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Wonder Woman

Published July 22, 2017 by tindertender

She was told the world of men did not deserve her, she was told the world should be destroyed, for indeed, it did not deserve saving. Her response? “It isn’t about being deserving, it is about what you believe in, and I believe in love.”

I love this statement, for it is exactly how I feel and think ~ I am certain many of you do as well. It was stated in the movie that the choice between positive and negative (in different words) is the choice every man and woman must make. No one can make this choice for them, no one can determine how they will live, in their hearts and minds and in the world. This responsibility is absolutely our own.

I watched the film with a friend, who although he enjoyed it, he was also against it not being historically correct. I was baffled, as this is not about history as far as our many wars go.

Seeing the negatives has been a habit ingrained into the minds of humanity for centuries. Retraining our self to see things in a different manner can be quite difficult … it requires much effort, continuously.

Some call it “rewiring the brain”.

Many of us have experience hiding our true nature from the outside world. We do and say things we think will make us more likely be accepted into a group, or provide us with the advancement we seek.

The danger though, is that in doing this we find that eventually we are actually hiding from our self as well. Becoming lost to our core senses and truths, we may become angry, feeling as though the ‘freedom to be me‘ has been stripped, and we feel the invisible shackles society likes us to wear.

Embrace who you are, let your love light shine. You are the best version of you there will ever be. Seek wisdom from others, choose what works for you, leave that which does not resonate behind.

Everyone is on their own journey, travelling a path no one else has traveled in exactly the same way. What is learned can help others who may be experiencing something similar. If they ask, a sharing becomes possible, perhaps making the road smoother.

Imagine if we all tried, when asked, to make the road a bit smoother for each other ~ you for me, me for you, us for others, and others for us … on and on. We would all be better for it, and our bond would become so strong, no amount of darkness could penetrate it.

This is my hope for the world, my hope for all of us.


Plague Survival

Published July 20, 2017 by tindertender

51eY4BrdhGL._SL500_The Kingdom Vol 1: Plague Survival
by Melchizedek Sephoros

“Long have ye dwelt in the darkness; quit the night and seek the day …

… There is no middle ground, and if one chooses to stand in the side lines and just watch then that is actually embracing the side of darkness. For there are two kinds of evil, those who take part in evil, and those who see it but don’t do anything about it. Fighting the good fight needs only to consist of shining as a light amongst the darkness, and if one so chooses, leading others to also do the same …

… Since we are now approaching the beginning of a new age of human advancement, it has now been made apparent that those who wish to live in the new world, need to cleanse their body and soul while bringing in the Spirit of the limitless Light, and prepare for a shift in consciousness, and DNA expansion. While it is important to cleanse our bodies of negative infiltrators, the same is going to be done on a larger scale with this planet, and universe. The beings that continue to dwell in darkness, spreading lies and deceit wherever they go, are going to be allowed to continually do so at an increasing rate, since we are at the end of the cycle. They are however, ultimately going to be ‘deleted’, as the system is ‘rebooted’.”

The above is just a small portion of the contents of this book. If you are curious, or wish to read more, I recommend purchasing your copy of the kindle book through Amazon. There are different herbal recipes and also other methods of detox shared as well.

Intention ~ Where thoughts go, energy flows

Published June 19, 2017 by tindertender

When a loved one becomes ill, there is intense focus on it. There is a deep want for them to be cured and a severe dump of life force energy goes into the fact that they are ill.  Sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, everyone is involved in this energy dump around illness. Doing so causes the one who is ill to focus on that illness intently.

There is one small problem with this, and it isn’t so small.

Where thoughts go, energy flows.

Intention.jpgWith all that focus on illness, it actually can cause a dramatic growth and exacerbation of the illness. There are many studies from all around the world which prove this to be the case.

Of course we want to help our loved ones. We want to do everything in our power to increase their chances of becoming well, or healing to the greatest extent. We want it so badly that we make ourselves sick with worry. Hence, where thoughts go energy flows, not only for our loved ones, but in us as well.

