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Published June 15, 2019 by tindertender

You have heard the term “Luciferian Covenant” before if you have been around the Illuminati conspiracy circles for any amount of time.

All humans have known about this, is that it was an agreement among many different soul groups from other star systems who continued to war against one another, but all agreed that there was a single common core to their efforts here.

That was clarified and then ratified in the Luciferian Covenant, something written far longer ago than what humans would begin to imagine, since they have been told they have only been here for about 7 thousand years. The Covenant is older than that by additional zeros.

In surface-earth terms, a document was re-written long ago in modern language that was called the “secret covenant” within the realms of the Freemasons who authored it, the PUBLIC face and name of the Illuminati.

It is time the world knew just exactly what it really was and what the plan has been all along. This is HARDLY new, the plan is rolled back out again and again with each new civilization that struggles back to its feet after the plate-shifting of earth.

Created by the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence used in tandem with the Nibiruean Battlestar each 3657.8 years when the Battlestar is once again in near-proximity of earth, wrongly referred to down through the ages as “Nibiru”. Its not.

Nibiru is on the other end of the Nibiru procession from the Battlestar, and does not cause damage to earth. The manifesto in video below is the Luciferian Covenant.

When you hear it for yourself, you will come to the realization that every single element of this plan is not just present in your world now, but so utterly blanketing society, that it is hard to even put into words.

How did they give you Alzheimers? By handing you cooking pots made out of aluminum. By handing you cooking pots coated with Teflon. By putting “amalgam” in your TEETH and injecting Nanites in you when you get “inoculated”.

By putting your soft drinks and beer in aluminum cans, and the list goes on.

If you drink bottled water, just realize that when that bottle ever heats up to much higher than room temperature, it is releasing deadly poison into your bloodstream. They even wrap your candy and gum in aluminum foil.

Today, with technology, they have created their own version of the Nanites which they lace in every TV dinner, and “everything in the frozen food section” end quote. In your cake mixes, and pre-packaged foods and in “all the soft drinks”.

No one has to tell you that the “chemtrails” are actually Nanites by now. We have made that clear and have shown you video proof of the NASA logo printed in quantum photon particles across the sides of them.

Your masses are beyond obese now, in fact obesity went beyond epidemic in the US over a decade ago and is now considered pandemic.

It isn’t just your junk food restaurants, its all the food you eat, since it is nearly entirely genetically modified to remove its nutritional content.

And when you bring it home, you put it into a microwave oven that blasts it with microwaves that render it no higher in nutritional content than that of cardboard. But, since it tastes like food, you go ahead and eat it.

And if you don’t eat 3x too many calories of it, then you will die of starvation.

Who are the players behind the Luciferian Covenant? The largest players are the Zetas, Marduk Satain (Anu), Enki, Enlil, Thoth Lucifer and the “Nordics” from Procyon Pleiades.

More minor players are the Centaurs, the Men in Black (yes, a real race from Andromeda), and the Mantids (who are basically just hanging around the Covenant for protection for their own species against the Dracos). Every one of these soul groups are Anunnaki hybrids.

The oldest bloodlines of this “fraternity” keep their bodies as pure as possible to the time when their hybrid race came to this planet and first bioformed the purest Angelic Human Krystos beings.

Fantastically advanced DNA templates to theirs, and kept themselves from interbreeding with the Angelic Humans who went on to become more and more distorted by other invader races.

If you look at a photo of Jacob Rothschild’s profile, you will see the stunning proof that their bloodline has brought forward the distinct elongated skull of the Angelic Humans from their original invasion 560 million years ago.

Angelic Humans were the ones who had the elongated skull to hold brains that had IQs 10x or more of that of the invader races from Alpha Draconis where the Rothchild’s bloodline originated.

So now you have names, a face, and the story behind this “secret covenant”, the Luciferian Covenant and you will be able to hear it with your own ears now what it really says.

If this doesn’t scare you to attention so you take back control over your own life, I don’t know what will.


Published June 14, 2019 by tindertender

Karma is extremely real and extremely serious. The disclosure within all music, films, written and by the spoken word by your captors has to do with karma, the absurdly powerful force of the aether collective that exacts balance at all times within the hologram.

