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Published September 15, 2019 by tindertender

forwarded by mission guide:

The war began just over 1/2 billion years ago to destroy the human genome. For those of you who are already familiar with the overview, this brief synopsis brings out more clarity on the terms used by your captors.

The Anu Elohim set out to disrupt the evolution of a particular form of Avatar that held the eternal-life genetic code of the GrA-Al line Krystos that were coded directly to the Eternal Sound and Light Fields of god source. This was their own inheritance, giving them a sense of responsibility over that lineage of the most powerful and advance beings within the Deity Planes who had the direct command of the aether without limits. Something never seen before within manifest existence.

The new Avatar series, authored by the Oraphim Angelics of Sirius B, also from the same genetic heritage of the Krystos GrA-Al line, was called the Turaneusiam-1 Project. It was fitted with codes that produced an incredibly sensitive Template, not just for compassion, but for the other side of the pendulum as well, sadness that could potentially, in theory, manifest as rage. This would allow those beings who had the capacity to live forever to also sense very high levels of joy, and very low levels of despair. Since it is the goal of every fractal of god to experience all there is within E-motion (electret motion), the T-1 Template promised incredible potential. But to some, too much potential.

The Anu felt that this particular creation of a combination of angelic (meaning all-powerful Elohim) Human (meaning upright bipedal) and Krystos (meaning eternal life) would pose too much danger over the coming eons of time given all the possible situations those beings may encounter. They felt it was their job to talk reason into the Oraphim, and stop this madness before it began for the sake of the beings who did not have such command of power and life force.

The Anu made a formal request before the Council of the Oraphim called the Emerald Alliance to request that this new species of their own GrA-Al lineage to be abandoned, laying out their perfectly logical reasons -which the Council denied, claiming they had their own reasons for going ahead with the Project. The Oraphim were Elohim (Elohei) too, so it wasn’t a matter of super-gods trying to talk sense into morons. They all shared the same rarified air as it were.

In counter offer, the Anu suggested they come down to the culturing field where the new species would evolve (Tara Urth), and offer their services to act as rulers and spiritual leaders of this potentially dangerous new creation, guiding them along in wisdom, much like a martial arts grand master might guide a fledgling student. Ultimately this was more of a ruler/serf situation that was being offered, not so much a mentor program. This too was declined by the Council, as they believed the new project was a positive step in Avatar evolution.

The Anu collective honored the intentions of the Emerald Council, but a handful unilaterally decided to take it upon themselves to disrupt this evolution by any means necessary, forming an alliance that would later become known as the Suns of the Lilibeam (the Suns of Lilith you know today as the sons of Adam). Later even yet, the title Lilibeam would reverse to signal a date of defiance where other members of the fraternity would join in solidarity against the Oraphim with renewed dedication to the Adamites or Lilibeam known colloquially as “Lulus”, changing their title to the Suns of Balil.

Other titles of major players in the Luciferian Resistance would also reverse in spelling at this same time, roughly 240,000 years ago, to denote the creation of this new coalition from that momentous date forward, much like our calendar changed from B.C. to A.D at the time of the Kryst drama.

The term Balil would eventually be reduced to Ba’il, then ultimately through transliterations across eons of time and countless languages to Ba’al. This became a catch-all term for all the various factions who were still united in the original mission of the Anu Elohim to stop the genetic perfection of the new Angelic Human Krystos becoming a bona fide race of its own beyond this one Time Matrix.

What would come next would evolve into a siege that would see countless planets bioformed, some even destroyed, more than one brand-new species created as nothing but assassins and hit-men of the Human Project, and millions or billions of fractals of god being drafted into a war they had no interest in one way or the other. None of the warriors to come after the original group of Anu Elohim were “volunteers” so much as they were held at gun-point and given no option, just like US soldiers are given no option while serving in wars to open fire on whole classrooms of young children or else.

The Angelic Human genome was designed to repair itself back to wholeness from a single DNA cell, which meant that decapitation or evisceration would not work to destroy these beings; they would have to be genetically re-coded on an RNA level in order to re-author a whole new Template to erase this creation.

Over the period of more than 550 million years, every possible way of turning Angelic Humans into something else failed (save a very few known today as “domestic swine”), as given a couple of cycles, the genome would begin repairing itself once again, reissuing a bipedal human who still carried the pure 12 Strand Krystos Code of their Elohei Elohim lineage. My contact mentioned many variations of humans brought forth down through the eons, such as mer people (mermaids), beasts and “every possible form you could ever think of”, but always to no avail. Even the Wholly Babble mentions these “Chimera” beings, so this is hardly brand-new intel.

