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Sunflowers Of Life

Published September 19, 2017 by tindertender

The sunflower often has a dark center. Its petals are vibrant in color, ranging from beautiful yellows and gold to oranges and reds. While the center produces seeds for food, the petals draw the birds and the bees. Here I am! the flower seems to shout.

Humanity is the same. While the darkness within the center is often all that is seen, related to, everything that can describe this darkness may have even been called our self … do not forget that within the darkness are seeds, seeds which plant the future.

Extending out from the body is light, sometimes bright and gold and sometimes a little fiery in appearances, like the oranges and reds. (There are many other colors as well, however speaking in flower terms …). The light which emanates from the center is what attracts others, same as the birds and the bees, only human.

Sunflower_4See the bigger picture, embrace the whole of who you are. Yes, there is a shady area within the center, but even that produces nourishment for the soul, yours, and those you share with. You are not … bad. There is inherent goodness in all of the parts that make you who you are.

If someone has been tainting your ‘seeds’, shuck them to the side and focus. Whatever has been wrought upon you is not ‘you’. You know who you are better than anyone else can possibly know, get quiet, listen to your soul speak.

Spontaneity, Life Surprises, And Our Future

Published August 25, 2017 by tindertender

DSCN0502Do I follow my heart and climb to the top of another waterfall? I already know where I would rather be and am certain my body will follow my mind, where to, remains to be seen.

The connection had with the earth assists us in our connection with each other. There is a great healing to be shared, in the silence, when we walk … energies touching, hearts pumping, lungs working as an upward hill is climbed.

Upward hills … these hills may not appear as such, yet they are there … in relationships, in our work life, in our housing, in our ability to feed ourselves in a healthy manner. We work at it, and yes, it can be difficult, we will often go without, yet we persist.

The connections we make along the way, with each other, will help bridge the gaps.

Person Using Magnifying Glass On Cut-out FiguresWe have been taught that we cannot trust each other, we have been taught that to remain separated is best for survival, and most of us have been performing rather well under these circumstances.

Now imagine what could be if we recognize personally, and help each other in learning, the bond that we share goes very deep. Remember the crisis’s that have occurred, remember how people band together to take care of each other, remember the great feats that are accomplished during these times.

Together we are better.
Every day, in every way.

The separation we have been living under will change. There will be those who desperately grasp onto what they believe to be their life line, and there will be those who understand that community, care, and genuine compassionate concern for, and sharing with, each other is the true life line. The latter will be the future, depending on how quickly we embrace it, the timeline will prove itself.

Let life surprise you. Let love embrace you. Learn to trust each other, carefully, participate in the rebuilding of the compassion in this world.

We have seen what governments have done to the people everywhere, how we’ve been exploited, used and murdered in the name of power and money and greed. These elements do not have the best interest of the hearts of humanity in mind, and only the exploited will be able to turn it around … by working together.

Human EnergyTake the energies and efforts which have been bought and sold for scraps, reclaim those same energies and efforts and apply them in fields and ways that you know will encompass good for all … step away from greed and death and being used for the benefit of the few.

This world, and the future of humanity and all life depend on your goodness ad charity. When you give to the whole, the whole gives back to you … imagine the return on your efforts!! The entirety will return to you much more than the greedy few.

Be the change.

I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You

Published August 2, 2017 by tindertender

Thinking on those who bear false witness this evening. They do so, not caring that they could potentially ruin another human beings life, causing unwarranted grief, even doom.

These people have a special place awaiting them, and this song sums up the whole of my feelings on the subject, and about them.

There will be balance, and people are choosing which end they’ll ride upon.

Space And Time With You

Published July 23, 2017 by tindertender

The world is a big place, and once again I discover how narrow my vision really is.

A wise man once told me to “see as the eagle does”. I have been trying to widen my view of this world, while still focusing on cleaning house within my own heart. The task seems endless.

If I had wings, perhaps borders would not exist, I could come and go as the seasons turned. Many fowl do. As humans, we do not know one bird from the next if they come from the same genetic line. I imagine they each have personalities, just as we, and other life do.

Interesting. I displayed my ignorance for the world to see. No one scoffed, at least not aloud for me to read or hear. I appreciate that about people. Allowing me time to investigate and find my answer without needing to feel stupid for this lack of knowledge.

Thank you.

I spread wings and flew
Straight into knowledge.
Moving silently, and sometimes loudly
I continue this journey.
I find that as time passes
Hearts appear to grow gentler.
I am grateful to be alive and see this shift,
I am grateful to share this space in time with you.


The Duty We Owe One Another

Published July 10, 2017 by tindertender

Bill Clinton Apology to human experiment victims.


Published July 2, 2017 by tindertender

This crap they are spraying is inhibiting our plant life’s ability to absorb water, therefore they become dry, brittle, ripe kindling. Rather than ensure the health of our plant life so it can do it’s job for the planet health, they are killing it off. They aren’t helping anyone, or anything. They are committing world wide murder.

Power Within You

Published June 28, 2017 by tindertender

These are the days in which highly intelligent, intuitive people reside. Their power to create has been magnified, the intensity with which they create is astounding.

You are one of these people.

Power Within.jpg

You have opportunity to develop  the future. The ability to see, and know, what is good from these times, and what was good, and worked well from times past, is made clear. Picking and choosing segments from each, you build all of the tomorrows.

Collectively, people from all around the world are doing this. Some are aware of it happening, and some do so unconsciously. It is happening, none the less.

People are not victims of decisions from the past. No … there is an inherent power within all to choose what works, and carry it forward … leaving behind that which has failed us.

Envision the future you wish to create, think on it daily, all day. See that within your activities which do not promote this outcome, and change them. Choose a different way, a way which includes, yet eliminates as well.

Tomorrow, indeed, all of the tomorrows, will be your creation. When these positive actions are combined with the collective, true power reigns, and there is no one who need assign title or status, for this power is yours already …

It always has been.

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