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Far Worse Than You Thought

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

There is much more going on in regard the sprays from these planes in their Geo-engineering programs, and those intertwined within.

“As above, so below … As below, so above”.

This is so much bigger than merely killing humanity and destroying this planet. “Someone(s)” have it in mind they would like to eliminate our “Heaven”.

So many people have been relaxing, tossing out slander about those who are attempting to draw attention to a severely dangerous global catastrophe in the works.

If we allow this planet to be destroyed, where will the anchor be for our parallel world, our heaven?

Yes, I believe humanity is abhorred by some life on this earth, and there are active plans in process detrimental to life … here, and hereafter.

The lies you have been told are just that, lies. You sit by and watch (or tune out) while your planet, and hope for a happy hereafter is annihilated. Where do you suppose we’ll wind up then?

What will be left if not hell?

Invader Races and the Hydro Suspension Dome

Published April 20, 2019 by tindertender

Some of the Main Invader Races are as follows:

798 K.Y.A. (798 thousand years ago) FROM OMEGA CENTAURI later NIBIRU: ENLIL LEVIATHAN “ODEDICRON” ANUNNAKI GROUP (Biblical Times: Sumerians, Atlas, Romulus, Horus, Enlil) made up of Leviathan Insectoids, Avian-Reptiles (Aquatic-Ape, Crocodiles, Birds, Reptilians, Beatles, Mantids, Gargoyles) Infiltrated Human lines: Germans, Egyptians, Incans, Native Americans, Mexicans, Hawaiians, Polyesians, South Americans, South Africans, Greeks, England, Germans. Run the Nights Templars, FreeMasons, GALACTIC FEDERATION, ASHTAR COMMAND, Illuminati, Voo-Doo, Crocodile Cults, Falcon Cults, Christian Churches.

Hybrids are called REPTILIANS.

570 M.Y.A.(570 Million Years ago) FROM LYRA-ARAMATENA: The ANU-“ELOHIM” ARCHANGEL MICHAEL GROUP “THE MICHALUBE, SUNS OF BAAL” created by the “Anu”hazi Yanas Eternal Gestalts 950 B.Y.A. (Felines Called Lionids) Created the Necromitons, Nephilim, Jehova Anunnaki and remain the ultimate authority figurehead of all invader races.

The Earth is an Oblate Spheroid with a “Hydro Suspension Dome”.

The reason why it’s there is to moderate the temperatures in the atmosphere of this planet and it’s created by Hydrogen.

The dome is made up of Hydrogen depleted ice crystals that forms what is like “ice”. That is what stands between you and Space. NASA likes to call this the “Troposphere”.

This is why Every Rocket, and Space Shuttle that has entered into space has to break through the “ice” at a precise angle. They never go straight up, because they’ll bounce right off of it.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

To Do, Or Not To Do. To Be, Or Not To Be.

Published April 20, 2019 by tindertender

Have you ever felt as though you were being “tugged”, one arm to left, and the other to the right? It happens with these emotional choices we are faced with every day. “I should do this, but want to do that”. Be honorable and respect the plan, or be flaky, and slough off the responsibility agreed to?

This decision, while most often seems to be an easy one to make, sometimes has us stretched out to max, and our body, our trunk, is pulsing energy that seems to make us want to scream at times. Live wire!

Perhaps this is what is going on with humanity. The choice is typically easy, but lately, not so much … for many anyhow.

We know that governments have been practicing their patents for mind control for decades. They can transmit certain frequencies to the brain remotely, and watch to see if it makes “choosing” the honorable thing more difficult, and then they push until the desired results are shown.

Everything, and everyone, seems to be coming undone. Even the forests and plant life, it’s just not what it once was.

In 40 years I’ve gone from being able to leave the doors and windows unlocked, and even keys in the car, unlocked. No one would break and enter, no one would steal the car. I sold Girl Scout cookies door to door, by myself as a young lady. The worst that happened was I was bit in the stomach my a German Shepherd. Now days, moms have to take the girls to the grocery store and sit with them there while they try to sell cookies for an over inflated price because they are worried about them being abducted.

The attitudes about life have shift dramatically. We see that many people simply do not care any more. Those who do care are being squashed. This appears to be an intentional destruction of life. The methods are so blatant, yet the denial of them still exists. When will they be as transparent as the symptoms of their actions?

Someone needs to hold the destroyers accountable, obviously they are not willing to listen to the people and their concerns over being purposefully toxified, poisoned, and killed. In the process of it all, the people are also stolen from. Their lives and their money and their possessions are taken from their families as they struggle to pay for “treatments”.

This world is going to hell if good men do not step up and stop the destroyers, the chaos makers, the murderers of innocence. Let us hope they are beginning to hear the cries of the children, of all the people.

Earth (Life) Changes

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

Schumann Resonance blasted every 17th for the last 3 months.

Collective consciousness synchronizing? Most interesting!

Daniel Scranton primarily channels the Arcturians and they say the energy is coming from the core of the planet!∞the-9d-arcturian-council/

Question, maybe You know about: what happened to the magnetic-field in between the 7-12 of April, have never seen this before. maybe something to take a look at by somebody knowing ’bout that?

