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The Lie of Dis-ease

Published June 6, 2019 by tindertender

You get dis-ease from black body radiation. I am telling you something you will not hear from your medical doctors who have taken the Hippocratic Oath that is a powerful Command Signet Program. Where between the lines of that Oath are hidden commands you know nothing about that command the aether to affect genetic mutations inside your biological system.

Just like a radio controlled car or other device that operates off of electrical frequency waves that are invisible to the eye, but absolutely do tell that car what to do and whether or not to slam into a wall or maintain a straight path. That Oath was written by a man whose name is literally synonymous with liar today. He was an Hermetic Initiate of the Golden Dawn, the alchemic medicine of the Occult and factually the science of the invader races.

The Oath literally states that it is their contract to never actually heal and never divulge to any patient the truth about how to get back to health once again. It is a “blood oath”, meaning they are bound to that until the day they die under threat of sacrificial death.

The original words to the Hippocratic Oath are shown in the handbook and those words are encoded to the modern-day Oath through something called an Adhesion Clause in contract law.

This is undisclosed verbiage just as specific to the contract as anything within the body of the document you actually sign.

Your physical body is a dielectric electrostatic device that operates off of the “weak force” according to science. This is a word-play scam to make you think that your body is feeble and has no chance of overcoming the forces around you that are killing you termed the “strong force” in physics. That strong force known as the electron or simply “electromagnetic radiation” energy is NOT the energy of “all matter” and “sunlight”.

It is Dark Matter energy which is 3500 times weaker than the “weak force” of dielectric photon and phonon energy and has become god within the ranks of the ones who decide how to make your toaster, your heater, your radio and every other device you use in your world.

Electromagnetic radiation energy is cancer in quantum form. It is the pathogen that has infected humanity and surrounds your every square inch of space while you are inside the electronic prison you call cities.

These cities were built from the ground-up to sacrifice you slowly and lead you to an early grave. They are factually based on the very blueprint of ancient Atlantis from 550 million years into the past. “Cities” (prisons) look like Disneyland or Las Vegas.

They are exciting and flowing with milk and honey. But in truth, they were designed to eat your Avatar alive with black body radiation at every conceivable turn.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Emerald Tablet :: Newton’s Translation

Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that is below  to do the miracles of one only thing. And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one:  so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father, the moon its mother,  the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.  The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.  Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

Separate thou the earth from the fire,  the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.  It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends to the earth
and receives the force of things superior and inferior. By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force.  For it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. So was ye world created. From this are and do come admirable adaptations where of the means is here in this.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.

**Sooooo many interesting topics. Do they tie in together? Or are they truly separate?

Numbers, Language, and the Spells They Cast

Published May 29, 2019 by tindertender

The numbers 3, 6 and 9 just so happen to be “the secrets to the universe” as Tesla is often quoted as saying. Not because they are NUMBERS, but because they are SPELLS.

* 3 is the symbol for the broken numerical system that was supposed to be used in this dimension and has been used to indicate god in so many places it will take your breath away once you see it.

* 6 is the multiplication of the gods, also used across the spectrum inside your letters.

* 9 stands for the complete group of gods who collaborated in this insidious scheme and when you see this one, the throw away number, and how utterly saturated your communication has become with it, you will be left speechless. At least I was.

Let’s put it this way, you are unable to speak without casting the Babylon Spell into your communication without it, ever.

Our language, whether written or spoken, is not just a method of communication; it is numerical and mathematical in every possible sense. And has been, in fact ciphered into our world. It is used for the masses as one thing, and then used by the ruling elite as a code that allows our minds to be commandeered through every form we apply it. And because our language is a cipher that is meant to disconnect us from the truth, the numbers behind the letters were designed broken from the very beginning. Our grapheme letters came from ancient symbols.

Behind the symbols are numbers. Behind the numbers are command codes which are each linked to different talismans, not mathematical results. That’s why our numerical system doesn’t work and why our language literally casts spells with every single word we speak, write or even hear in our head silently.

It was not words that were scrambled at the Babble-ON Massacre event at the Tower of Nimrod in Sumer-Ur Babylon, it was communication, including math.

Excerpts from “Decoding the Hive” volume 1, Chapter 1

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Language And “Spell” Casting

Published May 13, 2019 by tindertender

Your written language is a key to this enslavement and disconnection from speaking the organic codes of manifestation aether commands. It was handed to you from Sumeria, the latest cradle of life for your captors from Alpha Draconis, specifically Alpha Centauri.

