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Have You Ever Been ‘Broken’?

Published August 18, 2019 by tindertender

To all those who have ever been broken:

Have you ever wondered why God allowed that to happen to you if he’s such a loving God?

To that I present you another perspective:

Have you ever wondered why God trusted you with brokeness?

Sounds like those two words don’t belong in the same sentence but let me finish.

First of all , God would never put on someone, something they could not handle.

And second, Satan can’t do anything to anyone that God does not allow.

So if God has allowed any level of suffering/pain/brokenness in your life, and there’s not a single person who hasn’t had suffering, could it be that part of what you were annointed to do is to mend another broken heart because you know what brokenness looks like?

Think about it- anyone who’s experienced brokenness knows what it’s like to be broken and is sympathetic to others who are also broken. Anyone who’s experienced any level of brokenness now has a tender and more loving heart for others that are broken.

And if you’ve ever experienced any level of brokenness and by the grace of God are still standing here today alive and well then you now know three things:

1. You know exactly what you did and how you survived.

2. You know exactly what the very fabric you’re made of is worth.

3. You know God trusted you to be able to handle it.

Now because you are, or were once, broken and because of your newfound tender, loving and sympathetic heart you are able to notice someone else who’s broken and with 100% confidence be able to share the wisdom necessary to help mend their brokenness.

Could it be that the very thing the enemy had intended to break you with, that God allowed, was used in 7D holy chess by God to not only save you with but show you what you’re made of and anoint you to save others as well?

In the end, always and forever longer, God Wins.

I understand this now. Believe me when I tell you I have been broken.

Lost my mom, my best friend within 3 months when I was 17, later lost my wife and my son in divorce, then proceeded to lose basically every tangible asset I had. I had nothing.

And then I found @IncarnatedFruit and through her I found myself. And then together we found God

In order to truly understand the power of the kind of love God designed you to have and be, you must first suffer.

Embrace your pain for God will use that pain as part of the prize!

Ps. It’s worth all the pain and suffering, by the way.

Truly worth it.

I’ll add another note:

If you’re at rock bottom or falling and think your problems are insurmountable and it seems impossible to get out from underneath them – It only seems impossible because you’re trying to figure out how you can change it.

Think about what I just said.

Do you think (you) really know what’s best for you?

My genuine and honest advice from my own personal experience is that when you stop trying to do it (your) way and start asking Him what you should do and NOT ask why you’re doing it that life turns around.

But don’t worry. If you fail to realize it he will allow you to be reminded again.

And again.

Hence the suffering

Just my opinion.

Message mostly by:

… with bits of me included in.


Published August 17, 2019 by tindertender

In May of this year, 2019, the supermassive black hole known as Perseus (and also Sagittarius A) suddenly went photonic.

It was reported from the Keck Observatory that this black hole has been measured continuously for the past 20 years at 1.6 μm with only the smallest of light fluctuations from this massive anomaly from unknown origin at no more than 0.3% over that time.

Yet suddenly in May it jumped to 75% brighter for no apparent reason to 2.1 μm, an unheard-of and unprecedented photonic leap.

So let’s back up just a cosmic second in spacetime to September of 2017 when it was reported by the IAFW (that officially oversees the welfare of this planet) that we had reached the peak of the approximate 10-year window of organic ascension.

Meaning that the resonant frequency of Tara Urth had reached critical mass to support her inter-matrix transformation from host-planet to the first 3 Dimensions in the Gaia Time Matrix to that of host-planet for the Second Density which is to Dimensions 4, 5 and 6 in the new location she will be taking up residence in, the Aqueous Sun Time Matrix.

At that exact time, September of 2017, scientists also announced they had just discovered a brand-new type of “super powerful neutrino” that came from a “blazar” from what they termed as a “cosmic ray accelerator” in space that had been identified as emitting toward Urth from the Orion constellation.

Coincidentally, Orion rests EXACTLY BETWEEN Sagittarius A and Perseus, back-to-back, in the exact same supermassive black hole, or the precise pin-dot in all of the cosmeias where the creators of the Angelic Human Project on Tara Urth claim to reside.