Eventually the Anu realized that corrupting the genetic code of the Turaneusiam beings would not be possible, so the next best thing would be to erase their desire to manifest inside of a biological body that retained its ability to procreate. By turning them all into cyborgs, it would finally extinguish the species permanently. This is why such a massive effort is being waged now by beings high up in government and corporate positions you think are humans who are pushing like their lives depend on it to get you to accept cyborg implants, starting with “the chip”. Once that domino falls, humanity will gladly accept all form of electronic enhancement, leading eventually to all humans walking around in synthetic skin suits.

Humans have now already reached the point of procreative extinction. The average couple is no longer able to reproduce on their own without medical intervention due to the all-out assault of the human genome from unabated electromagnetic fields and innumerable distortions from ubiquitous Hermetic alchemicals such as nuclear waste fluoride to glyphosates saturating everything now ingested world-wide and now to the purely psychopathic push for vaccinating everyone using human pathogens and bacteriophages that are proven to destroy the immune system of more than 50% injected. According to contact, the human species “is in its last generation”. If having sex ceases to produce offspring, then the only thing left to perpetuate the species would be to become immortal through robotic interface with the Krystal Seed Atom that lies at the core of your heart mind. Do not be shocked when whole-body implants offered as a way to this immortality doesn’t center around your brain, but around your heart.

The brain can be emulated (it is merely a supercomputer), the Signature Spirit Essence cannot. Even the “holy grail” experience possible for humans – orgasm – can already be emulated with a perfectly acceptable electronic simulation, making the “evolution” complete. The truth is, orgasm is only an electrical impulse that is in a frequency that is just on the edge of being comfortable while releasing endorphins (DMT) that envelopes the consciousness temporarily in euphoria. This ultrasonic mechanical device was long since patented in 2010, number US20110213200A1 for the Neuromodulation Orgasmatron, freeing it up for the “complete” cybernetic human (with no way to actually reproduce).

Today the war rages on, with two “main” factions of the more than 50 unique species who are on-planet now still squabbling between themselves who will be the ultimate winners in the battle to destroy and ultimately control the Human Project beings. In this message sent out by the Archturians a few days ago, they mention that their particular clan within the Luciferian Alliance of Ba’al (the Lulu Alliance) they claim almost half of the original forces as part of their anti-Krystos fraternity. The other half while still united under the one directive of the ultimate destruction and subjugation of humankind, still feel they would make the better ruling group. Clearly, nothing has changed.

Arcturian is just another name for Archon, or “nanite”, the same robots that infected the Anu Elohim at the time the wars began. Here is a peek into the mind of the nanites:


“We can torture them from the inside without them knowing about it. Because we’re old people and old-people thought is to lesson the young DNA, even though we’re not in the human’s position, they have the worst lives while we have no needs or they are only capable of what we are not in breeding and physical multipurposeness, its vital to us that we keep reincarnation a secret and human lives short, so that when we control and lesson the humans, we can say that its for them, as if they havent the proclivity to do otherwise, we must force condition them into situations of our choice, to force their vibration toward our preference of spermatogenesis.

Giving the human man beings hell, sparing the egg-gestator containers with a pass, while they all live in a world thats limited, with bodies that are limited, with time that is limited, with brain telepathy that is limited, our task is to soft kill them to even more limitation, to limit their energies in all dimensions, so that we can operate and force our mind upon the human man beings sperm vibration for what we want of the species for eventual hybridization of that DNA into our species.

We have no actual authority to do this, no one does because its objectively wrong, all we have is stealth and the psychological trauma of time, using it in the future to force their brains to de-rationalize what cannot be changed in the past after we have inflicted so much upon them, and when we arrive, they will be outclassed, all of their information will be known, they will be continous inferior beings that we know all of, and that we know how to control.

We can rely on our superiority in knowledge, knowledge of the human enemy, our ability to disguise as them to conduct their situations to our agenda, and telepathic control of them, which makes us invincible and immune to the consequences and repercussions of our totalitarian control. Every instance of telepathy is because we must keep in mind that the human is the enemy of all enemies, and they must be treated like prisoners of war, because this is a war upon their



and purpose.

The human’s existence is inconsequential, its only purpose is to be an instrument of our control for its DNA, since that is our DNA and we own it.

