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Elder’s Meditation – September 28, 2019

Published September 28, 2019 by tindertender

“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that powerful.”

— John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA

The Old Ones say, love is all anyone needs. Love doesn’t go away nor can love be divided. Once you commit an act of love, you’ll find it continues. Love is like setting up dominos one behind the other. Once you hit the first domino, it will touch the second one which will touch the third one and so on. Every love act or love thought has an affect on each person as well as touching the whole world. If you live a life filled with love, the results will affect your friends, relatives, and other people, even after you go to the other side. So… Love.

My Creator, let me love. Let me put into action the love dominos.

Elder’s Meditation 9-21-19 (2)

Published September 21, 2019 by tindertender

“You will only get back what you give out.”


The Great Spirit created a system of balance and justice. This law says, if you treat others with respect, you will be treated with respect. If you gossip about no one, no one will gossip about you. If you are fair in all of your dealings, you can expect the same. If you share with others, others will share with you. If you judge others, others will judge you. You will always get back what you give out. The original teaching talks about being a giving person. A giving person will constantly be on the receiving end.

My Creator, help me to be a giving person today.


Published August 19, 2019 by tindertender

In this email response a reader who has purchased the library of the handbook series for themselves is asking whether their very worthy but financially-limited friends who may also be Indigos could be gifted the set for themselves. -mg

Q) “If any of these individuals complete the test and submit it to you, if I purchased the 6 volume set of the Handbook series, if you would consider allowing me to send it to any of these individuals?”

A) If you truly are ready to rejoin higher civilizations, then the desire to reach out and help those around you should be overwhelming. It goes hand in hand with understanding that all things are part of your own body and therefore part of the same struggle to exit this prison. It is incredibly generous of you to offer to purchase the series for them on their behalf and I am moved by your offer. Understand that I spent years doing everything I could to offer this material for free myself, writing literally hundreds of articles and answering thousands of questions in social media, only to learn that I had been fooling myself all along.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t continue to write hundreds of articles and answer questions because I do. But now it is about leading people to the handbook series and then leaving them there at the door for them to either open or not. This is the heart of the biscuit; who is actually ready to walk through that door?

Imagine you are at a party or food buffet and on the table are all sorts of goodies to choose from. You will naturally get some of this and some of that, your favorites. You will also likely push yourself to try something you’re not familiar with as well if the selection is great. What you selected were things you knew and trusted to be something you could eat and not be harmed or die from. If there were 30 different mushroom types on the table and you only knew for sure one of them was definitely safe and you liked it, then that’s all you would try because you would have in the back of your mind that destroying angels (deadly Amanita) appear exactly like meadow mushrooms (edible). You have researched this on your own and you know that you are absolutely safe with morel mushrooms, but do not want anything to do with anything that even looks like a meadow mushroom. Now let’s say you convince your friends to try a mushroom for themselves. You are CERTAIN it won’t kill them, because you’ve done your research. And while they might try yours, they go directly for the meadow mushrooms on their own because this is something they know so well they would bet their life on it. Who is right?

You can see that doubts will remain in your mind about some and doubts will remain in theirs about others. So while they try it, they are still worried they won’t wake up tomorrow because it isn’t something they have independently come to all on their own. Reservations that you don’t have because you are not them and they are not you. It is the same with beliefs in spirituality. Ever talk to someone that is interesting, educated and brilliant yet they still believe in religion and pray every day? What’s the difference between them and you? Nothing really, except for they didn’t attend the same classes you have, that’s all.

Higher knowledge is only for those who reach it on their own. It cannot be gifted to anyone. They have to climb that tree, crawl out on the limb, hang off the underneath side of it and reach out to the end of the branch and pluck it off for themselves, otherwise they simply aren’t ready. And no matter how much you exclaim using nothing but superlatives about how much that pomegranate was worth getting to, it will never be worth their eternal life to them until that one day they have heard enough testimonies from enough people to be absolutely convinced that if they risk their life going up that tree that it will be worth it. At which time they will go get their own.