11.11.11 WW waves at 17sec intervals while Trump denounces globalism in front of world “leaders” in France. Nov 17 #GiletsJaunes begins weekly demonstrations. Now a thrice monthly repeating cycle of high resonance on the 17th.

Not as strong as the previous 2… but still this cant be a coincidence!

(From a Jordan Sather topic)

The Moon, A Command Module

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

The moon, (Luna) called the Lunar Earth Command Module because it is literally the headquarters of all the day-to-day management of surface-earth, plays into the effects of melatonin which is created by the pineal gland. So does the black sun.

It has been shown in studies that the light waves of the sun literally shut off production of melatonin.

Luna wasn’t placed there by Marduk just as a floating mobile office to pull levers on the hologram; it sets the circadian rhythm by regulating the flows of the tide (electromagnetic energy discharge-rhythm that powers the surface of the planet).

By sloshing the waters, the friction blends the oxygen from the lighter water above with the heavy water below, releasing the crystal energy into the oceans much faster than it would otherwise. This artificially increases gravitational push.

The sun shuts off the melatonin production of the body, then the moon sets the circadian rhythm to further force you to have to sleep each day in order to keep up with the flashline sequence set by the sun. Think bionic hamster wheel.

Known of as Enki now, was originally known of as EA. EA is a title, or office that holds domain over the earth’s waters. EA is the genius (at least as clever as reptilians can be anyway) supposedly father of Marduk (but seem to be the same being), and his specialty is energy and technology. He is now known also as Poseidon and Neptune and the reason is simple; because all the usable energy on this planet comes from the bottom of the ocean. Both the ocean and the sea are named after him because of this.

It was his son who hung Luna (parked the biosphere above our heads) who set up the commands in the Module to work directly with the ocean energy currents (as in electrical currents) to distort the pulse-rate of organic circadian rhythm to cause brain-fog, a result of melatonin starvation.

The word Lunatic literally comes from Luna, the command module.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Do You Believe In Coincidences?

Published April 15, 2019 by tindertender

Do you really believe that major structures globally are all of a sudden randomly having fire issues and burning to the ground?

How many fires/explosions have completely destroyed major structures in last month?

—In France alone for that Matter?

What’s the normal statistical ratio for that type of occurrence?

Most likely, albeit it’s an educated guess, it’s either a fire to be able to bring in investigators to uncover what otherwise would not be allowed to uncover OR it’s destroying evidence.

What do you think?


Can someone posit as to what that bright beam of light coming down on the right might be? I’m hearing rumors of possible DEW???? Don’t want to start something, but truly would like to know if anyone has heard any more on it.


Keep Your Agenda ~ Get Off My Cloud

Published February 3, 2019 by tindertender

This morning I woke with the question in mind, “What is a turncoat?” It seems there are those who may believe I’ve abandoned them … yet it could very well be those same ones who attempted to manipulate mind.

I do not take kindly to anyone’s attempt to override my own choice, my Will to live life as I deem fit for my personal existence. I do not need anyone else who happens to be in body (or out of body) to inform me of what my next thought or action ought to be. I didn’t need a daddy growing up, and I do not need one now.

I am amazed at how many folks want to direct the life of others when they clearly have no idea what is for the greater benefit of the whole.

I gently smile, just a little, when I listen to others as they speak, sure of themselves as they pass judgement, or ridicule others for their choices. I never hear them ask of themselves if they are doing the right thing, and I never hear them take responsibility for the decisions they made which affected others in a negative light. Instead they say responsibility for damage done lies solely with the other party, who responded to their guidance and suggestions. They claim that they had the choice not to take advice or follow instruction. While they did indeed have this option, they trusted them … and now ‘trust’ is broken.

We see the inner workings of the United States government, how both ‘halves’ lack the skill and the willingness to work together, to negotiate and to compromise for the greater benefit of the country and its citizens. They lay out examples of how people should act in order to get what they want … and they fail to present successful, cooperative methods. Citizens then form lines behind the side they choose to support, creating great divide country-wide.

While ‘leaders’ may call people who oppose them “turncoats” it is they who have created division. I suggest they be left to deal with that division on their own. The regular folk need to band together and leave these petty rulers behind. People must abandon the examples given to them by those in office and show them how unity and working together is done. Obviously, they do not have this awareness.

As they shout out ‘turncoat’ or ‘traitor’ we must remember the agenda which has been in place for a very long time … these sly creatures who’ve wiggled their way into seats of authority have never had the highest good for the entirety of the country in mind.

The Georgia Guidestones are said to have been erected in 1979, but this plot has been brewing for centuries. I have insight which suggests we are on the 3rd generation of the human … and apparently, we will soon be on the 4th … as the depopulation agenda (Agenda 21) exposes ‘diseases’ and ‘famines’ and ‘extreme weather’ … ALL of these things carefully orchestrated and laid out to see to it that balance with nature comes about in the most extreme way.

As we are led to believe that the earth is bucking and causing loss of life, know that the earth is bucking because of what governments world wide are doing to it, and they are doing this in order to bring about the Agenda. It’s no secret, it’s laid out, right in the open, and yet so many people still deny its reality.

If anyone ever claims you are a turncoat, if your actions show that you’ve rejected the ‘leaders’ guidance, my hope is that you’ve determined you’d rather help your fellow human, rather than assist in their destruction … as planned … by those who are behind the erection of this monument.

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