They have stated that “they would be “assisting this organic ascension process using advanced technology” to ensure that this time nothing would stand in the way of this long-awaited transition of Tara to retake her position as host-planet to the 2nd Density.

Understand that there have been many organic ascension periods since the enslavement of this planet that have come and gone due to the invader races artificially lowering her frequency using enormously powerful celestial technology to prevent this from happening.

Each time they were relying on the nearly invincible power of the Nibiruean Battlestar in order to pull this off and stop those transitions from taking place.

Even though her own vibration was ready for the shift many times, as were at least some of her lifeforce (the beings on-board her as it were).

This planet-sized military craft is no longer at their disposal, so this time there is no way anyone is going to prevent this event from taking place.

Witnessed by the hundreds of thousands of battleships now posted unlcoaked directly over our heads that are there to make certain that nothing gets in the way this time.
It is the very last organic ascension that will ever take place.

NOW, let’s go back to our current time in the Stellar Activation Ascension Cycle to May 29th of 2019 when the frequency (Schumann Resonance) of Tara Urth that had been consistently measured at 7.83Hz since man has had the ability to read the heartbeat of the planet.

Suddenly also made a leap in harmonic tone of such inexplicable proportions that it not only defied all past recorded data, but leapt to the unthinkable height of 1000% higher. Not just by a minor margin, than what has been established as her standard tone, sailing all the way up to 83 Hertz.
The Densities that separate each group of 3 Dimensions between elevations of ascension are dramatic frequency plateaus to keep each one absolutely separated from each other.

Higher Densities support totally different sets of laws of physics that enable beings to experience very different realities than they were able to previously.

For instance at a far higher frequency spectrum a physical body that would have been 200 or more lbs in the 3rd Dimension would now weigh more like 30 or 40 lbs.

Allowing them very simple access use Meissner Fields to support independent flight, as their density would be vastly different. As I understand it, you will choose to fly to travel over walking once you have made this transition.

On the exact same date that Tara’s Schumann Resonance (frequency) went absolutely through the roof was precisely when the very stargate between the Gaia Time Matrix and the Weasadek went ballistic, attempting to overcome Tara’s new radically-elevated signature vibration.

This is not some fantastic story made up by a spiritual tree-hugger; this is raw particle physics laid out right before your eyes as irrefutable evidence that what I am telling you about this transition happens to be currently unfolding as I write.

So you can deny this ascension and the separation all you want to, but the fact is planet Tara that has been located on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy since the dawn of time suddenly moved across the cosmeias 25,000 light years all in the span of just 6 Urth years since the opening of the Stellar Activation Cycle. This is a physical impossibility unless something else was actually happening that hasn’t happened before in recorded history.

As explained in recent previous posts on this matter, the Urth planet that is now located at the very edge of this supermassive black hole and about to cross over into the Weasadek Matrix is Antiparticle Tara.

Or the mirror planet of the one that is now moving away from that black hole that has now changed all the rules and has gone photonic, sucking that celestial body toward it at break-neck speed surpassing the speed of light by many thousands of times faster than what you are told that anything can travel.

Written also in May of this year, Planetary Ascension Update May 2019 in chapter 6 of the newly-updated installation of volume 1 of the handbook series covers more of this unprecedented moment in both human as well as planetary history.

At no time has my contact ever seen this type of planetary and evolutionary transition from one Time Matrix to a completely new home before as I understand.

So even though she predates mankind itself, she is watching this right alongside those few here who will stand as witness to the most monumental event in history, even pre-dating recorded time. Merely “epic” is not the word. Cheers.

mission guide

Climate Change: An Orchestrated Event By Evil Men

Published August 17, 2019 by tindertender

The Second Sun

Published August 15, 2019 by tindertender

You will see the signs in the sky as you were warned of in the bible program that would be present in the end days.