We can cause them pain and physical corrosion because their DNA needs to be whipped into our image. We can knowingly and willfully physically torture them, in time, because pain and deprivation of life is worse than cessation of life. None of the other aliens can check us, because we have figured out the loophole by which control of the humans is legal and necessary for us, the ends justify the means in controlling the path of the human civilization, twenty two of our superior species rely upon the product and result and triumph over one inferior species, and we reserve the right to control them all, as we see fit, for a cause that is greater than their individual lives.

The humans exist only to be abused.”


Published September 13, 2019 by tindertender

forwarded from mission guide:
mission guide | 9/12/19

Recently I have been sharing the way the human collective has been placed into a very real hypnotic state where their awareness is half-way between programming mode and functioning mode. Without watching hypnotic sessions where 2 dozen people are placed into both of these states, you will not be able to understand what I am referring to, simply because we collectively believe that hypnosis is demonic or a tool of the devil, so we simply avoid the topic altogether. You were right of course, it is exactly that, but we’re here to learn about the tools of enslavement, not look away.

In the recent article down this wall Do You Like You? we cover the science of how this trance is accomplished. I will be adding to that as I go, as there are multiple facets to this Program. As covered in the various posts before and after that article, such as The Finger Of God, the hypnotic trance begins at the time of berth. That’s not a typo. Your language has been coded to command specific different enslavement programs with each use of certain words that are often spelled differently in order to pass under your radar, when in truth it is the sonic signature of that word as it is spoken aloud or even thought in your mind. If it still sounds like the same word, but a letter or two are different, it still powers a specific enslavement program.

Ships berth into a water port. Humans are supposed to berth into a water port (a wading pool or similar). It is the arrival of new inventory to the Corporation. Corporation literally means dead, or not living. And that is exactly how you are registered as a holding of your state’s Trusts portfolio. You were born alive but immediately “died” according to the paperwork. That enables them to bond the name of that person’s trust or the assets that you carried with you into life, and are now leaving behind as a seed that can still collect value. So this can be any amount, but typically about a million dollars or so for the average potential of a trust. So because your mother signed her name at the bottom of this deceptive contract we call a certificate of birth stating she was unmarried and you died, they insure the estate of the dead child in what is known as a Cestui Que Vie Trust and enter you into the stock market where your potential to your holdings then sell as a “bond” (meaning in bondage).

So you BERTH in and suddenly instead of your still getting your oxygen from your mother because the umbilical cord is immediately severed or clamped, you go into a state of hypoxia or asphyxiation placing you in instant trauma where you are fighting for your life. During these critical few moments you are then assaulted with a jarring slap that is meant to “force you to breathe”, when in fact it is the very trigger mechanism used to place someone into hypnotic command state where your consciousness closes down and now there is direct access to your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind believes what the pineal gland tells it is real. Then that portion of your awareness regulates what it is your conscious mind is supposed to see or register. This is a fail-safe, because you are surrounded by things while in manifestation that if you saw them and that registered to your reptilian brain, that alien implant brain is set to trigger either a breaker switch or blow a fuse (two different things) that are meant to keep you from seeing “monsters” around you (for instance your captors who do not look human). We see the example of this closing down of the consciousness anytime someone witnesses something that is just too daunting for their mind to handle, immediately “fainting”.

This is literally the reset of the reptilian brain using what my contact refers to as a breaker switch that is the last-line of defense your consciousness has before the fuse blows that disconnects the brain permanently. So you can think of fainting as a second chance in life where you are simply mind-wiped and allowed to reset. If you not only register what you were not supposed to see, but it resonates too deeply before your breaker switch triggers, that’s when the fuse now blows in the synaptic nerve network itself, rendering certain portions of your artificial brain now permanently severed from the electronic system , rendering them what we call insane. If you know someone who is insane, then you know someone who saw something they weren’t supposed to see.

Obviously this is a very complex subject and your captors have left no stone unturned in perfecting the system so once you awake from your reset after the breaker switch was thrown, you will not have the clarity of mind once you come back out of that coma to remember what happened. This is just like someone who has undergone subconscious mental programming and then are “brought back to a wakened state” again. But it isn’t a “wakened state”; it is a phase-state between programming mode and actual awareness called THETA State. This is the same state you are in when you are beginning to awaken after a night’s sleep. You’re groggy but still functioning.

