Published March 30, 2022 by tindertender

Many moons a dream ascribed
God divined his Rainbow Tribe
All with love and care for life
United – Joined – Husband – Wife

Distractions – Usury – Market gold
Our hearts – Our minds – Our bodies sold
The time was vague but would appear
A future need – To heal – Repair

The ground we walk -The air we breathe
Nature’s power to conceive
Our journey long but years pass quick
Our time to shift the devil’s trick

Come shape our world and all within
Awakened – Learned – Folk and kin
With trust of God and Mother Earth
Choose your purposed gift of birth

Our moment lives – No day is set
Responsibility – Don’t you forget
Our greatest power – Our daily bread
To love all life and blessings spread

Rise above – With truth be bold
Spread your wings – All young and old
Fight the fight – Our natural rites
Our sacred web – Your swords of light

(Image – pinterest.com)

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