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Simple Revelation

Published March 21, 2018 by tindertender


During conversation it was mentioned that there is much suffering, it is seen and heard nearly everywhere we look or go. After years of taking note of this, a question arose in my own mind recently, “What else do you notice?”

Surprised, I considered this question and it became obvious. More than anything else heard and seen is ‘hope’. There is hope outside of pain, and there is hope within it as well.

So  much focus is placed on the hurt in life it is difficult to take notice of hope, it is so clear! Sure, I knew there was ‘hope’ about life, but this floored me! Hope is double perceived pain!! Yet the latter steals the show, every time!

In life it is easy to focus on the pain of situations rather than that which has potential to end it. This potential is far more powerful, if it will just be noticed and allowed to show through what has been conditioned into the psyche.

There it was, all this time, and only now do I see it.
Continually amazed.

Turning Tides

Published March 11, 2018 by tindertender

One of the most disabling circumstances for humanity is, it has been stripped of the capacity to trust. Many, if not all of us, have had our trust abused. At first we believe it’s a solitary situation, so we continue to wear our hearts on sleeve. Then, it happens again. Now naivety is dissolved, and it becomes harder to have faith in the goodness of people, yet we do, again, believe and hope with faith.

Heartbreak after heartbreak, damage untold … causes friendships to be rare, any type of relationship becomes most difficult to build. This circumstance causes anger, pain, despair even.

I look at women, on women’s day, and I see them opening to each other, even though trust is difficult, still they try. It seems many women have moved beyond the thought of another woman taking their man, or whatever. The courage shown and lived is extremely powerful.

Women have decided on a large scale that we need each other if we are to heal ourselves, and the damage in the world. This union of spirit is the only way out of this mess.

There are many men who stand by woman’s side not as an authority, but as a partner, friend, and co-creator of that which is good, blessing us, and the world with their wider vision.

Seeing young people stepping into adulthood with eyes wide open, strong, and only slightly damaged dna is exciting! They are showing grit and integrity which has been lacking for some time.

As I attempt to turn back my own dna damage, I continue to watch the scene, hope is growing once more, for the future.

In Battle, Seeking Assistance

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

“Is she ready?”, “No, she isn’t ready yet.” Our brothers are in a situation … they find themselves ‘stuck’ and they seek assistance.

Assistance … as in being carried out of this world … but what if she likes it here? What if she plans on coming back ~ if the planet isn’t destroyed, that is.


What if this is the true reason the planet is in so much jeopardy. What if ‘brothers’ just need to be released … do you suppose the damage will stop being done? Do you think people will be able to suddenly relax and let go of this mania?

There are deep issues no one is talking about, and those who do are ridiculed and slandered, even killed.

This has been a solo battle for quite some time, for people are in denial. Perhaps they are frightened, or simply so brainwashed they cannot see, no capacity for widened mind, open to receive, open to sharing, to caring.

It IS changing however, an uproar has begun. It is looking like the snowball effect is a current event, growing as days pass. Either we allow the ruination of the world, or we work together … to help “we” … so we can continue on, in peace.

Choice is, and always has been, ours. Power is given to others through an allowing of the people ~ the majority. Perhaps it is time for reclaiming this power, and utilizing it as we have dreamed it would be.

Perhaps it is WE who are the savior of this world … if we choose to be involved in a matter kept secret, if we choose to tune in and discover what must be done, if we decide that no one on this earth knows better than we, for we are ALL connected to this same consciousness which needs to be free.

Stepping Out Of Fear ~ The System

Published October 30, 2017 by tindertender

From living at home, into the dorm. Promise that all will be well if you hold your grades. Mom and Dad are footing the bill, or perhaps you have a scholarship. You hold your grades, everyone is healthy.

evictionIllness falls upon the household, mom or dad loses their job and can no longer pay for college, the hospital bills mount and there is no money. You must leave school, and find that there is a bill sent due to unpaid commitments. The housing you enjoyed there, stripped from you. The job promised, unattainable.

OR … perhaps, you are able to finish college, your grades were awesome, yet after all is said and done, there are no jobs ~ you have to move back in with mom and dad, you feel as though your accomplishment wasn’t such an accomplishment after all. You wonder where to go from here. You long for your own place, yet it is not affordable.

Promises … promises … they keep us trapped. From the childhood home, to the dorm, to an apartment dwelling with many strangers. The ownership of a personal home eludes most people, it is difficult to care for self, and the immediate family, let alone reach out into the world to create something better.

The military becomes an enticing option. They will pay for you housing, they will give you the health care you need … all you must do is commit to “war”.

This is the cycle … of entrapment. This is the method of molding thought patterns and beliefs. The system is one which catches people in a perpetual cycle of need. There IS something more, and it is rewarding. You feel it within you, it is there.

I woke this morning with this experience in mind. Grades insufficient to continue dwelling in the apartment provided by the school. Relationships broken, no where to go. No where to live, no one to reach out to, no support system … only “the system”. The programs which keep people bound and trapped and questioning their ability to care for self, leave them with a deep pit in the center of their being, of hopelessness. The struggle becomes very real.

