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Akashic Records

Published July 8, 2019 by tindertender

Everything is recorded in the silicate matrix explained in detail in the newly-edited and revised first half of volume 1, chapter Scalar Vibrational Mechanics.

SiO2 quartz records all events generated by every fractal of god that are within their plasma field and immediately rebroadcasts that back out to all other quartz crystals around it.

These are not all just rocks, but the ultra-minute crystal flakes that make up everything within our playing field I refer to as Aniline.

Every tree, honeybee and flower petal are made up of these aether crystals. In the rewrite And below, I show you how they can be played back now from slivers of trees and sound exactly like a symphony.

When you cut out a cross section of a tree trunk and polish it like a smooth CD, then play it back using laser light, it will literally play out in genuine musical form everything ever witnessed by a god while in the plasma field of the tree over its lifetime.

I’m not talking about squawks and screeches; I am talking about real music.

That might sound insane or incredible to you, but nonetheless, it was proven by Bartholomaus Traubeck not long ago that a sliver of that tree would not only play back the sounds it recorded over the years, but entitled his album where he collated the songs of more than a half-dozen trees just that, Years.

Take a listen for yourself:

What is the most stunning thing about this is the sound came out as symphonies. Delicate pauses with grand crescendos and all the subtle nuances we hear in compositions created by man.

Only these are the songs that if translated into digital video, would play back every event within the torus field surrounding it while “someone” was around.

If that playback device were connected to a videographic Cymascope, it would also show you a 360 degree panorama video of everything that took place. The Akashic records exist in all the trees, rocks and soil and in every drop of water.

Important to note here that what is actually accessed by spiritual gurus today as the living library of accounts of the planet have been counterfeited with records from various other invader race home planets to make it now impossible for you to actually use it as a library.

Depending on the collective choices you have made during your life, your database or personal Akashic records vibrates at a certain frequency. The more kind or compassionate choices you’ve made, the higher the vibration.

This collective frequency dictates what choices you will be allowed to make next. Though you think you can just choose to do anything that you want, this is untrue.Think of your opportunities for your next choice like playing a video game (because that’s really where you are).

As you progress through the game, you either get more weapons to fight the bad guys, or you lose some, and lose or gain life power to sustain attacks, etc.

Your past choices determine what tools are in your quiver, so if you have done well, you can buy a new tool to help you fly or enter that area to get more life power, etc

So while inside the game there might be 10,000 options you could choose from, you can only access let’s say 100 or 500 at any given time. Those choices can increase or decrease.

This is exactly like real life, because once you’ve gotten three drunk-driving tickets, you no longer have the ability to drive to go to town and are forced to walk, take a bike, hitchhike, etc.

Each one of these new limited options will present an entirely different experience for you than the other, all of them being less desirable than had you kept your driver’s license.

So your frequency can be thought of exactly like your health points in the game, tools in your quiver, etc. These options increase as long as you are playing authentically where you aren’t doing damage to others as you progress and vice versa.

Poor choices physically resonate low frequency signals inside your neural network which is the Brown Note frequency of B flat we will be talking about again soon.

Angelic Human

Published July 8, 2019 by tindertender

What is it about the Angelic Human (you) that sets your one species apart from the millions of Angelic species within the cosmos?

“Angelic” is a term, it is not in reference to “all the beings in higher dimension”, as “angels”, Angelic is a DNA TEMPLATE feature, a term carried forward from trillions of different species down through hundreds of trillions of years of creating new types of beings.

“Angelic” happened to be a really sought-after feature in a DNA template, that is why there are so many of them out there today. Human doesn’t mean just this one species on this one planet.

There are millions of “human” species out there, (you read that right) it denotes certain physical aspects of a biological Avatar, and it is only one of the many different aspects of the Angelic Human Krystos super-race.

What Angelic Humans HERE have that they DON’T have all across the cosmos, is the KRYSTOS feature. That one feature is the REASON you have been enslaved, tortured, bioformed and murdered for 550 million years.

Happy Fathers Day

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

As I looked at my friend he described his love for a particular song and tears came to his eyes. I silently thought, oh my friend … it is really something when you see a man who was never privy to showing emotion be so openly connected and affected by a song … or any number of others small things such as that. I am quite grateful to be present through these life changes with my oldest known friend. It is a real privilege, and I am glad I never “burned that bridge”.

I came home and sat in my chair focusing on those in the Aether, those who live but are not seen, by most. I asked them if any of them had ever been Father’s, and I wished them a happy Father’s Day, explaining that the humans have decided to put away one day in particular to celebrate the fathers of this world, and that means ALL fathers, not just those we can see right now.

I have enjoyed my time here in this world. I have created many pleasant, and also many non-pleasant scenarios. I now work on making these creations of future more positive since I can see from personal history what both look like and what both entail.

