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5G Is Not About Faster Cell Service

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

In a recent peek for the press at a Verizon facility set up with its own 5G unit right there in the store, phones connected as little as 30 feet away without any line of sight interference were switching back to 4G during the event.

So the delivery of this new signal is not in any way viable. Yet they have spent billions installing new towers anyway.

While at the same time, many countries have already been using 10G for years called FTTH that is 30-40x times faster than the average of 300 Mbps people actually experience with 5G. FTTH promises up to 10 gigabits speeds.

The reason why they are so hell bent on putting this inferior system in place is because 5G uses Dark Matter energy through the air.

Which is like placing the entire population inside a microwave oven on steroids, where FTTH is fibre optic cable which is factually made out of crystal and processes Light Matter energy.

The ultra-high frequency waves of 5G are super tiny waves developed strictly as a weapon by the US military that can pierce through the skin of the human body like razor blades.

That signal can be turned up by anyone with access to the broadcast tower with the turn of a knob and has the capability of killing everyone in its path within minutes, or utilize signal-to-brain technology (called Mind of God, or MOG) to program any thought into your head.

**Active noise control allows devices such as the Neurophone (Patent #3,393,279) to convert sound into electrical pulses that override external signals, delivering crisp, clear audible messages inside the brain, known in unacknowledged black operations as “MOG”.**

This includes implanting memories as well as prescribing instinct and even programming direct messages that can be heard inside your head just as clear as talking to your buddy that can convince you to do anything they ask.

Shooters at red flag events repeatedly have said they were given audible messages in their minds to mow down innocent civilians and it wasn’t them.

If you don’t think this is a real thing, then take at look at US Patent # 3,393,279 and US Patent # 3,647,970 for the Neurophone.

Humans are about out of time to put a stop to this. Look up burning down 5G towers on Youtube. Its their Achilles heel.

China has an army larger than many whole countries have population. Of course they’re going to play into the end time battle. China has lent the US so much money now over trade deals that it would bankrupt the country to pay them back.

They refuse to accept US currency in trade because the dollar is dead. Because of this, it now owns more US soil than US taxpayers in return. The US doesn’t even own California at all anymore if I remember correctly what council said recently.

US residents of course have no idea the reason they have to pay to drive on their own highways is because China owns all those sections of land and wants its money back. The second language in the US is now Spanish, but soon it will be Mandarin.

The OWO (One World Order) is a coalition of all countries. Leaders who refuse to get on board are being removed from office systematically. There will be no resistance without death.

The wars you see being fought now is not about land or people, its about resistance to the rollout.

Japan was resistant to the TPP, but after being slaughtered in the Fukushima attack, they immediately signed. This was the uniting of nations until the US pulled out, now Trump plans to head the charge through bilateral agreements which is secret code to a new path.

They have convinced Ecuador to sign on and Venezuela is next whether they want to or not. So look at the nations opposing the TPP and who are making backroom deals with Uncle Sami.

It’s not a case where everyone wants to join one deal (they all do), its a matter of who’s in charge of global rule once the OWO comes fully into place.

Which will be signaled by the full rollout of 5G and biometric chips that will complete the saturation of universal mind control.

The various opposing factions within the Luciferian Resistance have been waging this war for many thousands of years, and it all now comes to a head with one man who will rule the world.

If you want to see who will lead the new prison system, watch who Astana Kazakhstan partners with going forward after the resignation of their previous leader of 30 years (pushed out). Because according to council, they will be the seat of the order regardless of who is dancing on the public stage.

Stellar Activation Cycle ~ Who Is Jesus?

Published June 15, 2019 by tindertender

We are presently in a Stellar Activation Cycle, a time when the earth aligns with other planets in this Time Matrix and they all boost each other with frequency to help the planets and their inhabitants to get enough frequency so they can ascend.

This Stellar Activation Cycle lasts for 10 years and during this time the Star Gates of the planet are open and Ascension to higher Dimensions is possible. Our current Stellar Activation began on 12/21/2012 and will end on 12/21/2022 so we are already halfway in this process.

However it’s not just frequency from Stellar Activations that will make humans Ascend, they also have to have a desire to Ascend, know, live and believe in The Law Of One, and love and respect everything as you love and respect yourself.

