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What Do I Know?

Published December 10, 2017 by tindertender

Perhaps the sky really is blue,
Behind the white haze of man made clouds.
Perhaps the sprays really are for the benefit of sustaining life.
Maybe I am actually a conspiracy theorist when I see lands burning,
Waters on fire, and the diminishing growth patterns of organic foods.
For all one knows, the ‘rulers’ of this land really do work for ‘us’, and care.
It may be that those who cause suffering on the helpless animals
Only do so because they love humanity so much.
I could be in error when I say that this is all planned
By a sinister people, behind closed doors.
Centuries have gone by in which the tools have been
Re-created, and grand destruction implemented on an unsuspecting world.
Time is a great way to hide evil deeds from newer generations,
One after the next.
Time allows a great forgetting, and a fabrication of story
Which are lies, dressed up to make believe all is well.
Who are these who dwell in the cycle of destruction?
It appears it is all of us, only some know it, others do not.
Some day maybe those who have, for life-time, after life-time, destroyed
And manipulated the masses … some day they will fall.
The cycle, the circle which goes round and round will be broken.
It may be that the true power of the people who live with kindness in heart
Will override the greed for money and power.
Perhaps that day is near.
Underground caves which men who have stolen livelihoods
From working people to build, these must be destroyed.
Rats must have their havens taken,
So they have no where to hide from the destruction they create.
Hiding places for snakes must collapse,
The cycle must end.
Perhaps I am seeing correctly that this will come to pass.
Maybe I am not a conspiracy theorist at all.
Question everything.

Collaboration Needed

Published December 2, 2017 by tindertender

imaginary_friendWill I ever see you? Do you care enough to collaborate with me about what is best for our future? Do you think it is best to avoid me and collaborate amongst yourselves only?

Why am I simply the ‘observed’ and not part of the team? There must be an interest in what I have to offer, otherwise you would have left long ago.

When will I see you? Will there be a ‘meeting of souls’ in my living-room? Will you tell me what needs to be done and allow me opportunity to work it out, determining whether I shall, or not?

Perhaps this is why you do not approach me, perhaps it is my acknowledgement of WILL, personal power. Maybe you see in me a risk to your scheme … what else could it be?

I am seen, you are not, yet we are all equally ‘real’. Will you help me to understand?

Pocket watchTime piece returned today, traded for a pair of new shoes; five pair of socks; two bags of groceries; a gift for another; dog food and dog treats. There is still money left over … an obvious, worthy trade.

Who needs time anyhow? The seasons will let me know what needs to be done and when. The sun rises to my opening eyes and nights moon wakes the song of creatures who sing me to sleep.

I love it here. It is all I remember. I am certain there is more to this story than has been told. Will you share?

Bell strikes three times, a solemn sound follows. A good-bye, yet new beginnings. Bell strikes thrice more, it is time to move forward. Two more times the bell tolls followed by one final, fading out, to silence.


Published November 23, 2017 by tindertender

He waved a finger in my face and said, “YOU … are emotionally sensitive.” I think, what better way to be?

I sit here and listen to the rain falling heavy on the roof. I wish I sensed it was a cleansing rain, a purifying, washing away of toxins, but I’ve seen the pilots who fly above them as they spew whatever chemical concoction into the tops of these clouds. There is a steadfast determination by some to utterly destroy what is good ~ I see a counter-action coming up to level of the exact opposite, balance shifting, and perhaps the scales will tip in the opposite direction of destruction.

I am certain they’ve gotten much better at the dilution of whatever they dropped into the rain clouds.

The shackles are loosed from what seemed ‘definite’. Reality is surfacing, a time of accepting responsibility is upon us.

Astral Travel & Other-worldly Creatures

Published November 5, 2017 by tindertender

I was so thirsty! I wanted water something fierce. My companion told me of the pull out in the cargo box which had a vending machine. I put a small lever into the two holes at the top and heard a hissing sound, as though the air was being let out of a tire. I walked around to the other side and saw a handle, “No wonder!”, I thought, “I was doing it wrong!” I tugged on the handle and it began to slide. It came out at a slant and I shouted, “We are breaking it!” With help of the companion, we got it straight and pulled it out all of the way.

I stepped inside, seeking the machine with the water. Finding it, I had to wait my turn as there were others trying to use it as well. As it neared my turn, another came up and cut in front of me, putting their tokens in to get what they needed. I thought, “That was rude” but waited once more. I put my money into the slot, reaching around another who was trying to use it, and pushed my button. I retrieved my small bottle of fluid, snatching up my change. I leaped from the cargo box and ran to catch up to the one who helped me. 

otherworldly-wonders-fog-3There seemed to be trees in a park surrounding us, but I could not tell what kind they were. I looked to the left and saw a female walking toward me, her hip moving in an unnatural way, as though she walked sideways her entire life and only now was attempting to walk straight on. Her face was painted in thick layers of makeup. She walked with another and they both turned left to stay ahead of me, seeking glimpses of me out of sideways glances as I neared them.