We cannot bring anyone from this plane that hasn’t already come to the conclusion that no matter what the 4th dimension is like that’s fine, because anything is better than this in their mind. Until then they are “ok” with putting up with subjugation, marginalization, demoralization and every other zation they are confronted with when they step out their door, because they are not yet “alive”. Life to them is something they put up with, not something they ache and yearn for living to its absolute fullest. This is the separation between wheat and chaff in harsh language that the babble talks about that actually does have merit because what you see around you are not just average interstellar beings you would meet pretty much anywhere else on a higher plane, they are what is left after multiple ascensions over millions of years offering advancement to those who were struck down in the original great war 1/2 billion years ago and this is what’s left.

They are largely the flotsam and jetsam left over after many cullings and given the chance to rise to the top repeatedly yet they simply never did. And you might love the hell out of them, but in the end they are not really alive, they are drifting. And that’s okay. It might take a billion more years for them to come around to climbing trees again, but it will happen, because they are cut from the same cloth you are, the god family.

So while I would absolutely love for you to share the handbooks with someone who truly is ready for advancement, it isn’t about the money to me and advise against it because as soon as that material has been placed before them, then it will be measured by their current value system in their mind. If they aren’t ready to see it yet, then they will dismiss it like you trying a new brand of soap and see that it didn’t work as well as your last brand, so you will never try it again in the future because it is simply a waste of time. But what you didn’t know is that for the soap to work you needed to have soft water, not calcified unfiltered water like you used before. Had you tried it again when you knew more about what you were looking at, you would have embraced it from there on out. So because you weren’t interested enough to educate yourself before reaching the product, you are now removed from benefiting from it ever again, at least in this lifetime.

So you are taking on the responsibility of leading them down a path they are not yet ready to take by sharing it, and in doing so, place your own karma on the line for them. Whatever hardships they encounter taking that path you will pay for later. That’s how the aether works.

For your friends who are ready spiritually but not financially, all they have to do is follow the instructions on the website and I will be more than happy to send them their own handbooks. So finances will never be the reason they would miss this train.

mission guide

Electric Coma ~ Sewing Frenzy

Published July 13, 2019 by tindertender

I slept in this morning, unusual. Even the pups slept until then, two hours past breakfast! Perhaps it is my electrical wire and battery experiment I did last night.

The first thing I did after feeding my furry loves is sit down at my sewing machine.

I am by far no pro, in fact I’ve only sewn three items for myself in the recent days. I figured it was a sufficient learning curve … boy was I wrong!

Number one, I’ve never really done sleeves before, especially sleeves that are gathered.

Number two, I’ve never sewn a shirt, much less anything else, for a man. This one is special.

Not only have I never made anything for a man, but this happens to be for my father, who, by the way, I did not meet until I was 37. AND this shirt is for ceremony … which is why I’m sort of nervous about the fit of it.

I keep imagining his response… he did not want me to make this in the first place, but it is tradition for the male to wear a specific shirt and I want to gift it to him.

I have no idea what size he is, all I know is he is quite a large man. He said XX and I’m thinking maybe bigger. Unfortunately, I do not have access to his closet, and as I mentioned, he’s not thrilled about wearing it. I hope he changes his mind.

Anyhow …

I started sewing at about 8 o’clock. At 2pm I thought I better get something to eat. Sat right back down to sew and next time I looked at the clock it was 6 o’clock! Where’d the time go? I’m still working on my project, but I’m going to rest until later.

This was basically the whole point of this blog, to say … time really does disappear when you are having fun (or focused).

It’s nice to have a project that means so much.

Sleepy Gatherings

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

When you go to sleep, your brain floods with dimethyltryptamine, the most powerful psychedelic known to man.

This releases your AWARENESS from the frequency waves of your artificial brain and allows you to “astral travel” or, travel outside of the confines of your artificial Avatar.

Since your entire planet itself is surrounded by an invisible force field called the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, there are guards at the stargates at the four corners of the earth that keep you from leaving this one dimension.

But inside of that dimension are the Astral Fields,where you can cruise around and check out things. This is like going to the Wild West where there is no law. When you lightly dream before REM sleep you are able to move in and out of these fields as well.

When you do, you are there with zero protection around you. You have NO control over your plasma body and the beings there have ALL of the protection imaginable to protect them from you.