Those who are literally unable to see the second sun that is rising and setting in our skies over the last few years (flatly denying that it is there, even though they are being shown 100 different pictures taken from 100 different cameras from 100 different places on earth) are not seeing the signs, because they are not actually there with their awareness, but they are merely mirroring the physical movements of their higher-self in some other interdimension.

This answers why cognitive dissonance is so utterly confusing in that those who stand right there and deny what is being shown to them with every fiber of their being even when the evidence is overwhelming, literally does not make sense.

Almost as if they aren’t actually there. But in the truest sense, they aren’t there, and they can’t actually see it, because they don’t have cognizance with which to discern for themselves in the interdimension point you are standing in.

If you are merely a holographic mirror of yourself while you seem to be present, you are not actually there. Mentally.

It would be impossible to think within that dimension, but rather merely puppet what their aware-self is seeing in the dimension where their awareness is actually located.

Since each dimension is under a different holographic platform, or frequency-spectrum, in the 3.01 dimension for example, they are able to see, hear, smell, taste within the parameters of their senses afforded by that limited spectrum, not the spectrum of higher levels.

Where their thought-processing is happening, there is no such thing as “two suns” in the sky,because that TIMELINE hasn’t yet progressed to the point where they can comprehend something on that order. Again, they are merely placeholders, even though they seem alive and alert.

If they are merely a placeholder, they are likely not one of those who are stepping up the ladder and if you were to visit the 3.01 interdimension, you would likely meet the one version of them who was making all the decisions for all the rest of the placeholders.

Excerpt from mission guide’s PDF series, “Decoding The Hive” – Scalar Vibrational Mechanics. Available through emailing him at and or at his website:

(Well, if YOU haven’t seen the second sun, you’re not alone because neither have I … added by blog owner).

Thank You, My Lady

Published August 15, 2019 by tindertender

When Frances Perkins was a little girl, she asked her parents why nice people could be poor. Her father told her not to worry about those things, and that poor people were poor because they were lazy and drank. Eventually, she went to Mount Holyoke College, and majored in physics. In her final semester, she took a class in American economic history and toured the mills along the Connecticut River to see working conditions. She was horrified. Eventually, instead of teaching until she married, she earned a masters degree in social work from Columbia University. In 1910, Perkins became Executive Secretary of the New York City Consumers League. She campaigned for sanitary regulations for bakeries, fire protection for factories, and legislation to limit the working hours for women and children in factories to 54 hours per week. She worked mainly in New York State’s capital, Albany. Here, she made friends with politicians, and learned how to lobby.

On March 25th, 1911, Frances was having tea with friends when they heard fire engines. They ran to see what was happening, and witnessed one of the worst workplace disasters in US history. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire was devastating, killing 146 people, mostly young women and girls. Frances watched as fire escapes collapsed and fireman ladders couldn’t reach the women trapped by the flames. She watched 47 workers leap to their deaths from the 8th and 9th floors.

Poignantly, just a year before these same women and girls had fought for and won the 54 hour work week and other benefits that Frances had championed. These women weren’t just tragic victims, they were heroes of the labor force. Frances at that moment resolved to make sure their deaths meant something.

A committee to study reforms in safety in factories was formed, and Perkins became the secretary. The group took on not only fire safety, but all other health issues they could think of. Perkins, by that time a respected expert witness, helped draft the most comprehensive set of laws regarding workplace health and safety in the country. Other states started copying New York’s new laws to protect workers.

Perkins continued to work in New York for decades, until she was asked by President Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 to serve as Secretary of Labor. She told him only if he agreed with her goals: 40-hour work week, minimum wage, unemployment and worker’s compensation, abolition of child labor, federal aid to the states for unemployment, Social Security, a revitalized federal employment service, and universal health insurance. He agreed. Similar to what she had worked for in New York, her successes became the New Deal, and changed the country and its workers forever.

So while you may not know her name, you certainly know her legacy.

Our Galaxy’s Black Hole Suddenly Lit Up and Nobody Knows Why

Published August 15, 2019 by tindertender

This is in preparation of Anti-particle Tara Urths passage into the Wesadek Time Matrix. The Black Hole is a portal into that Time Matrix.

