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Language And “Spell” Casting

Published May 13, 2019 by tindertender

Your written language is a key to this enslavement and disconnection from speaking the organic codes of manifestation aether commands. It was handed to you from Sumeria, the latest cradle of life for your captors from Alpha Draconis, specifically Alpha Centauri.

Their 30,000 cuneiform clay texts of their 250,000 year history on your planet bares testimony to this fact.

That history is now written as “your” history in over 500 religious programs around the world, about how their gods parted the sea, saved their own kind during the great flood, saved the animals they wanted to keep, how one of their gods lead their peoples out of captivity, and on the stories go. And specifically why are these stories now all around the world?

Because in the dark ages, the Knights of Malta you refer to as the Knights Templars, a group co-opted from the creators of that original benevolent group and turned into assassins, went across the globe and burned all the written languages, burned the women who still knew how to command the aether, calling them witches, and then handed them all bibles, telling them that this is how their language looks when written down on paper.

There were many languages that needed to be translated into brand-new written versions in order to fool everyone into thinking that they were verbalizing their true intent, when in fact they were tricking you into casting spells through the scalar waves of the geometry of those letters, commanding the aether through unintelligible babel.

In fact, up until the event now known as the Babylon Massacre, your original DNA imprint carried an organic language written inside of it that carried the natural codes for speaking, thinking or writing perfectly legible aether-command language.

What alphabet did they use to code these bibles printed by the Lucifer Press and distributed without charge around the planet?

The cuneiform alphabet of Sumeria was transliterated into letters for the Roman alphabet. Then, when Rome fell, the fleeing leaders of the royal bloodlines found themselves in what they would call “Romania”.

This is where their consuming human blood continued with Vlad Drăculea drinking his countless victim’s blood with lunch and dinner on a normal basis. The Drăculea bloodline is directly that of the queen of England.

This is the O- bloodline of what they call “Royalty” of the “Monarchy”. Little wonder, since the leaders of Sumeria and Rome were white dragons called the “white Royals” and Monarchy is a compound word of “mono” and “archon”, meaning the ONE ruling archon of earth.

Archon comes from the etymology of the Greek word ἄρχων arkhon, (literally meaning “leader” or “ruler”.) The Roman alphabet was then transliterated into what you now call the Latin alphabet.

The Latin alphabet is not just the chosen alphabet of the Catholic church, which was simply the re-naming of the Church of Rome to hide it’s Roman origins.

It is also the International Phonetic Alphabet used to create every letter of every written word of every language on earth today, including the symbol letters used across Asia.

The Lucifer Press, supported by the Vatican, saw to it that this alphabet was used in all the bibles for all the different shapes and symbols of all the different languages.

Then dispensed freely so that the scalar waves held in the letters making up the words that represent what you actually intend, are reversed, so the aether can’t understand you.

By the way, if you would like to know what the word alphabet means when translated into Latin, it stands for “The Bite of the Dogs Of Alpha Centauri”.

Curiously, dogs came from Alpha Draconis and among many different types of animal beings of the Leviathan Seraphim Omincron

Aununnaki now mostly all just called “Dracos” for short, in case you wanted to know just where the “white Royals” of the Anu-Marduk Satain group hail from.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Signature Spirit Essences

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

The astral fields are where millions of disembodied Signature Spirit Essences typically exist. These beings are experiencing an unfortunate existence where they have been disconnected from the Avatar they once had, then lost. This can happen many ways.

Usually when one loses their Avatar (manifest body), they are still able to reconnect to a new body within whichever 15 Level Time Matrix they have originally manifested within.

However, if something happens to that body that places even ONE DNA cell of that body OUTSIDE of that Time Matrix for whatever reason, then there is no way you can physically get another “whole” body again that is yours under what is known as your “Birth Right” as being yours and yours alone under sovereign interdimensional law.

When you go down inside of any Time Matrix, you choose your birth mother, father, where you will be raised, what your conditions will be, which geolocation you will be nurtured in, your societal position, and so forth. Each one of these conditions are agreed upon before you enter the time matrix.

Each Signature Spirit Essence who enters into agreement with you will SINE-wave their Signature Spirit Essence to the contract, much like a thumb print that is yours alone throughout the cosmaya. This is known as a Soul-Integration Birthing Contract.