Fear quote_1

Empowerment is crucial for the people in the world. The health of humanity, and of the earth, is of the utmost urgency, our assisting each other a vital necessity if our hearts and minds are to survive, if any possibility of joy returning is to be.

If we are to rely on anything or anyone, we ought to see the value of supporting each other. Leaving behind the thoughts that someone out there is going to bail us out, or make everything ‘survivable’ is erroneous. Only we ourselves are capable of tending our very special and unique needs. There are others who have these similarities. There are those who are developing programs, groups gathering to assist each other in supporting the earth, in support of each other.

Teaming up is needed, not separating and fighting for scraps. There are other possibilities … which include the age old give and receive. If we put energy and effort to the success of the whole, rather than our small, shrunken world, we will begin to see things open up and grow into something greater.

We see that when individuals step out to become self sufficient, government sectors swoop in to confiscate land, to impose fines, to stop people from growing their own foods, to squash them in any way possible … to get them back in the cycle of needing them.

Where to begin? I honestly say I am no expert, however, in the mind of self is a great beginning. With these thoughts, something positive and freeing can be born, can be created by those who are natural born creators! You are one … and stepping out of fear, we can become many, and helping each other, we gain strength.


The Pure Seed vs a Bad Seed

Published April 23, 2017 by tindertender

I toss and I turn every night, yet I refuse to take a pharmaceutical to help me sleep. It is poison, and I must be available to feeling everything as it occurs, as difficult as that may be.

I discovered a video from a US Military member who the VA has refused to see for diagnosis of his pain, he has made the attempt twice to visit them. Although they will not see him, they continue to prescribe, and mail, pain killers to his house. Why? Why would a facility send prescription medication to a man, a military man, who has experienced a bit of an unstable life since returning from war, pain medication, instead of helping him as they ought to?

Then there are those who have died because of this lack of care.

There are others. At least one I know personally … and many I do not know. The rate of suicide is high among ex soldiers, and these prescribed medications could have something to do with it. These drugs alter the chemistry in the mind and without repeated and continued monitoring, anything can, and does, happen. What do they do when something does happen? They lock them up in the VA jail.

My outlook is that since these soldiers are not in some country fighting, the government is pretty much finished with them. Their thoughts are that the sooner these men and women take themselves, or another out, the sooner they can just write them off even further. These drugs are an easy out for them. They don’t even have to put forth effort, for so many are completely at the mercy of their experience and just need relief.

These endless wars must stop. The excuses they use to kill other humans are benign and fictitious. Sure, there are bad apples in the world, and yes, they need to be managed, but not at the expense of innocent civilians, which is always the case. Many more civilians than perceived enemies are killed in these battles.

When a few bad seeds kill innocent people, and our government sends in troupes to kill even more, (in the name of targeting the culprits) it becomes criminal on all sides, in and out. There is no good guy any more, although they try very hard to get us to believe that illusion.

War and death will not end until the ones participating decide they have had enough of the killing. Simple as that. Just as a verbal argument fades and becomes nothing if one half chooses not to participate, all things fizzle when participation ends.


I see the ideology of the warrior needing to protect. I admire this mindset, and I would choose to befriend these protectors. However, there is “protecting” and then there is bombing the hell out of people with no stop to the civilian, no care of who dies, just as long as someone does.

With the many chemicals going into the land, water and air, there won’t be a vibrant life filled planet for the children … anywhere.

The elite are seeing that this occurs, filling the soldiers with pills and vaccines which cause them to “forget”. The only problem with this is, they wear off, and remembrance comes sooner or later, and the emotion that comes with the knowledge of what they have done kills them, and others, as they take themselves and their lives down.

My hope is that these men and women will refuse to be pawns in the hands of the elite, to choose a simple life instead, of growing their own healthy foods and medicines, to harvest their pure seed, and to nourish the land and the life that dwells on it. Indeed, it is my hope that humanity as a whole begins to take back their lives and choose a way of living that benefits the whole.

Earth Child.jpg

Life over Death.
Joy over Sorrow.
Health over Sickness.
Integrity over Greed.
Morality over Abuse.

The training that soldiers undergo is very useful indeed, and when these survival skills are shared with the whole, we all can learn to survive … if Love over Hate is chosen.

The soldier goes into service with the desire to protect. Their needs are admirable and courageous. I believe it is seen now that what I write is true.

Government is not the answer out of the small town, community is. Let us begin to build villages in which we help each other, not squadrons where we hurt each other. A village will be grateful and benefit and will endlessly appreciate, there are many in the U.S. who are doing just this, search for them.

choices_4Help us. Help those who you know are following in your footsteps when you go into battle. Help your children. See to it that they will never have to suffer the experience of war.

All we need do is look around us to see what the elite are doing to the bringers of life … woman and earth, waters and air.

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