The most powerful thing that can be done is to step back from the fear about illness and shower the situation with love, acceptance and joy. Fear, and a form of panic does not do the situation any good at all, it increases discord and fear ~ it promotes uncertainty and loss of hope. Essentially, it can cause one to just give in and give up.

Love must be allowed to over-ride the fear of loss, it must over-ride the fear of the future outcome. Loving … day to day, day after day, is what brings peace.

It is important to take a deep look into the situation and consider what type of energy is being contributed. Where is the power of the human creator going to? Where is the focus of will going? What is being empowered?

Saying Good-bye Is Never Easy

Published June 16, 2017 by tindertender

Saying good-bye is never easy. Even when we leave behind situations that are painful, it still requires an adjustment, for pain, too, is something which can be missed once gone.

Every relationship, every situation, is for a reason. It may be that some knowledge of current, must be brought forth into future endeavors. Usually, if paid heed and utilized correctly, this new knowledge can be beneficial to all involved.

Grow. Never stop adding to the learning adventure. Stretch your comfort zone, move beyond what you may see as your capacity. There is always room for something greater. You have so much to offer, and while others offer their own experiences for lessons, you can do the same for them.

Your life is valuable, your knowledge is perfect and when used for good can shift the world view and path toward the outcome of peace and compassion. The seeming negatives, which undoubtedly have been yours, are teaching tools. For others, and also for self. Moving beyond the pain they may have caused, increases care for self, and for all in the world.

Beauty Of A Shift Embraced

Published May 5, 2017 by tindertender

A shift

Sweet words … so easily spun,
Hold the attention of the audience, rapt.
Common sense need not apply,
Story spun is a lie.

There are those who talk,
There are those who do,
Reality will set
And truth made plain.

With joy, movement is made,
Knowing full well all people hold a key role.
Divine Universal energies
At play, utilizing who they may.

Patience fostered will show
Truth in time.
Beauty of a shift embraced
Will grow, magnificent.

The Heartbeat Of The World

Published April 12, 2017 by tindertender

Earth beating heart

When we sit very still, we can feel our heart beat as it moves blood through the body ~ the same is with the earth.

We can see the waves of the ocean come ashore, then recede, time and again. We can feel the wind as it pushes against us, and then eases, followed by another gust. The rivers flow sometimes quick and other times slow … the sound of both quite different, and includes a third sound, as the water laps against the river banks.

Wind dances through the branches of trees, moving the leaves of some of them in a wondrous, shining motion, as the sun glints off the colors they provide our eyes. We can look up ~ above our heads there are birds coasting on the wind, flapping their wings for a bit, and coasting some more. They may rest atop a pole and sit there, regal, viewing the world from a vantage point we seldom understand or think of.

Life moves here ~ it comes … it goes … it cycles through years, leaving in its wake knowledge from experiences. When these experiences are shared through story telling, it helps those who come after us excel beyond what we are capable of. What we put into the world will be expanded upon, and this goes both ways … negative, and positive. The question we ought to ask ourselves is, “What do I wish to contribute to?” Will your answer be a lifting of humanity, or will your answer be the continuous fall of humanity?

Choice is ours. Every day we choose what we participate in, and we choose what we no longer will give energy and attention to. If we are true to ourselves, accepting responsibility for our contributions, then we will begin to mold our lives like the canvas it is.

Art ~  What will your masterpiece (your life) look like? When others view it, will it look as though a three year old finger painted it? Or will it look like an artist really put time, effort, and consideration into the outcome?

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and a three year olds painting can be quite magnificent, because they are innocent and learning how to put their thoughts out there. As time passes, if they are encouraged (and sometimes even if not) the painting gets better, more alive. As long as they do not give up, if they keep trying, even when critics come along and attempt to spoil the love of it, they will succeed in creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

As a creator, an awesome creator with limitless ability, I encourage you to really begin to look at your canvas. How is the artwork shaping up? If you are not happy with a particular portion of it, you can stop, and begin anew. That Is the wonderful thing about art … paint over it and create something else … and in a few years, you may decide to upgrade or revamp the original.

Time is a good friend who gives opportunity when we seek it.

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