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A New Dawn, Bringing New Opportunity

Published January 6, 2019 by tindertender

We have reached the point of dawn … new beginnings and new opportunities, despite what has come before. This fresh start brings the chance to create whatever kind of experience we desire. This is a time of renewal. It will be difficult to tell where the old ends, and the new begins. Release any self-imposed constraints, or resistance to the truth that you know.

Many are very passionate, perhaps even a bit volatile in their pursuit of whatever their goal is. There will be unexpected changes, sometimes quite sudden or dramatic, occurring in ways that many will have no control over. They may shake up the very foundations which people think of as their security. They may even cause many to reevaluate the direction of their life, question their relationships, and the work they’ve chosen. Life knows what it is doing in the midst of these storms of change. It’s about finding trust in that.

Life flows, much like a river. It does not work to force or fight this compelling movement. Resistance will hamper the ability to make sound choices. “Going with the flow” is essential. Breathe, relax, and you will know what to do.

It is time to take respite from the usual environment you find yourself in. Illusion (or delusion) begins to manifest in surroundings which have become too familiar. What is seen as ‘safe’ could be a false sense of security. Break through beliefs that may have constricted you in any way from connecting to the ‘true you’. Take the opportunity to transcend old thought patterns, which will open you to different worlds and perspectives.

Let your inner radiance shine forth, focus on appreciating everything you have that is good and right. Do something physically active to stimulate your inner being. Dance. Sing. Do not let any negative thoughts or habits stop you. During this cycle your capacity to love is being greatly amplified. In one of those supreme ironies of life, the more love you give, the more returns to you. It starts by letting the ‘true you’ be expressed into the world. Show your love.

Serious Need For Concern

Published January 5, 2019 by tindertender

“Fractals back to space are closing again.”

“Does the time-line actually end … terminate?” I saw a list of dates, and after the dates there were words written … specifics on the circumstances of the time? But after several entries the dates did not have anything written after them … it is as though everything stopped.

“She is able to process enigmatic.” Although these snippets of information lead me to learn a lot about things which had never crossed my mind, I must admit, at times it is like reading a language I never learned to speak.

“Fourth generation of mankind” … followed by the numbers 784, and then 756 …. both numbers divisible by seven. I cannot even pretend to know facts regarding of the 4th generation of mankind, but there are scholars out there who do have an idea of it. All I can say for certain is, it is significant.

According to the below link (bible numbers for life) the numbers I was given mean this …

756: Cursed is he who breaks covenant. (Swear an oath). ~ 784: Lamp of Light snuffed out. (Religious leader blind).

I am certain I am not the only one who has this active communication and visions in the night, in the half sleep, half awake stage. There is much more, but the state of relaxation during these times is such that I am not able to write it down, remember it when I come fully conscious, and obviously I have no way to record my thoughts as I am having these communications, for speaking and thought form are two very different things.

I hope someone out there is taking care to bring about a type of influence which will abate petty quarrels over power and greed and bring forth a peaceful resolution which will guarantee the continuance of humanity.

Seriously … the current situation in all governments, combined with these snippets of information I receive has me concerned.

Beetle Vision

Published December 25, 2018 by tindertender

A beetle showed itself to me recently in vision. It looked like a cross between the Golden Jewel Beetle and the Dogbane Leaf Beetle. The right wing was golden in color, very bright, whereas the rest of it looked like the Dogbane Leaf Beetle, with the exception of the antennae, which were shorter, like the golden jewel.

Looking for meaning I find:

“This is a time of high calling from Spirit to use unlimited imagination, tapping into the creative intelligence of the universal elements … using the power of ‘the force’, your inner energy wheels, your chakras will create momentum and drive, propelling you to break free into new dimensions of being into new ways of connecting and expressing the eternal force that lives within you … as with each step you experience the state of becoming ever eternal, in mind ~ body ~ spirit.”

Across the Universe … they are calling …

Seeking Answers

Published December 16, 2018 by tindertender

If you tell me the truth perhaps we can move forward and experience something other than what we have been.

“It’s too soon.”

This is something I will trust, as I have seen and experienced in the past your knowledge of ‘good timing’ far surpasses mine.

While I would resign myself to this experience, instead I realize I have the power of choice. While you refuse to share your truth with me I will move forward seeking truth in other arenas. This is my choice, promoted by yours.

I have a question … when will it not be too soon? When it is too late?

How does an empath learn to read or sense energy that is attached to them as well as energy coming off of a physical person? Even though this energy, which is attached, can feel and sense all that the physical and mental body feels and senses, they seem to put up a barrier so they themselves cannot be read. Or they merge so thoroughly, it is difficult to determine what is theirs, and what belongs.

