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Simple Technique For Seeing Energy

Published August 4, 2019 by tindertender

If you want to SEE energy you must fixate on a single point & then look beyond the illusion of matter in form itself to see the energy within. A simple way to learn to do this is to go outside at night (cloudy/dark nights/skies are best) & allow your eyes to adjust.

Once you can begin to make out the shapes of trees & some minor detail in the clouds you are ready to lock focus on a single point in the skies. Focus, breathe and let go of expectations… the energy will begin to appear between the spaces of your peripheral vision.

At first you may dismiss this is “static” but I can assure you that this is only the first “layer” of exploration. After much practice, the energy will begin to condense into geometric forms & outlines, when this pattern/structure appears you may be shocked. Breathe, relax …& place your consciousness into the structure of the energy you are observing and say “hello.” After some practice you will begin to FEEL the energy & see detailed colors & expressions that are quite intelligent. Do not be alarmed by this, it is the nature of reality & EVERYTHING is made up of energy & consciousness. Some of you may need to heavily detox & cleanse your bodies inside & out before you can develop this ability into a repeatable experience. The challenge is to develop these abilities subjectively & then confirm them objectively by seeking out others with similar abilities so that you can quantify your experiences, observations & interactions between multiple subjective experiences. When multiple parties can all accurately describe the structure of latent/subtle energy, it is quantifiable!

To calibrate this ability subjectively (alone) first practice looking up as before & when you begin to see the energy in the sky, slowly bring your focus to the tops of the trees. You will notice the trees have a completely different energy signature that the background/sky.

A healthy, mature tree will have a large energetic signature that will “block out” or “override” the sky/background energy with its own frequency. Send your consciousness into the energy field of the tree, say “hello” & then observe… feel. No expectations just experience!

Once you become adept at this skill… you can enhance the clarity and quality of these experiences and begin to observe energy in varying backgrounds, settings, etc. Pay close attention to how the energy looks near power lines, transformers and EMF sources. It’s not the same.

If you really want to maximize your ability to do this, go outside barefoot & try to meditate for a few minutes to clear & balance your mind/body/spirit. You will not be able to focus or train when out of balance as the trinity is an antenna for consciousness.

If you live in a congested city, the EMF that saturates the area will be an incredible obstacle to overcome at first. You are learning to discern between subtle frequencies of energy in the EM spectrum so consider this carefully before you give up! Rural areas in nature are best!

Vision and How Much We “Don’t” See

Published July 3, 2019 by tindertender

Your field of vision is highly locked into your perspective of “time” and of “space” at all times. It was supposed to have been completely different from what you are seeing with your eyes right now.

But of course that has been artificially distorted by forces that have been largely outside of our control over a very vast period of perceptible time.

Your visible spectrum comes in through your eyes of course, no matter if you are looking through a microscope, telescope or simply winging it with the naked eye.

What you see are made up of particles that have differing rates of speed which make them appear larger or smaller, depending on how they dilate into your pupil. They LOOK real, they FEEL real, but in the end, they are all holograms no matter what they seem to be to your senses.

Their particle spin-rate speeds coincide with the frequency range they are supposed to harmonize with. In the 3D world, the spin-rates are very slow. In higher dimensions, the spins increase progressively and incrementally for each different dimension.

They also differ within each different Time Matrix so there is no bleedover into other Matrices. Spin-rate is frequency. Slower is lower and faster is higher. You can’t see even 1/1000,0000th percent of all the visible spectrums from this dimension.

In fact you can’t see even that much of just this one dimension, as it is interdimensionalized into at least 100 if not 1000 or more incremental realities.

Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive”

Emerald Law of One

Far Worse Than You Thought

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

There is much more going on in regard the sprays from these planes in their Geo-engineering programs, and those intertwined within.

“As above, so below … As below, so above”.

This is so much bigger than merely killing humanity and destroying this planet. “Someone(s)” have it in mind they would like to eliminate our “Heaven”.

So many people have been relaxing, tossing out slander about those who are attempting to draw attention to a severely dangerous global catastrophe in the works.

If we allow this planet to be destroyed, where will the anchor be for our parallel world, our heaven?

Yes, I believe humanity is abhorred by some life on this earth, and there are active plans in process detrimental to life … here, and hereafter.

The lies you have been told are just that, lies. You sit by and watch (or tune out) while your planet, and hope for a happy hereafter is annihilated. Where do you suppose we’ll wind up then?

What will be left if not hell?

Fragile, Fist Pounding, Little Boy Executioner … Sealing His Own Fate

Published April 14, 2019 by tindertender

“This execution was designed to ‘maintain social order’ amid fears that fortune telling has become too widespread.”

Fearful little twit has to execute seers because of their threat to his ‘power’. Wow. Little boy is weak. Can take life, but cannot live with it. Fragile indeed.

The thing is, they honestly think they are ending the influence of these beautiful souls, not understanding that life does not end simply because the body quits. No … these influences will continue long after they take the body.

