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Teleporting and NASA

Published September 4, 2019 by tindertender

What do you suppose they’ve been doing with this technology the last two years? I’m sure this wasn’t actually the ‘first time’. Although no doubt the first time they admitted it.

And people wonder how patients wind up in ceilings at hospitals, and people disappear without a trace. Now you know.

Here’s one the Army did in 2016.

These things are only told publicly after they have perfected the technique. You can rest assured they’ve been at this for years.

… I believe science is behind “spontaneous combustion” as well.

Only evil wants to create these things. No peace loving being would be interested in this chaos, pain creation.

… and there is so much more …

What do you think 5G is really about?

Agenda 21 …

Do you really think they’ll kill off a whole lot of people, or do you suppose they’ll teleport them off planet for slave labor?

I don’t put anything past these entities who are masquerading as humans.

Rule The World

Published August 25, 2019 by tindertender

This is a program put in place by the one who plans on controlling the world. His “chosen one” is currently amassing wealth from around the country and world … and the towers which will be used to put signal through in order to put people in trance are going up like crazy.

And that’s just in the U.S.

The future “New World Order” leader asked his manipulators last night if there were “tears in my eyes” as tho this was a very satisfying concept. I personally informed him there were not.

I was told to “stay away from them” by one who cares.

Jack wagon.

It is best when you do not consume substances which weaken your mind: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. This allows them access, entry to your mind, and an opening for control. Psychotropic prescription medications do this too.

Protect your sacred space, your mind.

The Ring Finger Program

Published August 23, 2019 by tindertender

The human body is a bioelectric energy processor that works on electromagnetic current. This current is coming in to the body from the aether as well as coming in from the foods we eat.

In fact, the right hand is the energy transmitter, and the left hand is the energy receiver.

When you place your hands together, your electric current runs down your right arm, out of your right hand, into your left hand, back up your left arm and then back to your heart, where it starts its journey all over again.

The epicenter of the left hand energy receiver is the fourth finger, or what you call a “ring” finger. It is connected directly to the immune system of the body. In fact, the ring finger is associated with Apollo, the sun god, one of your captors.

Perhaps he knows something about this finger you don’t know. And maybe even about the ring you are placing on it? Just a guess.

The fourth finger of the left hand is connected to the pelvic floor, and is the meridian of the liver which gives a person patience, serenity, hope and vision for the future and is called the “triple warmer” in sacred spiritual teachings.

It rules the immune system and the DNA cells of the body, not to mention is the RECEIVER meridian of your energy flow, meaning it is the most sensitive acting force of the human body when it comes to moderating and modulating the human functions and health.

Gold is a deadly poison to human physical bodies. To reptilian bodies coursing with blue blood, it is part of the secret of immortal life when it is powdered and ionized, and that is why it is the number one most important natural resource on earth.

The Luciferians stationed on Nibiru can aerosol it into their atmosphere, so they can live in perfect health and “forever” as long as they are in manifestation.

They also wear gold jewelry here on earth, and you emulate them because usually they are the wealthiest ones alive. So your wedding band is gold.

Now that you have heavy metal poison leaching directly into the one most important energetic meridian of the human body on your ring finger, you can expect that gold to disrupt the organic flow of the aether coming into your body.

Plus it is directly feeding the liver and immune system with toxins, removing your patience, your serenity, hope and vision for the future.

Gold is radioactive. That means Radon.

It is a fundamental sub particle of Bismuth which is a known radioactive carcinogen which has been found in dozens or hundreds of products in courts of law to cause cancer.

But because gold is so “precious” and has been since Sumer-Ur and Egyptian times, it, along with silver and other “precious metals” found on the periodic scale (every single one atomic elements of Bismuth), it is something science simply doesn’t talk about.

But the atomic elements are there:

“Gold-198 (198Au) is a radioactive isotope of gold. It undergoes beta decay to stable 198Hg with a half-life of 2.697 days. This isotope has also found use in nuclear weapons research and as a RADIOACTIVE TRACER in hydrological research.”

There are no metals that are safe for humans to wear other than possibly surgical stainless steel. Otherwise they have all been reduced through Redox processing that removes all the oxygen from their elements.

This turns them into cation ions that continually draw in energy to them and then dispense it into the aether. Which means like a vacuum they draw out the oxygen you are trying to get into your body through photoreactive elements we call magnesium or iron.