Once you have SINED for this experience and all of the guarantees are in place for your protection while your AWARENESS is going to experience a LIMITED FIELD OF ABILITY within that particular type of Time Matrix, then there is a pale silver chord which is created that links your highest self’s energy field to the PRANA seed(your Heart) of your manifestation which will be placed inside of a biological being.

That being is YOURS UNDER CONTRACT. It is NO ONE ELSE’S to inhabit and there are EXTREMELY STRICT RULES that makes sure that it is SOVEREIGN where you and you alone can allow someone else to enter your “house” or not for any reason.

This is why you see “vampires” unable to step inside someone’s home without being invited inside first. The protection is very real and in place within your Time Matrix.

Think of your Avatar like a living car. You can drive it, because it is yours and you have the keys. If someone else were to take your car, you wouldn’t be able to get inside of it and go to town. It is the same thing with an Avatar.

If you allow someone else to use the keys,you are stranded, or even worse,a hostage.Avatars are your manifest vehicle while inside of a physical reality field. You have the keys. If someone asks to borrow your car,you hand them the keys if you wish to allow them to use it.

It is FREE WILL whether or not you choose to let them do so. Now, imagine you are tricked into handing them your keys for one reason or another and then they disappear with your car with you locked in the trunk.

Now you don’t have your keys and someone else does, and it was all FREE WILL that you allowed them to do this, even though they TRICKED you into obtaining them. This is STILL FREE WILL.

That means that your Avatar can be inhabited the same way through trickery and deceit. Keep this in mind.

Ghosts have no way to “live”. They just observe life around them. Since they are energy and not physical, you can’t “see” them. But they exist all around you and typically live in the more interesting realities of the Astral Fields.

These Astral Fields are counterfeit, and are there as outlaws so-to-speak.

The places there are not supposed to be there and there are millions of different “universes inside of this universe” where different realities are being experienced by disembodied Signature Spirit Essences who are locked into the dimensions and MID-dimensions that exist in your Time Matrix.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Sleepy Gatherings

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

When you go to sleep, your brain floods with dimethyltryptamine, the most powerful psychedelic known to man.

This releases your AWARENESS from the frequency waves of your artificial brain and allows you to “astral travel” or, travel outside of the confines of your artificial Avatar.

Since your entire planet itself is surrounded by an invisible force field called the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, there are guards at the stargates at the four corners of the earth that keep you from leaving this one dimension.

But inside of that dimension are the Astral Fields,where you can cruise around and check out things. This is like going to the Wild West where there is no law. When you lightly dream before REM sleep you are able to move in and out of these fields as well.

When you do, you are there with zero protection around you. You have NO control over your plasma body and the beings there have ALL of the protection imaginable to protect them from you.

They can read all of your thoughts like an unlocked computer instantly and they can interact with you. They have no body. You have one all nice and tucked in bed back home. They haven’t HAD a body in 1/2 billion years. Now what do you suppose they might want to do?

Of course, take up residence inside your chakra fields so when you wake up the next morning you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do and don’t know why.

These beings will be compelled to leave your chakras when you place an intense scalar wave force field around your plasma body from the full energy field of earth itself, which your silver chord is KEYED to.

Earth was created FOR your seeding. It is STILL CODED to your DNA at his core. And his energy, that of the collective energy of all Angelic Human life within his atmosphere, is available to you.

Something your captors do not want you to know about, something that has been taught in secret societies for the past 246,000 years. Energy that they summon to keep you asleep and inside of your tortured existence as nothing more than energy cells for their own use.

Following the procedures in the Maharic Shield mechanics, you can tap into earth’s geomagnetic

Taurus Field and place all of his power around your plasma body, making it impossible for unwanted visitors to remain in your chakra fields.

You can take back sole operation possession of your body. When you place the field around you, simply ask your visitors to depart. Be kind. If that was you who had not had your own body for 550 million years, it would be a very sad thing to have to leave.

But nonetheless, as long as their FREQUENCY is inside of your Avatar, you will remain unable to repair your own distorted DNA and elevate it to the 4 DNA strand so you can ascend out of this prison dimension. So be nice when you ask them to vacate.

This is the process you can take to place the Maharic Seal around you before you open up to the astral fields in your sleep or when you are meditating (which also opens up your plasma body to the same danger), or when you are in a high-energy field of others such as mentioned above. I have posted the PDF of the entire process here as well so you can have a visual of what the hierophant’s process will be taking.

Below is the hierophant what you will be creating in your mind and placing around your plasma body.

