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Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

It’s Time to Remember Who You Are, Why You Are Here, and Why You Have Chosen to be on Earth at this Time of the Greatest Change EVER!

I’d like to invite you on a beautiful journey…

…that answers all the questions about the biggest changes happening on our planet right now!

Director & producer Nikki Williams traveled to over 16 different countries and interviewed: ✅ Indigenous Elders ✅ Wisdom Keepers
✅ Visionary Thought Leaders sharing their knowledge and teachings…

Click below to watch the movie and 8 part documentary for FREE! (For a limited time)

The 8 part documentary includes these monumental episodes:

Episode 1 – An Awakening Global Consciousness: Huge changes are happening on our planet. But how deep do they go?

Episode 2 – Healing Our Ancestral Wounds: There is a Universal Wound that connects us all, and many of us have been disconnected from our Indigenous roots.

Episode 3 – Ancient & Future Technologies: A pure energy source is still available to us today, we just need to tap into it!

Episode 4 – Sustainable Futures: Deep care comes from the heart. Is it time to return to trusteeship, to become guardians and stewards of the land? Our land.

Episode 5 – The Grandmothers Speak: We’ve collated the wisdom of the grandmothers in this fascinating episode.

Episode 6 – The Grandfathers Speak: A collection of wisdom from the grandfathers in this equally fascinating episode.

Episode 7 – Messages From The Heart: At the end of each interview, we asked every speaker who participated in the project the same critical four questions…

Episode 8 – Channeling Our Guide & Storyteller: In three parts, we firstly ask Geoffrey Hoppe, about his experience as a trance channel.

Click below to watch the movie and 8 part documentary for FREE! (For a limited time)


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