If they can claim that you were shown what was really going on, then the aether is forced to allow them to continue the charade because it was your “free-will choice” to continue to bow down before the gods of Ba’al (Elohim).

Star Wars films and other “Sci fi” films were made as a (hidden of course) disclosure for karma reasons. As long as the invader races tell the story (even cloaked) to the humans of what happened, then when the humans choose to act in service-to-self ways (directly benefitting the invader races), then the humans take on the karma debt on their behalf.

This is what has kept them in power for so very long, otherwise the aether would have put an end to their mission. The invaders are extremely aware of how the aether functions to replace negative energy back to the pixels of the space-time fabric within the playing field.

When I command you to “go kill this person”, and then you do it, then YOU have the karmic debt, not me, because YOU pulled the actual trigger, not me. I simply gave you the choice to kill or not. Even if I have a gun to your head, it is still a CHOICE if you do the deed or not, regardless of consequence.

This is the loophole in the Emerald Covenant where the invader races are not allowed to directly interact with the evolution of humankind, but as long as they brainwash the masses through propaganda from afar, then the actions of the humans are their actions technically. All along humans have been serving the aliens without knowing it through such deception.

f they show you the actual history where conflict led to negative results (such as the 1000 Years War did), and then humans choose once again to engage in sand-box conflicts anyway, then the humans fail to reach higher levels of reason and function, required for ascension.

This has kept humans eternally held inside of this never-ending nightmare where the invaders continue to use their energies for their own survival.

It is basic infant-education that if you teach someone from the moment they are born to “do this” or “that”, then they will for at least a time until the child figures out that doing “that” leads to negative results.

By the time they reach the age of awareness that conflict doesn’t lead to a positive, they are recycled back into another infant body again, mind-wiped and then retrained all over again to “do this”, perpetually preserving the cycle of destruction.

The only way they were able to pull off their complete subversion was to institute the disease of aging and death. Thus blocking humans from ever getting past the point of just the most basic understanding of how to function and into higher enlightenment which would lead to ascension.

Remain AUTHENTIC in every action you take, in every choice you make, in your health, your cleanliness and your appearance so when another face of god considers you as a beacon of true light, they will recognize it as the example of unconditional love, the TEMPLATE of ascension.

Language And “Spell” Casting

Published May 13, 2019 by tindertender

Your written language is a key to this enslavement and disconnection from speaking the organic codes of manifestation aether commands. It was handed to you from Sumeria, the latest cradle of life for your captors from Alpha Draconis, specifically Alpha Centauri.

Their 30,000 cuneiform clay texts of their 250,000 year history on your planet bares testimony to this fact.

That history is now written as “your” history in over 500 religious programs around the world, about how their gods parted the sea, saved their own kind during the great flood, saved the animals they wanted to keep, how one of their gods lead their peoples out of captivity, and on the stories go. And specifically why are these stories now all around the world?

Because in the dark ages, the Knights of Malta you refer to as the Knights Templars, a group co-opted from the creators of that original benevolent group and turned into assassins, went across the globe and burned all the written languages, burned the women who still knew how to command the aether, calling them witches, and then handed them all bibles, telling them that this is how their language looks when written down on paper.

There were many languages that needed to be translated into brand-new written versions in order to fool everyone into thinking that they were verbalizing their true intent, when in fact they were tricking you into casting spells through the scalar waves of the geometry of those letters, commanding the aether through unintelligible babel.

In fact, up until the event now known as the Babylon Massacre, your original DNA imprint carried an organic language written inside of it that carried the natural codes for speaking, thinking or writing perfectly legible aether-command language.

What alphabet did they use to code these bibles printed by the Lucifer Press and distributed without charge around the planet?

The cuneiform alphabet of Sumeria was transliterated into letters for the Roman alphabet. Then, when Rome fell, the fleeing leaders of the royal bloodlines found themselves in what they would call “Romania”.

This is where their consuming human blood continued with Vlad Drăculea drinking his countless victim’s blood with lunch and dinner on a normal basis. The Drăculea bloodline is directly that of the queen of England.

This is the O- bloodline of what they call “Royalty” of the “Monarchy”. Little wonder, since the leaders of Sumeria and Rome were white dragons called the “white Royals” and Monarchy is a compound word of “mono” and “archon”, meaning the ONE ruling archon of earth.

