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Vision and How Much We “Don’t” See

Published July 3, 2019 by tindertender

Your field of vision is highly locked into your perspective of “time” and of “space” at all times. It was supposed to have been completely different from what you are seeing with your eyes right now.

But of course that has been artificially distorted by forces that have been largely outside of our control over a very vast period of perceptible time.

Your visible spectrum comes in through your eyes of course, no matter if you are looking through a microscope, telescope or simply winging it with the naked eye.

What you see are made up of particles that have differing rates of speed which make them appear larger or smaller, depending on how they dilate into your pupil. They LOOK real, they FEEL real, but in the end, they are all holograms no matter what they seem to be to your senses.

Their particle spin-rate speeds coincide with the frequency range they are supposed to harmonize with. In the 3D world, the spin-rates are very slow. In higher dimensions, the spins increase progressively and incrementally for each different dimension.

They also differ within each different Time Matrix so there is no bleedover into other Matrices. Spin-rate is frequency. Slower is lower and faster is higher. You can’t see even 1/1000,0000th percent of all the visible spectrums from this dimension.

In fact you can’t see even that much of just this one dimension, as it is interdimensionalized into at least 100 if not 1000 or more incremental realities.

Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive”

Emerald Law of One

5G Is Not About Faster Cell Service

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

In a recent peek for the press at a Verizon facility set up with its own 5G unit right there in the store, phones connected as little as 30 feet away without any line of sight interference were switching back to 4G during the event.

So the delivery of this new signal is not in any way viable. Yet they have spent billions installing new towers anyway.

While at the same time, many countries have already been using 10G for years called FTTH that is 30-40x times faster than the average of 300 Mbps people actually experience with 5G. FTTH promises up to 10 gigabits speeds.

The reason why they are so hell bent on putting this inferior system in place is because 5G uses Dark Matter energy through the air.

Which is like placing the entire population inside a microwave oven on steroids, where FTTH is fibre optic cable which is factually made out of crystal and processes Light Matter energy.

The ultra-high frequency waves of 5G are super tiny waves developed strictly as a weapon by the US military that can pierce through the skin of the human body like razor blades.

That signal can be turned up by anyone with access to the broadcast tower with the turn of a knob and has the capability of killing everyone in its path within minutes, or utilize signal-to-brain technology (called Mind of God, or MOG) to program any thought into your head.

**Active noise control allows devices such as the Neurophone (Patent #3,393,279) to convert sound into electrical pulses that override external signals, delivering crisp, clear audible messages inside the brain, known in unacknowledged black operations as “MOG”.**

This includes implanting memories as well as prescribing instinct and even programming direct messages that can be heard inside your head just as clear as talking to your buddy that can convince you to do anything they ask.

Shooters at red flag events repeatedly have said they were given audible messages in their minds to mow down innocent civilians and it wasn’t them.

If you don’t think this is a real thing, then take at look at US Patent # 3,393,279 and US Patent # 3,647,970 for the Neurophone.

Humans are about out of time to put a stop to this. Look up burning down 5G towers on Youtube. Its their Achilles heel.

China has an army larger than many whole countries have population. Of course they’re going to play into the end time battle. China has lent the US so much money now over trade deals that it would bankrupt the country to pay them back.

They refuse to accept US currency in trade because the dollar is dead. Because of this, it now owns more US soil than US taxpayers in return. The US doesn’t even own California at all anymore if I remember correctly what council said recently.

US residents of course have no idea the reason they have to pay to drive on their own highways is because China owns all those sections of land and wants its money back. The second language in the US is now Spanish, but soon it will be Mandarin.

The OWO (One World Order) is a coalition of all countries. Leaders who refuse to get on board are being removed from office systematically. There will be no resistance without death.

The wars you see being fought now is not about land or people, its about resistance to the rollout.

Japan was resistant to the TPP, but after being slaughtered in the Fukushima attack, they immediately signed. This was the uniting of nations until the US pulled out, now Trump plans to head the charge through bilateral agreements which is secret code to a new path.

They have convinced Ecuador to sign on and Venezuela is next whether they want to or not. So look at the nations opposing the TPP and who are making backroom deals with Uncle Sami.

It’s not a case where everyone wants to join one deal (they all do), its a matter of who’s in charge of global rule once the OWO comes fully into place.

Which will be signaled by the full rollout of 5G and biometric chips that will complete the saturation of universal mind control.

The various opposing factions within the Luciferian Resistance have been waging this war for many thousands of years, and it all now comes to a head with one man who will rule the world.

If you want to see who will lead the new prison system, watch who Astana Kazakhstan partners with going forward after the resignation of their previous leader of 30 years (pushed out). Because according to council, they will be the seat of the order regardless of who is dancing on the public stage.

What Does The Spike In The Schumann Resonance Mean?

Published June 12, 2019 by tindertender

What is this resonance that connects and affects every thing?

Did you notice the 17th of February and March? A complete white-out!

Image compilation credited to

Could the song of the earth be the same song as that of the human? Does it identify in any particular, limiting manner? Or does it rebel at the thought of “boundaries”?

“My being is not limited by a role, title, or status. I am not bound by description. Some may argue to the contrary, saying my name is a defining factor. To this I say no, for I never call myself by this. I always refer to myself as “I”, “Me”, “myself” … or as a simple aspect of the whole.”

There usually comes a time when emotional, powerfully energetic and often chaotic explosions of passionate outbursts happen … just goin’ ’round and ’round and ’round.

The Aether

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

Aether, or Awareness “particles” attributed to “god” or some other intelligence isn’t just some myth or superstition just because you can’t see it, so it must not exist.