Maharic Shield PDF :

When you read this mountain of information, the hard-to-hear, unvarnished truth about your history within this prison, given directly to you by your founding fathers of the Guardian Alliance under the Emerald Covenant, and you don’t share it, what are YOU doing for the Lost Souls Of Tara, still captive in this hell that used to be earth?

All love fellow pieces of god.

~Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Get Ready, Set, Go!

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

Life … it moves so fast! Is it even possible to note all that is going on in any given day, at any given moment?

I saw a woman walking in 90 degree weather yesterday with no shoes on. I stopped and turned around, thinking I would give her my sandals, but she was no where to be seen. Hopefully she did not have far to go for I know what it is like to walk on baking pavement with no shoes … ouch!

I’ve put off the laundry as long as I possibly could. I’m seriously considering giving away many items so there is not so much to wash! It is crazy how many clothing items can be collected and stored, worn only occasionally. I mean, what’s the point? Perhaps I can just get away with one load of colors and one load of whites … then play the rest of the day.

I burned the picnic table thinking I would replace it with a porch swing. The good ones are around $500 so I have not replaced it yet. I will look on Craig’s list, or some of the other sites people sell things on to see if I can get a deal on some outdoor furniture. Maybe there is an estate sale somewhere with a smoking deal on some fabulous furniture!

After my dogs vet visit yesterday we are $258 lighter in the wallet than we once were. It’s crazy how much they charge for a vet visit! Granted he got a couple shots and partial bloodwork done, but man!

I’ve got the windows open now letting in the cool morning air. The house was a little stuffy after yesterdays heat, and it will be the same today.

I know something very big is coming down the line. We’ve got another four years, tops before it hits us, and it’s going to be like a ton of bricks when it slams us. For years now I thought there must be something I can do to help alleviate the situation, but I am just an average citizen no one likes to listen to for their own thoughts are most prevalent in their minds, as it should be. It is sad tho to know that this “event” is going to catch a lot of people off guard.

Now days I realize that whatever is going to happen will happen no matter how much I squawk about it, so I might as well relax and do what I want to do in the remaining four years. This does not mean to be naughty … no, I’ve already done that. It simply means to kick back and enjoy nature, take many pictures with my eyes so my consciousness can record every detail of the beauty which this earth holds. Who knows, perhaps it will be these memories, and those others hold of the beauty of our world, which will create the next generation of human and the earth they shall inhabit. Maybe this is the real purpose of being here at this time … to record all that is good, and its opposite, so we can create a new world when the time comes.

That being said, today I think I’ll find a kiddy pool, a porch swing or lounge, and I’ll sit there with my feet in the water and read in the silent, whispering of the winds. Hopefully the new seat will have a canopy to shield the full force of the suns rays, they are pretty powerful now.

Have a beautiful Sunday friends. Let us practice living like there will be no tomorrow, for it is a pretty significant possibility that day is coming, and may be sooner than any of us think.

Joining Nature, Doing It’s Thing

Published May 11, 2019 by tindertender

I love the fact that my dogs are so well trained I have not had to use an alarm clock for yeeeeaaars. Every morning, faithfully at 5, they nudge me awake, eager for potty and breakfast. I must add that waking to the wet noses of my fur kids is the best way to wake!

Toby needs to go to the vet for blood work this morning. Thyroid meds won’t be refilled until his levels are checked. The appointment is at ten a.m. which means I’ve been wasting time lolly gagging on this computer since five o’clock.

All I really want to do is find a patch of grass, or a level spot for my new folding chair by the river to kick back and relax on. Since it is nearly 9, there isn’t much more time to wait for the daily adventure to begin.

A friend went to Spain and recently posted photos of the sky there. I am glad to see it isn’t just the United States messing with the weather, although, that also means the damages being done to the planet are magnified. I wonder why they cannot see what the chemical products are doing to the soil and plant life? Perhaps they do and simply do not care for they know this is only delaying the inevitable.

In the past (and occasionally still) I have gotten very upset by the covert operations (meaning, not talked about publicly, but info is available should one look deep enough). The thought seems to be, “If we don’t talk of it, people will not ask questions”. Looking into history we see plain the slick, edging around potentially dangerous topics. And we have seen with our own eyes what those dangers are. It may not be processed consciously, but it is seen none-the-less.

It looks like the switching of the guard is about to take place. There will be no announcement, but if you are in touch with the senses, it is felt.