I came across a book which I honestly have not read yet, I just found it this morning. It looks to be something which will be of great benefit in the process of altering current realities. If inclined, pleas check it out. Perhaps you may find value in it.

Life has shown the intricacies of relationship are boundless. Often, these relationships are the result of our efforts to bring harmony. If there is any form of chaos, perhaps our method of interaction and cooperation are not quite up to par. Or perhaps we have not put the needed work in for a situation to be harmonious … or maybe the methods that we are working with do not allow space for alteration and flow that is needed in order to embrace all aspects of our community, our self, and our future reality we are working to build.

I have found that even though some people and some events have brought great suffering to my world, they have also allowed opportunity for great love, and an even greater understanding of what it means to allow freedom in our friends and their choices, simply being with that, not judging … that beautiful mess that is sometimes created that we often call unity.

Yes, working with many personalities and preferences can be a challenge, but when everyone is on, or at least ‘around’ the right frequency, it all flows, and it is all beautiful. Individuals working together in the best manner possible to bring harmony to the whole.

I love you, friends, for being the mirror I need to make sense of this world. Thank you for letting me learn from your example, and for allowing me to take part in your life. It is indeed the greatest gift in this world, and I am grateful.

Philosophy of the Ancient Death Cult

Published May 1, 2019 by tindertender
To overcome these dark magicians who have held our world hostage for centuries we must study and understand the occult wisdom they have usurped for their own advantage.  We must accept that a metaphysical world exists beyond our perception, and though it has been dismissed as fallacy by our corrupted modern sciences, it has been intentionally hidden and used against the populace.  The time has come to expose those in the highest seats of power for who they really are, and who they really worship, as we struggle to assimilate the greatest deception humanity has ever known.

Shrinking and Expanding

Published February 12, 2019 by tindertender

The poppy flower spreads its petals open during the day, and when night falls it closes up again, protecting its center. Dandelions do this, and I’m certain others.

Humans do this as well. When the sun is shining and all is right they open up and receive its warmth and renewal. When darkness comes, whether in the form of actual shadow or in the form of some pain they fold in, closing off from the rest of the world, attempting to protect that vulnerable center, the heart.

Could it be that humanity is a form of flower, opening wide to receive, and then closing up to protect? Perhaps some are flowers, while others are the thorny weeds that would choke them out, stealing their sun.

Either way, there is an opening and a closing in all things, a receiving and a shunning, a wakefulness and sleep, shadow and light.

Life in general is about the differing poles of existence called opposites by some. In our duality confusion is purposefully bred into society, and it begins while young. The curriculum is determined by a massive organization who instructs all people be indoctrinated into.

There is a cause for concern as the ‘teachers’ are underpaid, their school budget is minimal, and they often pay out of pocket for supplies. They strike and demand a wage increase, they are rarely offered an ear to hear, much less action taken that is fair, not only to them but the young ones who desire to learn.

There is concern that people will not wish to become teachers in the future. Who will then instruct the children while both parents work, if there are two parents.

It seems those who long to assist in the training of youth are being ‘squeezed’ out. It appears that the end goal is to eliminate schooling except for those who have wealth and can afford private instruction.

It seems there is a desire to see humans close up in the attempt to protect their core, and while they are closed everything around them which has potential of gain and growth is stripped from them.

Smaller crowds are easier to control. Should one begin to really look at actions, and listen to words, and pay attention to body language of those who are in positions to make decisions affecting fairness and equal opportunity for rich and for poor, it will soon become apparent that all is not well in Cedarville.

Some Things Needing Understood

Published July 8, 2018 by tindertender

Jim Sparks conversation from 1988


‘There are some things you need to understand. Yes, it’s true that we have been in contact with your government leaders and heads of power. It is also true that agreements have been made and kept secret from your people. It is also true that, in the past, some of your people have lost their lives or have been badly hurt to protect this secret. Our hands had no part in this.’

‘We contacted your leaders because your planet is in grave trouble. Your leaders said the vast majority of your population wasn’t ready for anything like us yet, so we made time agreements with your leaders as to when your people would be made aware of our presence. This part of the agreement has not at all been kept.’

‘It was also agreed that, in the meantime, steps would be taken to correct the environmental condition of your planet with our advice and technology. We say advice, because we respect the fact that this is your planet, not ours. Your government also broke this agreement.’

‘We are now concentrating our energy on the average person. Your air and your water are contaminated. Your forests, jungles, trees and plant life are dying. There are several breaks in your food chain. You have an amount of nuclear and biological weapons which include nuclear and biological contamination. Your planet is overpopulated. Warning: It is almost to the point of being too late unless your people act now. There are better ways of deriving your energy and food needs without causing your planet any damage. Those in power are aware of this and have the capability to put these methods into worldwide use.’

‘Those in power view it (technology for clean energy and abundant food) as a military and security threat.’

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