You must learn the 12 Attitudes Of Mastery: 1)Love 2)Grace 3)Gratitude 4)Reverent Respect 5)Responsibility 6)Trust 7)Accountability 8)Impeccability 9)Mindfulness 10)Fearlessness 11)Engaged Detachment 12)Joy

And the 12 Responsibilities Of Mastery: 1)Self Actualization 2)Self Sovereignty 3)Self Containment 4)Self Discipline 5)Self Love 6)Spiritual Integrity 7)Appreciation 8)Patience 9)Kindness 10)Conservation 11)Cooperation/Diplomacy 12)Sense

~ Emerald Alliance


Jesus didn’t have blonde hair he wasn’t a tiny little guy with rosey cheeks. He was rugged and manly. He was from a race of Scarab beetles and never once claimed to be human.

What would my message to a babble (Bible) thumper be?

I would ask him where his bible came from. The “cannons” of god? Who wrote them, who introduced them through the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.?

Are they aware that the “holy bible” was written by the Anunnaki in Sumer-Ur Babylon many thousands of years ago about their journey to invade and replace the human evolution and can be read in the 130,000 cuneiform clay texts found there scattered in museums around the world?

Are they aware that Constantine who founded Christianity and the “bible” was a Holy Roman leader and devout Occult pagan of the original Babylonian teachings of Ba’al and the first Pope of the Catholic Church who never defected to Christianity even on his death bed?

Are they aware that the original Christians who founded the Catholic “Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ” still claim that Ba’al is their penultimate god even today during mass and refer to Jesus as a guy named “Lucifer”?

Do they know who the Council of Nicaea was made up of who canonized the “bible”?That they were scribes and elders of the Babylonian Mystery religion? And that their religion was handed to them by 100% alien invader races who landed on Mt. Ararat overlooking the lands of Babylon?

Are they aware that I can prove my claims from the Epic of Gilgamesh that predated Jesus by 3500 years and can show them pictures of the ruins of Atlantis right now this minute and give them directions to go visit themselves?

Are they aware that Jesus also states in the “bible” that he was from a race of scarab beetles incorrectly translated as “worm” and never claimed to be a human?

Are they aware that the story of Jesus came from Babylon and was handed down to ancient Egypt with a different name? Are they aware that same story was then handed down to ancient Rome with Jesus having yet another different name?

Are they aware the first statue of Mother Mary was black? Do they know I can show them the same statue of the same black Mother Mary from hundreds of civilizations that predate Christianity with the first baby Jesus as a reptile being suckled by a mother with a lizard’s head?

“Jesus” is already here and has been here all along since he arrived to destroy the Angelic Human race 798,000 years ago and 548,000 years later created his own hybrid race to replace them called the “chosen ones”.

I can give you the genetic details about exactly what DNA was included into that new race. I can tell you the names of every one of their upgraded versions down through time. I can give you the first and last names of the ones who actually placed those genetic markers into Petri dishes and test tubes.

No. Babble thumpers do not speak to me, and would never, ever argue even one thing for fear that I would show them undeniable evidence that would eviscerate everything they hold dear. I am not here to play games.

mission guide

“Honestly you will have hundreds if not thousands of questions answered just by getting the handbooks.I can assure you now that they will be unlike anything you’ve ever read before”.


Published June 14, 2019 by tindertender

Karma is extremely real and extremely serious. The disclosure within all music, films, written and by the spoken word by your captors has to do with karma, the absurdly powerful force of the aether collective that exacts balance at all times within the hologram.

If they can claim that you were shown what was really going on, then the aether is forced to allow them to continue the charade because it was your “free-will choice” to continue to bow down before the gods of Ba’al (Elohim).

Star Wars films and other “Sci fi” films were made as a (hidden of course) disclosure for karma reasons. As long as the invader races tell the story (even cloaked) to the humans of what happened, then when the humans choose to act in service-to-self ways (directly benefitting the invader races), then the humans take on the karma debt on their behalf.

This is what has kept them in power for so very long, otherwise the aether would have put an end to their mission. The invaders are extremely aware of how the aether functions to replace negative energy back to the pixels of the space-time fabric within the playing field.