Magnesium is secretly oxygen and therefore secretly orgon bioelectric (Cold Fusion) energy and is not just similar-to, but has exactly the same elemental structure as healthy blood cells. Without oxygen it turns Dextrorotation cationic (catatonic) and goes into shut down.

-mission guide


Published August 22, 2019 by tindertender

forwarded from mission guide | 8/22/19

Right now, this very minute, there are hundreds of thousands of UFOs overhead. They are part of a coalition of many thousands of different races who have pledged to assist this very special planet as she goes through an ascension she has been awaiting now for 550 million years. This is a very big deal.

But the thing is, you can’t see these crafts. Not with your eyes anyway. Though you don’t actually see anything with your eyes, you see with your pineal gland and your eyes actually project that image in front of you, this is not the point of this post. If you would like to know the actual scientific proof behind this statement, you will have to wait until the newly revised volume 3 of the human handbook series comes out soon and read chapter 24, Eyes Are The Projectors Of Reality. But not only do you see in a totally different manner than you’ve been told, what you do see has been programmed into your data banks as something that you’ve been allowed to register.

If you have gone through any of the handbook series, you will already understand all about the artificial reptilian brain that processes your thoughts and that it works in tandem with the Vagus Nerve to regulate your perceptible reality as well as your biological system to limit your time during any one life in order to prevent you from learning too much and breaking the codes around you. But what I haven’t talked about yet is you have literally been programmed not to see certain things, even if they are right in front of your eyes.

This is extremely difficult to believe that a fully functioning and rational person with an IQ higher than at least that of the rest of the animal kingdom could possibly be susceptible to real-time neurological reprogramming.

The fact is the reptilian brain is fitted with multiple levels of awareness that when studied under bioelectric sensors shows clearly the separation between these stages that you go through each day. From REM sleep to driving a race car around a track with your hair on fire, you can actually see your mental status through sonic tones measured in hertz. I’ve mentioned these before, but will briefly jot them down again here just for quick reference. They are:

DELTA .01-4 Hertz – Dreamless sleep

THETA 4-8 Hertz – Meditation, twilight sleep

ALPHA 9 – 13 Hertz – Relaxed

BETA 14-30 Hertz – Awake, alert

GAMMA 30 and above Hertz – Adrenaline, acutely alert

If you have been following my posts as of recent, you already understand that there is a special point in your consciousness where the human mind becomes readily susceptible to hypnosis. This is in Theta state frequency like when you first awake in the morning and haven’t totally come around yet. But inside the 4 to 8 Hertz range is a very special frequency that hypnotists are trained to bring you to in order to put you under, usually to make you strut around and cluck like a chicken in front of all your friends for a great laugh. It is 7.83 Hertz. Once you have been brought down to this exact frequency through gentle and soothing words by the hypnotist, anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be placed under.

Before you say that no, I can’t be hypnotized and you know because you’ve already tried it and it didn’t work, realize that if you determine in your mind that you won’t be placed under a “spell”, adrenaline races through your brain, elevating your state of alertness, making you now no longer a candidate for the funny performance. But if you don’t know that someone is going to attempt to place you under and your oscillation has been brought down to this magic frequency, then you too will succumb exactly as fast as the snap of his fingers. You might want to spend some time on Youtube to see this for yourself.

This magic trance frequency I just mentioned is significant in that until this time alone in history since the arrival of your captors, the Schumann Resonance of the planet has been artificially regulated by something called the Nibiru Diodic Crystal Grid (the NDC) that was installed directly over the Cross Ley-Lines of the organic Krystal Cathedral Energy Temples that set the heartbeat of the planet which sets the flashline sequence for material manifestation. (You can read all about flashline sequencing and the critical role it plays in your life in vol 2, chapter 18 of the series under Creating Space And Time.) The role of the NDC has been to lower the sonic pulsation of Tara to a level where while resonating at this frequency, Angelic Humans (as well as human hybrids) would function in a virtually-constant meditative state at exactly 7.83 Hertz.

The role of the hypnotherapist is to place you under at this key frequency and then keep you resonating in twilight sleep mode (eyes open and functioning, but not really all there), during which time he can suggest anything to you that he wants and when he snaps his fingers where you apparently come back to consciousness (but still resonating at 7.83 Hertz), you will not only do anything he has programmed into your mind, but you will literally be unable to see anything he has forbidden you to.

