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An Honest Observance

Published March 14, 2018 by tindertender

I begin the day listening to this song, and I unwind from a light sleep.

Standing sure in ones knowledge of personal authority can, and will, be challenged through time and experience, often unintentionally.  Past conditioning may find that there is a questioning of this surety, a doubting. In these times it is important to slow down, listen to intuition and be in touch with the inner self. Observe where these questions are arising from … past beliefs of smallness, or present circumstances. This knowledge should be easy to distinguish. Recognizing the triggers will aide in the soothing of them, a smoothing of the edges which get snagged on current realities, having a dragging affect into the past.

embrace the shadowAll of these occurrences are a blessing, for they bring us once more into the present circumstance of self, pointing out the areas that need attention. Everyone is perfect, right where they are, right in this moment, for their own personal soul evolution … ever forward, ever rising. With attention, there will be less duration for the ‘bumps in the road’ along the way.

As the search for connection continues, in its various forms, it is important not to be dissuaded from reaching out if a trigger is flipped. Keeping the door open for these events and experiences allows also those experiences which are of love and learning … learning of the deep inner self, in relation to the world around us.

In these relationships, our personal authority comes ever closer to solidification. Gift yourself this experience, do not shrink from it. (Of course, if it is harmful or manipulative in any way, absolutely avoid it!).

Cheers to you as you move forward in your journey. Progress is being made on many levels, quicker now than ever before.


Harnessing Rainbow Fire

Published March 8, 2018 by tindertender

Chaos is all around you, tugging at your heart, your mind, grasping at your wallet. Take one step back, close your eyes and come to center, stay there a moment and feel your inner self.

rainbow-fireThere is a task at hand which will require all of your wits. Not everyone is able to harness their power, they toss a little here, and a little there, not leaving much for themselves … they are not able to do much good for anyone in this state.

Hold back when your mind cries and retain that energy for future use. It is crucial to feel it within you, to befriend it, and to practice the harnessing of it, and the methodical release of it, the control of where it goes, and how much.

This world is largely motivated by adrenaline, which is why chaos seems so prevalent. The inner practice is being sloughed by the majority.

Don’t engage. Keep focus on the larger picture. All of your wits and focused energies will be needed. Internal Fire: here, in this present moment, practice holding it, and practice releasing it, a little at a time, controlled.

My Revolution ~ Eve Ensler

Published March 7, 2018 by tindertender

If there is one thing I know … It’s that the feminine will be the major spark in the next revolution.

The healing will serve all of us, and it is necessary now more than ever. It is time to be humble allies to the rise of the strong feminine.

By working together. By striving for balance. By leading with love and compassion.

Searching For The Way Amidst Destruction

Published March 3, 2018 by tindertender

28 to 14 to 7, even numbers must be the layout. Looking for the path there are no signs, obscure numbers are key to finding the way, 46 always means one, and 70 always means another. All items laid out on the table, categorized by type and size.

Eyes burn as I try to keep them open. Drinking water from a plastic cup, I taste it and wonder why I’m not using the steel drinking container instead.

I turn on sound and still my mind. Dream life is so active, there is no real rest. The only stillness I receive is the stillness I create during waking hours. They say there is no rest for the wicked, but I say there is little rest for those who seek the path … the path to the finish, the end of the line, where peace lives.

There’s a tension in my subconscious, I can feel it there. Sitting straight in my chair I begin minor stretches, releasing it and relaxing what I woke with. But first I yawn and wipe my tired eyes. I bow my head into my hands and close my eyes, keeping my palms over them as I rest.

Looking around me as I stand in this crater, I see mounds of blackened earth surrounding me. I search for a path but all I see is a charred and darkened mass, tangled, no obvious entry into the way out. This area isn’t only dark and charred, but there is a sliminess to it as well, a dampness.

I remember walking in the forest and seeing the huge tree which had been bent as a little shoot and trained to grow a certain way, a marker and sign of the direction to follow. I try to remember if there is any of this in my surroundings, I cannot remember anything but the tangled mess. Details … these must be paid attention no matter where we find ourselves, for what seems impossible will show minor clues missed by the average eye.

There is one who attempts to steer me through, yet if he knew the way he would be long gone by now, listening to him is a waste of time and effort, although he would have me believe otherwise.

Disruption of what is, a meddling of the placement of things, a greedy claiming of them and lining up of the items to show to others leave an empty space where they ought to be and all signs of connection lost, or so it appears.

This seems to be the events of this current world. A constant taking without consideration for the whole, the health of the system which keeps chaos out of order. We can clearly see the affect it is having on the world, and all life which it holds. Harmony has been distorted, nearly eliminated, yet there are those who work diligently to bring balance back to the system.

