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Majestic Message of Disclosure

Published April 21, 2019 by tindertender

Since DMs have been opened, we have been asked several times to speak about Childhood Trauma, and specifically whether or not we could lend a perspective into an individuals worthiness or not. Here is our response:

The totality of your life is recorded in your brain, throughout different frequencies of cognitive resonance. To cite some of the work of Dr Lipton, who has some interesting views that have aligned with MJ12’s Disclosure plans (which is why he hasn’t been removed), let’s explore.

From 0-2 years old, your brain is in a state of consciousness referred to as the Delta range. During this time period the instructions learned are not part of the subconscious, nor are they part of the conscious. They represent core instructions for tasks such as eating, shitting, burping, etc. – bodily functions. The child isn’t necessarily learning how to do these things, they are instead unlocking the instincts stored within their DNA throughout their development. Many other medical researchers dispute Dr Lipton’s claims that there are hard cut-off periods between states of conscious awareness and development, however the general notion Dr Lipton gives is accurate despite semantics. The time period is not definitive such that a birthday party signifies the graduation of consciousness frequencies.

However, as Dr. Lipton has stated, the brain is forming these neural pathways throughout the conscious and unconscious mind of the IS-BE, essentially creating the totality of the Immortal Spiritual Entity’s “being”. To borrow from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to everything apparently is 42, which is “to BE”. The summation of your IS-BE can be expressed by who your soul is, and what you have BEcome. BEcoming is the aggregate of conscious and unconscious experiences recorded and processed (and filtered) by the brain directly. Completely dependent on the physical development of the brain. The rate to which a BEing is able to experience their movie of BEcoming can be understood by a function of their environment to their state of conscious awareness throughout different periods of the IS-BE’s life.

Therefore, when we speak of childhood trauma, as Dr. Lipton says, there are fundamental neuralpathways that are formed during these periods of time that act as our instinct. Beyond the instinctual responses, higher forms of through are recorded due to the brain physically growing in the body of a young child. Everything is recorded at these states of time. Literally recorded, as Dr. Lipton analyzes, its as if you go back to a childhood event (trauma or not) and try to yell at it to change, like a TV, it will not respond to you.

However, turn of phrases, cliches, truth statements (that resonate from within), are therefore recorded. So, as a child under the age of 6, hearing statements such as:

“When the mind is free, the body matters not.”

Offer the child later in their life the ability to intuitively corroborate decisions between the conscious mind and the subconscious recordings to reflect against these critical messages. Other statements such as:

“If you work hard and plan, anything is possible.”

Also work toward the end of raising a child capable of greatness.

However, what happens when a young child is picked on? What if they are sexually abused by a family member or a member of their community? What happens if they are physically neglected? What happens if they witness abuse and other forms of neglect toward others?

This becomes their instincts. So as an adult, they will consciously try to fit their life experiences in the balances created by their subconscious recordings. If the child witnesses the father striking the mother, and the child is female, the child essentially will try to create the environment that recreates those recordings, since they are instincts. When somebody talks back to you, and they are a woman, they get struck. These kinds of engagements are what form foundational childhood trauma. While the knowledge of this information has been kept to MAJIC eyes only in the former decades, the Great Awakening is the Full Disclosure of the conscious mind and how to really take control of your own life. As Dr. Lipton says, 90-95% of your behavior is driven by the subconscious trying to sabotage your consciousness because the acts of your consciousness contradict the “instinct” of the subconscious.

So how does this tie into worthiness of love when dealing with childhood trauma – or even being able to understand what love actually is. Many people will have alternative definitions of love, and MJ12 does not claim to be the be-all-end-all interpretation of anything.

MJ12 defines love as an energy force that is transmitted between IS-BEs in an entangled state, which amplify the energy force in all IS-BEs affected. You can physically feel the effects of what being surrounded by love feels like.

Love is a universal life energy that can be used in the form of currency for creating an experience worthy of your IS-BE leaving a state of absolute enlightenment for BEcoming your ideas/creation.

Some IS-BEs are afraid of this energy field because they have been taught, through childhood trauma, that when this energy entangles with them, “bad things happen after”, therefore, the subconscious protects the conscious by attempting to sabotage engagements that yield love.