Aether is both the power and the awareness that is quantum-entangled to all things and all life throughout all that there “is”. We have no explanation as to where “it” came from, or how, it has just always been.

In religious texts you have heard of many beings who have claimed to be this god, but in every instance, they were either speaking collectively on behalf of all aether particles, or they were suffering from childish delusions of grandeur.

This has been the case more times than anyone could ever count. Particles of awareness who allow ego to take over and then seek to set themselves up as “the” particle with more power or higher knowledge than any other particle.

This is glittering unicorn scat and you might as well understand that right now. No particle has more potential power than any other one. They are all the same; infinite.

One of the biggest secrets today is how anti-gravity is created, not because they (your captors) don’t want you to know how to fly, but because that secret is the answer to unlimited free energy.

Once you finally know about it, it would give you unlimited internal power to cast them out of this playing field with nothing more than a single thought.

An economy based on selling the population oil, coal, wood, sun or water-generated energy to finance eternal war would collapse overnight if you knew the secret to zero-point technology. Of course I will show you how that works as well. -Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” Vol 1

🔹LIGHT is created by SOUND

🔹SOUND is created by FRICTION

🔹FRICTION is created by ACTION

🔹ACTION is created by INTENT

🔹INTENT is created by WILL

🔹WILL is created by THOUGHT

🔹Without THOUGHT, there can be none of the above.

Numbers, Language, and the Spells They Cast

Published May 29, 2019 by tindertender

The numbers 3, 6 and 9 just so happen to be “the secrets to the universe” as Tesla is often quoted as saying. Not because they are NUMBERS, but because they are SPELLS.

* 3 is the symbol for the broken numerical system that was supposed to be used in this dimension and has been used to indicate god in so many places it will take your breath away once you see it.

* 6 is the multiplication of the gods, also used across the spectrum inside your letters.

* 9 stands for the complete group of gods who collaborated in this insidious scheme and when you see this one, the throw away number, and how utterly saturated your communication has become with it, you will be left speechless. At least I was.

Let’s put it this way, you are unable to speak without casting the Babylon Spell into your communication without it, ever.

Our language, whether written or spoken, is not just a method of communication; it is numerical and mathematical in every possible sense. And has been, in fact ciphered into our world. It is used for the masses as one thing, and then used by the ruling elite as a code that allows our minds to be commandeered through every form we apply it. And because our language is a cipher that is meant to disconnect us from the truth, the numbers behind the letters were designed broken from the very beginning. Our grapheme letters came from ancient symbols.

Behind the symbols are numbers. Behind the numbers are command codes which are each linked to different talismans, not mathematical results. That’s why our numerical system doesn’t work and why our language literally casts spells with every single word we speak, write or even hear in our head silently.

It was not words that were scrambled at the Babble-ON Massacre event at the Tower of Nimrod in Sumer-Ur Babylon, it was communication, including math.

Excerpts from “Decoding the Hive” volume 1, Chapter 1

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

To Fly, Or To Prevent It

Published May 4, 2019 by tindertender

It amazes me how those who challenge habitual beliefs are ‘silenced’. Censorship in this country, in this world, is all too real. People are continuously preventing others from sharing their beliefs, simply because it goes against their own, it challenges their authority, or perceived ‘power’.

Everyone seems to be quite comfortable with regurgitated stories going unchallenged. Whatever you do, don’t mess around with peoples comfort zones, they’ll shut you down quicker than you’ll even see.

Most folks in this world are at ease with their belief patterns. They’ve been taught, it sits well within their mind, they are ‘happy’ and sure of the ‘hereafter’ because it is ‘written’.

Who wrote it? More than one. Where did the stories come from? “Channeled” information from spirit, just like many do today. In today’s world though, those who ‘channel’ information are told they’re conversing with the devil, or his cronies. Yet somehow they believe the divinity of the channeled messages of centuries ago. They believe it so much they refuse to allow others to challenge the narrative.

Go to sleep little one, get all tucked in and rest within the boundaries others have given you.

Some people aren’t meant to fly I guess. Their intent is to ‘ground’ as many as possible.

World(s) In Time

Published April 29, 2019 by tindertender

You think you live in one world. And in effect, you do. As long as you live in America or in Germany or any other country, you can consider that your world,but once you step outside of that country, you just became something of an interdimensional traveler in very real terms.

This is because the time zones placed around the planet are separations between designated spacetime quadrants that have little to nothing to do with the demarcation dictated by the location of the sun. They are lines marked in the sand to cordon off worlds, not countries.

There are many worlds within what we call earth.Some we can see, many we can’t.The simplified truth is, all of creation, as mentioned,rests within the space of the point of a needle for want of a better illustration.

Time doesn’t actually exist, just like space doesn’t actually exist. Each one is a construct made with light particles called photons.All things are made of photons, not just particles you think of as things that are bright and shiny considered light. Shadows are also photons.

If you can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it or hear it, then it was designed, engineered, fashioned and powered by thought using photons that carry both sound and light inside their tiny little holographic waves bands.

Time is a vector coordinate, or destination, not an organic-constant. It is the foundational platform of all 15 Level Time Matrices, because without it, there would be no sensation of life.

Life is animation. Things that move, grow, change. It is the ink on the canvass and the taste on your tongue that would not add flavor to existence without remembering yesterday and anticipating tomorrow’s new and constantly-changing portrait or picture-show.

Time is and always has been equated to the word life. We could have just called them Life Matrices, but life doesn’t come first, time does.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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