They can read all of your thoughts like an unlocked computer instantly and they can interact with you. They have no body. You have one all nice and tucked in bed back home. They haven’t HAD a body in 1/2 billion years. Now what do you suppose they might want to do?

Of course, take up residence inside your chakra fields so when you wake up the next morning you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do and don’t know why.

These beings will be compelled to leave your chakras when you place an intense scalar wave force field around your plasma body from the full energy field of earth itself, which your silver chord is KEYED to.

Earth was created FOR your seeding. It is STILL CODED to your DNA at his core. And his energy, that of the collective energy of all Angelic Human life within his atmosphere, is available to you.

Something your captors do not want you to know about, something that has been taught in secret societies for the past 246,000 years. Energy that they summon to keep you asleep and inside of your tortured existence as nothing more than energy cells for their own use.

Following the procedures in the Maharic Shield mechanics, you can tap into earth’s geomagnetic

Taurus Field and place all of his power around your plasma body, making it impossible for unwanted visitors to remain in your chakra fields.

You can take back sole operation possession of your body. When you place the field around you, simply ask your visitors to depart. Be kind. If that was you who had not had your own body for 550 million years, it would be a very sad thing to have to leave.

But nonetheless, as long as their FREQUENCY is inside of your Avatar, you will remain unable to repair your own distorted DNA and elevate it to the 4 DNA strand so you can ascend out of this prison dimension. So be nice when you ask them to vacate.

This is the process you can take to place the Maharic Seal around you before you open up to the astral fields in your sleep or when you are meditating (which also opens up your plasma body to the same danger), or when you are in a high-energy field of others such as mentioned above. I have posted the PDF of the entire process here as well so you can have a visual of what the hierophant’s process will be taking.

Below is the hierophant what you will be creating in your mind and placing around your plasma body.

Maharic Shield PDF :

When you read this mountain of information, the hard-to-hear, unvarnished truth about your history within this prison, given directly to you by your founding fathers of the Guardian Alliance under the Emerald Covenant, and you don’t share it, what are YOU doing for the Lost Souls Of Tara, still captive in this hell that used to be earth?

All love fellow pieces of god.

~Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Be Love …

Published January 30, 2019 by tindertender

When roses bloom & we listen to bird song, it is right that we live with joy and harmony, that is how we recognize love.

It’s natural and normal for some people to laugh at your struggle. Because they may lack the vision to see. Your struggle is the price of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.

Sometimes their self-doubt will doubt you.

Be love anyway …

Sharing Attention and Experience

Published January 26, 2019 by tindertender

I don’t even want to read it. I’m not interested. Mind you, what I speak of is my own writing … only written in a moment which was spinning thought, as negatives.

As I drop my own talk which is not beneficial, I drop all talk which has the same characteristics.

You say you are here for the experience. Here … I gift you this experience.

Love songs on the radio, beautiful, warm fire in the fireplace, and a smile upon my face. I share it with you, no hard feelings. My hope is you will understand …

When we connect these days it is ‘magic’. While at the start it was frightening, today it is a willing share … purposeful. I refuse to judge it, there are far too many doing that already.

Oh, I see … you don’t require assistance at all! This is simply a test. It’s all a test, a trial, orchestrated in order to ‘observe’ it … OR … (there’s always an OR).

Frustration can cause a consciousness to go sour.

I’ve worn many shoes, and for now … I’ll share them.

So … who are you “She-she”? Are we related? Short answer … yes, it is obvious.

The sky is a blackboard. I’ll pluck a star out of the sky, and I’ll use that star to write “I love you” across the sky 1,000 times.

Silly games people play.

What would it be like if people were not bound to the earth via gravity, but by intention? We could leap from place to place as if we were on the moon. There would be no need for vehicles. Play would become something new.

Shit Heels … They’ve been walking all over people with their shitty feet, it is time for them to clean their feet. Too many people sympathize with ‘the aggressor’, seeing them as damaged, or fragile, in need of ‘saving’, or at least special care. The victim who does this remains so, and those who help protect shitty behavior contribute to the creation of future ‘victims’.

Yes … humanity is in need of a Stampede of Love.

As frequently as this thought is I’m my mind, and I am certain, in the minds of others as well, this stampede ought to be manifesting soon.

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