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Limitless Crest & Trough

Published January 10, 2018 by tindertender

Time is spent in a wave-like movement, from crest to trough … intense connection, to a much needed disconnect. Life is more than the eye can see, the senses know it.

Swimming in a sea where worlds collide, a meshing which only some will know, yet everyone will feel. In certain light-waves, or even sound-waves, this union can be seen. As the moon pulls the tide to and fro, so too are the substances of fleshly bodies and minds, and all the fluids which flow there.

Crest & TroughThis is where I rest ~ the straight-line, the steady, just before cresting once more, or visiting the trough of the fallen wave ~ I breathe.

The intensity of the connect can throw the nervous system for a loop! Living in a body of flesh and fluid isn’t quite geared to such strong union. If only the nervous system were ~ it might be gentler on us all if we truly knew what we are part of.

Back into silence I go, dream-time is upon me. Perhaps I will receive a most important bit of information which will be allowed into the light of day.

Honey Bee Swarms

Published March 23, 2017 by tindertender

Resting Bees

If faced with a situation such as this, take into account what a wonderful opportunity it is ~ to ride in a cab, to wait for travel, to take a break that otherwise might not have occurred. This is a moment to consider the bigger picture, and your role in the health of the world and our food supply.

If you leave the swarm alone 99% of the time the next day they are gone. This is just a temporary resting spot in route to their new home.

Please do not spray them! They are vital to our future!

Update ~ Standing Rock Chairman, Dave Archambault II

Published December 5, 2016 by tindertender

Dec 5, 2016

Chairman, Dave Archambault II, is very wise. I hope to meet him some day. It is apparent to me that if anyone can be trusted to have the peoples best interest at heart, it is this man.

It is important that emotions be curbed. Nerves are raw, tensions have been high for so long, every moment prolonged is an increase in the risk a bad choice may be made. Do you believe the men and women in suits would hesitate to take life? They want you to give them an excuse so they can continue to lie to themselves about their honor.

Listen to the Elder, and all of the Elders. Do not question their integrity, care, compassion and concern, for they are thinking of Life, and they know things that passionate folk who with raw emotions and tempers do not know .. yet.

It is a gift, a true blessing, to be part of this lesson he is imparting. Look deep into it, breathe, and learn. Turn away from anger, take a break.

DAPL is not being arrested, they will not be. The government is not your ally or anyone’s. Please regroup, take pause, come at this topic again when weather is better. Enjoy the love of family and let your tensions become lessened for a time.

Corruption runs very deep. Your stand here has done the world a great service. Many eyes are open thanks to your efforts. Let it simmer.

Patience is a virtue.
The world needs you, please rest for awhile.

United we wish, separate we stand

Published June 23, 2016 by tindertender

I found a church, in it were these signs pointing to Unity. I attended a few services and enjoyed them. But when I attended the women’s group meeting my vision changed.

They were not United. In fact, they were segregated into divisions, hardley dealing with each other it seemed. There were leaders, instead of a group, working together as one.

It is sad. I won’t be back.


A lovely idea, and much talked about. Perhaps I’m thinking negatively, or perhaps I’m different.


Beauty. It’s precious and for all. Not as a separate grouping within a group, but all, together.

No matter how we try, there always seems to be that divider.


And so I continue to follow my heart.


And this is tonight’s plan. I head for the grocery outlet, where money stretches, and I will enjoy the evening despite my current frame of mind.

Lucky lady about to hit the day!

Published April 10, 2016 by tindertender

I have found a Sunday library sale! $4.00 for a whole grocery bag of books! I’ll be one of the first in line, it’ll be a mad house, but worth it for a book lover, which I am.

Also The Lord & Schryver Conservancy will hold its first Open Garden today, so I’ll head there after the library. I’ve never been, so I hope to collect some great photos for a blog later.

I thought I would lay down with my pups for a nap, but after not too long Toby was wide awake and starting his guard duties, so we got up and ate peach cobbler for breakfast, well, they had their dog food at 5am, and then shared my breakfast. We share our goodies….. my spoiled babies.

Now, I know something is up … many people do. However today, they can talk away, do what they will … I have books to buy and flowers to smell and photograph.

I have relaxing to do.



Are the answers near?

Published April 8, 2016 by tindertender

Entertaining myself this morning, I pull from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. I receive The Horse King, as challenger:


The Horse King wants to know why you think you can do everything by yourself. Keeping control of everything around you is counterproductive and exhausting. You may lose an important opportunity if you insist on being stubborn. The Horse King is patient, however, and will wait for you to come to your senses and accept the help you need. You won’t be able to reach your goal otherwise.

Yet the Horse King says that all it takes is a decision to jump on his back, ask for help, and gradually allow yourself to be carried to your destination. Let go of control and amazing things can happen for you.

I tell you something, I could really use a ride right about now. This is right on when it says it is exhausting …. over 2 years now it seems I’ve been carrying an extra load … perhaps even before that. I’ve become accustomed to it, and yet I am feeling the effects of it in my character, my state of mind. Actually, the idea of running away from it all and going 1/2 way across country is very appealing. I’ve been letting out warning signs.

People say I need to calm down. They just don’t get it! I am amazed, that even when I vocalize my heartfelt feelings people still don’t get it. They say, cow girl up, or go find somebody to talk to, they better not tell me to go to the Dr.

I guess you could say, I’m tired. I really do need The Horse King to step in and give me a lift. I wonder if he’ll magically appear.

Well, the day is going to be another very nice one weather wise. I hope I feel better today. I always tell myself and others, it is a choice. Our frame of mind is malleable and we have the power to change it in a moment. I’ve been doing just that, however, it seems in a flash of a moment it snaps back into place and then I have to finesse it into a softer, easier frame.  Simply amazing I tell you.

So here is to a day well spent. Time to find out what it is I’ll be doing, so signing off for now, until later.

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