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Happy Fathers Day

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

As I looked at my friend he described his love for a particular song and tears came to his eyes. I silently thought, oh my friend … it is really something when you see a man who was never privy to showing emotion be so openly connected and affected by a song … or any number of others small things such as that. I am quite grateful to be present through these life changes with my oldest known friend. It is a real privilege, and I am glad I never “burned that bridge”.

I came home and sat in my chair focusing on those in the Aether, those who live but are not seen, by most. I asked them if any of them had ever been Father’s, and I wished them a happy Father’s Day, explaining that the humans have decided to put away one day in particular to celebrate the fathers of this world, and that means ALL fathers, not just those we can see right now.

I have enjoyed my time here in this world. I have created many pleasant, and also many non-pleasant scenarios. I now work on making these creations of future more positive since I can see from personal history what both look like and what both entail.

I came across a book which I honestly have not read yet, I just found it this morning. It looks to be something which will be of great benefit in the process of altering current realities. If inclined, pleas check it out. Perhaps you may find value in it.

Life has shown the intricacies of relationship are boundless. Often, these relationships are the result of our efforts to bring harmony. If there is any form of chaos, perhaps our method of interaction and cooperation are not quite up to par. Or perhaps we have not put the needed work in for a situation to be harmonious … or maybe the methods that we are working with do not allow space for alteration and flow that is needed in order to embrace all aspects of our community, our self, and our future reality we are working to build.

I have found that even though some people and some events have brought great suffering to my world, they have also allowed opportunity for great love, and an even greater understanding of what it means to allow freedom in our friends and their choices, simply being with that, not judging … that beautiful mess that is sometimes created that we often call unity.

Yes, working with many personalities and preferences can be a challenge, but when everyone is on, or at least ‘around’ the right frequency, it all flows, and it is all beautiful. Individuals working together in the best manner possible to bring harmony to the whole.

I love you, friends, for being the mirror I need to make sense of this world. Thank you for letting me learn from your example, and for allowing me to take part in your life. It is indeed the greatest gift in this world, and I am grateful.

The ‘Swing’ In Life

Published June 14, 2019 by tindertender

Do you ever look at situations in your life, or habitual thought patterns, and wonder at where the opposing poles are active? Have you identified them, partnering them together? Have you made a list of these and wondered at how they affect your life?

Sometimes I think I’m special and at other times I think that is utterly ridiculous. I suppose you could say those are the two opposing poles of my status surrounding the “specialness” of myself, but there are many others.

Finding these oppositions dwelling within require deep reflection, a task not always comfortable or easy. Once found, the affects of these same opposing poles are seen in other people as they respond, or react in this world. With this observation it is clear we are more similar than previously may have been believed. It becomes clear we are all having similar experiences. It may even become tempting to call others brothers and sisters.

To discover more about opposing poles in life and Universal Laws/Principles, check out the following book. Link for pdf also listed.

Authentic Admittance, Standing In Honor

Published June 10, 2019 by tindertender

Antiparticle Tara is no longer on the outskirts of the Milky Way, but “circling the drain” of the supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A, 100,000 light years across the cosmos from where we had been all the way up until the end of 2012, so this is not a guess.

The metagalactic black hole I mentioned is the portal or cross-over window from the Gaia Matrix into Weasadek. You will never hear any reports from the authorities where Particle Tara is now located, on his way to the Aqueous Sun system.

We are likely around 200,000 light years now separated between the two. This is a phase-shift, so it will seem like we are still one planet through quantum entanglement (proven by science to have no limitations as to distance).

The “final” separation (“The Event”) happens when Antiparticle Tara passes through the metagalactic stargate at the black hole and Particle Tara passes through the stargate of the Aqueous Sun. Suddenly there will simply be far less people on both planets just like that.

If things continue the way they are progressing, that will mean around 99% of Antiparticle Tara humans and hybrids will vanish from Particle Tara.

Understand that not everyone simply gets to ascend just because they would like to live in a better neighborhood. Those who have moved on have already taken self-responsibility for their own lives and stand in authenticity for their actions.

If they made a mistake, they admit it, apologize and then become more rounded and balanced moving forward. If they see human suffering around them, they take action to correct it, regardless of the cost.

