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Wonder Woman & The Fate Of Humanity

Published June 4, 2017 by tindertender

wonder woman.jpgIt is true the human race is under attack, the easiest way to formulate the story is by a physical war. This battle we wage is not physical though. Our thoughts are manipulated in ever so subtle ways, if we are not paying attention we will fall. We have indeed fallen and when we view the world as it is today we can see it quite clearly.

The message is the same in the trailers before the movie started ~ we are under attack, and the only way to save ourselves, is to change ourselves, not by pointing at another and saying, “You falter here”, but being brave enough to take that statement and ask ourselves, “Are we faltering here?”

Peace will never come about if we are intent on making everyone else ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. It will only come about if we focus and work toward making our self ‘better’ than we were before.

Do you believe in love?

Can you find love in your heart? Do you look yourself in the mirror and pick apart the image you see? Are you constantly using negative self talk? If so, you are most likely using this same communication with everyone you encounter as well.

Habits are difficult to break. It is possible though to change the way we talk to ourselves, and others ~ to change the way we think. When we do this, the way we see the world will shift. If done on a grand scale, there may be hope for us all.

Peace is in our choice ~ so is a vile nature.
Which one will be fostered?

Let your peaceful words be heard!

Published May 16, 2017 by tindertender

Let your peaceful words be heard!
Thoughts, actions, words can reflect so much, be the change you wish to see in this world, speak it, think it, do it and manifest it into reality. Collective consciousness rising.

Today’s Painting and A Tune

Published May 12, 2017 by tindertender

For several hours I relax and paint. I am at peace. I view the finished art and am quite satisfied. I seal it and set it aside to dry while I cook dinner.

After supper, I sit at the computer and Whoa!! A wave of energy hits me, definitely intense and not so pleasant. I remember this is only energy, and it will pass … I breathe … and it fades.

I turn to the music and let it roll through my mind.

I wear my Garnet chain with the Ruby in Zoisite stone. I was drawn to the chain and pendant right away when I entered the Mystery Gallery yesterday afternoon.

The Garnet has long been known as the Warrior’s Stone. Soldiers wore or carried this stone as a talisman against death or injury. Garnet was also said to bring victory, peace and tranquility, as well as help heal injuries.

Ruby in Zoisite is an energy amplification that can energize the entire vibrational field of one’s body. It is used for psychic ability and empowerment, as well as altered states of consciousness. Ruby in Zoisite stimulates the crown chakra. Physically, it is beneficial for heart disorders and for physical vitality.

I suppose it is no wonder I am at peace. I am not attributing it to the new pretties, however I do love them. I also have complete and utter faith in that which guides me. I know in my heart that what is for everyone’s highest and greatest good will be. I will not fret about it.

The Pure Seed vs a Bad Seed

Published April 23, 2017 by tindertender

I toss and I turn every night, yet I refuse to take a pharmaceutical to help me sleep. It is poison, and I must be available to feeling everything as it occurs, as difficult as that may be.

I discovered a video from a US Military member who the VA has refused to see for diagnosis of his pain, he has made the attempt twice to visit them. Although they will not see him, they continue to prescribe, and mail, pain killers to his house. Why? Why would a facility send prescription medication to a man, a military man, who has experienced a bit of an unstable life since returning from war, pain medication, instead of helping him as they ought to?

Then there are those who have died because of this lack of care.

There are others. At least one I know personally … and many I do not know. The rate of suicide is high among ex soldiers, and these prescribed medications could have something to do with it. These drugs alter the chemistry in the mind and without repeated and continued monitoring, anything can, and does, happen. What do they do when something does happen? They lock them up in the VA jail.

My outlook is that since these soldiers are not in some country fighting, the government is pretty much finished with them. Their thoughts are that the sooner these men and women take themselves, or another out, the sooner they can just write them off even further. These drugs are an easy out for them. They don’t even have to put forth effort, for so many are completely at the mercy of their experience and just need relief.

These endless wars must stop. The excuses they use to kill other humans are benign and fictitious. Sure, there are bad apples in the world, and yes, they need to be managed, but not at the expense of innocent civilians, which is always the case. Many more civilians than perceived enemies are killed in these battles.

When a few bad seeds kill innocent people, and our government sends in troupes to kill even more, (in the name of targeting the culprits) it becomes criminal on all sides, in and out. There is no good guy any more, although they try very hard to get us to believe that illusion.

War and death will not end until the ones participating decide they have had enough of the killing. Simple as that. Just as a verbal argument fades and becomes nothing if one half chooses not to participate, all things fizzle when participation ends.


I see the ideology of the warrior needing to protect. I admire this mindset, and I would choose to befriend these protectors. However, there is “protecting” and then there is bombing the hell out of people with no stop to the civilian, no care of who dies, just as long as someone does.

With the many chemicals going into the land, water and air, there won’t be a vibrant life filled planet for the children … anywhere.

The elite are seeing that this occurs, filling the soldiers with pills and vaccines which cause them to “forget”. The only problem with this is, they wear off, and remembrance comes sooner or later, and the emotion that comes with the knowledge of what they have done kills them, and others, as they take themselves and their lives down.

My hope is that these men and women will refuse to be pawns in the hands of the elite, to choose a simple life instead, of growing their own healthy foods and medicines, to harvest their pure seed, and to nourish the land and the life that dwells on it. Indeed, it is my hope that humanity as a whole begins to take back their lives and choose a way of living that benefits the whole.

Earth Child.jpg

Life over Death.
Joy over Sorrow.
Health over Sickness.
Integrity over Greed.
Morality over Abuse.

The training that soldiers undergo is very useful indeed, and when these survival skills are shared with the whole, we all can learn to survive … if Love over Hate is chosen.

The soldier goes into service with the desire to protect. Their needs are admirable and courageous. I believe it is seen now that what I write is true.

Government is not the answer out of the small town, community is. Let us begin to build villages in which we help each other, not squadrons where we hurt each other. A village will be grateful and benefit and will endlessly appreciate, there are many in the U.S. who are doing just this, search for them.

choices_4Help us. Help those who you know are following in your footsteps when you go into battle. Help your children. See to it that they will never have to suffer the experience of war.

All we need do is look around us to see what the elite are doing to the bringers of life … woman and earth, waters and air.

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