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Spinning Wheels, Got To Go ‘round

Published October 2, 2019 by tindertender
Some are trapped here, just as we are.
I know these ones.
Frustrated Friends.
We need to help each other.

It is said that when they came to assist us, their mothership was blown to pieces, and here they remain. They are NOT our enemy, although millennia without support has made them frustrated and slightly impatient.

The real enemies are those who build a contraption on the outer edges of our planet, holding everyone in perpetual ‘recycle’.

Beautiful Blends

Published September 14, 2019 by tindertender

A good friend and I met for breakfast this early morning. It was awesome not only to see her, but to be on the road traveling to her before many people were even awake.

Afterword we stopped for snacks and water then headed on up to the art studio. We painted from 10 to 12:40. Mine is left, hers right. I need to touch up my flower petals. This time with her is always so fun.

Hurrying to finish, we rushed out of there to see a movie at the local theater which was just up the road. We saw the movie about Linda Ronstadt. What an incredible lady!

One phrase she said near the end of the movie is this …

“People are so worried about what happens after death, but the real question is, what are you doing until then?”

I admit it, that one got me …

What are you doing in life right now? After all, this moment is potentially the only one we will have. Make the most of it. You deserve to live fully, everyone does.

Dance, sing, paint, draw, create. YOU are a magnificent being! The potential is enormous!

You Have The Power

Published September 8, 2019 by tindertender

Apparently countries worldwide are bowing to the authority of the USA. Weather manipulation has been happening all over the world (by multiple countries), suffering has been intentionally created.

Why are the other countries Participating, rather than doing something to stop it? Are they in cahoots with them? Is this a plan to amass wealth and start over? Perhaps this is it … or perhaps they are afraid.

Greed and need for power are a virus in the minds of men, and in the minds of those who are puppeting them. We are all suffering a mental illness, only a few see it, understand it, and know the origins.

Educate yourselves. Stop burying your heads in the sand. At least if you see it coming you’ll have an opportunity to fully love with the time you have left, rather than feed the pain and anger which give these massacrers power.

Claim your life and demand they stop making you and yours sick. Perhaps one day you will recognize that all humans are your brothers and sisters, and the animals are under your care, just as much as those who lay claim to that.

Live dammit! Stand up and claim the love that has been stolen from your heart and mind, replaced by chaos and suffering. This Love is your right! Kick the suffer bringers to the curb and move on … there may still be time to kick chaos’ ass.

And by this I mean, reclaim your energy and pour it into love … loving your neighbor, loving the people you pass on the street by sharing a smile, a helping hand. These are your family … do you not recognize them?

You can exit this world bearing the pain of it, or you can release it and build something entirely different which will accompany you on your way out … and what you will leave behind will be much better than the ‘given’ of current reality.

You have the Power, it is in your mind, it is in your heart, and it is NOT anger, or need for revenge.

Win or Lose? It’s a Choice.

Fading Fast ~ Hitting The Brakes

Published September 4, 2019 by tindertender

This past weekend was four days of Loving. There were many people, and the atmosphere we created together was incredibly full of care, respect, joy, love and peace.

Today is Wednesday. I’ve only been back in town two days and already the chaos which people are spreading has interrupted my ‘glow’.

I know what to do to get it back … by creating my gear for Corn Planting.

If I begin to prepare for the Elder Holiday celebration coming up, then my mind will be focused on them, and the giving I will share.

In this way, I can rest in the sweet memories of yesterday, looking forward to making new memories in the future, and fully enjoying the process of getting there.

The internet is useful … to a point.

I appreciate being connected to my chosen family, having opportunity to get together during the times ‘in-between’.

I know that there are many who still need the internet to get informed of what is going on. Learning about how bad it really got, and continues to do.

Only in learning of it can they then choose to ‘turn it off’.

One really does need to get sick and tired of the chaos before they can begin to create peace. Let us hope this happens for people soon, and we can begin working together to change the scenario of the past many decades.