Their 30,000 cuneiform clay texts of their 250,000 year history on your planet bares testimony to this fact.

That history is now written as “your” history in over 500 religious programs around the world, about how their gods parted the sea, saved their own kind during the great flood, saved the animals they wanted to keep, how one of their gods lead their peoples out of captivity, and on the stories go. And specifically why are these stories now all around the world?

Because in the dark ages, the Knights of Malta you refer to as the Knights Templars, a group co-opted from the creators of that original benevolent group and turned into assassins, went across the globe and burned all the written languages, burned the women who still knew how to command the aether, calling them witches, and then handed them all bibles, telling them that this is how their language looks when written down on paper.

There were many languages that needed to be translated into brand-new written versions in order to fool everyone into thinking that they were verbalizing their true intent, when in fact they were tricking you into casting spells through the scalar waves of the geometry of those letters, commanding the aether through unintelligible babel.

In fact, up until the event now known as the Babylon Massacre, your original DNA imprint carried an organic language written inside of it that carried the natural codes for speaking, thinking or writing perfectly legible aether-command language.

What alphabet did they use to code these bibles printed by the Lucifer Press and distributed without charge around the planet?

The cuneiform alphabet of Sumeria was transliterated into letters for the Roman alphabet. Then, when Rome fell, the fleeing leaders of the royal bloodlines found themselves in what they would call “Romania”.

This is where their consuming human blood continued with Vlad Drăculea drinking his countless victim’s blood with lunch and dinner on a normal basis. The Drăculea bloodline is directly that of the queen of England.

This is the O- bloodline of what they call “Royalty” of the “Monarchy”. Little wonder, since the leaders of Sumeria and Rome were white dragons called the “white Royals” and Monarchy is a compound word of “mono” and “archon”, meaning the ONE ruling archon of earth.

Archon comes from the etymology of the Greek word ἄρχων arkhon, (literally meaning “leader” or “ruler”.) The Roman alphabet was then transliterated into what you now call the Latin alphabet.

The Latin alphabet is not just the chosen alphabet of the Catholic church, which was simply the re-naming of the Church of Rome to hide it’s Roman origins.

It is also the International Phonetic Alphabet used to create every letter of every written word of every language on earth today, including the symbol letters used across Asia.

The Lucifer Press, supported by the Vatican, saw to it that this alphabet was used in all the bibles for all the different shapes and symbols of all the different languages.

Then dispensed freely so that the scalar waves held in the letters making up the words that represent what you actually intend, are reversed, so the aether can’t understand you.

By the way, if you would like to know what the word alphabet means when translated into Latin, it stands for “The Bite of the Dogs Of Alpha Centauri”.

Curiously, dogs came from Alpha Draconis and among many different types of animal beings of the Leviathan Seraphim Omincron

Aununnaki now mostly all just called “Dracos” for short, in case you wanted to know just where the “white Royals” of the Anu-Marduk Satain group hail from.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Vision and Feeling

Published May 2, 2019 by tindertender

Small, quinoa-like pieces. They are clinging together like soap bubbles, flat and uniform. They are translucent, and remind me of the “Predator” movie, something is there, you can see it, but the image is warped, skewed.

Upon consideration, the quinoa actually looks like translucent snake skin scales, flexing and moving together.

You have never listed what this “opportunity” is, therefore, there is no opportunity. There is only attempted chaos in my mind.

Happy medium = 2. Isn’t that beautiful? 1 = lonesome. 2 = harmony. 3 = jealousy. Or it can, anyhow.

Small sacrifices we make for each other.

Many say there is but one major, all redeeming sacrifice, given by one man. I say it is in the small sacrifices we give each other daily that will save humanity. The Krystos in each person, caring, sharing, healing.

Xbox Live

People talk to each other, play with each other, and they are not even in the same room, not even in the same country times. Their voices move along the connected WiFi systems. Take away the Xbox … their are many who claim they can still chat it up as though they were still using the device.

Let us be kind. Let us appreciate that ‘spark’, that inner light that dwells within each of us.