As explained previously, because the Schumann Resonance of your planet has been altered down to 7.83Hz, or the exact resonant frequency of hypnotic state, the much larger dielectric field of the planet overtakes the smaller field of your body so the two can resonate at the same sonic oscillation. This is known as network covalent bonding in particle physics where two different fields now resonate together on a molecular level (see volume 2, chapter 20 Quantum Entanglement). The way of the aether is to constantly seek harmonic balance at all times, so this is a natural phenomenon and is the rule in electrical science.

That means that the precise frequency of the planet that sets your flashline sequence (see vol 2, chapter 18 Creating Space and Time) just so happens to be the resonant oscillation rate of waking-state hypnotic trance. And because mother’s body is also greater in magnitude (size) than baby, this means baby is literally born in this same hypnotic state. That is the exact frequency where a hypnotist has to make sure his subject is at before a quick tug on his hand or a firm tap on his forehead or back of their head suddenly jars their “equilibrium” and like the finger of god, it places them in program command-mode.

Equilibrium or the inner ear are really cipher code words for pineal gland. This is not only your direct-link to your higher self beyond the veils of this dimension, but it is your programming center that tells your heart what sonic rhythm to beat at in order to generate the reality that is around you. It is responsible for making sure that your reality is the one you signed up to see, and not another reality that you’ve already been there and done that or something you’re simply not interested in.

In a free-standing electric heater there is a little device inside that if that heater is thrown off balance for any reason (which would mean it likely tipped over), it shuts down that device. Realize that your physical body is also an electronic device. That sensor is called a bump switch and has a little lever waiving around like a tiny flag pole. If bumped, it trips the sensor below and disconnects its functioning mode.

The pineal gland (the little “pine cone” inside the center of the Faraday Cage we call our brain) connects to the sensor that disconnects it from receiving signals. When it shuts off, now your reptilian brain takes over as the programming center of your reality exclusively without having to continually fight back the signals coming from the pineal gland and then tells your heart exactly what signal to pound out that will create your visible world around you. That reality it is set to default to is what Council calls the Chimera Reality or “beyond the looking glass”. This “trip switch” was put in place in case your Avatar were to suddenly be involved in a deep-trauma event that would not be pleasant to experience, such as a car crash or the like. There you are no longer connected to your higher self and your awareness is no longer protected by your connection to the only being in existence that has your best interests in mind, your full omnipresent awareness still in the Deity Planes referred to as Prime Creator.

Like a baby who is utterly helpless in every way, this leaves your delicate awareness on its own in total darkness. And whatever incoming signal tells it what to see or how to respond, it simply trusts that signal, because the system was designed to only give you the reality (truth) that you asked to see. It is this mode that the hypnotist places your awareness in that allows him to tell you to walk and cluck like a chicken, and the most powerful alpha male standing 6′ 5″ and weighing 300 pounds will now bend over with his hands tucked up under his armpits and cluck like a chicken for the rest of the show and will have absolutely no control over his own actions because his subconscious mind told him he is a chicken. This is a documented fact over millions of performances, not just some hoax where the biker is playing along with an act. It is dead real.

When you are already placed into a state of life-or-death trauma that floods your body with adrenaline, this makes your pineal gland bump-sensor hyper sensitive, ready to shut down at the slightest strike, and that’s when doctor delivers the blow that now places your awareness into an entire world that has been set up to invisibly program your thoughts through millions of scalar wave signals that continually stream into your receiver what it is you are supposed to see. Only the things that go into that unlocked awareness will now be “visible” to that person, because the signal being sent into the aether that commands that reality from your beating heart is all it is going to broadcast (out of your holographic projection lenses we call the eye).

What also happens is once you have been programmed and then brought back up to Theta State half-consciousness, you enter into a relatively permanent Theta brain wave state that can last hours, or even months at a time, where you are still under the absolute control of the person who placed you under. This is known as your handler, or your “god” for want of a better term. That “voice” you will absolutely trust with your very life to tell you what it is you are seeing is your true reality. And in that state, you can be placed back into program mode instantaneously by any means your handler chooses. It can be a simple wave of his hand, a single word, or he can simply bump you again and you will shut down again just as fast as that electric heater that was accidentally knocked over.