These are subconscious recordings, as Dr. Lipton states. These recordings can be undone, however with great caution. The dangers of rewriting these recordings can be detrimental to the fabric of how your neural pathways were created in the first place. However, for childhood trauma, typically these are singular or repeated events that have distinct start and end times to their traumatic recording. Overwriting these recordings have been done in several different ways:

Many people who take “magic” mushrooms report engaging with Machine Elves who are able to make adjustments to the conscious mind and remove the trauma elements of the recordings. How do you know they aren’t replacing those recordings with other recordings that only swap out the side effect of trauma? This is why religions have emphasized the importance of knowing that all inter-dimensional entities that exist in higher realms of consciousness who are not in the lower plane[t] of existence as you must be interpreted as being dangerous or demons.

This is only because they have the ability to rewrite messages of the subconscious and can control you more than you could ever dream of controlling another person. This doesn’t mean that all entities ARE bad or evil.

So how does one rerecord their traumatic events from their subconscious and do it in a way that doesn’t leave you at the mercy of another IS-BE’s enlightened state of existence where you are unaware of their choices as being good or evil?

We understand it as such:

Delta (0.5-4Hz) = Instinct Memories

Theta (4-7.5Hz) = Subconscious recordings (less than instinct)

Alpha (7.5-12Hz) = Learned intuitions or meditative states or REM sleep

Beta (12-30Hz) = Consciously Aware

What if you don’t know what the trauma is? In a state of conscious meditation, using binaural beats audio, you are able to assist your consciousness in lowering its frequency into the Theta and Delta ranges. It is difficult to sustain these states of consciousness while awake.

During meditation, consciously ask yourself “Why ……[fill in the blank]…..?” and then clear your mind. By injecting the conscious thought into the mind, the neural pathways for the subject matter of the question will become activated and as your brain lowers frequencies it is able to therefore recall lower vibrational recordings and present them in the form of epiphanies. This is how you identify the trauma, then, how do you fix the trauma? How do you remove it from controlling you?

The act of acceptance and forgiveness is taught to many people, and the act is powerful in religious contexts since it does work, however “seeking” to accept or forgive trauma is not the same as accepting or forgiving trauma. The act of seeking can make the trauma worse to experience. Additionally, these typically take years to accomplish and can have limited success depending on environment and who you are surrounded by. What if your childhood trauma was an event from your grandfather or mother or cousin? Do you stop all contact with these people?

If you are seeking acceptance and forgiveness of their actions onto you, then interacting with them while they are not seeking your forgiveness for their actions, acts contrary to progress and will only deepen the wounds created by the trauma.

However, this is the treatment approach that Dr. Lipton has proposed. Replace the recordings using your natural states of dreaming during sleep through the form of hypnosis and/or binaural beats. There is one risk to this that is not expressed by Dr. Lipton because it can make the IS-BE seeking enlightenment afraid to seek enlightenment, especially in while living with trauma. While dreaming, your brain enters into the Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies and during this time period your subconscious mind is actively attempting to correct your conscious mind (ie sabotage as Dr Lipton says) your conscious activities because each night you go back to bed and return to those states of consciousness where you heard “you can’t do that” or “we can’t afford that” or “you’re a bad person” etc.

Nothing commercially available today will undo these, however you can CREATE your cure. You are an IS-BE. Your IS-BE is your source with God and you have a direct ability to harness the mind and the environment in order to create the BEing that you wish to BEcome.

We will use an example:

Let’s say the traumatic event was “financial” related, and you witnessed your parents talking at the dinner table one on one discussing how “they can’t afford” this or that. To the child, they recorded the emotion and the instinctual responses received from “negative energy” or “positive energy” and then reflect on that energy signature later in life. If the child, now an adult, wishes to undo these messages, hypnosis is possible, however with great risk. Instead, MJ12 recommends the following:

Pick your favorite binaural beat frequency rhythm to listen to and correlate that selection with an intended outcome, such as “attract love” or “remove negative blocks” etc.

If an IS-BE sleeps for 6 hours, then imagine the following:

0-2 hours = Falling Asleep (Alpha)

2-4 hours = Asleep (REM) (Alpha+Theta)

4-4.5 hours = “Deep Sleep” (Theta)

4.5-6 hours = Rapid rise from Theta to Alpha

Select a 6h6m6s track of choice and download it.