May Love prevail over chaos. May Peace fill all hearts. May people understand their true value does not come from anything, but self acceptance, love and care. When this happens, it will be easy to see themselves in others. Then we can become brothers and sisters, in a real and lasting way.

Giving up anger, resentment, the sense of being victim … embracing our own inner truth, creating our ‘grateful for’ list, and doing the work of forgiveness … love will begin to glow, an ember blown into raging flames.

But these flames will not burn.

Joy Riding Play Day

Published August 10, 2019 by tindertender

Today I met up with a friend in the city I used to live in. We had a beautiful breakfast together and then walked the waterfront.

Along the way we came across a somewhat marshy area that had a fairly new bridge constructed.

After we walked for a time we made our way to an art studio. We bought canvases and poured paint and went to work. What an enjoyable way to spend some time.



Afterward, we walked about a block to the local theater and watched a movie about how rock and roll was created, “Echo in the Canyon”. It was amazing to see how Folk music evolved into the hits so loved of the 60’s.

All in all, one of the most lovely days I’ve had in awhile … thank you friend.

Happy Fathers Day

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

As I looked at my friend he described his love for a particular song and tears came to his eyes. I silently thought, oh my friend … it is really something when you see a man who was never privy to showing emotion be so openly connected and affected by a song … or any number of others small things such as that. I am quite grateful to be present through these life changes with my oldest known friend. It is a real privilege, and I am glad I never “burned that bridge”.

I came home and sat in my chair focusing on those in the Aether, those who live but are not seen, by most. I asked them if any of them had ever been Father’s, and I wished them a happy Father’s Day, explaining that the humans have decided to put away one day in particular to celebrate the fathers of this world, and that means ALL fathers, not just those we can see right now.

I have enjoyed my time here in this world. I have created many pleasant, and also many non-pleasant scenarios. I now work on making these creations of future more positive since I can see from personal history what both look like and what both entail.

I came across a book which I honestly have not read yet, I just found it this morning. It looks to be something which will be of great benefit in the process of altering current realities. If inclined, pleas check it out. Perhaps you may find value in it.

Life has shown the intricacies of relationship are boundless. Often, these relationships are the result of our efforts to bring harmony. If there is any form of chaos, perhaps our method of interaction and cooperation are not quite up to par. Or perhaps we have not put the needed work in for a situation to be harmonious … or maybe the methods that we are working with do not allow space for alteration and flow that is needed in order to embrace all aspects of our community, our self, and our future reality we are working to build.

I have found that even though some people and some events have brought great suffering to my world, they have also allowed opportunity for great love, and an even greater understanding of what it means to allow freedom in our friends and their choices, simply being with that, not judging … that beautiful mess that is sometimes created that we often call unity.

Yes, working with many personalities and preferences can be a challenge, but when everyone is on, or at least ‘around’ the right frequency, it all flows, and it is all beautiful. Individuals working together in the best manner possible to bring harmony to the whole.

I love you, friends, for being the mirror I need to make sense of this world. Thank you for letting me learn from your example, and for allowing me to take part in your life. It is indeed the greatest gift in this world, and I am grateful.

Relations Through Time

Published October 26, 2018 by tindertender

“Do you know now that I wasn’t lying?” I ask my deceased brother in law. Years ago he spoke of bone spurs in his shoulder, how painful it was. He actually had surgery to ream out the socket. I told him, yea, my shoulder hurts a lot too. He sort of rolled his eyes as if to say I was an attention seeker who did not know of the pain he felt.

I imagine that those on the other side of the veil know many things they did not know while in body. I believe their knowledge increased ten fold, or perhaps more once they left this realm. I also believe that the library of information and experiences we gather while in physical form will be made available to us once we cross over to the invisible life.

I’m excited, for the many times I’ve read the dictionary will most likely be crystal clear, even though I cannot remember the nice fancy words that mean so much currently.

Relatives, whether through DNA or other relation, should never be forgotten. I was honored by the relationship I had with every one of them, even though I don’t understand the whole of it at this time.

Counting blessings …

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