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Intention ~ Where thoughts go, energy flows

Published June 19, 2017 by tindertender

When a loved one becomes ill, there is intense focus on it. There is a deep want for them to be cured and a severe dump of life force energy goes into the fact that they are ill.  Sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, everyone is involved in this energy dump around illness. Doing so causes the one who is ill to focus on that illness intently.

There is one small problem with this, and it isn’t so small.

Where thoughts go, energy flows.

Intention.jpgWith all that focus on illness, it actually can cause a dramatic growth and exacerbation of the illness. There are many studies from all around the world which prove this to be the case.




Of course we want to help our loved ones. We want to do everything in our power to increase their chances of becoming well, or healing to the greatest extent. We want it so badly that we make ourselves sick with worry. Hence, where thoughts go energy flows, not only for our loved ones, but in us as well.

The most powerful thing that can be done is to step back from the fear about illness and shower the situation with love, acceptance and joy. Fear, and a form of panic does not do the situation any good at all, it increases discord and fear ~ it promotes uncertainty and loss of hope. Essentially, it can cause one to just give in and give up.

Love must be allowed to over-ride the fear of loss, it must over-ride the fear of the future outcome. Loving … day to day, day after day, is what brings peace.

It is important to take a deep look into the situation and consider what type of energy is being contributed. Where is the power of the human creator going to? Where is the focus of will going? What is being empowered?

Truth … It Is The Only Way

Published December 28, 2016 by tindertender

When life throws us a curve and someone twists an event to fit their needs, it is important to stand firm in the truth as we see it.

So many of us are in a bind, somehow reliant and in fear because we have obligations, contracts, and housing needs … perhaps children. We allow ourselves to be mistreated and slandered by so-called authority figures, they may even say we are insubordinate.

My question to anyone who finds themselves in this predicament is … who do you believe has authority over your life? Why, if the answer is not YOU, do you relinquish this power of making choices that resonate with your being, your very soul? Why do you see yourself as ‘less than’ anyone?

Our spirit is being stripped from us, or at least the attempt is being made. A war is being waged for the freedom we hold to live a life that sits well within our integrity, our morals, and rings truth as we see it to be.

Throughout life it has been my observance that there are those who wish to hold themselves above another. I have had personal experience of this, and I see it happening, every day.

Why is it that some people feel the need to squash another persons spirit? Why is it that they manipulate and twist circumstances to seem something other than they are? And why do others believe everything they are told, acting out of ignorance and compounding an erroneous issue before observing for themselves?

People need to come together and assist each other in being more than they were the year before, or even the day before. Too many folks are quick to jump at the opportunity to slander another’s character in order to use their backs as a stepping stone to their perceived potential of power.

Truth … it is the only way, combined with the willingness to accept responsibility and to openly confess when in error. Blaming others has never gotten the job done, and making war, in whatever form that appears to be, will never bring peace to any situation.

Fear. Fair? ~ The Journey.

Published December 19, 2016 by tindertender


Many of us live with it daily. Every action, or non action, is based on it.

When do we say enough is enough? When do we stand and say we are as good as, and as important as, any other person. When do we just stop and throw in the towel, not in a way that is giving up, or giving in, but in a way that says, “I will not play this game anymore”.

I am done. Of course there are those who love me and say I need to be careful, watch my P’s and Q’s. I say in return, no. I am free, I am a hard worker and I put forth effort into not belittling or demeaning another in any way. I do not need to step on someone in order to improve the view another might have of me. My performance and actions tell the truth of who I am. If this is not acceptable, so be it.

Image result for pictures of living truth
New beginnings happen frequently. I have lived half a century and experienced many beginnings and endings. I am certain there will be more.

I will live my truth. I will exert much time and energy into being the best version of myself possible. I don’t expect any more from anyone than I expect of myself. When I see another not living up to their potential, somehow shifting blame and playing games … working it, so to speak, then I will stand and call it out. Whoever it is, however important they feel they are, and whatever title they hold.


No. Life is not fair. It isn’t meant to be. Life is full of obstacles and opportunities to hone our personal skills, and to recognize the value of what we have to offer, freely giving and knowing the worth of it, never allowing that worth to be diminished by another’s need to feel powerful.

The journey continues.

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