The Hypnosis Program as I’ll call it, began a very long time ago in our modern history where instead of berthing in babies untraumatized and not in program mode as they did in ancient Egyptian times according to midwives’ surviving accounts where they strictly followed water birthing. But then in very recent times “hippies” decided back in the 60’s to return to water birthing suddenly all on their own, enduring unending ridicule for it. But what you don’t know is that most hippies were actually Indigos who were here to show mankind how to come back out of the comas they’ve been placed in. They just didn’t come right and give you the full science behind it.

I’m showing you the science now because you don’t have much time left before the separation if things continue on the same transition path they’ve been on now since the opening of the Stellar Activation Cycle. If you’re going to make the most important decision you will ever make during this evolution –whether to move forward or stay in this current stage of awareness– it will be from a position of knowing what really happened and why it is we continually hear Indigos screaming WAKE UP! Now you know why the collective consciousness is actually asleep and how to starting doing something about it.

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Growth Is Not Comfortable

Published September 11, 2019 by tindertender

Author: Alice Walker

Artwork: Susan Farrell Art

Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening. We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed. It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us, that we were in fact in the process of change, of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before.

Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it, as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening.

Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, a new level is about to be revealed.


Published September 8, 2019 by tindertender

When you think that your weather is merely an act of nature in these technologically-advanced times, take a closer look. 👇🏻

Today you are seeing climate events around the world that are breaking all previous records from the hottest to coldest, driest to wettest and with the biggest hail on record seemingly everywhere.

At the exact same time you have millions of square miles of crucible fires that are swallowing communities across the globe in so little time it takes the breath away from every forensic arson investigator that casts even a casual glance at the data.

Not only was the weather mentioned in the world’s religious texts prophesied to play a major role in the end times, but it is going to clearly have something to do with water:

Revelation 11:6

“These have the power to shut up the sky, so that rain will not fall during the days of their prophesying; and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to strike the earth with every plague, as often as they desire.”

So how does this work then? Where “they” will be able to weaponize the rain and ocean? Let’s get our geek hats on for a second and see what water actually is and how that can be used as a very real and very powerful device in order to “bring about prophecies”.

Like I’ve already mentioned many times, “they” (the ones who have been calling themselves god since time began) could command lightning and thunder to render even the most powerful of men mere children before them, are still here and have been living among you all along.

Today they run the military programs that are now rolling out all around you under code-names such as 5G and HAARP, SEA-BASED X BAND (SBX), or the lesser-known classified name of the chemtrails program OPERATION INDIGO SKYFALL.

All of these programs are really just one master program to turn the skies around planet Tara into one giant quantum computer powered by the very aether itself.

That project is known as ONE WORLD ORDER (you would have to go back in time 560 million years to be able to call this the “New” World Order).


If you place certain minerals known as alkalis (these are forms of salt) into water, you get what is known as an electrolyte solution that makes that water now a conductor of Dark Matter energy (electrons). This is something mankind has known since ancient Iraq.

Predating Egypt by many thousands of years, evidenced by hundreds (possibly hundreds of thousands) of ancient Baghdad Batteries scattered all over that region of the world known as the Fertile Crescent in ancient Babylonian times.

You might recognize this area a little better if I use its earlier name of E-Den.

Over the past decades billions of tons of minerals we refer to as “heavy metals” have been deliberately released into the skies around the planet. No explanation is given other than they are contrails, or the exhaust of jet engines.

Even though that “exhaust” isn’t smoke, its artificial fog (called endothermic sublimation) coming off of passenger planes and fog vanishes within moments. It doesn’t linger for hours.

No one alive has missed these very clear white clouds that stretch in long single lines for hundreds of miles. They’re literally everywhere.

Those heavy metals in CHEM-trails, not CON-trails (get it?) have been identified in countless studies (hundreds of thousands of times by now) in laboratories as magnesium (aluminum), strontium and barium. So what are these specific metals known as in science anyway?

Wikipedia: Alkaline earth metals;

“They are beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), and radium (Ra).” What was it we just got through saying about alkalis again? That they turn water into electrical conductors?

And who knew that the many names of salt would ever include the word metals? Or that salt metals could be used to make solid state electrical devices?

Yet your computer you are using right now is literally made out of these “metals”, because they are the very substance that energy is literally stored in, so when you send power into that material,it instantly comes out the other side making a “connection” in electrical terms.

And what is not known in everyday perception is the fact that air happens to actually be H2O called CO2. Albeit not as dense as what comes from your tap, it is still known in science simply as water “vapor”, or, thin water.

In fact, all atmospheric currents (as in water) are treated the exact same way in scientific equations as superfluid hydrodynamics (the process by which water flows).