In May, the supermassive black hole at the core of the Milky Way became 75 times brighter in just two hours.
Tara Urth is on his way to the Aqueous Sun Matrix where Ascending up and out of that Matrix is not impeded. Anti-particle Tara is going to the Wesadek Time Matrix. This Matrix is where the Invader Races originate from. Only the 3rd dimension awaits. No levels higher.

2017 is when both Planets started phase shifting away from one another. This marked the Peak of the Stellar Activation Cycle and the Half way point of the 10 year Organic Ascension window.

Curious About #QAnon / #Deepstate? Here Is One Person’s Compilation

Published August 5, 2019 by tindertender

The #DeepState, in their [C]los[I]ng [A]ct, orchestrated the murder of 20 human beings. They simultaneously released a racist manifesto on #8Chan knowing it would force an #8ChanShutDown, thus silencing #Q’s comms.

20 human lives to silence #Q.




My deepest dig. I believe I’ve found the meaning behind many of #Q’s latest drops, establish what recent events are all about and why they’re happening. You must understand, this is NOT a game. We are at war. They’ve killed to stop what’s happening.

We see in #QDrop #3570 that the meaning of [C] and [D] has been cleared up. [C]oats before [D]eclas. But, the rest of the drop may still be a mystery. I hope I can help.

“The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.

You have more than you know.


Each year congress takes several extended breaks. Right now they’re out for the August break and will return September 9th. Something most people don’t understand is that these people are protected from arrest for most crimes while they’re in session.

However, once they leave for a break and are no longer in session, they can be arrested for any and all crimes. This is a congressional break. And remember what Q said,

“Be the autists we know you are.

It’s about the BREAK.

Godspeed, Patriots.


So, what’s up with this word HOT? Why is it in all CAPS? And, why are we seeing it twice regarding August? Well, I’ve learned that USUALLY when Q uses CAPS it means to either work the word, or to look for references. Q also said to use the key recently which appears to be a collection of drops that contain [bracketed] words. You may have seen my post here trying to fill the gaps.

So, using that theory, here we go.

For HOT. The letter [H] appears in brackets just one time in the entirety of 3570 Q drops.

“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”


So, in regards to the purpose of my thread, I believe “A clean [H]ouse is very important.”, is very relevant, especially when the [H]ouse is on break right now and subject to arrest!

So, what about the rest of HOT?


_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


Good Hunting!


We find the O in the word EN[O]UGH. And, the phrase is, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We see a [G] in that phrase as well…be on the lookout for another use of the key when a G is needed!

So, this is a stringer code of some sort it would seem, a command. But, let’s summarize so far.

“A clean [H]ouse is very important”, “ENOU[G]H IS EN[O]UGH”.

Sounds like it’s time to take out the trash.

What about the word OWLS and the phrase Good hunting?

“What does an ‘OWL’ symbolize (dark religion)?

Tunnels underneath?”

Q has talked about OWLS. Check out the video from this drop, go to the 1 minute mark and you’ll see the owl statues on Epstein’s temple.

Owls are seen as wise creatures that can “see in the dark”. Drop 328 may “shed some light”.

Owls may be used by cult groups to signify places of death. According to the illuminati, the OWL represents WISDOM, ALERTNESS, VIGILANCE. Imagine using all those abilities for good!

Check out what this Anon put together. WOW! It starts getting really relevant to my thread about 9 posts down and matches perfectly to what I’ve got going here. And, you see that ZULU time? That is deeply significant. Law enforcement doesn’t use ZULU time on a regular basis.

Cops use the time zone they’re in. Only the military uses ZULU time across the board as it is the one constant time zone and everybody else everywhere else adjusts off of it. Big props to @qntmpkts for sharing it over 1.5 years ago! #FutureProvesPast!

Speaking of the “tunnels underneath” in drop 3399…

“From high atop Scenic Drive — the city is spread out before you…. but there’s more to El Paso — than what meets the eye. “Right over there next to those orange barrels. That’s where it was….”

