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What Is The Point?

Published May 22, 2018 by tindertender

Responsibility … what is it?

What on earth

The dogs get fed every morning and every evening, they are let outside to do their business often. The job is gone to and the clock punched, day after day. Wages are earned and taxes and bills are paid. But is this all there is?

Do responsibility and purpose go hand in hand? If so … what is purpose? Surely there is more to it than breakfast, lunch and dinner. The days meld one into the other. The garden is watered, the grass mowed, the mail checked and the phone answered … there isn’t much of anything to say.

Raising awareness about the mass poisoning of the human system, to the earth and waters too … is difficult for many do not wish to know, they deny it and then ridicule those who tell the truth. What is the point? Obviously no one will be saved. Certainly not by me.

Purpose … it would be nice to know what it is … to have one.  I may as well kick back and paint, or read. There’s nothing to be done … change comes from within, and if no one is wiling to go there, change will never be.

What is the responsibility … what is the purpose … what is the point?

What is the point …

Random Statements

Published May 9, 2018 by tindertender

We have so much power to say no to one use plastic.

The idea is to become an alchemist once aware.

As a young lady I was furious when a culprit of a situation tried to tell my brother and I “why” we felt the way we did. Doing this to people is a Bad, bad habit.

Reduce, Reuse

Published April 23, 2018 by tindertender

Earth day is every day. I pledge to reduce my plastic consumption to pay attention to which products produce more waste and invest in food and products that pollute less. That plastic is going to some body of water or land and harming our 🌎so avoiding it is vital right now. I will support companies and farmers by buying products without plastic as much as I can and bringing power to where I place my energy. I will never buy plastic forks or utensils or disposable anything. I will carry with me a water bottle and mug or will ask for one instead of using straws and disposable cups. I will carry my bag to the grocery . I will compost. I will stick to it . #Mitakuyeoyasin

Epiphanies Rolling In

Published April 13, 2018 by tindertender


Anger, it accompanies many people as they age.  Inconsideration’s, some sort of hurt, or any number of things may be blamed.

This anger one has (for some), may have crept from one thought, they feel responsible for their parents pain. They did not cause these pains they witnessed, although they shared in the experiences. As a youngster, being witness to suffering over and over again, a feeling of responsibility comes over them.

I do not know why children take on these responsibilities, but they do. They see their parents or others suffer and in their young minds they think they must have caused it somehow, maybe just by being alive they somehow did this to them. It can feel that way when out of suffering the parent may yell or spank the child, making them believe they did something awful which deserved harsh words and punishment.

Cause and Effect: In reality, frustration and pain from others seep into the tender lives of the young ones, leaving them quite confused. Later in life they may seek relationships which affirm they cause suffering for others, or they may become experts at self-harm for they believe they deserve it.

It was brought to my attention recently that even when we try very hard not to hurt anybody, there will always be someone who gets their feelings hurt. Shrinking from life will never stop this truth. 

Learning to be authentic and true to ourselves can be a tough journey. It has been the ‘norm’ to hide certain realities, to pretend that all is well.

Dalai Lama_4

Everyone has troubles. Many of us have the same exact troubles, yet we have been conditioned to hide them and show all the world that everything is super fine, why? Because there is a fear of what the world may think of us when we fall. Because some people find it most appealing to kick others when they are down …

It takes a real bad-ass to show the world the inner life .. the hidden things … allowing a vulnerability to show. In so doing, it will become obvious that the solitude we’ve experienced has been a cage of delusion.

We are more alike than we currently have understanding of.

Clean Water

Published March 23, 2018 by tindertender

Water residue.jpgFor one and a half years I’ve been distilling my water from the faucet. The residue left over was absolutely disgusting! Last week the brown gunk has turned into a light yellowish residue. In my water bill there was a warning of lead pipes and offer of free lead testing kits. I ordered the kits and have doubts as to the severity of lead in the pipes. More concerned am I as to why for a year there was a thick putrid residue left from distillation, and now all of a sudden there is a significant decrease in it.

The top picture shows the residue left from the beginning of my distillation days up to about a week ago.

I have filtered through a Brita tap filter, distill it and filter through activated charcoal filter, and now filter once more before drinking. Although people would have me believe it is the pipes, I know better … I’ve seen the change, and I have not re-plumbed the house. It looks like the treatment plant is stepping up the work they should have been doing all along.