ANTARCTICA ~ The “Banished”

Published April 28, 2019 by tindertender

Humankind has been cut off from their direct command of the aether due to very complex implants that have been designed into their hybrid bodies by beings with enormous knowledge of creationary codes and geometric templates which are able to erase certain abilities that you had originally been born with. Even if you are here “officially” under contract as an Angelic Human, and not one of the many different “visitors” now evolving next to you under the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor which offer the promise of universal ascension out of this Time Matrix, you are still inside of an artificial human-like Avatar, and all of you share the very same “alien” implants that cut you off from knowing how to do anything more than walk around, bumping into things, wondering what is going on because of it. They have handed you a phonetic language that further removes mankind from this command,backed up with an alphabet that reverses what the aether hears when you speak it, when you think those words, or when you write them down on paper or your screen.

The aether literally cannot hear you.

A group of secret civilizations who have required their location be kept confidential because they do not want any interaction with outside (surface earth) inhabitants.

These groups, (all early Anunnaki-human hybrids as well as a few original visitors from various star-systems), broke away from the rest of humanity eons ago, and have placed themselves up as gods down through the ages, as one civilization came and went.

Down through modern history, many expeditions have been undertaken to the massive lands of Antarctica, only to be met with sheer walls fully surrounding this area as if placed there by the gods themselves.

They rise 100 to 300 feet high, their faces are vertical as if cut by laser as a dead end to all who seek to enter by any other way than air.

These vertical walls are made of both dirt as well as ice that is crystal clear, made out of FRESHWATER oceans that surround it.

Antarctica is the only landmass of any size on the planet where there are no indigenous people. There is no such thing as any “population” of Antarctica.

No historic ancestral population, no numbers for the Census other than scientists who are there for limited access to represent their respective country.

The groups that are there collectively are simply called the “Banished”.

They are not made up of “one race” of beings, they are from all sorts of civilizations down through time who have agreed to get along while in seclusion from evolving humanity, keeping their advanced technologies to themselves while the humans outside of their Star Trek-like communities could live in caves and have to reinvent the wheel again every few thousand years.

The VAST majority of these groups are earth-bound with some of them having access to other planets through wormhole technology, but each one are absolutely blocked from transcendence from this plane up and out of this 15 Level Time Matrix.

All of them have different levels of “UFO” tech, but they do NOT live “in space” or “on other planets”, they live right here, under your feet. Some of “their people” do reside outside of this Time Matrix, but do not “fly in” from there to here.

They would at times teach you how to farm, how to channel your water for irrigation and running service to cities, etc.

In return, you would repeatedly refer to them as gods, and they would repeatedly use you as they pleased until you reached a technological level where they could no longer fool you into blind worship.

The “Banished” (as they are called by the black ops programs) have been spoken of in cryptic terms in religious texts for millennia as “satan’s demons”, words that made sense to the masses of each civilization as it would spring up, go through cave-dwelling ignorance again for the next 3657.8 years between “Tara Cleansing” global plate-shifts that would “reset” humanity once again back to manageable numbers.

The “Banished” do not live in “Agartha”, which is called “Middle Earth”, they live in earth’s mantle that the bible calls “Hell”.

Every religion from every segment of history from every civilization ever recorded talks about this same place existing “inside earth”, and they are the “fallen ones”.

What they were trying to communicate was the fact that there are beings here to present themselves as “gods” from “up there somewhere” who had “magic powers”.

These beings aren’t magicians and they aren’t gods, they just have tech they have been keeping from you while wiping you out over and over and over again so you never get smart enough to figure out who is standing behind the green curtain.

You are about to find out who those guys are because their hands are now being forced to be played.

“Archangel Michael”

All “DNA Activations” being offered at this time are Templar Melchizedek programs designed specifically to harvest Indigo Soul and Spirit Essences for their own false-light Matrix agenda.

If someone offers you such energetic DNA “repair” or activation of the kundalini, this is the calling card of Archangel Michael which is not a benevolent savior; it is the earthly moniker of the Michaelube, SUNS of Ba’al.

Such activations are meant as the “tipping point” of genetic distortion that furthers the destruction of the 12-Strand DNA Divine Blueprint used in the Turnaneusium Project to the point where your genetic corruption reaches 30% or less potential, at which point you no longer have the ability to repair the light codes within your sequencing.

A large number of KhoHaNiM Melchizedek (Indigo) priests have undergone this process believing they were repairing eons of genetic distortions by undertaking the Michaelube Blue Sword program, only to learn that their Genomic Templates had been irreversibly patterned to Metatronic vampire light coding. There is no process in place at this time to repair this final distortion.

Due to the advanced codes of the Melchizedek Template that enable greater energy-flow while on earth in physical form, Indigos are the number 1 target of the dark forces for military black-ops service and therefore are deceived from their earliest years to accept positions of power within such organizations with promises of assisted ascension. Do not be fooled by these advances that place you in direct opposition to the covenants that you are eternally bound to under your Mission Contracts.