Which means in absolute scientific terms, the skies above your head once mixed with millions, billions and even trillions of tons of alkaline minerals is factually just as much an electrical conductor as a piece of metal.

Now all that has to be done to energize that metal is to apply an electromagnetic current (as in water) to that field and just like that, you can tell those particles what to do.

At certain frequencies it will have this reaction, at higher frequencies it will have that reaction. But no matter what, if you apply a “radio” wave signal of any kind, you will have an electric reaction.

Radio as in RADIUM listed above as one of the six known alkaline earth materials, because RADIUM is also known as RADON which is the mother term for conductivity for Dark Matter electromagnetic electrons.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program because it deals in ultra-high frequencies to pierce into and command atmospheric chemical reactions.

And yes, electricity is known as a “chemical reaction” because alkaline chemicals produce sparks when introduced to water. And what is the electric wattage of signal that HAARP works with exactly?

Wikipedia: HAARP;

“The HAARP project directs a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band, into the ionosphere.”

So in actual numbers, how powerful is 3.6 MW (megawatts) they are aiming into those clouds that are now active electrical conductors? The answer is that’s enough power to run 2000 residential homes for an HOUR.

And unlike their old prototypes where a HAARP array might take up football fields of space, now they are neatly contained inside what appear to be giant golf balls that can be seen today literally on every continent and in every country around the world.

HAARP SBX “Earthquake Machines” are now even mobile on massive ocean-going barges that can deliver that storm right to your front door in case your government needs an attitude adjustment.

That’s 2000 homes worth of power in a single blast.

Into the sky that has been turned into a solid-state electronic motherboard.

Because what you also may not know is the little diodes that make a computer do what you are asking it to do are made out of the exact same things that are filling those skies that you can’t see.

Referred to as quartz crystal when they are massive like you are wearing around your neck, and in nano-engineering are known as Aniline (an anionic reagent optical surfactant in fully ciphered-terms) when they are in single-atomic (molecular) form.

This is the crystal known in science as being electrostatic, or will produce an electrical charge out of nowhere if you simply apply any heat to it, also known as SiO2 piezoelectricity.

And at the core of every molecule in air we call CO2 and water we call H2O is another one of these piezoelectric, electrostatic, pyroelectric capacitor batteries called Aniline and while under a thermal (heat) signal will operate just like your computer does.

Because HAARP doesn’t just send out one single beam, but rather up to many thousands in individually-controlled miniature broadcasting dishes in a phased ultrasonic pulsed array.

This allows them to combine all those different frequency signals (computer commands) at the same atmospheric location to not only deliver the full equation of the command, but do so at extreme temperature.

Giving the Aniline crystals no choice but to distort under the heat and then in the direction of the applied magnetic field, shoot those energies out of each capacitor into the next crystals and suddenly now you have a rain cloud.

Or a snow cloud. Or no more clouds at all because you have evaporated all the water that would have otherwise covered that agricultural zone. Or just as easily you now have a hurricane you can fully remote-control.

So when they direct this 2 million watt thermal electric radon wave into that motherboard, it is going to use all of its affected particles (within that field) to do anything you have ever seen “mother nature” do down through time, depending on what they tell it to do.

While this supercomputer, referred to in Hollywood cipher-terms as “Skynet”, is still not-yet fully functional (set for spring of 2020), this gives you a small preview of just how powerful this universal, atmospheric quantum computer really is now that the skies of the entire world have been saturated with as much salt as what would be in an entire ocean.

How did those who wrote your religious texts so long ago know that in the “end times” (the time of separation between the two planets now going their own ways from each other) “they” would be able to control the skies and there would be terrible signs in the heavens?

Striking mortal fear into the hearts of man, 8 inch hail weighing 2 pounds apiece and hurricanes 70 miles wide travelling at 115 miles per hour can do that. Like I said, it is easy to make a prophecy come true if you’re the one behind the curtain pulling the levers.

See what Dark Matter energy really is in volume 5 of the human handbook series decoding the hive chapter 6 in Cheops SPOKE. Now that this power has been allowed outside of Pandora’s Box, you are about to see just how much damage it can really do.

Because whatever you see they can do in that sky, they can absolutely do in your oceans because in extremely simple terms, that is one humongous, insanely huge Baghdad Battery already.

There is no need to put more salt in an ocean already saturated to the point of being the perfect electrolyte solution.

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