Distiller residue 3-23-18This picture shows what the residue looks like for the last 5 or so days. The difference is major.

I’m doing my best to thrive in this poisoned world, as those we pay to keep us safe fall short of their duties. Awareness is key, action is a must. Relying on others to tend our health is a big mistake.

A Spiritual Warrior

Published March 9, 2018 by tindertender

The questions I have tend to lose meaning once they are formed into words. There are so many of them when viewed from a wide awareness, I really don’t feel too much like asking.

Spiritual Warrior

Making conscious choices that create balance … it seems easy enough when said, but actually making the choice consistently is more difficult. Does this make a person weak, or only show that they are human? Being a spiritual warrior is a big responsibility. All too often the ease of selling ones self short prevails … but we have been chosen as the embodiment of the Scared in this world, to be the best ‘we’ that we can possibly be … be ready, respect yourself, have courage, believe in your purpose.

Relinquishing control and allowing others to assist can be a challenge. All too often it is easier to ‘just do it ourselves’. This, however, creates a barrier, and shuts off the possibility of greater good.

Finding joy in the trivial tasks can be quite elusive … washing the car, cleaning the closet, readying the garden, mowing lawn, painting, meditating … yet it is the stillness of mind while doing these tasks where peace is found, and larger ‘chores’ which lay ahead are outlined and planned in the subconscious.

Get busy. End self destructive habits and embrace the fullness that is within. A crisp awareness is going to be needed where you’re headed, so start now.

Searching For The Way Amidst Destruction

Published March 3, 2018 by tindertender

28 to 14 to 7, even numbers must be the layout. Looking for the path there are no signs, obscure numbers are key to finding the way, 46 always means one, and 70 always means another. All items laid out on the table, categorized by type and size.

Eyes burn as I try to keep them open. Drinking water from a plastic cup, I taste it and wonder why I’m not using the steel drinking container instead.

I turn on sound and still my mind. Dream life is so active, there is no real rest. The only stillness I receive is the stillness I create during waking hours. They say there is no rest for the wicked, but I say there is little rest for those who seek the path … the path to the finish, the end of the line, where peace lives.

There’s a tension in my subconscious, I can feel it there. Sitting straight in my chair I begin minor stretches, releasing it and relaxing what I woke with. But first I yawn and wipe my tired eyes. I bow my head into my hands and close my eyes, keeping my palms over them as I rest.

Looking around me as I stand in this crater, I see mounds of blackened earth surrounding me. I search for a path but all I see is a charred and darkened mass, tangled, no obvious entry into the way out. This area isn’t only dark and charred, but there is a sliminess to it as well, a dampness.

I remember walking in the forest and seeing the huge tree which had been bent as a little shoot and trained to grow a certain way, a marker and sign of the direction to follow. I try to remember if there is any of this in my surroundings, I cannot remember anything but the tangled mess. Details … these must be paid attention no matter where we find ourselves, for what seems impossible will show minor clues missed by the average eye.

There is one who attempts to steer me through, yet if he knew the way he would be long gone by now, listening to him is a waste of time and effort, although he would have me believe otherwise.

Disruption of what is, a meddling of the placement of things, a greedy claiming of them and lining up of the items to show to others leave an empty space where they ought to be and all signs of connection lost, or so it appears.

This seems to be the events of this current world. A constant taking without consideration for the whole, the health of the system which keeps chaos out of order. We can clearly see the affect it is having on the world, and all life which it holds. Harmony has been distorted, nearly eliminated, yet there are those who work diligently to bring balance back to the system.

Empty consumerism without thought for the parts and their source is blind living, a disconnect from consciousness and the importance every single one of us has on the health and continuation of this existence. There must be a shift of awareness, an awakening to the underlying cause of this fragmentation. Only then can we slow this destruction and mend what has been so egregiously damaged.

Care and a conscious placement of intention is key to health, to true wealth, to brotherhood and sisterhood, to the world family. Rather than focusing on who can eliminate who, and who can do it more quickly, those who wish for peace must rise and overcome these tendencies.

It really is up to the average person to do so. Current systems have proven they are not capable of this consideration. Stop. Look around. Take note of the damage done.

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