According to historian Ken Hudnall, there’s several hundreds of miles of tunnels…He claims El Paso once had upwards of 900 miles of secret pathways…”

900 miles of secret pathways. Think those tunnels might also be found in other areas nearby?

@Tribunal_Watch had a great comment that really caught my interest. @KarenMonsour12 shared it with me.

And then, there’s this. A great thread to document Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, just a 4 hour drive from El Paso

Finishing up 3399,

“How many channels captured on RC’s pic?

Rooms indicate size.

Hallways shown?

[CLAS 1-99]

Symbolism will be their downfall.

These people are EVIL.


Well, there appear to be 16 cameras total. Sweet 16? These people are evil and disgusting.

And, since we’re on the topic of Epstein and his tunnels, what do we have here? Well, in drop 3550 we see,







I decided to search the term throughout the Q drops from multiple sites.

That’s when I realized, it DEFINITELY could be a shortened version of “Hotel”. So, I looked up hotel in the drops. Guess what?

There are only 9 drops where Q uses the word “Hotel”. What’s the chances of that? Guess what the 8th use and 9th use of the word Hotel lead me to?

8th is the Corinthia Hotel. Where’s that you ask? Oh, it just so happens to be the hotel that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page stayed at, WAY back in December 2015, before any of the “Spygate” stuff started. In fact, this is WHEN and WHERE it started.

They used that hotel when they went to the UK to recruit spies to assist them in helping HRC win the election. My thread on that, discovered from trying to decode POTUS tweets!
So, _Hot8 could refer to the Corinthia Hotel where Spygate truly began!

You want me to believe this is just coincidence? Sorry, aint gonna happen! What did we just hear @Jim_Jordan tell Wizard of Oz Mueller in the debacle the other day when Mueller proved he had no idea who conducted the Mueller investigation or who wrote the Mueller report?

Jordan said AG Barr and John Durham were investigating the TRUTH behind it all, where it all really began, etc. And here we have a coded message from Q telling us about the hotel where it all began. Sounds like the party is over folks!

So, what is the 9th and final mention of a hotel in Q Drops? Drop 3158,




I’m going to show you a list of FREEDOM commands in drop 229 in a little bit here. I’ll tell you what, I see a LOT of “STAND” in there. Is it related?

A lot has happened at the Standard Hotel. It’s linked to Rachel Chandler AND Adam Schiff! NXIVM and Epstein are both linked to various people at this hotel and it’s been identified as a location where pedophiles go to acquire and abuse their victims.

(keep reading till -End)

What’s the rest of that drop say?





That takes me to drop 249.

So, my guess is this is the Hussein video Q is talking about.

Quoting numbers and spouting “facts”…he’s a talented bullshitter!

What happens when you donate to RED?

“(RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands that contribute profits from the sale of (RED)-branded products and experiences to the Global Fund.”

They give ALL the money you to donate or spend on their products to… the Global Fund. And here you thought your money was going to poor little kids in Africa! And, look at the quote on their site! “To date, (RED) has generated more than $600 million for the Global Fund…”

The Global Fund receives BILLIONS from programs like RED and advertises that it distributes this money to people of need all over the world, but, 6 months before Hussein recorded that video for Jimmy Kimmel, look at what was REALLY happening with RED’s partner “Global Fund”.”A $21.7 billion development fund backed by celebrities and hailed as an alternative to the bureaucracy of the United Nations sees as much as two-thirds of some grants eaten up by corruption.

And then, wouldn’t you know it? Another fact just reared it’s head! You want to #RedPill someone, you show them this thread. Lookie here. Remember, the Global Fund gets ALL the funds from RED, remember? They state that on their website. Well, guess what?

The Red Cross and the Global Fund are teaming up together! That gives Red_Red a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

“Global Fund and ICRC join forces to enhance response to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in conflict-affected areas”

And, we wouldn’t want to leave out proof of what happens to your money when you donate to Red Cross, would we?

