Nature’s Wonders

Published March 14, 2021 by tindertender

Went for a walk on a trail off the old scenic hwy. I found some tufts of fur and a heart rock. Arranged it and said a prayer gifting it back in a good way to Mother.

Strolling among the Standing Ones I stopped and what do I see? A heart rock, and the word “friend” someone left behind.

Continuing along the way I found some orange peel, moss, a cool leaf and some wonderful smelling fallen branches. Branchlettes? Haha. So beautiful out here! Arranged them, said a prayer and walked on, feeling happy.

May it bring a smile to all who pass.

That song “don’t worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright” started playing in my head.

Such sweet moments, presenting themselves to me.

Found a cool stick and some more pretties. Arranged them and said a prayer of gratitude for the sharing of such wonderful things with me.

Here, I can smell the sweetness of the fir trees. Smells fruity.

Found some leaves that were just veins. And some more fur and a couple empty snail shells. Another opportunity to say a prayer for life.

Check this out! Reminds me of some sort of rune or magical symbol. It’s wood.

It’s been said that the natives used to bend the young trees like this to “point the way” for travelers. I did not put the note there, but was very happy to see it.

I saw a young woman and man walking swiftly and I stepped aside to let them pass. He was walking ahead of her and it looked like she was just trying to keep up. I thought to myself, stop, and look at something sweetheart, let him go. She totally missed the beauty of the flowers blooming.

Walking along I saw this tree. It appeared to be a dead tree but the wood was still quite solid. I wondered what might have done this damage to it. Perhaps a bear? Were they looking for bugs? I did not see any claw marks, just little bits gnawed off, all about the same size.

I stood between these two beauties for a time, one hand on each.

As I exited the trail after a lovely 2.5 hours in the forest I came upon more fur. I arranged it and said a prayer to Gaia for her beloved furry friends, and mine …..

As I left, I wore a smile. My countenance was extremely peaceful, still is. Gaia has healed me more times that I am even aware of.

I love her so much.

And she loves us.

Here is a compilation of the beautiful flowing waters.


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