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Giving Energy Away

Published July 9, 2019 by tindertender

As I sit here surfing the net I read each post, I absorb it, process and file away. It occurred to me that every time a person reads a post, aloud, or silently, what they are actually doing is affirming the content, providing additional attention and ‘energetic output’ which can be used to influence others, or events, or circumstances.

What this means is, that simply by saying whatever verbiage it is, or by spewing angry, passionate energy at it, you are reinforcing that post as power-giver, or power-source. Not only the post, but the original posting and whatever Energy or Intention was behind that post.

Sacred Texts

Published September 4, 2017 by tindertender

Ageless Flame Of Universal Knowledge

Here, I share a link to many great authors and teacher materials.

From one called “The Fourth Way” I share a little tidbit from page 20. One thing I find interesting, is that this particular read is 444 pages long (I only just observed) and this is a number I’ve seen repeatedly since 2004.

“Some people are very proud of their irritability or irritation, or something like that. They like to be thought very hard. There is practically no negative emotion which you cannot enjoy, and that is the most difficult thing to realize. Really some people get all their pleasures from negative emotions.”

From one called “The Flight Of The Eagle” I share a little tidbit from page 52.

“We have made life into a battlefield, each family, each group, each nation against the other. Seeing all this, not as an idea, but as something which you actually observe, are confronted with, you will ask yourself what it is all about. Why do we go on in this way, neither living nor loving, but full of fear and terror till we die? When you ask this question, what will you do?”

My hope is that you, too, may find something here which adds value to your life and thought processes.

I Commit To My Warrior Goddess Self

Published February 8, 2017 by tindertender

I hereby commit to fully embody my Warrior Goddess self.

From this moment forward, I will do my best to:

Love all of my being
Appreciate the beginnings and the endings
Honor my body and mind as a temple
Stay grounded and present
Cultivate my passions and creativity
Own my strength and vulnerability
Open my heart to all of life
Speak my deepest truths
Listen to the wisdom within

Claim my unique path
And walk the Warrior Goddess Way.

… Don’t forget: everything is conspiring to help you claim the woman you are destined to be. What you often label as roadblocks in your life are actually doorways to discovering deeper truths about yourself, because it’s often the unplanned or unwanted situations in your life that show you the immense reservoir of strength that resides at the core of your being …


Reading Your Bible Again – For The First Time

Published January 22, 2017 by tindertender

Psalm 82

Genesis 1:26-28

I bought a new book titled, “The Unseen Realm” by Michael S. Header. There are many eye opening tidbits. 

Michael is a 30 year scholar who has devoted his life to the study of, and teaching of, the Bible. 

Psalm 82 created a breaking down of the filter he had been viewing the life-long lessons of religious texts through. 

I am grateful for this book, for now I too, can benefit from this clarity. 

The Journey With The Master

Published September 15, 2016 by tindertender

I wake this morning, and think it is time to randomly choose a page from the book I’m reading and share whatever is there. I will choose page 75, paragraph 3. And now I go to retrieve the book from my nightstand, it is called The Journey With The Master, by Eva Bell Werber.

So many are still living in conditions of complete duality. They are battered and confused by the diversity of things seeming to lie all about them. They often wonder what is the answer to it all and cry out for light in their darkness, yet do they seek not the light. Those of you who know the true light are like lighted candles and carry the light wherever you are to those who are in darkness and despair. Beloved, do not think that because you know the truth your obligation ends there. The knowledge which you have is but the beginning of service for you. You are to go on and up in consciousness and will be held responsible for putting into practice the lessons which I am teaching you.

And so, this being shared, I open to another page in order to retrieve a specific teaching. I do not pre-choose, I simply open to page 45, paragraph 2.

The experience will show you how hard is the trail when taken alone. What rocks and pitfalls lie below your feet and how weary and lonely is the way when you are walking, unknowingly, without your Guide. Those of world consciousness who you meet will have no solutions for your problems, for they, like yourself, will be caught in the whirling waters of confusion. So it will be with a grateful heart that you will again feel the touch of the Master and partake of His loving fellowship. That fellowship which only He can give you, true Soul fellowship, is the only one which will satisfy; that, and the comradeship of those others who, like yourself, are climbing the path leading to Soul consciousness. Oh! My beloved! Never forget that we are One and can never be separated. Ever am I waiting in your heart to help, to sustain and guide you. There is never need for you to try to overcome the earth problems without My help.

That was such a sweet message, I am going to do one more. This time, I open to page 25, paragraph 1.

That which can appear to the senses is not of true Soul value. It reacts mostly on the emotional life. The emotional life must for a time be laid aside, even as must the sense perception. All desires must likewise be forgotten for the moment, as this time of true blending is emotionless and without desire. When you can raise your consciousness to the degree that you feel no emotions from the sense world, likewise, no emotion, except that sweet inner emotion of deep abiding oneness with the Presence, at that moment, as at no other, are we truly One. I say, My Beloved, at that moment I can pour into you such power as the world in the outer has no conception of. Then shall you go forth with your senses awakened to all the beauty and joy of My outer manifestation in the physical world, and your emotions will be tuned to their rightful pitch. They shall not be wasted, but you will be able to play upon them as a golden harp is played upon by the understanding fingers of a fine musician. Your desires for those you love, and for yourself, shall be My desires for them and for you, and shall be brought to pass in the healing of body and affairs. And so, Beloved, when we come together in our time of close communion, do not feel that you are amiss because it seems just a time of quiet, peaceful resting, but know that in these moments you are building for yourself experiences which will manifest in the outer in ways which you do not now dream of; so hesitate not to come often to this, our resting time, that these words may be fulfilled into you.

I have complete faith, and a knowing, that I do not travel this life alone. There is a presence, in fact, many presences, that are with me always. It is important to utilize our ability to discern though, because as we see in the outer world, there are those pushing for our forward advancement, and there are those who desire to stifle us.

Be safe, be still and silent, if only for a short time. Connect with that inner guide, who loves you and will never leave you.

Not one thing in this world is missed by the One on the Mountain. No, no, no … He hears all, sees all, and knows all. When you feel persecuted, remember, the One with you is also being persecuted, and He will not forget.

Random Book quote of the evening

Published April 21, 2016 by tindertender

I love library sales, and attend whenever I can. I especially love Sunday sales because you can fill a whole bag for $4.

Page 37 of Owning Your Own Shadow, Robert A. Johnson.

A wonderful saying attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: “If you follow the old code of justice – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – you end up with a blind and toothless world.”

Jung used to say that we can be grateful for our enemies, for their darkness allows us to escape our own.

OOooooohhhhhh,  in here it is talking about the Mandorla.  Verrrrryyyy interesting!

“To refuse the dark side of ones nature is to store up or accumulate the darkness; this is later expressed as a black mood, psychosomatic illness, or unconsciously inspired accidents. We are presently dealing with the accumulation of a whole society that has worshiped its light side and refused the dark, and this residue appears as war, economic chaos, strikes, racial intolerance … the only choice is whether we will incorporate the shadow consciously and with some dignity or do it through some neurotic behavior.”

Wow … there is a lot of information in this book that gets the mind thinking, at least my mind ….



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