Remember all that money that went to the Red Cross for the Haiti earthquake? Would you donate to the Red Cross for earthquake victims if you knew 25 cents on

the dollar wasn’t making it to the victims? Senator Chuck Grassely is opening an investigation into their unwillingness to submit to an audit.

“Report: Red Cross Spent 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses”

And of course, there’s always this!

The video showing dozens of cases of money, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars in Red Cross boxes. ICRC = Interntaional Committee of the Red Cross.

Then, there’s this:


This looks like a file name and apparently they’re listed from 1-99, which according to Q drops basically surmizes EVERYTHING from the Clinton Foundation crimes to Epstein, to NXIVM, to HRC’s agreement and contract with Saudi Prince Al-Waleed, and everything else. It’s basically…a DO IT order, to move everything on that list to its new position. What’s a position? It’s like this, you have up to 99 commands that have been approved but someone’s waiting for the final order to execute.

Some of those commands may to be declassify certain information, some commands may be hold and not declassify, some commands may be to relocate certain items to other places. Every single commands has been given an order to be performed on it once permission is granted.

Now, as you can see here, this may very well be at least PART of this 1-99.

So, that’s where this part of that drop comes in


That is what’s called a MACRO in computer programming. Here’s the definition of a MACRO:





a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task.”

So, do you understand how this will work? With literally one keystroke, that entire list of FREEDOM files, each with it’s own position command, will automatically be triggered to do exactly what it’s command tells it to do.

It may suddenly change dozens of files from classified status to declassified. It may sent out commands to military installations or to the Justice Department.

It may authorize arrest warrants or approve funding for projects. Point is, it will all happen simultaneously. That seems like a LOT of commands.

What about Conf_net[w1]? Well, remember, Q can’t plain talk some important things. So, this appears to actually be Confonet!

“Confonet stands for Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Fora in Country. It is an internet based Case Monitoring System developed for automating the work flow of the consumer forums, starting from case registration until announcement of judgment.”

So, it’s apparently sort of file or case management system…and did you get that little “judgement” part at the end? Starting to sound like unsealing some stuff?

What about the W1? Well, I found this photo and it’s a long shot folks, but it has W1 embedded in the file name.

What’s strange is, W1 is not in the actual drop…it is a photo Q took of an earlier Q drop…like a screen shot. But, look at it! I found the drop too.

QMap has titled the drop “Q Names the Conspirators in Spygate / Russia Hoax”

Folks, whether the w1 is exact or not, I cannot say. But, do you see the EXACT correlation in all of this?

So, let’s summarize what I think I’ve found. This all started with a drop about August being HOT. We saw numerous revelations in breaking down what HOT may mean.

Essentially, the month of August is HOT because quite literally, every single big issue may indeed unfold right before us. We were told just recently?

“Nunes to receive a special package from BARR?


That’s from drop 3505.

Nunes may very well be holding the DECLASSIFIED documents we’ve all been waiting to see. In that exchange, the process of carrying out arrests related to what the DECLAS covers will begin taking place. Congress is on break right now which means congressmen and women can be arrested since they’re out of session, and a clean [H]ouse is very important! We see that ENOUGH is EN[O]UGH, and the Federal Criminal Justice System is using the military’s Night OWLS to execute arrest warrants. We found out about the tunnel system underneath El Paso and see the mass murder that happened there over the weekend may in fact be connected to Esptein’s ranch in New Mexico. At the very least, the #DeepState used the incident to facilitate a shut down of 8Chan, thus eliminating Q’s comms.

(Keep reading til – End)

all while the military arrests, the pursuit of criminals and the DECLAS process is suppose to be going down.

Then, we see the connectors bringing in the Corinthia Hotel where the entire illegal SPYING OP and FISA abuses started.

We see the Standard Hotel where so many evil crimes have been committed. The connections to Rachel Chandler and Epstein island are all coming into focus. And then, the financing. The sons of bitches are going to be out of money when the Red Cross gets its assets froze

and its stolen cash seized. Command codes linking the Global Fund, the RED movement, and the Red Cross, and all of it’s illegal corruption mounting in the BILLIONS is being toppled!