When I command you to “go kill this person”, and then you do it, then YOU have the karmic debt, not me, because YOU pulled the actual trigger, not me. I simply gave you the choice to kill or not. Even if I have a gun to your head, it is still a CHOICE if you do the deed or not, regardless of consequence.

This is the loophole in the Emerald Covenant where the invader races are not allowed to directly interact with the evolution of humankind, but as long as they brainwash the masses through propaganda from afar, then the actions of the humans are their actions technically. All along humans have been serving the aliens without knowing it through such deception.

f they show you the actual history where conflict led to negative results (such as the 1000 Years War did), and then humans choose once again to engage in sand-box conflicts anyway, then the humans fail to reach higher levels of reason and function, required for ascension.

This has kept humans eternally held inside of this never-ending nightmare where the invaders continue to use their energies for their own survival.

It is basic infant-education that if you teach someone from the moment they are born to “do this” or “that”, then they will for at least a time until the child figures out that doing “that” leads to negative results.

By the time they reach the age of awareness that conflict doesn’t lead to a positive, they are recycled back into another infant body again, mind-wiped and then retrained all over again to “do this”, perpetually preserving the cycle of destruction.

The only way they were able to pull off their complete subversion was to institute the disease of aging and death. Thus blocking humans from ever getting past the point of just the most basic understanding of how to function and into higher enlightenment which would lead to ascension.

Remain AUTHENTIC in every action you take, in every choice you make, in your health, your cleanliness and your appearance so when another face of god considers you as a beacon of true light, they will recognize it as the example of unconditional love, the TEMPLATE of ascension.

Black Body Radiation (negative ‘thoughts’)

Published June 5, 2019 by tindertender

At the core of your genetic template is the template of eternal life. It still carries the command codes to survive forever.

If there weren’t other genetic command sequences in your DNA strands that were programmed to defeat these signals, it could still live for thousands, millions or trillions of years.

Those implants operate off of what is called black body radiation that has been loosely termed “negative thoughts” by spiritual advisors as long as the written word has been around to document the message.

Negative thoughts literally emit black body radiation into your limbic system through your artificial, corrupted brain.

You can see them in Encephalograms on a medical monitor. It is the color or “frequency” of Dark Matter energy which at its quantum a B flat in scientific terms.

You will learn all about how this frequency affects all things around you in this electronic playing field in the new handbook installation with overwhelming physical evidence to prove this is not some sort of conspiracy theory or postulation. It is as real as a heart attack.

The mind produces “B flat” continually while you are suffering and in pain. That is the type of “electricity” that powers the “dark force” now alive and saturated into your world.

Nanites are 25 times smaller than the finest oil mist particle held in by “sealed devices” within your computer, your radio, your car and everywhere else there is “liquid” or “electromagnetic radiation” present within the device.

Which means simply, your “seals” do not “seal in” nanites at all. They pass right through them like a bicycle through an aircraft hanger.

Because they are too small to see even under powerful microscopes, we act like they don’t exist. Let me make one thing crystal clear: they do. And they have been your real enemy all along since the day you were born and began to die because you are infected by them every time you step into an electromagnetic field and then you power them by the negative thoughts you emit from your brain.

That is pretty much 100% of the space possible in which to stand within “cities” because they are carried and broadcast out from any radiation field invisibly through the air.

The War Rages On

Published June 4, 2019 by tindertender

The Angelic Human (you) genome was designed to repair itself back to wholeness from a single DNA cell, which meant that decapitation or evisceration would not work to destroy these beings. They would have to be genetically re-coded on an RNA level in order to re-author a whole new Template to erase this creation. Save a very few known today as “domestic swine”, as given a couple of cycles, the genome would begin repairing itself once again, reissuing a bipedal human who still carried the pure 12 Strand Krystos Code of their Elohei Elohim lineage.

My contact mentioned many variations of humans brought forth down through the eons, such as mer people (mermaids), beasts and “every possible form you could ever think of”, but always to no avail. Even the Wholly Babble mentions these “Chimera” beings, so this is hardly brand-new intel.