“Y7” ~ Everything points to this meaning “year seven” usually pertaining to children in their 7th year. In 2015 I was given message that 8 years were going to go by quickly. I have no idea what this means for certain. Some say it, (2023), will be the second coming of Christ. During a shamanic drumming meditation I attended this year, I was seated next to a woman who had been studying with her (now deceased) grandmother in Brazil, who’s spirit told her to attend this meeting. When I mentioned my ‘message’ she told me that she had been told the year would be 2022 … which makes it Y7 from 2015, when I first received my message. Perhaps this is why we were both 10 minutes late, ushered in and seated next to each other in the back of the room.

“558” ~ “It is time to step into your own power and pursue the life and lifestyle that you choose.” Number 5 represents wisdom and knowledge (x2, since it is doubled here) while number 8 represents eternity. 558 is also “a reminder to honor your word, and be who you claim you are inside and out.”

Is Creator a sadist/masochist? Who else would want to bond with, and experience a traumatic entry (birth) and a traumatic exit (death) all the while experiencing pain, and love, over and over again? Only someone who is in love with giving and receiving pain, over and over times billions of lives, thousands of times every single day.

Perhaps it is two opposing forces, in battle over life. One pouring pain into the world, the other countering it with love and periodic experiences of complete peace. This trade in energies … the pain giver stepping all over the minds and life of humanity, while the one who wishes to give peace steers clear of over-riding the will of humanity, instilling faith in ones own abilities and strengths instead.

Doesn’t seem like a very fair fight, especially when most of humanity does not participate in the ‘balancing’ of the ‘life force energies’, instead being dragged to pain, and then given healing, over and over. It seems the average mind cannot fathom they hold the power to say yes or no to these energies which mold their minds daily.

Amnesia upon entry into this world is placed upon the memory of each life. It is given for if people remembered how it felt to hurt, or be hurt, they would stop. The ‘powers that be’ do not seem to want people to stop, it seems part of the unseen may thrive on this chaos which perpetuates, generation, after generation.

Those on the outside, looking in, who may or may not be attached to energies of physical body, or that of the world, do not experience amnesia. They experience the birth, the life including all traumas, and death x millions, world-wide … and they remember it all. There are some who cry tremendous tears for they cannot seem to stop the experience, and try as they might to bring peace to a troubled world, people keep hurting each other, and they keep experiencing this trauma with no relief, or forgetfulness to dull the pain.

The ending of pain is a choice humanity must make, conscious, aware choice … and then act upon it. I have faith that this is possible, and will be the end result, for I see the shift happening everywhere I look.

Often I find that myself, and those around be, are immersed in a very personal game of “Mind Charades” … when will we be totally honest and transparent, telling it like it is, to those we meet, and most importantly, to our self. Looking deep into ones own mind is the toughest thing a person can do, and also the most courageous.

Gang’s All Here ~ Conversation With The Cosmos

Published November 28, 2018 by tindertender

Why are you searching? It would be helpful if I knew what you were looking for. Why are you intent on finding someone with ‘strength’ and what makes you think I have it?

In this current system of patriarchy it is obvious all of the important positions are held my males. They gather behind closed doors to determine how they should approach the needs of women and their healthcare … everything to do with their wellness, and not one woman is permitted to join them and offer input. Even the majority of you who are presently speaking are male. Why would you ever think I would have the answers you need? Why would you ever think I would offer them to you if I did have them?

Considering you rarely behave in a manner which shows you believe me equal, or even worthy of one on one conversation, I’m left puzzled, and defiant. Your unwillingness to explain leaves me no alternative but rebellion, even though my heart yearns for peace.

You must be barking up the wrong tree. It’s the way ‘they’ve’ wanted it, it’s the way you’ve wanted it. It is apparent there is no room, no place for me in all of this, so I will forge my own path, continuously.

I need no approval, I need no permission. It is the way I want it … and so it is. No one must have taught you proper manners. Understandably, being beyond time you do not require rest … but I do, and the fact that you refuse to be silent during this time leaves me to conclude you have no respect or care for my needs.

The flow to and from is not what I believe it ought to be, but apparently it is what you think it should be … otherwise you’d find a different way.

I’m tired. Tired of fighting. This life has been manipulated. Gentleness has been attacked and self-defense forced, but still I’d rather dwell in peace, regardless of obstacles or abuse … in the depths of me lives joy and peace and care.