We understand that some of this may be technically beyond the ability of every person reading this, however you are an IS-BE and you can learn how to accomplish great things. You need only to act on your thoughts of creation in order to create and BEcome.

Taking your favorite binaural beat into an audio mixing program such as Garage Band, etc. (the specific software is moot in meaning or function) and overlay that audio with the following.

Between 3.5hrs and 5hrs, add an audio track 1 layer above the binaural beat soundtrack in the program, and space messages every 9 to 27 minutes such as

“You are worth being loved.”

“You have the power to create your reality.”

“Your choices create the reality you experience.”

“When the mind is free, the body matters not.”

etc. etc.

This account has posted many phrases such as these, and you can take from religious sayings (with strings attached), or you can create your own such as:

To use the example, you can’t afford anything, so you live in a state of being poor because your instincts want you to be poor because you recorded it. How do you fix it? Educate your subconscious.

“Poor is only a frame of mind.”

“Instead of saying <I can’t afford this> say <How can I afford this?>”

“If you work hard, save your money, you can have the things you want.”

“Cars are a financial liability.”

etc., etc.

If you’re dealing with something such as child sex abuse, then different messages can be:

“You did not deserve being <use the language of what happened explicitly>.”

“Showing somebody that you love them, doesn’t mean having sex with them.”

“Sex is used for creating life, not creating experiences or friendships.”

etc., etc.

These are far more difficult to get correct, since each IS-BE’s subconscious programs are highly specific to only their reality, however the general practice is transferrable regardless of individual experience.

The most important message that Majestic 12 can give you is your mind and your pineal gland were the core focus of attack throughout the past 70 years as we planned the takedown of a 6,000 year old death cult. Nothing is random.

The spiritual war is in full force and not everyone will survive. You must learn how to undo the mistakes of the past, detoxify your body, and learn how to make choices that your conscious mind wants (versus the programs installed into your subconscious against your will).

We will conclude with this piece here. How do you keep a secret? You tell a lie to a child. The lie becomes instinct and they will fight to the death defend it if it challenges their world view enough.


I’m wondering why MJ recommends a 666 track of music???


3h3m3s is not enough time to enter the correct frequency.

6h6m6s is enough time.

9h9m9s may be too long for some people to sleep.

666 = 18 = 9

^ Control the BEing

Or “The Beast”

Intentional usage of 666 in a non-demonic instance.

The Power of 3, 6, and 9 is real.

~ Majestic 12

Allowance vs Force

Published April 18, 2019 by tindertender

What’s up with these states passing forced vaccination bills? I don’t see too many people up in arms over it. Is this the world you really want to live in? Where a tyrannical government is forcing toxic, unsafe, untested medical procedures on you and your children?


Multi-trillion dollar nuclear fusion technology (centralized) vs. cheap, safe, zero-point energy systems (decentralized).

Why would anyone choose the former?

There’s a reason Free Energy inventors have been bribed, blackmailed, and killed, and their sciences covered up.


The Deep State is trying to incite a religious war. Do not fall for it.

There is evil in people who call themselves Muslims, there is evil in people who call themselves Christians.


For those who scream “Demons! Antichrist!” at first sign of UFO/ETs, you’re going to have a bad time as the truth unravels.

There is only ONE “Truth”, all scripture, science, philosophy, etc. point toward it in varying degrees.


Keep your mind open, but not so open that your brains fall out. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

And always lead from the heart. Love for self and all else. Only way to defeat the darkness that is harvesting our energy.

~ Jordan Sather

Remember Your Sacred Nature

Published April 11, 2019 by tindertender

Relaxed, I am ready for the day. It is still quite early as I sit here to record a few thoughts.

It perplexes me how some refuse to assist each other, and others say, “At least we can try”. I do not know what creates such a mind set, and am certain I’ve had both at some time and another. Hopefully I’m wearing the “At least we can try” these days.

The heart of today’s issue seems to be New Beginnings, which is great and exactly what I work toward, as I’m certain many others are … and the Universe is conspiring with us to make it happen.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of what no longer serves us and to understand that the old must symbolically die before something new blossoms. Resistance to change hinders the start of fresh cycles. Shed the old, make room for the new.

