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Working Through Tension

Published June 15, 2017 by tindertender

Nothing to do … twiddle thumbs, look around … and eat. Get up from chair, pace the room, repeat.

A new adventure is about to begin. When these moments in life, these opportunities occur, it may feel as though the clock stops, butterflies do their thing in the belly and slight agitation erupts in the mind.


Calming the nerves takes effort and practice. Running at 1000 miles per hour, or 2 ~ it has the same affect. Being so busy one cannot think, and being so stagnant that is all one has to do, has the same unsettling outcome … both require an effort of stilling the mind.

With eyes shut feel a long breath enter the lungs, with a long slow exhale, feel it leave. Pay attention to the way air moves into, and out of, the body. Do not stop after 3, let the uncomfortable sensation sit, keep breathing ~ slowly. After a time, a small relaxation will arrive … keep breathing. Breathe through the need to get up and be busy … just sit and breathe.

I Rise, I Shine

Published April 2, 2017 by tindertender

Bang, Bang, Bang …
The ball drops.
I hear it hit the backboard
And drop again.

Sleeping dogs lie.
Surrounded by sound,
The stomach flip flops,
Unease fills the body.

“Breathe” I say,
Draw it in and fill the lungs.
“What are you doing?” he says.
I respond, “What are YOU doing?”

Breathe again,
Feel the breath move through the body.
Swallowing doubt,
I release the holds on the mind.

There is a shift,
Many feel it.
I am not alone,
Love prevails.

Manipulation, control,
They have no place here.
Here, freedom dwells,
Clawing at the walls I climb.

I climb from the darkness
Called “ownership” and I claim my right.
This life is mine,
I choose where time is spent.

Before time, He was there.
After time, He will still be there.
I wait, I learn,
I rise, I shine.


Support Mother Gaia

Published March 25, 2017 by tindertender

She needs us now more than ever. We need her as well. What happens to her, happens to us. This truth is showing up in our diseases and death. It is plain as day if we will only choose to see it.

Do we have the courage to decrease our carbon footprint? Do we have the strength to work a little harder in order to live clean?

Mother Gaia.jpg

Want To Quit Smoking?

Published February 19, 2017 by tindertender

When I quit, way back in 2003, I did not know this and used Nicorette for 4 days (which worked wonders for me after many failed attempts). I cannot vouch for the truth of Stevia working as this article states, however if it IS true and can help someone, then I want to share it.

Good luck!! Breathing is fabulous!!


There is a natural herb which is quite effective when it comes to this serious habit. A recent German study showed that Stevia can help with quitting smoking and drinking, since it can block the cravings for nicotine and the signals in your brain. Stevia is a herb that origins from Paraguay and it is a member of the chrysanthemum family. Its use is mostly as a sweetener which is healthy for our body.

Take Stevia and put a few drops directly on your tongue, because that is all you need to stop the cravo for cigarettes. You will immediately feel the  effect of the Stevia since it will block the cravings at once.

Let Us Live, Let Us Breathe

Published February 16, 2017 by tindertender

Why do evil hearts feel the right to do this to people? We keepers of Love and Light must stand for those who are also standing. Ignorance is no excuse, you know what has happened, and what is happening now … in North Dakota, and other places in the world. We have an obligation. An obligation for standing with the sacred.

Occasionally I smell the smoke of a pipe, sweet tobacco. I like it, but one day I said they should quit smoking, that it was bad for them.   Then I felt bit my tongue because I spoke without understanding. I have not smelled it again since then. Right away I recognized I may have been disrespectful. I am sorry it happened like that.

I love that you have shared your experiences. Thank you lady. It is special to hear you.

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