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Published September 28, 2018 by tindertender


I recently attended a shamanic drum journey session with a group of others. As it finished and I talked with my journey partner I wondered to myself, “Why do I sometimes feel like a ‘child’ when I talk to other people?”

It’s as if my vulnerability in the face of their ‘having it together’ leaves me feeling naive, and yet, inside of me there is great courage and strength and wisdom.

I supposed it is the look in their eyes as they measure me up, categorizing me. Perhaps my feeling ‘as a child’ is actually an empathic absorption of their view of me …

Something to contemplate.

Regardless, I will continue to show vulnerability and be true to my authentic self. After all, this person I call ME is the only one I will spend every single moment of my life with.

We’re Gonna Have A Party

Published February 8, 2018 by tindertender

This morning, while taking my shower a song popped into my head and I do not know why. I didn’t tell you about it for I thought it was coincidence that this oldie came into mind. I worked my shift, came home and had supper, even went to bed. I woke up after just a short time, went to the kitchen for ice cream and once again, this song came to mind. Is it a message from the unseen … or do I just want to have a party?

I prefer to think someone(s) are trying to tell me there is going to be reason for celebration. I prefer to be pretty darn happy about that perceived fact.

Myth Of My Creation

Published December 12, 2017 by tindertender

cosmic-crystal-polyhedronSitting here in the half-dark I think of you. It is quite difficult, this non-remembering. I keep hoping for guidance, some sort of sign … a little glimmer to let me know why this is, or what I came to do.

My eyes well up with inner fluids, I do not want to cry. I wonder if I’ve suffered some type of stroke, remembering grandmother after hers, as she cried for what seemed no reason at all.

I watch the world fall deeper into chaos, and I hope it is an illusion and that it is simply being seen now, more than before, and actually not worse but on the mend.

I worry at times that the human race has failed itself, even through all of its brilliance. Life suffers even though we possess great capacity for healing, for loving. We’ve been taught not to think, only to ‘do’ as told … to conform to an ideal imposed by someone else, by many others. Listening to our inner voice ~ beaten out of us, if not physically, then by mental manipulation. Some folks are so good at coercion they do not even know what they do (and then some are fully aware), and would adamantly deny any responsibility for what they give to the people around them, what energies they birth into the world.

Cycle of birth and deathThe cycle of birth and death keeps moving ’round, but I see little improvement. Technology advancements, yes, but not without a price, for the suffering of the earth and all on it are being given as payment.

There’s got to be more, there has to be a way to end the cycle of pain. But how? How, when so many will not look into their own hearts and ask the tough questions? How, when the accuser will not flip their blaming rhetoric and ask of themselves if they hold any part of it, if perhaps they’ve contributed somehow to that which they abhor.

If I say that person is a real asshat, I must also ask myself if ‘I’ am an asshat, for I know that only a reflection appears before me. So I try harder to change what is within me so that I may see outside myself, with my own eyes, and hear with my own ears, something more loving and kind.

ghost-woman1-300x225I ask questions and get no response. It’s as though my voice is a figment of imagination, somehow not real. I wonder if this is how the angels or guardians or guides feel when people fail to heed their advice, frustrated at the absolute avoidance of rational ideas, a purposeful ignoring of the inner nudges.

Determined I grow this connection, for I know this is where I go, and here … it seems no one cares too much. Perhaps it is all a figment of imagination and the work I do doesn’t exist. I am actually a dream … a dream in my own mind, a myth of my own creation.

Discerning The Face Of Evil

Published July 16, 2017 by tindertender

The media has done a fantastic job of creating the face of evil. They appear as scary, malformed creatures doing hideous and horrendous things to all life.

The unfortunate thing though ~ these evildoers, the boogeyman, the creatures of the night we have grown up with and have been taught to fear ~ They. Look. Just. Like. Us.

Look deep within the story, and then look deep within the hearts of people, for that is where you will find what pictures on the movie screen warn us of.

Discernment is critical.
They are hard to spot, visually.
They are smooth talkers, very good at twisting the meaning of things.
We must practice to develop keen awareness.

Fire! Crackling In The Stillness Of The Day.

Published February 5, 2017 by tindertender

Today has been quiet, with the exception of a different type of noise. No radio, no television, no other people talking or roaming about in my presence. The ‘different’ type of noise could be called by some, their own thoughts, it could also be called ‘Echoing of the Universe’ and all that is in it, this is how I choose to think of it.

I find it curious and interesting, although there are not many who can relate when I begin processing it, at least, not in my inner circle.