Eventually the Anu realized that corrupting the genetic code of the Turaneusiam beings would not be possible, so the next best thing would be to erase their desire to manifest inside of a biological body that retained its ability to procreate. By turning them all into cyborgs, it would finally extinguish the species permanently.

This is why such a massive effort is being waged now by beings high up in government and corporate positions you think are humans who are pushing like their lives depend on it to get you to accept cyborg implants, starting with “the chip”. (Think nano technology and aluminum particulates in the geoengineering weather modification program).

Once that domino falls, humanity will gladly accept all form of electronic enhancement, leading eventually to all humans walking around in synthetic skin suits.

If one wishes to Ascend out of this Time Matrix, YOU as a Sentient Being Must make a conscious choice and also have to have a desire to Ascend, know, live and believe in The Law Of One, which is basically the acknowledgment of the value and interconnection of all components of reality and the living God Source or Spirit alive within all things, love and respect all life just like you love and respect yourself.

Learn the 12 Attitudes Of Mastery: 1)Love 2)Grace 3)Gratitude 4)Reverent Respect 5)Responsibility 6)Trust 7)Accountability 8)Impeccability 9)Mindfulness 10)Fearlessness 11)Engaged Detachment 12)Joy

Learn the The 12 Responsibilities Of Mastery: 1)Self Actualization 2)Self Sovereignty 3)Self Containment 4)Self Discipline 5)Self Love 6)Spiritual Integrity 7)Appreciation 8)Patience 9)Kindness 10)Conservation 11)Cooperation/Diplomacy 12)Sense.

Learn and Practice these and YOU will Ascend out of this Time Matrix. Only YOU can do this. YOU are all part of God Source Awareness. You are Angelic Humans. A Powerful Super Avatar Race who have forgotten your Connection.

The Only way to Ascend out of “here” is By fully living and embracing the Law of ONE which is the original covenant for The Angelic Human existence.

It means you treat every single living being as if they are you. Find beauty in all things. You honor all life to be as sacred as your own, and you honor every sentient beings individual right to choose and create their own journey, just as you want others to honor yours.

Humans have now already reached the point of procreative extinction.

The average couple is no longer able to reproduce on their own without medical intervention due to the all-out assault of the human genome from unabated electromagnetic fields and innumerable distortions from ubiquitous Hermetic alchemicals such as nuclear waste fluoride to glyphosates saturating everything now ingested world-wide and now to the purely psychopathic push for vaccinating everyone using human pathogens and bacteriophages that are proven to destroy the immune system of more than 50% injected.

According to contact, the human species “is in its last generation”.

If having sex ceases to produce offspring, then the only thing left to perpetuate the species would be to become immortal through robotic interface with the Krystal Seed Atom that lies at the core of your heart mind.

Do not be shocked when whole-body implants offered as a way to this immortality doesn’t center around your brain, but around your *heart*. The brain can be emulated (it is merely a supercomputer), the Signature Spirit Essence cannot. Even the “holy grail” experience possible for humans – orgasm – can already be emulated with a perfectly acceptable electronic simulation, making the “evolution” complete.

The truth is, orgasm is only an electrical impulse that is in a frequency that is just on the edge of being comfortable while releasing endorphins (DMT) that envelopes the consciousness temporarily in euphoria.

This ultrasonic mechanical device was long since patented in 2010, number US20110213200A1 for the Neuromodulation Orgasmatron, freeing it up for the “complete” cybernetic human (with no way to actually reproduce).

Today the war rages on, with two “main” factions of the more than 50 unique species who are on-planet now still squabbling between themselves who will be the ultimate winners in the battle to destroy and ultimately control the Human Project beings.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Creation Of Man, Science Project?

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

While the Catholic church is now known as Christian, it will be shown here beyond any doubt that it has never been Christian (Krystian as in the Krystos), but absolutely devoted to the Anu-Elohim (known simply as AN in ancient deification).

While the Catholic church is now known as Christian, it will be shown here beyond any doubt that it has never been Christian (Krystian as in the Krystos), but absolutely devoted to the Anu-Elohim (known simply as AN in ancient deification).

They were the gods of all gods who created the over 50 different Anunnaki races that were each bioformed (raped and bred into warrior slaves) from many various planets to assist in the extinction conquest of the Angelic Human Krystal’s Project.