Archon comes from the etymology of the Greek word ἄρχων arkhon, (literally meaning “leader” or “ruler”.) The Roman alphabet was then transliterated into what you now call the Latin alphabet.

The Latin alphabet is not just the chosen alphabet of the Catholic church, which was simply the re-naming of the Church of Rome to hide it’s Roman origins.

It is also the International Phonetic Alphabet used to create every letter of every written word of every language on earth today, including the symbol letters used across Asia.

The Lucifer Press, supported by the Vatican, saw to it that this alphabet was used in all the bibles for all the different shapes and symbols of all the different languages.

Then dispensed freely so that the scalar waves held in the letters making up the words that represent what you actually intend, are reversed, so the aether can’t understand you.

By the way, if you would like to know what the word alphabet means when translated into Latin, it stands for “The Bite of the Dogs Of Alpha Centauri”.

Curiously, dogs came from Alpha Draconis and among many different types of animal beings of the Leviathan Seraphim Omincron

Aununnaki now mostly all just called “Dracos” for short, in case you wanted to know just where the “white Royals” of the Anu-Marduk Satain group hail from.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Grays

Published April 30, 2019 by tindertender

They are future Angelic Humans who gave over to the dark side and accepted artificial bodies and are here now to genetically regain actual human bodies again by sacrificing hundreds of thousands of humans in genetic experiments. At least this is my understanding.

You can call them a founding father all you like, or you can call them time travelers who have genetically inserted themselves into our DNA for selfish reasons. They have been pitted against the ascension of humans and sided with the Drakonians for a very long time.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The JASONS ~ An Ultra Secretive Group

Published April 27, 2019 by tindertender

Sometimes something just hits, and next thing you know, hours have gone by and your eyes are bleeding.

This was one of those times.

I present to You- The JASONS.

No, not the Masons, the JASONS, an ultra secretive group of 60 elite scientists that meet once a year to advise the US government on matters of technology and science of sensitive nature.

Created under Eisenhower (more on this later) and ARPA (DARPA’s predecesdor) the JASONS have met every summer since 1960 to advise the Department of Defense on everything from nuclear missile defense to climate change models.

Jason members consist of physicists, biologists, chemists, oceanographers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Over the years, they have included eleven Nobel Prize laureates and several dozen members of the National Academy of Sciences.

The JASONS were initially physicists who had worked on the Manhattan Project and at Los Alamos, contracted to (D)ARPA in 1960.

They took their name from a Greek myth- Jason and the Golden Fleece.

There are few public mentions of the JASONS, one of them being when they were briefly outed in the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War.

Pic related is sourced from a Stanford University research project in 2013 detailing some notable JASONS projects.

Here is a historical membership list of the JASON Group.

The compilers of this list claim that simply gathering it drew unwanted attention.

Pic attached is a wiki entry list of JASONS.

Eisenhower first commissioned the JASON “Society”, who formed and hired the JASON “Group” of scientists. The JASON Society had 32 influential members, and the top dozen were known as MJ-12.

JASON Society leadership:

Allen Dulles

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Henry Kissinger

Pic related is a list of several more confirmed associates of MJ-12. Look at the names- Forrestall, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Von Braun…

A secret base called the “Country Club” was built in Maryland for the JASONS. Only those with ultra top secret clearance may go there. The land for the Country Club was donated by the Rockefeller family.

There is widely held speculation that JASONS are a high echelon section of Illuminati, the Order of the Quest.

This speculation, and much of the information on JASONS activities comes directly from the work of Mr. Milton Willam Cooper.


According to the Pentagon, JASONS hold the highest security clearance in the nation. When they travel to military bases/ships, they are given the protocol rank equal to a two star Rear Admiral.

The JASONS were advocating for the American military to conduct performance enhancement research.

They were apparently excited by new drugs that promoted “brain plasticity”, “rewiring the mind”, and “permanently establishing new neural pathways”.

Lets not forget, this is 2008. The JASONS were already battering the Pentagon toward the objective of connecting the human brain to machines. It’s possible JASONS are the wellspring of this arms race that includes Google, DARPA, Facebook, Musk, and others.