That’s all we ask, that you are willing to conduct yourself in honor in all things large or small. We don’t ask for you to be perfect, as there is no such thing. Council members are not perfect, yet they have qualified to possess abilities humans can’t even comprehend yet.

But they still wrestle with the things we wrestle with. It’s just that they do an amazing job of it compared to any humans recorded in our history, including “Jesus”.

Rules vs Traditions

Published June 1, 2019 by tindertender

As I sit here thinking on Rules vs Traditions some little spotted guy named Toby decided to have a sit on my arm rest. Of course, I love the way he loves me, so this delayed my actual digging out and opening up of the lap top computer.

The question was posed to me last weekend, “What is the difference between Rules and Traditions?”

I see Rules as a way to hold power over someone. It is presented as a form of instruction to another, a bending of, and manipulation of, the “will” of someone, usually with the enticement of reward or punishment.

My view on Tradition has shifted slightly, but in a profound way. Previously I thought of tradition as things people do as a group to benefit the whole. I now understand that Tradition is much more than that, it is the manner in which history is recorded and kept alive through various practices.

This is why Tradition is so sacred. It is the recording of, and maintaining of, historical ceremony/ritual, clothes making, bead work, dance, food preparation, gender roles specific to tasks, and an all around basic treatment of each other with morals and integrity at the forefront of being.

It was the metaphysical world that brought me to Tradition. I was told there is a big difference between metaphysics and tradition and asked to think about it.

I see the metaphysical, in many groups I’ve enjoyed the company of, as various occult teachings and practices, usually brought forth in a style preferential to the sharer of information. There doesn’t seem to be a set path which shows the history of its making, meaning, there is no step 1, step 2, etc. unless one is talking of spell casting or magical practices.

Again, Tradition is thousands of years of a way of being which is in harmony with life. Tradition does not attempt to manipulate life or circumstances through spell casting or magical practices. Tradition unites all aspects of life in the clan, village, town, city, country and world.

One blends and harmonizes, the other attempts to force and manipulate. One is the unwritten historical record, the other is a forced attempt to shift circumstances, to control.

Embracing Creation Power

Published May 31, 2019 by tindertender

Today was all about Love in 78 degree weather, and the next bea-u-ti-ful day will be as well. After last weekend, full of hugs, warm smiles, and genuine friendly relations I still feel like butter, melted by the sun, merging with everything … mixing up a real treat. I see myself wearing yellow garb, like sunshine 🌞 smiling and trekking around this world.

Prophecy: Appears whole and different qualities, actions and traits are sought after. Seekers do not realize the prophecy, the ‘story’ is built using ‘fragments’ … ONE from each portion of the multi-verse. The story is made available in a seemingly tangible world where everyone is seeking the total sum of traits mentioned in the story, not realizing it isn’t one story at all … it is not ‘whole’ and there is no such thing that can be found in one space. Each multi-verse has its own piece to the puzzle, a mere fragment. It will require connection and total cooperation, one with the other, in order to merge all needed pieces and complete the requirements needed to fulfill the Prophecy and find understanding.

Remember: Their response/reaction to you WILL affect everyone else in the vicinity, and even beyond. When conversing with someone envision the response you wish to achieve, or receive. Really see this response in your mind. Now ask yourself if what you had planned on doing or saying will be helpful in creating this response, or reaction. If it is, proceed. If you see it as having an unwanted response factor, choose another way of communicating, another phrase or tone. This is your opportunity to create an atmosphere which is beneficial not only to yourself, but to everyone near you, for you are living in a fashion that considers the outcome of words and actions.

Choose: to create chaos, or to create harmony? This world is your making, in conjunction with all others.

When the people of this world begin to see the absolute power and potential of working together, united, for the benefit of the whole it will be clear. No longer will one have too much while another suffers needlessly.

Creator, see the reality which forms from the words flowing from your lips, and the actions you make. No longer is it an argument of who is right or wrong. It is a simple vision and creation based on what you see, and the improvement you wish to steer (or stir) into being.

All actions formulated for certain responses will surround the doer, the creator, and this will be the reality.

Open eyes, open mind, open heart.

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