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Armenian Folk Music «Sasna Tsrer»

Published June 3, 2017 by tindertender

Some day, we will not be fighting each other. Some day, we will instead see each other for the beauty which is inside, and out … for each culture is so magnificent in what it brings to the world!! People everywhere hold within them the spark of the Divine.

Arakel Mushegh lerneruts down
Arakel Mushegh lerneruts down
My soul was ruined mill home
My soul was ruined mill home
Heaven will grant them the holy crown
Heaven will grant them the holy crown
We will always remember the memory of their dear soul
We will always remember the memory of their dear soul
Well, strike, strike,
Well-brave brave strike
Well, strike, strike,
Well-brave brave strike
Well, strike, strike,
sign in front.
Dear Lord, holy spirit will
We will go ahead
Dear Lord, holy spirit will
We will go ahead

The Wild Card Of Creation

Published June 2, 2017 by tindertender

Michael Meade shares trailers of his most recent, and other DVD’s. As a master story teller and teacher, these will be a real treat.

Teh wild card of creation.jpg

The Wild Card of Creation refers to the unique ability of the human soul to connect to the Soul of the World and thereby bring beauty and healing to both culture and nature. This recording offers a tour de force presentation on the awakening and intensification of the individual human soul in the midst of a troubled world. Meade argues that if there is “no change at the level of the human soul, there can be no change at the level of the world.” Change, so greatly desired, is not easily accomplished because genuine change requires one’s whole life to be altered; mind and body, spirit and soul. Soul is the source of change; it is the secret center that can move both heaven and earth.

114 Minutes

Negative words hurt

Published May 22, 2017 by tindertender

I wake this morning with the words of those who supposedly love me rolling around in my mind.

No body likes you.
You have nothing nice to say.
No one will ever want to live with you.
You have no friends.
The same bitch keeps coming home.

I’m curious if any of these people know what they have planted in my mind, if they even care that these are the words and actions that are attempting to create a personal belief system.

I must distance myself from these types of communications. Honestly, when we speak to each other do we consider the seeds we plant in the mind? These words spin in thoughts even after they are said, they live there in the mind far after.

Words hurtOften when we hear things such as this the reaction is one of defense. We may even follow it up with something equally, or even more so, brutal. We may find that we get involved in the word play that tears at a persons heart and self esteem.

These types of words, these communications which roll around in the mind long after they are said, are the type of things that grow self loathing and self doubt. These words are much of the cause of self harm. I hope that those who speak them are not aware of what they do, for if they are and they do it purposefully, then they are consciously working to promote suicide and pain in others, and that dear people, is simply not a good thing.

This pattern must be broken.
Humans have lived with this sickness for a very long time.
Until we recognize it, we will not be able to repair it.
Reversing the damage is an “all people” involved necessity.
If there is nothing nice to say, then at least we can stop saying anything.
The cycle needs to stop.

I do hope that it can be done.

Attention To Detail

Published May 14, 2017 by tindertender

Let Go.jpgCalling attention to detail is not always a trait that is rewarded, in fact, rarely so. Shining a light on dark places which are being manipulated to appear good and true, yet are not, often causes ostracization.

Walking a path alone occurs for those who refuse to be part of the mind game.

Unless a path of truth is chosen, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, self respect will not be available and more harm than good will come.

What is true today, will shift and change as time goes on, but one thing should remain the same … speaking from the heart. When others judge an honest person harshly, it is sad. Sometimes though, falsehood is more comfortable than truth. If it were not, so many people would choose different clothes.

3 Stages of Truth

Published May 7, 2017 by tindertender

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
 Arthur Schopenhauer

How is it the “norm” has been so engrained in the minds of people that when one veers away, or questions it’s reality they are often met with ridicule and outright attack? Those in denial and who lack the simple openness of consideration will do everything they can to discredit one who is attempting to open doors to further knowledge. Over time, as others become aware of possibilities and perhaps begin to accept that something is off, the ones who previously viciously slandered the verity of another begin to come around also … although they would never consider an apology for previous behavior.


How often do we see this? How often do we DO this?

It is interesting how humanity’s mindset spins, whirling away, thoughts never ending, and often not making any common sense at all.

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