Folks…what did Q tell us long ago? #TrustThePlan

@Americanlll, @mastersshelby and I all shared with each other yesterday, we’re tired of seeing innocent people pay with their lives. We said damn, if Q truly has everything, why hasn’t POTUS gone after these people yet? I think we’ve ALL asked that question, haven’t we?

Well folks, El Paso, Texas and perhaps Dayton, Ohio are EXACTLY why. POTUS knew there would be violent retribution. I used this scenario. A bully keeps beating you up on the playground. He’s smaller than you and you can take him no problem. BUT, you know that as soon as you punch him in the face, several of his friends are going to come out and start beating you up and maybe even hurting your friends. You have to wait till the friends are disabled or disbanded before you can punch that son of a bitch in the neck.

We had a sobering weekend didn’t we. Human beings lost their lives because the final stages were put in motion to take down LOTS of bad people. It makes my desire to see those evil bastards hang so much more fervent. But, now we know the cost of putting the arrests in motion.

POTUS spent 2.5 years dismantling trafficking lines, seizing money, arresting small time actors, forcing resignations, disarming North Korea, defeating ISIS, etc. Imagine how many more human beings would be killed by these terribly evil monsters if POTUS had not strategically destroyed their MASSIVE ability to strike back.

You should have a whole new appreciation for your president, his PATRIOT advisors, and the Q team. All of those people who abandoned Q early on because they wanted action NOW.

I wonder if they’ve been humbled by the loss of life in El Paso? That incident was DIRECTLY related to these orders being sent out to take down bad guys. I remove my hat and I lower my head for all who have perished whether directly or indirectly, at the hands of our enemies.

So many precious babies have been lost. So many little angels sitting in heaven, just waiting patiently for all of this to be over. So many innocent children who’s lives ended in terror and pain. It is just to much. Father God, thank you for blessing us with answered prayers.

Thank God for Donald Trump becoming our president. If he had not won, dear God, blood would have filled the streets. Folks, as you share with people about what we do in #QAnon, please remember this hallowed truth: We are part of a movement that is LITERALLY saving lives.

By the way, a lot of people are talking about POTUS’ supposed “error” in his statement about the shootings this past weekend. He mentioned Toledo. Many Anons rushed to find the gematria meaning of it, twisting and adding 2400 to it, and trying to get it to say something other than its simple number value of 71. Folks, it says exactly what it needs to say.

That drop entails EVERYTHING that started all of this, WAY BACK. It is the epitome of the entire CABAL and the deep state plan. It is EXACTLY accurate for today.

And, after this thread, it is more relevant than ever. It’s all part of DECLAS 1-99, and it’s all going to be wrapped up very soon. Nobody who truly understands this movement, going out and taking justice into their own hands. Nobody in QAnon would be so arrogant.

Our whole mentality is protecting and saving lives because it is so precious. There is no skin color, there is just PATRIOT. Of course we want justice for those traitors and evil bastards, BUT, we also know that recklessness just causes more pain and loss.

So, did you notice something? We never found the T in HOT. In fact, there is not a single bracketed use of T in all of the Q Drops. So, does it mean Trump? Time? Maybe Toledo?

Think about it.

A clean [H]ouse is important, ENOUGH is EN[O]UGH. – T

So, that’s it. My biggest, deepest dig. One of the most sobering as well. I may not have gotten it all right, but I tried my best. I pray God blesses each of you.



– End

Thank you all for reading. I look forward to your comments and opinions.

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Healthy Life To The Fullest

On The Minds

Between The Lines


Rock solid, direct, authentic, empathic commentary.

Optimistic Soul

Me.. Era !

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

Spiritual stories that capture the depth of dreams, supernatural faith and prophetic counsel.

B. Due

Motivated to Love this New Chapter in Life


Good things are going to happen@Mehakkhorana

Lucid Being🎋



A fine site

Martial Arts Weapons and Training

Weapons and Training Equipment for All Martial Arts Enthusiasts

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