Empty consumerism without thought for the parts and their source is blind living, a disconnect from consciousness and the importance every single one of us has on the health and continuation of this existence. There must be a shift of awareness, an awakening to the underlying cause of this fragmentation. Only then can we slow this destruction and mend what has been so egregiously damaged.

Care and a conscious placement of intention is key to health, to true wealth, to brotherhood and sisterhood, to the world family. Rather than focusing on who can eliminate who, and who can do it more quickly, those who wish for peace must rise and overcome these tendencies.

It really is up to the average person to do so. Current systems have proven they are not capable of this consideration. Stop. Look around. Take note of the damage done.

Time To Connect

Published March 2, 2018 by tindertender

Little fluff, not so little now, lying on the floor. She extends herself to a comfortable point and then relaxes. It’s daylight now and the time nears to depart from this cozy abode. Guardian remains to watch over precious ones here.

Do you have anything to say to me? I would like to hear your thoughts. Intuition and perception are acute, however no one can be inside your mind … or mine ~ or can they?

I reach above my head and pull a card from its place. I read it once more, a gift from a very dear friend. Prosperity Law #46: “Everything in this incredible universe is perfectly orchestrated and finely tuned. We are all individual parts of the whole, and as such, we are one. There is a master plan. There are no accidents. There is meaning and harmony in everything that happens.”

Aaahhh … I reach up again and grab onto what I thought was a notepad, only to find it is a book, stashed, perhaps just for this moment. I open to a random page and write what I find. “… How hard is the trail when taken alone. Rocks and pitfalls lie before your feet and how weary and lonely is the way when you are walking, unknowingly, without your Guide.”  ~ The Journey with the Master, Eva Bell Werber

Taking time to connect to the energetic flow of the body, the mind .. to tune in to that which surrounds you … will assist the connection to the Divine, and your Guide. Bless yourself with this gift, it waits for you. Honor your right to a happy and aligned life.


Waking To Full Consciousness

Published March 2, 2018 by tindertender

I wake once more at 4:30am. I sit at my desk and light an incense and a candle. I ponder the nights dreaming and can hardly remember what they were about. This must mean I slept well, yes? It is Friday and my coworker has the day off. Although business is fairly slow this means I will have more to do, I am grateful.

I find a tune to listen to as I write this blog, and I share it here.

I listen for a little while as I stretch my arms out to my sides, and I rotate my neck, loosening the stiffness from sleep. I bend forward and slowly rise, stretching my spine. Palms together now at chin area, I close my eyes and listen closely. The vibration of my voice enters the room as I open my mouth and speak a tone, Aum, three times. I fold hands together and I smile slightly, this day has begun.

There is so much planned for the next month, I find it rather difficult to remain right here, right now, in my mind. This, however is where I need to be, I want to be certain I do not miss a thing. I release expectations of the future, how things will show up. I work toward peace of mind and heart, personally, and I let it flow into the world.

My mind is rather still this moment, a blessing and relief from times past, memories of racing thoughts. I determine this spring and summer will be a time for exercise in the open air, a taking in of the beauty of nature is on the schedule. Here I am, once again moving forward as my body stays still.

And so I focus on my flesh and how it feels as the blood pulses through my body. I focus on the energetic output, listening for any signs it wishes for me to know. Relaxing my spine against my chair I lean back, and listen, breathing deeply.

I open my eyes and look around me at the things which I have surrounded myself with. Rocks, candles, incense, essential oils, a painting of a meadow in fog, tree lined and beautiful. I reach my arms above my head and stretch, bringing them down slowly to my side. The time has come to prepare for the day, I ready myself … and I let this music continue as I do.


Inner Power

Published March 1, 2018 by tindertender

Stand, or sit comfortably, back straight.

(1) Like a wave the breath moves in … and out … arms up, bent at elbow, palms open. Breathe out moving shoulders and arms forward, breathe in pulling shoulders and arms back …. continue as you become one with the beat for a time.

(2) Elbows bent, palms together at chest level, listen to the beat with eyes closed, breathing normal. Focus on the breath as you listen to the beats, the rhythm. Feel the pulse between the palms of your hands. This is your Life Force. Rest here for a moment.

Quickly rub your palms together, breathe calmly, tighten your sphincter while doing so, this raises chi. Briskly rub you hands until they are hot. Repeat steps one and two. Feel the heat rise in your body.

Remember this moment throughout your day, come here to this memory in times of trial. Retreat to a quiet place and practice in silence if need be.

The power that is within you will overcome many challenges. Get in touch with it, be with it, you are it.

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