Geomagnetic storms and disruptions are occurring now which are tossing the emotional balance of humans around like candy at a parade. It amazes me. Those affected (all biological life forms) are pouring emotional energy into the system … anger, sadness, confusion, chaos, fear.

There are those in this world who feed on the chaotic energy emission from humans. The best thing one can do is learn to breath as the emotional energy reaches crescendo and then subsides. It always does … watch it as it arrives. Breathe and watch as it peaks and then wanes. It doesn’t take long to pass once the breath is applied. (Although at times it can feel like it takes forever).

This is the surest way to deflate the negative affects trying so hard to be born from these ‘situations’. Also, it is one of the best ways to assist your fellow human, for by deflating the energy less harm will be wrought upon society. While negative energy will cause damage to personal circles, those who feed on the blown up and birthed negativity will become stronger and therefore cause much more damage than your minor fit will.

Control your emotions and you begin to harness your creativity at a new level. Choices become clear, and decisions which have more benefit are made, rather than their opposite.

The human ability to form reality is shared by all … the reality we see is what we’ve created collectively. If it isn’t what was intended, then double down efforts … one must be in the flow rather than being forceful.

Force brings with it troubles. Flow brings with it ease.


Mark Of The Beast

Published May 11, 2019 by tindertender

All of the invader-races today carry blood inside their veins that have been coded with special blockages preventing them from ascension which are the 666 overtones of certain strands of their genetic Templates which later came to be known as the “Mark of the Beast”.

The Time Matrix where those Axion Seals are coded to specific stargates inter-connect to the DNA strands are linked to these Axion-Templar Seals, and that Matrix was nicknamed “the Beast” billions of years before humans ever came down to this planet.

All of the beings that now belong to the World Management Team Illuminati, whether they are under the Luciferian Covenant, or one of the others, share this common element (at least those who have refused the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor).

That means that the beings with those three unique seals keeping them from ever ascending out of this time matrix and have refused the Treaty are only here for one reason, that’s to abduct Angelic Humans.

Some call this “soul snatching”. Their intent all along has been to bring the eternal-life-force of the Angelics into that other Time Matrix to power their “reality”.

The Templar Axion Seal is now known in religious terms as the “Mark of the Beast”, or in simpler terms, the “Mark of the Invader Races”.

It sealed the 6th base tone of the 1st DNA strand, the 6th base tone of the 5th DNA strand and the 6th base tone of the 6th DNA strand, now referred to as the “666”.

The ET races of the Templar Melchizedeks (Sirian Pleiadean Anunnaki) and the Leviathan Drakonians were sealed from interbreeding again with the human evolution long ago after the 3rd seeding of the Angelic Human.

While it is physically possible for those ET human hybrids to have sex with humans, there were seals placed around the DNA of Templar Anunnaki and all Drakonians here which would reject the embryo from Angelic Humans, this is why only certain bloodlines can propagate here, and one of the reasons why the royal bloodlines interbreed with themselves.

If they want any offspring at all, they have to go to those carrying the IR (invader race) genes of their own species or with other illegal aliens here. The first seal called the Templar Seal was placed on their DNA 10,000 years ago, and then again, another additional seal was placed on all beings carrying the Templar Seal bloodlines 3500 years ago called the Templara Axion Seal, (having to do with the Axiatonal codes of their DNA, since the Templar Seal was not blocking ascension to dimension 4 of Tara the Humans who had started interbreeding with their captors once again) a second block that locked ALL beings who carried the ET genes from ascending where they had done so much damage in 1500 BC in a raid on Tara.

~Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Phantom Time Matrix

Published May 11, 2019 by tindertender

The Weasadex is an “artificial”, or “Phantom” Time Matrix built into the energy bands of the 15 Level Gaia Time Matrix you are in now.

That matrix is “in fall”, and does not have its own energy source, and in fact never did even since its creation.

It was also the first place where “vampires and zombies” were created (sentient beings without a Soul Essence or recorded history supported by the Silicate Matrix this world is made up of.

Since Angelic Humans carry the Krystos Holy Gra-al DNA in their templates with never-ending free energy that will course through any body they are ever put inside of within this Time Matrix, they are looked upon as free energy-generators.

Those “Phantom zombies” are here today, arriving in pre-biblical times under the term “Fallen Angels”, a term that referred to the Time Matrix they came from, not by “falling to earth”.

The “fallen” are looking to bring you back with them to power that system, therefore all of them are technically the actual “Anti-Krysts”.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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