It will be these who whisper in the ear … at ALL times of the day and night, for now they need no sleep. Way to go hero, you’re sinking your own ship, sealing your own fate.

Then there is the USA president who loves this guy … I suspect this isn’t going to end well for much of anyone.

Open/Closed Mind ~ Purposefully Fabricated?

Published March 30, 2019 by tindertender

Have you noticed the ‘veil’ thinning, that covering which has kept us protected from much of the non-human activity in this world?

Do you suppose this is the case, or has our protective, energetic ‘membrane’ been damaged by the chemicals in foods, air and waters that we ingest/inhale daily?

It isn’t too difficult to conceive of the damaging idea, since we are inundated with so much, including the WiFi electromagnetic waves that blast our mind and body every day.

I’m inclined to believe this ‘thinning’ is a deliberate occurrence by those who know already how to get it done. This is ancient technology, passed down through the different phases of humanity.

We are the third generation human.

The fourth is on its way, and this thinning will usher it in.

Meandering Mind

Published January 10, 2019 by tindertender

Seeking to go higher, there is now a solidification into the physical. When the rise is a ‘forced’ manipulation, it cannot succeed. There will be an anchoring to the earth.

I had vision of a swatch of brown next to a swatch of orange. On top of it were daisy flower heads. Orange is the color of joy and creativity while brown signifies stability, healing and warmth. The daisy suggests new beginnings and pure, innocent, true love.

Last night I attended a shamanic sound bath. It was an amazing experience in which it occurred to me that the thumbprint, and all fingerprints, are the equivalent to the rings occuring in the growth of trees. In humans, the fingerprint can tell of a persons personality traits, while the rings in trees typically tell of age, and the environment through every year of its life. Life can be pretty tough on a tree! Drought, excessive rain, fire, insect plagues and disease epidemics, injuries, thinning, air pollution, all leave their mark on a tree’s annual growth rings. In these instances, personality and character in one reflects environment and trials in the other.

“4th generation of humanity” … there have been many civilizations throughout time which seemingly disappeared, and while some actually did, others migrated and became another tribe, another face in the world and new communities. We are on the precipice of another major shift in life. Should humanity not heed the warnings, should they not alter course accordingly, many people will find themselves vanished … and those who remain, will merge into the 5th generation of humanity … perhaps even being genetically modified to withstand what remains of the atmosphere. Select ALL and copy/paste.

The days of the week are labeled as Sun-day; Mon-day; Tues-day; Wednes-day; Thurs-day; Fri-day; Satur-day. The meaning of Sun is light. Mon means one. Tues in French means you are. Wednesday literally means middle. One idea of Thur is the action of union between two halves, as in a kiss. Fri = free; independent. Sat is the past tense of sit … perhaps because, on the 7th day He rested.

The human being is but a fractal … Time is fractal. Space is fractal. Everything is connected, nothing is by chance.

Torn …

Published October 6, 2018 by tindertender


My love has been trampled, my life and the life of my children abused. Yet still, I listen to and have compassion for the one responsible for much of it. He says to me these days, “You used to listen to me.” Yes, I did. I used to trust him, and then I experienced his true self. As he called me selfish, he behaved in that manner, deflecting the action(s) onto me.

While he calls Dr. Ford harsh names, spewing spittle from his mouth and snarling as he does, I cannot help to wonder what he will think when he passes from body. Will he become aware of the wrongs he has done? Will he take responsibility for his portion of pain in this world?

Currently so many people refuse to own their part of the whole. They look at themselves as successful, righteous, and fair. The changes they have taken part in … the coercion, the judgement of others … it has never even occurred to them that somehow they may have had a hand in a painful outcome, they are too busy laying blame elsewhere while they don their hats of superiority.

I mentioned to the room of guides and spirits, “He will know some day” and in return, “Someday soon”. It is so strange that through it all I still have love and compassion for this relationship, and others. I honestly don’t think people are aware of what they do, for they are too busy looking outside themselves, blaming others, than taking a good hard look at themselves. Maybe because it hurts to do so … I don’t know.

This country is anything but united. Men vs women, skin color separation, ethnicity differences, religious practices, awareness and sharing and refusal and demoralization by those who cannot see.

Children, animals, and others who do not wish to fight are abused every single day.

I will never lay down and pretend to be weak. I will never think it is okay for someone to stomp on another persons right to freedom of choice. Too many think they have the authority to tell a woman what to wear, what to say or not to say, what work to do, or not to do. They mistreat her as she brings new life into this world, they beat her physically and emotionally and they think this is acceptable.

Even towards those who have caused me pain I still find the love I had originally. I hope that when the time comes for them to experience what they unleashed onto others lives  it will not be as painful as the original experience, for all at once, this will be unbearable. I know what is coming even while they refuse to believe.

I look into my life and I wonder about my actions … how did my words and motivations affect those who took part in this life? I would like to break it down, understand it, and try to make it right before I leave this body, for afterward, there will not be that opportunity.


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