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Rising To The Challenge

Published July 19, 2017 by tindertender

It is truly unfortunate that so many adults are immersed deeply into their own troubles, trying to find their own happiness, that the children get ignored, often mistreated without anyone coming to their defense.

Pain begins early on. Children grow to understand that they deserve pain and suffering. They are taught this when no one steps in to be their advocate. Growing into adulthood, it takes years to break down this habit of belief, and begin to live with another, truer reality instead.

Wasted time …

The fate of the world lies in the hands of these children, indeed, in every one of us. If the young are not taught to value their lives, and the lives of others, then we will get more of the same, which we see every day on the streets, abuses in our homes and animals who suffer at the hands of those swimming in this pain.

The cycle must stop here, now, this generation. LIFE cannot afford it to continue. We all must take responsibility for what we put forth in the world, positive change will only occur if we do.

Waiting on “someone else” to do the fixing is a lazy and cowardly act. The answers do not lie “outside” of our self, the answers come from within. If we continue to allow ourselves to be so disconnected from nature, joy, love, and good, kind living, and each other, we will reap the reward. We have already tasted it, indeed, we are fed this muck every day.

A rise up of good people is needed. Not in a looting and pillaging sort of way … no, the focus should be taken from the negative and placed on the positive.

Where thoughts go, energy flows ~
What do you wish to grow?
Stand in your power, you wonderful creator, you.
So much is counting on your ability to RISE to this challenge.

What To Expect? Keen Focus & Care Are Needed.

Published July 19, 2017 by tindertender

Skin feels warm as the energies pulse below the surface. Feeling similar to restless limb syndrome, yet not, at the same time. Is the blood moving differently, or is it all energy flow?

One small bite of ice cream at a time, home-made I might add, vanilla. Pups are under foot, hoping something might fall off the spoon, I can’t help but share with their sweet, hopeful faces.

The time is nearing for the Solar eclipse. There is rumor a great shift will take place at this time. Indeed, it feels as though there has been a shift taking place for awhile now, this year especially.

What to expect? Who knows … continuing hard work toward positive change in the heart and mind of our personal being is important now. Every ounce of energy we put effort into will be magnified … positive, or negative.

Consideration of where our mind flows is crucial. If it be on a dark side, it will grow … if it be on a light side, it too, will grow. Keen focus and care, attention to every nuance should be given.

Intense focus on what will be

Published July 5, 2017 by tindertender

You are building the future.

Intensely focusing on what you do not want to see in people, or the world, will never make it change.

The focus must be equally intense on what you DO want to see in people, and in the world. Imagine it as if it were so. Imagine the change happening right before your eyes. As a pot of soup slowly begins to simmer, see goodness coming to the same, soft rolling boil in people. Indeed, feel this same simmer in yourself.

Stop giving energies to that which does not serve life. Cut out the argument, forgive those who may have passed on or are still here, forgive yourself.

Sunshine, sweet breezes, clean waters and nutritious foods can be had by the whole world if we, as a collective, see to it.

Those intent on destroying life are few, with BIG dollars, however we are many … and there are those in office who also wish to see a bright future for the children of generations to come.

Work with them.

You Can’t ‘Politic’ Your Way Into Being An Elder

Published July 2, 2017 by tindertender

Michael Meade“In many tribal cultures, it was said that if the boys were not initiated into manhood, if they were not shaped by the skills and love of elders, then they would destroy the culture. If the fires that innately burn inside youths are not intentionally and lovingly added to the hearth of community, they will burn down the structures of culture, just to feel the warmth.”

“As a culture, we turn away from people just when they are in times of change. That’s when most communities used to embrace people, so the individual and the culture both benefited.”

“The ability to be tough-minded remains useful; but by now, the fact that we are all in trouble in terms of both nature and culture can only be denied by those who become overly conservative and blindly reactionary. The more tender-hearted imagination that suggests we are all in this together and that there must be an underlying unity in life may be the only way to survive.”

“Whereas literalists and fundamentalists tend to choose one pole of any dilemma or opposition, whereas modern political parties and religious groups tend toward demonizing each other, the creative individual must be born again and again in the crucible created by the tension  between opposing  instincts, conflicted  feelings, and contrasting ideas.”

“Every time a person tells a genuine truth, they reduce the poison in the world.”

Michael Meade has many books, dvd’s and cd’s available.
He is a master story teller and an eye-opening lesson giver.

A Powerful Woman

Published July 1, 2017 by tindertender

This woman’s healings were exploited for greed and gain. The deep spiritual meaning stripped from the process and mutilated.

Her heart was good, obviously. She wanted to help people. Government however, wants to control people and skew the use.

Trials were done on people without their knowledge or consent. Much harm was done to the people by the CIA and other government groups. Sounds like they want to do it again.

There are people we SEE in the world who appear to have power, they use it to coerce the spiritually blind to follow and be abused.

Awareness of this is key to going deeper and finding solid ground in the spirit, where manipulation from power hungry individuals cannot touch the mind.

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