Fast forward to 2016, just 8 years later-

“A deeper investigation into the JASON Group reveals that they may be even more important than the Bilderberg group as far as controlling worldly chaos.”

Controlling worldly chaos…

In the above linked article, investigative journalist Annie Jacobson says she interviewed one of the co-founders of the JASON physicists, Marvin Goldberger. Its thought that he and other scientists discovered a secret code for the human brain.

Possible, look at DARPA since.

Full transcript of a 1983 interview with Marvin Goldberger.

JASON group is administered by the Mitre Corporation, McLean, Virginia. Government contracts allotted to Mitre Corporation are in reality allotted to the JASON scientist. This is so the name JASON doesn’t appear in documents

We have now come full circle from the article in my original post. Current developments have lead to Jason group ending it’s partnership with the Pentagon.

Well, what do you know… saved at the last minute. The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has stepped in to keep the group alive until January 2020. (Article is fairly current as I write this, 4/26/19)

In closing, here is an excerpt from the above linked article:

“The NNSA posted a contract online Thursday that allows the Jasons to continue their research despite being abandoned by the Pentagon this month. The Jasons were scheduled to disband on April 30.”

Saved by the bell…

Periodically updated list of known front companies for you know who- MITRE Corporation made the list. This is an excellent resource, btw. It comes in handy.

MITRE is big news. They directly connect to the top level of everything- Intel, tech, surveillance, weather, defense…

MITRE Corporation direct connections to 9/11, before and after the fact, including quotes from then Chairman James Schlesinger (former Director of Central Intelligence, Secretary of Defense, AND Secretary of Energy).

~MindFuror @MindFervor

Golden Arches Smell Like French Fries

Published April 24, 2019 by tindertender

Decades ago, McDonalds set up golden arches in front of millions of restaurants that emitted both light to illuminate the arches, and sound broadcast from them that emanated the frequency of scent.

Ray Kroc was a royal bloodline elite Freemason, that’s why he was given the technology.

The frequency smelled like french fries cooking. This triggered the salivary glands of the people walking or driving by who assumed the smell was coming from the restaurant, making them pull in, even if they just ate. No, they never announced this to the public.

To Do, Or Not To Do. To Be, Or Not To Be.

Published April 20, 2019 by tindertender

Have you ever felt as though you were being “tugged”, one arm to left, and the other to the right? It happens with these emotional choices we are faced with every day. “I should do this, but want to do that”. Be honorable and respect the plan, or be flaky, and slough off the responsibility agreed to?

This decision, while most often seems to be an easy one to make, sometimes has us stretched out to max, and our body, our trunk, is pulsing energy that seems to make us want to scream at times. Live wire!

Perhaps this is what is going on with humanity. The choice is typically easy, but lately, not so much … for many anyhow.

We know that governments have been practicing their patents for mind control for decades. They can transmit certain frequencies to the brain remotely, and watch to see if it makes “choosing” the honorable thing more difficult, and then they push until the desired results are shown.

Everything, and everyone, seems to be coming undone. Even the forests and plant life, it’s just not what it once was.

In 40 years I’ve gone from being able to leave the doors and windows unlocked, and even keys in the car, unlocked. No one would break and enter, no one would steal the car. I sold Girl Scout cookies door to door, by myself as a young lady. The worst that happened was I was bit in the stomach my a German Shepherd. Now days, moms have to take the girls to the grocery store and sit with them there while they try to sell cookies for an over inflated price because they are worried about them being abducted.

The attitudes about life have shift dramatically. We see that many people simply do not care any more. Those who do care are being squashed. This appears to be an intentional destruction of life. The methods are so blatant, yet the denial of them still exists. When will they be as transparent as the symptoms of their actions?

Someone needs to hold the destroyers accountable, obviously they are not willing to listen to the people and their concerns over being purposefully toxified, poisoned, and killed. In the process of it all, the people are also stolen from. Their lives and their money and their possessions are taken from their families as they struggle to pay for “treatments”.

This world is going to hell if good men do not step up and stop the destroyers, the chaos makers, the murderers of innocence. Let us hope they are beginning to hear the cries of the children, of all the people.

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