Hypnotism is real. It isn’t the work of the devil, but the actual bioelectric science of Sentient human brains that function as wireless electronic devices that operate very specifically within certain sonic ranges. Sound tones (like snapping your fingers) triggers pulse-points within your functioning mental spectrum that can trigger an instant transition from one state to another, just as other keys used by practitioners that can throw off your equilibrium for just a moment like while shaking hands and making deep eye-contact and then suddenly pulling you toward them and within a fraction of a second you are out like a light.

Understand that “equilibrium” and “inner-ear” are code-words used for directly referring to your holographic projection center, your pineal gland. I deal with Indigos everyday who have ultra-sensitive inner-ear balances that are so finely-tuned that even short rides in cars can be impossible for them to navigate. So this is something that I am keenly familiar with.

Now watch the video if you haven’t already taken a look, and see for yourself that the subject has been programmed not to see trees. When awakened he is fully functioning just as apparently clear as anyone looking on, but simply cannot see trees unless he is forced to reach out and touch it with his hand and is left with no possible way to deny its existence. Hypnotherapists do this with hundreds of items, not just trees. Subjects cannot physically see someone if they are told not to while they were under. They can’t see a chair to sit down in, because in their mind it literally does not exist.

This is called NLP or neuro-linguistic programming where sonic vibration is used through voice commands to program human minds in real-time. All they have to do is use key words, make triggering sounds with their fingers you don’t even consciously notice, throw your pineal gland off balance for 1/100th of a second and instantaneously you can be programmed not to see what is right there in front of you.

Everyone on-planet has been programmed continuously through hidden messages in every genre of music, written sonic impulses on all things around you, pulpit-hammering, gavel-smashing and cruiser sirens blaring since the day you were born and slapped, literally, into a coma the very moment of your birth. From that second forward your neuro programming has been taking place, and what is truly remarkable about hypnosis is with merely a single command “you will not remember this when you awake”, it is literally impossible for them to recall what was said to them while they were under.

Just days ago during a debriefing my contact explained to me that humans are not born mind-wiped. For the life of me I had never heard this before in all these years of education and was taken aback. The mind-wipe happens after your are born and then reinforced everyday while you go, because while the human brain can be programmed, it cannot be programmed permanently. Eventually everyone comes out from under the hypnotist’s commands (days, weeks or months). So it has to be re-applied over and over. Which is why you haven’t lived a week of your life without hearing another judge’s gavel slam down, a siren somewhere in the city, or some form of preacher/politician thundering over a lectern reminding you through loudspeakers what an ignorant loser you are. I was left to assume that while you are under for that moment or minutes each time, you are reminded through subliminal programming not to see UFOs.

I’ve discussed with council the crafts in the skies multiple times and she has repeatedly told me that “there are dozen, hundreds or thousands of ships above your head”, even if you are in the most remote place, such as standing on top of the high-Andes mountains of the Amazon where I was stationed for 2 1/2 years and was being monitored by multiple UFOs out my window. “They are always there”.

I’ve shared images of these crafts numerous times from the now-famous facebook housewife who has shared thousands of photos she has taken with her smartphone fitted with special lenses allowing her to capture swarms of warcrafts posted next to the sun and IAFW headquarters and explained to you that because she could personally see them, that camera has to capture the image in digital and then by showing you the pictures as merely images that in your mind could be “photoshopped”, therefore this overrides the programming and suddenly anyone can see them. And now you know that it is because they aren’t “in the sky”, they are in the picture, not something that was apparently covered in your constant mind-wiping and reprogramming.

It was also very recently that she informed me that while many or most of the images Gina Maria Colven Hill is sharing are real, “some are not” she said. I asked her why that is, and she told me she is actually an agent posing as a dingy housewife who is very good at her job. I was left with the impression that she is part of the underground alliance of the SSP and Milabs groups who are working to gradually bring disclosure to the public, but not so quickly that it catches the collective off-guard which would then work to trigger the breaker switches of the brain I have covered in previous posts.

So even if you have seen one or a few UFOs but you haven’t seen any since, it was because since then you fell back under memory-erasal and a mental reset.

mission guide

Hypnotized to not see trees! Funny! Steve G Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Covert Street NLP


Published August 21, 2019 by tindertender

The chemtrails are for multiple reasons, blocking your view of the sun is likely not one of them, no matter how compelling it might be. No one is looking up anymore anyway.

The nanites turn the liquid sky into an alkaline solution that sets in place the trillions of trillions of “neuro” transmitters to turn it into a motherboard while completing the connection for Skynet.

I will also point out that it is physically and scientifically impossible for a chemtrail to have a shadow above it unless the light isn’t coming from above, it is coming from the light bulbs in the air that generate Cold Fusion light.