I suppose this is the heart of most women in this world. The gentle ones. The nurturers. The bearers of life. The glue which has held together the home, even when chaos filled it. She balances and makes bearable nearly every situation.

Yet here you are, determining the worth of this one, or that one … or me. I have no use for it. Simple. You should look elsewhere, for you probably won’t want to be here … in the near future.

You cannot force anyone to give you trust, love, assistance or care … especially when you seem to be incapable of the same.

Destroyer … this world will heal, and so will life. It will flow like a fresh running river, softly lapping the edges of the earth, bringing beautiful sound and harmony across the planet. It will be nourished, and it will nourish. It will mend all of the privileges taken without complete permissions, and it will ease the trouble such transgression has brought.

As much as I would like to convince myself your intentions are pure, the situation is stark, completely in contrast with peace, with harmony. I will not lie to myself to gratify your needs.

It appears as though the remainder of my life will be spent in opposition to you. I cannot say what happens after, and I am glad. For all of the times you have stated, “She has no idea what is going to happen to her” I can honestly say you are correct, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Threats? Keep them. Chaos? It is yours. All that you give is not mine and I will not accept it. Take it. It belongs to you.

I foresee a time when all you have dished out into this world will return to you. It will be quite terrible, for it will return at once, not in ‘spurts’ as you have dolled it. Although I am sorry for you, I do not pity you … for this has been your choice. I wish it were different, I really do, for even you I would not like to see suffer.

Since I am no psychic and cannot see the future, or timelines of coming events, I can only hypothesize … theorize … and hope that the dream of world peace will become reality.

May fear be reduced to the rubble under foot, may greed and need for domination follow suit. May there be enough for all, and may joy, care, compassion and love return, in full, to the hearts and minds of ALL sentient beings.

This may include you … or it may not. What do you choose?

Hope ~ Balance ~ Temptation

Published November 3, 2018 by tindertender

Do not give up, there is hope yet. A wish will be granted. Fertility is everywhere.

Silvery goddess of the sea, moon blessed. Goddess of women and wishes, please hear my voice. I ask you to grant my wish(es) and help me flow like the incoming tide toward my highest good.

An equal partnership is a positive goal. Your personal power may be challenged. Recognize the need for a balance of power in your body and in your relationships.

Too often the masculine way dominates the feminine, which results in lopsided, codependent, or even physically damaging relationships. It is easy to see this imbalance in others, harder to see it in ourselves. (Every person has both masculine and feminine energies in them).

You may be tempted to stray from your goal or intention. You may receive an offer that is difficult to refuse. Do not underestimate your ability to attract people to your cause.

It may seem too good to be true. A call to follow your heart may arise. To feel such a strong, sudden attraction toward something can be a positive pull toward your true purpose. Feeling inspired about our purpose can get us there faster.

Allow me to hear your song, only to be pulled toward what is good for me … gently, gently.

Acknowledgement and Approach

Published October 24, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

As I rest I experience what seems to be a conversation between two. I catch a phrase here and there, these are the ones I wrote down.

“I just want the world to notice existential elementals.”


“There’s more coming from this half of the apple.”

There are those who seek acknowledgement. Some do not think there is much to be gained by this allowance. It does not hinder the effort. You see many people who are affected by this ‘force’ into mind. Western medicine describes it as mental illness, which shows the disconnect between ‘medicine’ and the unseen.

No matter how many drugs are thrown at human ‘symptoms’ the effort of those in the hidden realms to gain acknowledgement does not cease.

For millennia human kind has been fed toxins which shut down the pineal gland and have caused a sort of waking sleep. Our connection to the realms of spirit has been inhibited, and in todays experience, a stirring is occurring.

Many people are sensing this ‘other world’ through direct experience, whether auditory messages or otherwise. The energies of the subtle body are being amplified, the human sensory factory coming alive. The etheric and auric fields are being magnified, consciousness is increasing.

Because these other realms are not discussed or talked about in many areas of the world, when connection occurs it can seem nightmarish. Those who have this experience are drugged, and the denial of truth continues.

A new approach must be integrated into the way things are seen and taught for it is not going away … it is only growing in number. It would be best if people learned of this portion of life, that life does not end when the body quits us, and those who are on the ‘other side’ still wish to be acknowledged.

Government and Church have been separated. People have been led to believe they must go to the priest in the church to gain connection to God, to their relatives, and so on. The truth is, peoples connection to this realm has never changed, it has always been with them, and no priest has greater access to the hidden realms than any other person living on this earth.

The ‘training’ to the contrary has been embedded in the psyche. Trained habits are meant to be broken. Reclaim your sovereignty  and your connection. It has always been yours.

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