rich sustenance, the waters of life.

I never had children and I am thankful I have a brother who did. Two beautiful females who will one day have children of their own … the river continues …

The human body is made up of water, in fact the majority of it IS water, much like the river of life, the human body walks around AS life.

Keeping the river clean is a challenge. There are many polluters in the land who will just toss their trash into the river not giving a dam about the damage caused. It pollutes the waters for every other life form that they touch, it becomes poisoned as toxins are leached into it, it becomes an eyesore … so trash throwers go to find another clear running stream to throw their trash into, rather than training themselves on cleaning up their own garbage.

This is life. Our waters are forever being marred by something or other. It is our responsibility to recognize a ‘jam’ or a polluter, and change course, or rage like never before to wash away the filth that clings to our shores.

Roil it up, spew it out, change course if need be ~ but always look after your waters for they are the most sacred part of the form that is you.

Ascent Into The Heavenly Body

Published December 30, 2017 by tindertender

As I ascend the steep hill, sweeping bag and forth among the switch-back trail, I see the foggy mist condense and a chill seeps through my jacket. The beauty of it stuns my aching lungs, nearly taking my breath away. Water streams down the side of this tall hill, I haven’t been able to find its source. It comes pouring over the edge of rocky ledges and crashes down just the other side of the trail. Nearly an hour of this climb goes by and I finally reach the top. Looking out over the edge I cannot see anything, but for this magical mist which envelopes the tops of trees as they reach for the sun.

The sun is obscured from view for it lies behind this fog. I know it is there, I have flown before, so I visualize it above the clouds shining so beautifully, working diligently to evaporate the haze which covers the land. Aaahhhh, I breathe deeply of this fresh and cold air, turning, I begin to descend.

Rain begins, I feel its droplets hit the top of my hat, my eyeglasses become foggy. I take them off, for they are actually only for distance, I do not need to wear them to see this beauty. The journey down the hill takes less time than the ascension, much like life perhaps. To gain knowledge of any kind requires a focused effort, tireless pushing forth into the unknown. To relax back into the known is an easy hush as one might rest into it.

Below once more I see the water as it streams. It has crossed under the pavement, called highway, which people drive upon to get past. So many go right by, never knowing what is up there. I squat near the stream and feel it with my hand. It is cold, so fresh and clean to see, I wish I could drink it, I wish I dare … next time I go I will have a bottle with filter so that I can.

Years ago, in the 70’s and 80’s, it was possible to drink these fresh waters. I did so for 8 years, never once becoming ill. Today though, there are so many toxins which seep into the soils one doesn’t dare. Oh … for those days to be once more. I hope one day the young people will have this experience, for it births in a person something no other experience can. It is a union with nature like no other, drinking of the earths nectar, having it course through the body.

This is what “Tree Huggers” and “Water Protectors” fight for. For they (we) know the bounty here, which has nothing to do with money. It is a sacred union with all that life is. A harmonizing of the mind happens here, a release of the garbled, dense darkness which attaches itself to the energy body. It heals the soul, the spirit.

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