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The Picasso Life

Published August 9, 2017 by tindertender

I begin my morning in gratefulness, knowing that joy, happiness, and peace are my future. I am going to spend the remainder of my days listening to the flow of fresh waters and the beautiful harmony of the birds and other life in the wilderness. Peace … will be.

I look at the wall and see the canvases I have painted, wondering if I should donate them to good will, and then I realized, “These are good, and usable canvases. These can be recreated into new art which shows the current reality … the shift, from there, to here.”

Picasso LIfe
Such is our life. In our own hands, in conjunction with that divinity within, loving us every step of the way on this journey.

My life … your life … is a Divine work of art. As we began, we were amateurs, fumbling away. Our art depended on the start we received from our elders. Some of us did not get the nourishment we needed in order to produce a Picasso life. BUT ~ these experiences, when embraced over time, wounds healed through careful consideration … all of that, can be used to create the MOST beautiful art in, and around our lives, than perhaps we dared dream of.

This capacity is in all, seemingly dormant, yet brewing just the same.

Pain, anger, regret and remorse ~ love, joy, tears and happiness on all levels … these things are your personal master piece, none will ever compare, nor should they.

Build this beautiful life. This is your day, your week, your year, your life.

The beauty which you have power to create is within you. All you need do is claim it, nurture it, and watch it grow with every ounce of effort and attention you give it.

Rising To The Challenge

Published July 19, 2017 by tindertender

It is truly unfortunate that so many adults are immersed deeply into their own troubles, trying to find their own happiness, that the children get ignored, often mistreated without anyone coming to their defense.

Pain begins early on. Children grow to understand that they deserve pain and suffering. They are taught this when no one steps in to be their advocate. Growing into adulthood, it takes years to break down this habit of belief, and begin to live with another, truer reality instead.

Wasted time …

The fate of the world lies in the hands of these children, indeed, in every one of us. If the young are not taught to value their lives, and the lives of others, then we will get more of the same, which we see every day on the streets, abuses in our homes and animals who suffer at the hands of those swimming in this pain.

The cycle must stop here, now, this generation. LIFE cannot afford it to continue. We all must take responsibility for what we put forth in the world, positive change will only occur if we do.

Waiting on “someone else” to do the fixing is a lazy and cowardly act. The answers do not lie “outside” of our self, the answers come from within. If we continue to allow ourselves to be so disconnected from nature, joy, love, and good, kind living, and each other, we will reap the reward. We have already tasted it, indeed, we are fed this muck every day.

A rise up of good people is needed. Not in a looting and pillaging sort of way … no, the focus should be taken from the negative and placed on the positive.

Where thoughts go, energy flows ~
What do you wish to grow?
Stand in your power, you wonderful creator, you.
So much is counting on your ability to RISE to this challenge.

Power Within You

Published June 28, 2017 by tindertender

These are the days in which highly intelligent, intuitive people reside. Their power to create has been magnified, the intensity with which they create is astounding.

You are one of these people.

Power Within.jpg

You have opportunity to develop  the future. The ability to see, and know, what is good from these times, and what was good, and worked well from times past, is made clear. Picking and choosing segments from each, you build all of the tomorrows.

Collectively, people from all around the world are doing this. Some are aware of it happening, and some do so unconsciously. It is happening, none the less.

People are not victims of decisions from the past. No … there is an inherent power within all to choose what works, and carry it forward … leaving behind that which has failed us.

Envision the future you wish to create, think on it daily, all day. See that within your activities which do not promote this outcome, and change them. Choose a different way, a way which includes, yet eliminates as well.

Tomorrow, indeed, all of the tomorrows, will be your creation. When these positive actions are combined with the collective, true power reigns, and there is no one who need assign title or status, for this power is yours already …

It always has been.

Working Through Tension

Published June 15, 2017 by tindertender

Nothing to do … twiddle thumbs, look around … and eat. Get up from chair, pace the room, repeat.

A new adventure is about to begin. When these moments in life, these opportunities occur, it may feel as though the clock stops, butterflies do their thing in the belly and slight agitation erupts in the mind.


Calming the nerves takes effort and practice. Running at 1000 miles per hour, or 2 ~ it has the same affect. Being so busy one cannot think, and being so stagnant that is all one has to do, has the same unsettling outcome … both require an effort of stilling the mind.

With eyes shut feel a long breath enter the lungs, with a long slow exhale, feel it leave. Pay attention to the way air moves into, and out of, the body. Do not stop after 3, let the uncomfortable sensation sit, keep breathing ~ slowly. After a time, a small relaxation will arrive … keep breathing. Breathe through the need to get up and be busy … just sit and breathe.

Truths and Paths

Published May 14, 2017 by tindertender

Four Noble Truths.png

Suffering … it happens to us all. The causes are many, perhaps it is a desire for something, and an attachment to getting what is perceived as a want or need. In order to ease this suffering, a change is needed, a change in the ideas of what we want, or need. The method of this change is in the eightfold path.

Eight fold path

I love being around people who create a spark in my mind. I walk away from meetings such as the most recent, and my thoughts gravitate to what is happening in my world … in day to day life.

I am grateful, for it is these moments that provide an expansion, a possibility for my “box” to get larger.

Buddhist cheat sheet.jpg

There is a lot of talk on remaining grounded, it is difficult to do so. The world seems to be in chaos, it is a reflection of the hearts of humanity.

Working to bring calm to our own awareness will allow a peaceful flow of energies to join us in the outside world. It all begins in our heart, moves to the mind, and comes forth in action.

Sacred Spaces

Published May 14, 2017 by tindertender

In the city, energies collect and become charged with whatever is going on in minds. It can get so thick at times it is difficult to breathe. It really is no wonder there are so many folks who just explode on each other. Many people haven’t the opportunity to get out of town and just step away from it all for a time.

It is very important to create a sacred space, wherever time is spent, even if it is only a little corner in the room. Following are several images on what a sacred space means for a few people, and perhaps might be utilized to spark your own creativity for that little haven you’ve been needing.

Whatever this space may be for you, the wonders of healing can be had when items cherished are placed about and time is spent there, if only for a short time per day, or even just when you have time.

Take time for you. When you bring mind and body into harmony, it is much easier to participate in the dealings of the world.


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