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Wild One

Published May 14, 2018 by tindertender

Wild One

Wild One,
I see you
Quivering beneath that old skin
Draped in shoulds and oughts,
Wearing that false smile,
The one that says
“Yes of course I will…’
Before you set yourself aside
And conform to that safe, known, shape
Of appropriate ‘She’

Wild One
I hear you
Growling in the night,
When your passion wakes you,
Ready to rip his skin or yours
As the truth burning fires of awareness
Blaze their intensity into your mind
Laying bare your compromises
Stripping the lies you tell yourself
Refusing to stay that safe known shape
Of appropriate ‘She’

Wild One
I feel you,
As the dawn breaks
And the false floor and tight smile
Give way to grit, grief and remembering,
That deep, fluid, undulating pulse,
That nectar heart, that moist knowing,
That sweet longing and clarity so bright
They blind you to that safe known shape
And memory,
Of appropriate ‘She’

Wild One
I need you
Ready to shed your fear and thrive,
Ready to feel incandescently alive
Uncensored majesty of womankind
Embodying the grace of the sensually sublime
Receiver of nature’s subtle melodies
Vivid, ageless, honest and free
I stand for you, and you stand for me
The redefined expression
Of appropriate ‘She’

~ Redefining ‘She’, by Clare Dubois
Founder | TreeSisters: women seeding change


It’s time to reclaim our wildness: www.billiontrees.me/treesisters-inner-journey-of-awakening/

(Art: Thanks to Debra Bernier)

Wild Soul Woman

Published April 13, 2018 by tindertender

Wild Soul Woman

When we consider how embedded we are in the Earth,
how we are literally made of the same stuff
as rivers, rocks and roots,
we can see how separating from this beautiful, fecund world
might be damaging to our psyches.
Have you ever suffered a terrible accident, betrayal or loss?
Then you know you can be left depleted, depressed,
perhaps even cast adrift …
As if you aren’t quite whole.
In losing our intimate relationship with the Earth
we modern humans have suffered a particular trauma
that has caused our wild souls to split off.
How do we heal the wounded wild?
How do we reclaim our wild souls?
The answer lies within each one of us.
~Poem: Mary Reynolds Thompson
~Art: Elisabetta Trevisan


Tastebud Heaven

Published February 3, 2018 by tindertender

So Fine,You Blow My Mind

Cold and crunchy,
You ice cream would never be given away!
I can hardly believe it was actually considered
As I sit here now, eating you.

Chocolate and pretzel and creamy vanilla,
Bad for my belly, yet yummy for my tummy.

You may never find your way
Into my freezer again, but for today,
Thank you.

Unknown Journey

Published January 31, 2018 by tindertender

Unknown journeyHot wax, wicks end, burning steady.

Checkered flag drops as they pass, the race has been won. The journey is just starting, destination unknown … to some.

Red light steady, purpose unknown. Blue light, vertical, glows in the dark. It signifies activity, although nothing moves.

White sand in a jar waits for task, right next to colored pencils. A drawing appears in mind waiting to be given life.

The One That Heals 

Published December 25, 2017 by tindertender

Child, Mother, Crone.jpg

Mother, sing me a song
To ease my pain,
Repair my broken bones
And bring the whole thing back.

Take my babies
When they are born,
Sing my death song,
Teach me to cry.

Show me the medicine
Of healing herbs,
The courage of the spirit,
And how I can help.

Mother, heal my heart
So I can see
Your gifts
And so they can live through me.

Jamie Sams
The medicine of the earth
Art: Amy Swagman

To Feel, Or Not To Feel?

Published December 23, 2017 by tindertender

Rabbit hole

Drifting thought.
Sitting, doing nothing.
I reach for pen and paper,
Knocking things to the ground.
Breathing a deep sigh,
I pause.
Dark moments, seemingly never-ending,
Thinking I was alone.
Fallen into the pit,
I climbed my way out …
Deep struggle, wanting to quit,
But not quite.
Reaching the top, I realized
I was never alone,
Always watched over,
And yet, here I am again.
Singular, yet more than before.
I know better now,
But the pit is rising again
In belly. Same helpless
Feelings … however, knowledge of
The strength residing
Inside, a memory.
Sitting in a crowded room
Invisible walls separating.
There is a hearing of words
Spoken, but no understanding.
Those who hear do not
Engage, only discuss
Among each other.
How can truth be
Known without effort to
Is connection so strong
That it is not seen, or felt,
Invisible to the ones who experience?
There’s a pill for that,
And a resistance
To swallow it.
Feeling is raw, it
Would be relief to ease it,
To lessen it.
But who exactly benefits
From a mind dulled?
Expression muted, or
Which is preferred?

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