You can also see shadows behind the moon against the clouds by the way. The sun is merely a portal to bring in the neutrinos (and passage into this matrix), not a radiant ball emanating illumination.

Realize that the “internet” is made up of millions of tiny points where very small computation takes place (in your home computer) that connects to each other that allows for the connection you have to the network. You are the network.

And each nanite is the same thing in chemtrails. They are each one very tiny computers that link to each other.

Once that connection is global with no breaks, then every nanite up there will be able to tell Switzerland what is happening in Bangladesh, as they are also fitted for surveillance like satellites.

You wonder how do cameras in satellites pierce miles and miles of clouds and dust particles and now a solid sheet of chemtrails over every populated area of the world and somehow zoom in to read a postage stamp on an envelope from “space”.

That is not physically possible unless the cameras generating that montage image are right there in the air around your head space. They don’t have to zoom in to anywhere anymore, they’re already there.

Chemtrails are human-level tech Nanites being saturated into the earth’s ecosystem globally at the rate of millions of tons each day. They infect all animal life, plant life, the water, every food source and as of October of 2013, infected 94% of all human life.

When activated by HAARP, they can modify the weather in any way desired right down to a thunderstorm over a single building, and can operate the physical and cognitive functions of any individual person, or race group as identified by their blood’s unique frequency signatures.

(Me: Bitches)

Chemtrailing has been an active program since the early 1970s. The Nanites being dropped are fitted with broadcast and receiving antennae as well as dried human blood infected with deadly human pathogens.

Their default program is to infiltrate and attack the human immune system to advance crippling disease, now reflected in the pandemic of diabetes, heart disease, immunodeficiency, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, Morgellons and innumerable others.

1 in 4 now have more than one chronic disease, thousands of times higher than prior to the chemtrail campaign 45 years ago. Chemtrail Nanites are surface-earth created nanobots, which are rudimentary beyond comprehension compared to Bourjha Nanites, but still, they are a very, very serious challenge to the human genome.

Chemtrail Nanites actually carry the names of their inventors; sometimes with their patent numbers and even the names of their companies on their bodies, written in nano-particles.They are computer robots, not flakes of metal.

Surface-earth Nanites as shown below (also called Morgellons), like Borjha Nanites, are DNA-driven, which means they are actually living, thinking, calculating machines that run on any type of electricity surrounding them.

Human body fluids easily power their systems, just as an electronic clock can run off of the electricity of a potato or a lemon.

Even outside of the body, surrounded only by the elements in air, they are fully functional and have been video-taped moving on the ground after falling from the sky. Do a quick search for “snow that doesn’t melt” and “snow that moves” to see for yourself.

Morgellon’s Disease is now in a pandemic level where the immune system has been so effected by the spread of this nano-bot through chemtrailing, through direct lacing of pre-mixed foods, frozen foods, fast-foods, entered into all soft drinks and highly into dark-colored sodas such as colas and into the water supplies, that mass-reports of flu not in flu season and pneumonia deaths have literally gone off the charts within the last 3 years.

While their bodies may be biological like a common parasite, their skeletal structure and their brain-functions are purely robotic making them true cyborgs. They take many forms and do grow once inside.

These machines are made from off-world steel alloy that can mimic human biological tissue. Most are much too small to see with the naked eye, (hence why they’re called Nanites in our modern terminology), as they are nano-bots that can attach together to form any size or shape they choose, physically. Today you will see black goo (a common name for Nanites) in nearly every Sci-Fi horror movie at least at some point, showing the first reveal to humans, preparing them for the big take-over they are still fighting for.

In the final scene in Lucy, they crawl out of her super-human body and replicate into a mammoth computer that simply assembles itself.

Do you have any idea how stupid they think we are?

Published August 18, 2019 by tindertender

Harvard Scientists, Funded By Bill Gates, To Begin Spraying Particles Into The Sky To Dim The Sun

Begin?! This has been going on for years. What are they talking about when they say beginning? Do you have any idea how stupid they think we are?

No, ZeroHedge is not a satire site. We are not a conspiracy theory site. The information you are about to read is factually accurate and 100% real despite the ostensible ‘skeptics’ who claim otherwise. The controversial subject of geoengineering or weather modification – which was popularized, and oversimplified with the term “chemtrails” – is once again stepping from the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny. And it may soon be a reality as Harvard scientists plan first ever experiment to spray particles in the sky to dim the sun.

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