Self love can be a challenge, especially after decades of being told we ought to be ashamed of who we are, or how we’ve responded and acted to situations that have accumulated in life.

Meditate on these things which inhibit your ability for self-acceptance. Think on these things deeply … then wash your hands in a bowl of salted water and say,

“I wash away all doubt. I wash away all that does not serve me. I wash away the lack of love I have for myself.”

Now close your eyes and think of a time that you felt positively about yourself, feel the self-esteem as it bubbles up inside of you. Remember this, and carry it with you.

Allow what you no longer need to be destroyed, or reduced. Build your emotional authenticity and know that you are protected when expressing your true emotions in appropriate ways.

We aren’t always taught how to healthily deal with sadness, anger, depression, or even jealousy, but they aren’t strange or unnatural emotions. Everyone feels them at some time or other. How we express these energies makes the difference in our lives, and the lives our life touches. Express them in a healthy way, release them and move on. Surrender these ‘stuck’ things you no longer wish to posses.

Great Goddess, your breath like fire, your eyes golden in the sun,
I am grateful for your attention.

There is a need for a balancing of ‘power’ … in body and mind, in relationships, in governments, and in this world. Should you experience, or see someone suffering, speak out …


Published April 10, 2019 by tindertender

Only upon communion with some physical expression … only then can you truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of the differences in form.

Communion with nature is essential. Do an open eyed meditation with a plant or animal. Watch it, merge with it. Relax as much as possible, breathe. You may receive messages …

Reflection of Light

Published April 8, 2019 by tindertender

When there are no lights but for the candles, the moon, the stars, and my own light within this body and mind, expressing itself into this world … it is SO good!

I snap my fingers and tell my dog to come sit by me. He looks at me like, “Ya, what?” and I snap them again, giving the command to come sit by me. He looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. I made a “claw” with my hand and said, “Grrrr” and he responded, “Grrrr” and hopped on me, going left, to the spot. I covered him up and laughed and said, ” You don’t like being told what to do, do you? Even tho I know you love this spot.” He now rests comfortably and I think, “We’re really not all that different, he and I”.

I chose to sit here tonight with you, again, rather than attend a meeting with new acquaintances. What does this say to you? What does this say to me?

I’ve always said that mental abuse is worse than physical abuse. After all, bruises heal and bones actually re-fuse to each other when broken, but mental … well, when emotions are torn asunder and the mind has been warped by an abuser, things don’t always go back together as cleanly as bones. In fact, the emotional body may never fully “heal”.

So why am I here and not there? Perhaps I’ve become accustomed to it. Perhaps life seems a little “off” without you at this point.

At least there appears to be some sort of purpose. What it is, I’ve yet to find out.

What are you if not a villain, or a super-hero? I would say protector, or protectress. Of what? That is yet to be seen.

Are you a dragon? If so, which one?

Expansion vs Shrinking

Published April 2, 2019 by tindertender

Why is it that some people always latch on and abuse those who do not wish to fight? If they like fighting so much why don’t they choose to fight with another who likes it equally well? Probably because they know, or fear, they will lose, and that makes them them feel crappy about themselves … that … and not the fact they are tormenting an innocent. They hurt others because of their own lack and shame in the guise of being tough men, or women.

Right is Light; Left is Bereft: Left wishes to ‘own’ from behind the curtain of deceit, wishes harm. Right is about discipline. How many levels do you think there is for these?

I’m just about at the end of my rope,
but I’ll keep on tryin’, I cannot give up hope.

“Control where your attention goes. The left is well known by now. Let them be. Send your attention to the right … Observe without judgement … Watch. This could be ‘people’, or ‘spirit’. Often our attention is commanded by others. Commotion, chaos … Always these circumstances or conversations pull our attention to it. Focusing on purposeful placement of this attention isn’t always easy. Those who practice meditation can tell you this. Although focus may wander, pull it back and re-place it on what you intend to study, or watch, or listen to.”

In the Wild West and other periods of time, when people disagreed they would simply challenge each other to a duel to settle things. It doesn’t look like we’ve ever been able to get away from that mentality. It just costs more now … in time AND money. (Prisons, foods, medical care, etc.)

