Integration of Multi-Dimensional Self

Published February 22, 2021 by tindertender

The integration of the Multidimensional Self in times of Ascension is a gift from the Creator. In this perfect cosmic moment most of us starseeds are going through a process of integration with aspects of ourselves scattered in time and space, which today unite to complete our best versions of ourselves and thus add to the cosmic potential to obtain a Quid of light necessary to become Divine co-creators.

This is why you may have felt sadness mixed with a beautiful sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The reason for those images that show you that paths are opening in your walk, and that you are a mix of lights of different colors whose soul is divided into two or more beings.

The sadness is the nostalgia of saying goodbye to aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our highest purpose. And the serene and deep joy you feel is due to the fusion with those aspects of yourself, your other selves that have matured in other galaxies, spaces and times and worlds living different experiences that today are complete and enrich your awakening, and give you the strength to finally integrate with the Whole.

Do not fear then, my dear, for this. Those who wildly oppose to say goodbye to those old patterns of behavior, emotions and sense of judging others, are the ones who now feel that they are breaking into pieces and do not find comfort in their mind, nor their emotions.

Just let go…that you already went. It has already served you to get here and now receive your new Self, which is none other than one or more aspects, more beautiful, radiant, Divine and powerful that bring you closer to your highest realization.

To Ascend is to Integrate.

To ascend is to merge with all aspects of your divine spark whose center is yourself.

Source: @MelkyofMercy

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