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Mother I Feel You

Published April 13, 2018 by tindertender

Let us grow our awareness of what is under our feet, that stable soil that holds us up and allows us to grow, and build.

The sink holes that have been occurring are due to fracking and disrespect for this planet that gives us so much. The waters that now burn are due to the same.

Let there be a shift in how we see life, what we receive and what we give.

Healing The World

Published April 5, 2018 by tindertender

Healing the planet
During your morning meditations, or prayers … feel the pulse of life that flows through your hands. Imagine the planet there, between the cupped palms of your hands and feel the pulse of compassion emanating from them into the planet … ending suffering for all life, allowing a realization of compassion for each other, allowing the love for all of the animal kingdom. The contribution you make to this cause is much more powerful than you may have been taught to believe. YOU are a healer of the world.

Gathering Strength

Published February 24, 2018 by tindertender

Look around you, really take in the beauty which is there. There has been a great disconnect from all that surrounds us.

The ‘stand’ which we take is not for us alone, but for the animals who have no way to protect themselves … from those intent on harming them.

This firm position we take is for the soils that produce for us needed nutrition to sustain life. The prayers and chants released in response to the waters call, we form a bond with that life giver which makes up the majority of all physical bodies. The air we breath now filled with toxins, released by an organization wishing harm, destruction, death. We rise and state our desire for truth, which is for every single organism on this earth.

The line between those who destroy, and those who do not wish it is thinning. An awareness is spreading across the globe, and a union between factions is taking place. People gather together for what they want for the world, for their loved ones.

Choice … the armies are forming. Who else can see it? One is funded by tax payers dollars, and the other is tax payers left without funding. It seems the odds are against us, however, this is exactly what we need. For those who have, rest in that knowledge, and those who have not dig deep, and form connection with something greater, something far more powerful that that which money and greed can buy.

This isn’t about left or right, red or blue, rich or poor. It is about what is good for ALL, and that which seeks to destroy it. It is about the core of who we are and what we birth into the world.

GreatnessEveryone will need to choose … have you decided where you stand? If so, how will the connection be strengthened with others to realize the goodness in your heart? We must learn to come together in a bond unbreakable, firm in solutions, and humble enough to listen intently to each other, adopting that which works for all, and releasing that which causes strife.

Conscious cooperation is possible. Greed does not live there. Only a desire for peace … which war never brings. Collecting our personal energies, combined together, greatness will occur. Do you believe this?

Getting In Front Of Polar Shift

Published February 18, 2018 by tindertender

What has been a moist area for the flourishing of some species of plants, and other life, is becoming dry and arid. What was once dry and arid is becoming wet and soggy. Plant life in these regions are not doing well, forests and jungles everywhere are diseased and suffering as they try to survive.

When poles shift

Poles are shifting, climate is changing, weather patterns are unpredictable as growing seasons shift. Forests the world over are becoming diseased and are dying, as well as all of the other foliage … our oxygen makers. Oceans are warming and life there is dying also … the other oxygen supplier.

There are many folks who say some plants ought not to be introduced to ‘native’ land, however if the poles are shifting (which we are told is true), what flourishes there will also change. Would it not be best to get in front of this rebirthing that the land is doing in every area of the world?

It is February, and already the daffodils are in bloom. There is snow falling on the mountain and we are told it may also reach the lower elevations this weekend. Having lived 50+ years, I can tell you this is not normal, dealing with this cannot be done in a ‘normal’ fashion either.

Some say to introduce a non native plant will interrupt the ecosystem of a place, but we can see it dying before our eyes … what has grown here for centuries is not doing well … so … what will? We must act before all of our oxygenators are gone, for we will then be gone as well.

It seems the plan is to hold on to native species, however when these poles shift, this is just plain illogical. What once grew will no longer … it is common sense.


Antarctica Was Once Home To Rainforest, Say Scientists

A list of drought tolerant trees:
~ Elm; Oak; Ginko Biloba or “Maidenhair Tree”; Shagbark Hickory; Red Maple, Hawthorne; Thornless Honeylocusts; Sumacs; Crape Myrtles; Leyland Cypress; Mugo Pines; Short Leaf Pine; Virginia Pine; Eastern White Pine; Loblolly Pine

Below are a few resources to investigate what may be needed in your area. There are many sites to glean information. Using common sense, we may be able to turn this around before we get caught in a situation where nothing is growing well.

Earths magnetic pole shift

Orchestrated Separation, Shattered

Published February 3, 2018 by tindertender

It Is PossibleTime has given us one thing for certain, and that is carefully orchestrated separation. Many will say peace can never be, but this is something that’s been taught.

The system we dwell in has planned very carefully, and has become very good, at manufacturing distress and solitude among the people. With the assistance of alcohol and pharmaceuticals it is even easier to get people to bend to their will, to harm each other and themselves, rather than connect in brotherhood, sisterhood, with common goals of the better good for humanity.

If anyone cares to really observe the situation of the world, they can see it, it is plain, these tactics are not even hidden. So blatant are they, people are blinded, it has become custom, normal.

The best place to hide something is in plain sight. Put it there and tell everyone it is not … most will believe the lie. We’ve been told this too, it is no secret.

One of the surest ways to break this connection is to stop turning the television on, stop reading the news … look into the eyes of people you meet and really see them, if only for a short moment. These bits of true connection will do wonders for breaking the spell.

May clear understanding be yours, it will be frightening at first, heartbreaking, infuriating, and may make you feel as if there is no hope, that it is too late … but it isn’t too late, and there is always hope … find it. There are many who wait for you …

Great Fracturing Of The Earth

Published December 28, 2017 by tindertender

Deep within the earth are those who long to be free. They desire it so badly, they influence those atop the soil to fracture the planet, called “Fracking”. The guise is that there are gases which are useful, beneficial to our life, but the truth is, they seek to fissure it so intensely, they will be set loose.

Earth Fracture

A heart that is willing to annihilate all life that dwells upon a planet in order to be free, is not a good heart, not one that should be let loose. Yet, with the assistance of the greedy in power, this may come to pass, and humanity may die, along with all other life residing here. As Mars is, and other dry and barren planets, this one too, may come to be.

It is told that these other planets which are barren of life, actually do have those who dwell under the land. Could it be those that were freed, remaining with no one to influence?

The Dragon manifests himself in the force of his power; the Black Beast, on the other hand, acts in the shadow, keeps out of sight, and hides himself in such a way as to enter in everywhereHe has the claws of a bear and the mouth of a lion, because he works everywhere with cunning and with the means of social communication, that is to say, through propaganda.”
~ Blessed Mother Mary

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