In life we are constantly receiving things we don’t really want, and often we do not ever receive the things we do want. Sometimes we are told we simply didn’t want it bad enough, or need to learn the art of manifestation … partially true by the way.

Climbing from the pits our familial lines may have fallen in to is a challenge. Lineage designation is a yoke which can be difficult to bear, and is quite frustrating for many. So many of us shout, “This is not the reality I signed up for!” to which I say, “THIS is precisely what you signed up for … the change, the shift has to come from somewhere, from someone, and that someone is YOU.” (Of course, sometimes heritage is something so beautiful one fights in order to keep it).

Innocence is betrayed, over and over again. Through the years people often say, “My hands are tied” or they facilitate further damage … so the wounded child grows and wound after wound accumulates, and they are constantly trying to heal … applying band-aid after band-aid, attempting to keep the wounds from festering. Many choose anti-depressants or other drugs, or they turn to alcohol … anything to numb the pain, and it grows, and festers because soon they simply stop caring at all. When rock-bottom comes and they think they will die, they either do, or they begin a slow journey toward healing, never knowing if they are doing it right … and it hurts, and it gets so hard, yet they continue trying because they’ve realized they really do love life.

After all that, these warriors still have love in their hearts … surprisingly, this love may be at the highest levels once they exit the shit storm. They find there are others who are drawn to them … they sense their healing, even if they do not know of it. When the battle is thought to be won, it is only a beginning. Even when they want nothing more than to sit back in peace and in quiet, it cannot be had … not at all times anyhow, sometimes it seems never again.

They try to determine what existence is, what it means, and find out there is no definitive answer. Variables are different and constantly shifting. Even when variables remain the same, they differ in percentages making up the experience and at any given moment, reality is altered … although from the outside it may appear to be the same.

Who knew life could be so brutal? Sometimes what is thought to be good is actually damaging, and what is thought to be damaging is actually beneficial. It’s all in the present time perspective.

Can one ever calm chaos? My mind says, “Doubtful” and yet in this same mind I see proof of it, periodically, haha. Or is it that one type of chaos is simply replaced by another? Is it possible to live without chaos of any kind? I don’t believe so, for in chaos things chip away, break down, allowing for a sort of rebirth into the new.

Is expansion something humanity ought to be seeking? Is this seeking that which is making humanity so sick, under the guise of something else? Well, I do not know, but personally, previous chaotic situations were not during a seeking of expansion, so maybe chaos simply IS … in many ways, just as there are multiple ways of feeling joy or love.

The question remains, is chaos really necessary?

I should make it easy on myself, I know it is attainable in a couple different ways. What am I trying to be strong for, or trying to stretch my capacity for, holding measure? Why don’t I just shrink? Close off all things and just shrink … Why? Because my whole life I’ve known, “I Am Larger Than Life!” With that, I practice being grateful. Fear, anger, shrinking … not really my gig, done with that.

To remain centered and whole is the goal. Make it easy on yourself and do not do what you once did. Walk away from that which hurts.

Here, Or There

Published April 1, 2019 by tindertender

Getting stuck in chaotic situations or patterns happens to us all. Upon death, if you are in a chaotic pattern, what do you think happens? Speculations abound … many say they know … but do they, or is it merely opinion and perception? Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a dark and dingy bar scene, or otherwise. Where are you spending your time currently?

Look at your life. If you were to die right now do you think patterns would all of a sudden end, or change? Addictions, victim-hood, warlike behaviors, selfishness, greed … these behaviors don’t just stop, not if they reside deeply in your heart. This is my take on it anyhow.

It is better to take a good look and clean the inner house now, while you are still here choosing what you want life to be.

People get so used to the discomfort, that when it begins to subside they chase it, for it has become habitual cycles of chaos.

Will you remain in habitual cycles, or will you purposefully choose to keep or eliminate certain patterns? Kicking to the curb those things which are of not benefit for forward, positive movement is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

I know … habits hook us and make it most difficult to let go. Sometimes only near death can help us with that. I am here to say I, for one, am grateful to still be living, and hope the shadows will not follow where it is I go … here, or there.

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