Another, a man, a very tall man with eyebrows combed straight up, a high forehead looking quite stern, his face also painted with thick layers of makeup walked with what appeared to be a very tall female, also with face painted in thick layers. They both looked at me, scoping out my persona, measuring me.

I see my helper a number of yards ahead, arm draped over a very short person, they were in deep conversation. I walked swiftly to catch up as one looked over their shoulder, seeing me coming.

What people were these? It seemed another planet where the life forms were trying very hard to dress up as human so as not to raise suspicion. What plan are they scheming and what do they want of me? They think they are very clever, and perhaps they are, for it seemed others were trapped and at the mercy of products being made available in this vending machine. How did they get there, and why?

Throughout life you may have felt as though you did not fit in, thinking you MUST be from somewhere else! I believe you (we) ARE from here, however there are others who are not, who would like us to believe we are from elsewhere while they wreak havoc on our planet and destroy life for us here, and then attempt to snare us upon bodily death in a place where we do not belong.

It is time to get creative and utilize the energies we have to protect our life here, to protect each other … to reclaim that which is rightfully ours.

Stepping Out Of Fear ~ The System

Published October 30, 2017 by tindertender

From living at home, into the dorm. Promise that all will be well if you hold your grades. Mom and Dad are footing the bill, or perhaps you have a scholarship. You hold your grades, everyone is healthy.

evictionIllness falls upon the household, mom or dad loses their job and can no longer pay for college, the hospital bills mount and there is no money. You must leave school, and find that there is a bill sent due to unpaid commitments. The housing you enjoyed there, stripped from you. The job promised, unattainable.

OR … perhaps, you are able to finish college, your grades were awesome, yet after all is said and done, there are no jobs ~ you have to move back in with mom and dad, you feel as though your accomplishment wasn’t such an accomplishment after all. You wonder where to go from here. You long for your own place, yet it is not affordable.

Promises … promises … they keep us trapped. From the childhood home, to the dorm, to an apartment dwelling with many strangers. The ownership of a personal home eludes most people, it is difficult to care for self, and the immediate family, let alone reach out into the world to create something better.

The military becomes an enticing option. They will pay for you housing, they will give you the health care you need … all you must do is commit to “war”.

This is the cycle … of entrapment. This is the method of molding thought patterns and beliefs. The system is one which catches people in a perpetual cycle of need. There IS something more, and it is rewarding. You feel it within you, it is there.

I woke this morning with this experience in mind. Grades insufficient to continue dwelling in the apartment provided by the school. Relationships broken, no where to go. No where to live, no one to reach out to, no support system … only “the system”. The programs which keep people bound and trapped and questioning their ability to care for self, leave them with a deep pit in the center of their being, of hopelessness. The struggle becomes very real.

Fear quote_1

Empowerment is crucial for the people in the world. The health of humanity, and of the earth, is of the utmost urgency, our assisting each other a vital necessity if our hearts and minds are to survive, if any possibility of joy returning is to be.

If we are to rely on anything or anyone, we ought to see the value of supporting each other. Leaving behind the thoughts that someone out there is going to bail us out, or make everything ‘survivable’ is erroneous. Only we ourselves are capable of tending our very special and unique needs. There are others who have these similarities. There are those who are developing programs, groups gathering to assist each other in supporting the earth, in support of each other.

Teaming up is needed, not separating and fighting for scraps. There are other possibilities … which include the age old give and receive. If we put energy and effort to the success of the whole, rather than our small, shrunken world, we will begin to see things open up and grow into something greater.

We see that when individuals step out to become self sufficient, government sectors swoop in to confiscate land, to impose fines, to stop people from growing their own foods, to squash them in any way possible … to get them back in the cycle of needing them.

Where to begin? I honestly say I am no expert, however, in the mind of self is a great beginning. With these thoughts, something positive and freeing can be born, can be created by those who are natural born creators! You are one … and stepping out of fear, we can become many, and helping each other, we gain strength.


Lost In Motion

Published October 28, 2017 by tindertender

Who controls our every move?
Do we lack capacity to choose? 
With anger prevalent and actions to prove,
Lack of care is the sorry state of these affairs.

Will we understand, will we fight?
Have we fallen behind, no longer in the light?
Capacity to change is within us,
All we need do is claim it.

Time is nearing, the end coming quick,
A new beginning just around the bend.
Will the new world be one of our making,
Or are we to be slaves, still?

Evicting Mind Monsters

Published October 22, 2017 by tindertender

There are those in this world who would have you believe that many must perish so that the earth will survive. This is false. The one who breathes life, who gives love freely, can undo this web of connection to darkness. The rotten leech which has infected humanity will be removed. Peace WILL prevail, and war isn’t necessarily the answer.

Believing everything we are told is dangerous. We see from the past that much of what has been stated is a total fabrication. An agenda which plays to the top percentage of folks is being laid out and that is what must change.

What is it that speaks truth to you? Leave the broadcast aside for a moment and touch base with the depths of your being. Forget of the opinions others speak of, listen to your own intuition.

It really will be okay. Do your part, do not feed the monster with the fear and paranoia it tries to stir up in your heart. It wages war on humanity, causing much harm. But you are strong, you are brilliant, and you are not alone.


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