In early 2008, the “Banished” attacked the sun’s core with a spiral scalar wave that was meant to lower the outgoing frequencies that were supporting the SAC’s organic higher-resonance frequencies which would allow people to see this next higher “reality” field.

Their attack was ill-advised and countered by the Guardian Alliance which led to the destruction of the crystal core that supported the sun’s “life”, sending it into what is known as Starfire Return; meaning that the sun is literally on its death-bed.

This is a 200 year process and by 2208 it will implode and return back to Source energy. When that happens, this Time Matrix will “close it’s doors for business” as it were, and will cease to support life.

There are no more “long cycles” for the game to continue to play out for them in this paradigm, that’s why they are going to be making themselves known to you soon. It is inevitable.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Insignificant Significance

Published April 7, 2019 by tindertender

These experiences we have are so potent ‘in the moment’ that memories of it years later can also be quite potent … of course, not as potent, for a memory cannot be, but it can be pretty darn close.

Out of all the 7.5 billion people on this planet, having experience after experience, moment by moment, day after day …. well, that makes my tiny little experience pretty imperceptible, yet the intensity of these little moments can be so powerful. They do not seem tiny in the slightest when viewed and experienced from within the eye of it.

If life teaches us one thing, it is to be wary. It also teaches us not to give a crap about being wary. Question is, when to give a crap, and when not to give a crap?

An amazing thing with this world is all the people speaking of topics as though they know, yet they have no personal experience of it, and they will judge those that do have personal experience faster than anything. Incredible.

“Aaarrgh!!! I am king!!!”

No, you just want to own all the toys.

Alcohol ~ The Most Dangerous Drug

Published February 10, 2019 by tindertender

Alcohol ~ it’s legal to sell over-the-counter. They’ll even serve you drink after drink, all night long should one choose to ‘go out on the town’. It isn’t talked about as other drugs are, in fact many people invite each other to participate in its use, openly, freely. The percentages of people harmed or killed because of alcohol outweighs any other drug.

According to sources:

* Six people die every day from alcohol poisoning.

* There are 100,000 people who die every year, (or another way to say this is): 273.97 people die every day, as a result of drinking and driving, other accidents such as falls, fires, suicides, and homicides related to alcohol consumption.

* Alcoholism is the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death in the United States.

* As many as 40 percent of all hospital beds across the country are used to treat health conditions that develop from alcoholism.

* According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving more than 4,700 people die every year as a result of teenage alcohol use.

*In the United States of America victims believed their partners to be drinking prior to assault in 55% of cases.

*Let us not forget the millions of dollars generated my ‘treatment’ programs.


** On average 130 Americans die per day due to opioid overdose.

** Less than 42,000 people per year die from drug overdose.

It has seemed clear to me since a very young age the substance which most greatly causes so much pain in a household, in the mind, and in the life is alcohol. The affects from its use reverberate like rings of water from a drop fallen upon it, and influence every life contact with the user.

It is legal, it is pushed onto the public via commercials and other advertisement, it is glorified by those who give it press. It is served at many locations, knowing full well their patrons will most likely get in their cars and drive after ‘a few’. Most are not caught, unless they make error.

People who choose other substances are arrested, imprisoned, and labeled as criminal should they be ‘caught’. It seems there is a desire to have folks choose booze over anything else.

The System will do what it will regardless of the statistics which are plain. There is simply too much money being generated by the current methods and allowances. Stepping back it is easy to see that people are steered into this which feels good and allowed, and that which feels good and is not allowed.

They will fight their “War on Drugs” without ever including the one which causes more death and harm than any other … because the profits from it fill their pockets. Too many people are getting rich off the misery of this countries people. They perpetuate misery, allow alcohol, deny cannabis, and then take your money when they arrest you … all for trying to ease the pain a corrupt system is causing, by legal means. They allow its use, and then punish its use.

By making alcohol legal and punishing all other drug use so strictly (such as cannabis still is in certain states) people who seek relief are forced to use alcohol, the legal substance, to numb their pain and bring on a smile, often followed by tragedy.

Numbers don’t lie. Although alcohol causes more death, illness, and destruction requiring 40% and more of all hospital beds … it’s a business. And those making profit will never allow it to crumble … not if they can help it. It seems until people wake up the ‘intentional leading’ by corporate law makers, the same will continue.


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