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Published February 5, 2018 by tindertender

peace dove
I sat in the stillness, wondering what it’s all about, he tells me this is no match for paradise. I wonder still this morning, what exactly that means, I have no way of knowing.

In dreams there is constant battle, my person attacked … or another. I must run like the wind, or stay to defend that other. The choice isn’t a hard one, for I would never wish for them what I wouldn’t want for me.

There are flickers, like flame, that show goodness and care. Sometimes these images are bright … and at times the flame goes out. Sometimes the flame seems to struggle to remain lit, I cup it with my hand and gently walk with it.

I’m a nourisher of this flame, this light called peace. I’m not the only one, for you are too, you see? If you were not here, then it would not be, but you are … we are family.


Flower Of Sound

Published February 3, 2018 by tindertender

Drumming LadyBeautiful flower, she sits and drums with hands. Her hair flows just as free as her spirit coming forth into the room.

Pure joy and happiness fill the air and union takes place with others. A fellowship develops as all drummers and rattlers sinc into balance.

A man gets up and barrels a deep throaty vibrato, his voice sends chills through spines.

A woman rises and begins to move to the sound, flowing as water in a clear running stream.

Sage fills the air, and an energy so rich connects them all. True wealth has nothing to do with paper dollars, and everything to do with this connection.

Seekers will find each other, and no amount of regulation can keep a free spirit down, especially when they reach for one another creating bonds that will never break.

New Friends, Far Away

Published December 30, 2017 by tindertender

Our lives are so different. I ponder the work you do, and I ponder mine. I look for a balancing of the two knowing there are others, so many others, whos work is somewhere between ours and perhaps expanding beyond as well.

I think of you, now that your studies are finished and you leave for your tour. I imagine the blessings you participate in through your travels. I am grateful for all of those you will meet and join with, as focus for peace is breathed into the world.

Thank you for your work.



Has it really come to this?

Published October 1, 2017 by tindertender

“My ‘Real’ friends will post this …”

What about all the times contact has been attempted, and ignored? What about the times comfort has been given, only ridiculed and rejected because it didn’t ‘fit’ with current  ‘beliefs’? And yet still, attempts are made to reach you. What about “… although years have gone by, dear friends are forever in our hearts …” ?

It is easy to post things thought of as ‘real friends’ on the internet and pretend that we are doing all we can to be a good friend, but when a reaching hand is slapped away, or even walked away from, then the heart has spoken, and this indeed outshines anything one posts on the web.


Love remains, despite it all … for in the end, this is the only thing worth living for.

If you hurt, I hurt. Let’s fix it together.

Published April 1, 2017 by tindertender

“Welcome to Whole Again, the site where you will find solutions to your problem without too much talking and a lot more action. We can explain everything we do, it all works according to natural logical systems and patterns. Nature is full of them, everything is created according to systems and everything has logic behind it. It is people who make it chaotic and try to push everything into their own chaotic views limited by their understandings. “

Please visit the above web page if you are in need of assistance in the form of energetic connection. Remco is an astounding healer, he is a straight to the point, no frills, get the job done kind of fella.

You will be glad you stopped in and presented your questions.

This photo and writing below are not affiliated with, yet I love it and want to tell you, Remco and those who work with him, will help to make things a little easier.

Whole Again_1

Walking Among It All

Published March 3, 2017 by tindertender

On the drive home tonight I saw a man on the corner holding his sign. I was a few cars length from him and I wondered about his circumstances, he smiled. He seemed to be looking right at me, and as I drove past, he smiled even bigger and waved. I waved in return.

On the next corner was another man, he sat in a wheelchair. One of his legs had been amputated what looked to be a bit above the ankle, it was wrapped in a towel, and then again with plastic, and taped. It was raining. As I had stopped right next to him at the light, it only took me a moment to roll the window down. He thought I was going to give him something, yet all I had to give was a friendly smile, and a noticing of him. He told me I had pretty eyes, and thanked me. I will not forget him, and I hope the connection lasts for him as well.

We have friends. Some we do not see, others we do, and yet may remain unaware. Then there are those times when we see someone, and we see they see us, and they smile. Not creepy, but with light in their eyes. It strikes a chord in our soul, a chord of remembrance.

I relax in the warmth of this fire and the light and the popping of the wood as it burns. It smells good, it feels good, and it lulls the mind, pulling forth memories … experienced, yet perhaps skimmed over and not really noticed at the time.

Perhaps it is time to lay next to this glow, and simply watch the coals change shape.

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