There are those who have been involved in a large portion of my life who tell me I should not be so open, that it isn’t anyone’s business, that I should choose my battles, and just let stuff slide, or ignore the injustices I see.

I am adamant in the denial of this thought pattern. I am of the mind that when we lose our bodies, everything we think will be heard, indeed, everything we think right now is heard, we are simply unaware of this fact … for the moment. However, this knowledge is becoming increasingly common among the people.

truth_32How old do you think you really are? How many times do you imagine you’ve been around the wheel?

Synchronicity, the feeling this has all happened before ~ Deja Vu ~ we all experience this. Do you think that perhaps Gravity is more that a simple magnetic pull? What if it is a force that keeps us here even after the body quits us, and we are born again, without memory, to do it all over? … time after time.

magnetic-pull_2Perhaps some practice exercising our Will is in order. For many years it seems that the majority bends to, and submits to, the will of others. They have become so good at getting folks to go along with this, it may actually be believed their own free will is being exercised.

Who is the Magnet? Why are we kept here? Who is feeding off the fear that has been prevalent over history? When will we step into that fear and refuse to be part of it any longer? When will we stand and say no more pain will be caused in this world?

We have the right to a peaceful existence. We have the right to be free and to live an abundant, joy filled life. We have an obligation to stop corruption and blatant abuses from repeating, over and over, in many fashions, to many people and life in general, all over the world.

And this is how my mind works … I start with the fire, and just start moving on down the road … these thoughts are questions, and a deep inner knowing. You too have this knowing within you, and are probably asking questions, also.



Truth Is Truth ~ It Is Not A Game

Published January 11, 2017 by tindertender

Holding Peaceful Thoughts in Mind.
Remaining in Love and Forgiveness.

These are things that ought to be practiced as we witness the weakness in the world, seen, or unseen. Let those who perform atrocities in all forms, allow their acts to be fully viewed, uninhibited. Do not block them, don’t put up any barriers (except perhaps small ones). They need to feel comfortable with laying all of their cards on the table, so we know exactly what we are dealing with, as a whole.

Those of us who stand for what is good and true must know the hidden places of these minds, (again, seen or unseen). It is battle we must be in the know for, that battle is near. Oh yes, I understand many believe the battle is here already, but this is only the surface, and this is not a game.

Gather your wits about you, be aware of the innuendoes, the mild manipulations, the hidden, within that which on the outside is very appealing.

Truth is truth, yet there is another that mimics this truth. It is indeed a very good copy, seeming to be truth in many ways, yet when we pay very close attention, we will see the shady differences, here, and there, and it will not sit right in our gut, in our heart, mind, spirit, or Soul. You will notice that this false truth lacks integrity.

Time is of the essence.
Utilize your God given powers of Discernment, Free Will, and Love.

A Message From The Divine

Published November 6, 2016 by tindertender

I have been awake since 3:30 a.m. Not unusual now days, I have been focusing on the Water Protectors, intensely, with awe and adoration.

I remember to feed my pups. I refill my coffee. I sit once more, and I ask Spirit to inspire me with a message that could possibly assist people, in some way.

It begins:

We are being challenged to address our perception of the power of materialism. Have we been hypnotized by the notion that the material world is the only reality? Do we believe that the accumulation of worldly goods is what defines wealth? It is time to look deeply, and find the roots of our reality, our spiritual truth. If we find that what we want is not received, it is true that something better awaits us, and therefore, what we perceive as disappointment, is actually a sincere blessing. We should be compassionate with ourselves and others at this time, our perfect purpose, and true prosperity, are on the horizon.

We are challenged to see he higher purpose of current events. If we have difficulty with envisioning a grand picture, we should seek counsel from an Elder who has the ability to see what we do not. When things do not go as we expect, there is always a reason for the detour.

The world is waiting for us to take our place in sacred meditation and prayer. It is crucial that we see the Sacred in everything at this time. All we do should be in reverent thought, every action a form of prayer and devotion. Work toward shifting your consciousness to see circumstances through the eyes of the Divine, and it will be clear how perfect and sacred everything is right now.

We, as a whole, have the very possibility of life and death in our hands, right now. It will become very clear, very swiftly, who belongs on which side of the determining line. Time is of the essence. This is not something to be thought of, and forgotten, as we busy our minds with frivolous thoughts and actions.

Your very Soul depends on the decision you make.

If you do not choose what is right for yourself, choose it for your children, for your nieces and nephews, for their children. Choose what is right and good for the planet and all that grows here, and for everything that is reliant upon it for survival. Invest in processes that first clean, and then continue clean living for generations to come.

Find love within you, and grow it like the finest garden ever seen.
YOU are the blessing we all need. NOW.

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