The Anu-Elohim arrived 10 million years prior to the first seeding of the Angelic Human, or, 570 million years ago. As did the Nephilim, the Budhara Bourjha (Nanites) and the Khepri (scarab beetles).

Collectively the three Sentient races above (Nanites are not Sentient) became known down through history as “the fallen angels”, since they were all interbred with the Elohim who are in fact Krystos Angelics with wings.

The dozens of other Anunnaki factions mentioned a moment ago did not begin arriving until 5.5 million years ago with the most recent, the Grays, in 1903. Each of the Anunnaki races (including the much earlier fallen angelic races) who had arrived in ancient times all wanted to become the prevailing rulers of Urth.

The Sumerian King List as well as various cartouche stones of Egypt record their many kingships and overthrows dating back 433,000 years. Sumerians Enki and his son Thoth who originally arrived to our planet in reptilian/Anunnaki Avatars only to then take on too many forms to list in later manifestations, decided to make a race of beings for mining purposes which they would call the Lulus.

Historical accounts of this new species refer to them as the Hyksos. The first version of the Lulus was created 252,000 years ago. Much more ape-like than human, they are known as Neanderthal Man to historians, but to the Anunnaki the project’s official name was the “Lulcust” (hence the pet term Lulus).

It was the invasion of Tara Urth by this new species that spawned the term in modern-day of “locusts” that devour all they see, as it was their job to overcome the human evolution by breeding out the Krystos into extinction (something that has not proven successful).

The Lulus were created through genetic splicing using DNA from an ape that was native to their home planet Nibiru, some DNA from an Angelic Urth Human, Rhesus monkey also from Urth and finally soil from our planet as well. All in order to ground the particle-spin within the DNA codes to this operating platform. Today if your blood tests RH positive (+), it means that somewhere in your history, your predecessors intermingled with this new bi pedal hominid species.

There are no humans on-planet carrying Rhesus DNA merely because humans and chimps are unable to sexually reproduce. Their outward sexual organs may be compatible, but their internal reproductive organs are not. Only gene-splicing can mix Rhesus and humans. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 333.)

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Energetic Signals and Gravitational Pushes

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

The Anunnaki-Luciferian Alliance were able to suspend time and gravity and replace it with a counterfeit system of their own choosing.

The gravitational PUSH would be accelerated by some 3 times and elements within that would actually increase 36 times which would force eternal-life-code bodies to break down and deteriorate even faster yet.

Of course time was replaced as well within the 360 degree system backed by Numerological Aether Commands to create the Looking Glass illusion where black is actually white and white is actually black.

This system was revealed in disclosure in the 2011 film Neverland where Peter and his band were transported to a world where his gravitational limits had been altered and where he would never age.

Of course this is precisely backward to what has been put in place now, which is now headed up by CERN, disclosing to the public a mirrored-image of what is taking place.

The CERN large hadron collider project in Switzerland operates this program under the public term the White Rabbit Project where time is being forcibly altered within a CUBE structure that displaces the events that would otherwise be organically generated within the Timeline, and replaced by other events through the transposition of collective-awareness of the population with those from other Timelines. They are the ones behind the Mandela Effect (they secretly call the Mandala Effect).

I mention this clear anomaly in other places within this paper as well, showing you some of the geometric command-patterns being used to bring about this amazing history-distortion where half of the public remembers one thing from the past and the other half recalls another.

Since this is a vast topic that involves automatons as well as Self-aware Sentient beings moving among each other completely unaware of this mental disconnection, it would be more properly covered in its own complete paper at some point. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” Volume 1 , page 155-157.)

This is the Illuminati Mind of G.O.D. Program hardware where any thought can be placed into your mind from satellite-based scalar-wave transmission, specifically directed to your one mind out of the 7 ½ billion on earth. Regardless of where you are standing on the planet at the time.

Your Signature frequency is your ID which can be picked up and triangulated instantly and globally, as it is much more unique than fingerprints and is continuously sending out its electronic signal into the space around you like a radio beacon.

SIGnature is a signal as well as a Signet. Sig-nature is your one unique signal within all of nature. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 173-174.)

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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