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Earth CPR

Published October 14, 2017 by tindertender

“The earth is a living, throbbing organism. It needs CPR ~ Conservation-Preservation-Restoration ~ on a regular basis:

“Conservation: We’ve got to use our resources rationally. We haven’t been all that rational these last brief millennia.

“Preservation: We’ve got to preserve what we can never replace. That’s what wilderness is. That’s what biodiversity is, and we’re getting rid of both faster than anybody has ever done.

“Restoration: We’re bright enough to build back, to restore the rivers we’ve dammed, the forests we’ve clearcut, the seas we’ve bloodied, polluted, and strip-mined with drift nets; the mountains we’ve bolted and bulldozed, the deserts we’ve spoiled or mistakenly created; the ozone layer we’ve punctured. We can’t restore a lot of things that are gone, but we can certainly restore human integrity.”

“You have opportunities, seize them.”

~ David Brower, Let The Mountains Talk, Let The Rivers Run

Is This All There Is?

Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

Some feel that this is it. Once this life ends, we either move on to heaven or hell, one shot at it.  What if this is all wrong? What if it is only a control mechanism to keep people subservient? What if we all really are equal, and the deeds we do, and the acts we perform, will be the determining factor on what remains upon our return to this beautiful planet?

Let us say, for a moment, that this is not all there is. That you will return again to this planet for another life. Not because you are being punished, but because the task is not complete … the task of cleaning up and beautifying this earth for all.

Change the worldGreed and chaos run rampant. Minds have been manipulated into the ‘consumption’ way of living, many have been made to believe that more is better. So they do whatever it takes to gain it, and they forget about the backs they have marched over to get where they are, those that they have left behind while pursuing their addiction to things. I do not for a moment believe it is anyone’s fault, per se, instead I view it as an illness … much like gambling, drinking, or drugs, or any other addictions one might think of. This illness is fostered by those who wish to fill their pockets. Look at the billboards advertising powerball and the ‘potential’ for winning. See the people pour their savings into this lure, many losing their homes.

Tomorrow will come. You might return for another life. Would you like to return to green pastures and forests, alive with the music of joy? … Fresh running streams and rivers that you can actually drink from? Would you like to see people who are not afraid to reach for one another, without the potential for harm?

ripples in waterOnly you have the power to change your part in this path. Only you can control the waves you leave in your wake. Every action you take affects all life in your path. You may not see it, or even be aware of it, however the ripple effect of your life is powerful, and you just may feel the affect of it should you return.

This is what is meant by karma. Not as punishment, but as in creating that which you will return to, should you choose to believe this is possible, should you choose to plan for it. What harm can building a more peaceful world do? For even should you believe you will not be back, your children, grandchildren and others will follow in footsteps left behind.


Reminders Of Love

Published October 5, 2017 by tindertender

Many factions among people teach that the animal kingdom is here for our use, as we see fit, subject to us.

I see it a bit differently.

As the human race becomes ever more desensitized to crime and the harming of one another … as animals are butchered for consumption, and lands, air and waters poisoned, prohibiting the nourishment of souls …

I see the animals as a reminder of gentle caring, unconditional love, and ever grateful presence. They need us to care. They want us to love. We see their examples of how they watch over each other, how they cry when harmed, or their ‘kids’ stripped from them shortly after birth. They are our opportunity to hold on to and nourish that love that dwells in our hearts.

It is difficult to find another human who will love us the way an animal will. Silently the four legged ones, the flying ones, and others … listen to, and love us. They are happy to be of service, longing to be near us when we hurt, easing our pain.

They remind us that love is real.

Without them, we might just forget what love is, considering the repetitive broadcasts of hate and harm and theft and foul … and the ones who act out the programming which they’ve absorbed.

Let us ponder the gracious reminder given to us ~ the beautiful souls put here on earth to keep alive in our hearts the truth that love exists, and that it is very real.

Self Love

Published September 18, 2017 by tindertender

“Self Love ~ This is not lust behind you.”

Over time, throughout life, you may have been told that it is selfish to think of yourself before others, you may have been made to feel shame for doing so.

Shed that falsehood. It was only meant to control you.

You Are EnoughSelf love is not found in the opinion of what others have over your ‘appearance’ or ‘what you possess’. It is not found in the passion (lust) one may feel for you.

Self love comes from respecting yourself, from going within and discovering who you are. It comes from looking around at the people in your life and seeing whether they add to, or subtract from, the value you feel ought to be there. Not through ‘things’ but through actions.

Are you being assisted? Are the household chores shared? Who feeds the animals every night? Who cooks the dinner and cleans afterward? Laundry? Who changes the sheets on the bed? When every electronic gadget in the house is left on, whether in use or not, does this speak of caring about what the monthly bill will be? Does this carelessness show concern over the pocketbook and what is left for necessary purchases?

Look at the small things, the little things that add up to so much. Go deep into your heart and mind and see there what you find has true value.

A comparison I like to use is … seeds, or money (things)? When shtf, what do you suppose will have more value?

A Cleansing, And A Rebuilding

Published September 7, 2017 by tindertender

For the last many decades and centuries, mankind has had opportunity to prove to themselves, and to each other, their great capacity for destruction in many ways.

Now is the time to show the world the great creative and powerful ways which humanity can also build beauty, and love, and peace.

As in our daily lives there is a pendulum swing from one extreme to the other, so is our capacity for darkness and for light. We have lived in the dark … asleep for some time. The light is shining through our minds and our hearts. After this cleansing, let us rebuild the beauty we have known into something even more beautiful, stronger than before.

body cleanse

We have the ability, and I believe we also have the desire.
Let us show each other what true love looks like.

No matter how far one has stepped into the dark, they can go just as far into the light, should they choose.

Wildlife And The Coming Winter

Published September 4, 2017 by tindertender

As fires rage across the lands, as waters overflow onto other portions, let us not forget the animals who are now homeless, whos food supplies have been, and are being, destroyed.

While we assist each other in the best ways we know how, we must also consider the welfare of our beloved wildlife, having compassion for them while they forage for whatever they can fill their bellies with this winter.

My hope is that the answer to their needs will not be to kill them. Compassion need be shared with all life during these times.

Care Of Our Forests

Published September 3, 2017 by tindertender

The Forest Service and Rangers are doing everything they can to maintain the health of our forests. I learned yesterday that although a wildfire in 2015 cause much of the damage I saw in the Mt Hood Forest, there is indeed a new ‘disease’ that is being fought with experimental methods in one section of the forest.

When we visit different forests we see that the overall health of the trees, in all places, is failing. Some people do not see this. There are many factors which no one is willing to admit are occurring (and I will not repeat in this post), however they ARE occurring and the forests are suffering.


While on my hike yesterday, I picked up cigarette butts that were thrown to the ground by people. Of the many I plucked from the ground, only one (1) had the filter removed and carried away by the smoker, so I would like to thank that ONE person for caring about the forest. As an ex-smoker, I understand completely both sides of this reality, and my hope is that those who still suffer this addiction will one day see, and be aware, that filters do not decompose and are harmful to the forest which they love and wish to spend time in.

These trees purify our breath so that we may again take in another. This is how important they are … they are our next breath. Let us behave as though we care. Let us be aware.

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