The Ascension of Earth is Proceeding on High Speed

Published January 28, 2021 by tindertender

Look at all the things happening in your world, such as CV and worldwide stress levels becoming more intolerable. Many of you don’t understand what is happening energetically, and you resist it.

You don’t allow yourself to painfully open, which is necessary for the healing process to take place. No one teaches this to you in your world, so many of you end up having to go through hell until you awaken yourself and understand that this process is much larger than one individual. This is a sign of species evolution, but it isn’t fun. It is the process of moving from polarized consciousness into that Big Eye state of non-duality. It is a big change from the egoic way of navigating through reality, and it requires a lot of disassembling.

Many of you have the erroneous belief that the process of awakening or ascension is all about angels singing and unicorns jumping over rainbows.

When your heart opens & you feel euphoria, do you also feel pain more?

The Dark Night / The Pain-Fear Band

1) Moving further along the quantum map, we want to look at a layer we call the pain-fear band. Actually, several layers on the quantum map require you to confront your fears and move through your pain. On the map below, we have added a wavy line that represents the pain-fear band.

2) As you move beyond the ego and head toward the jelly band, you might encounter a paradox: incredible love and joy as well as incredible pain and fear. The emotional pain is just a layer to move through; it is not caused by this experience. The pain is representative of what has protected you from merging back into your true, integrated state of consciousness. When you encounter the pain, it is easy to think you have done something wrong or that a “negative entity” is causing it, but that is not true. It is simply unhealed, unresolved energy — you could call it shadow energy — that you must integrate into your consciousness before you can go deeper into the quantum states of consciousness.

3) If you allow yourself to move through the pain or fear and not / resist it, you pop through the pain-fear band. Consider this band like a jungle path. The first time through is the hardest, like cutting through a jungle with a machete. Each time you encounter it, the path gets wider and easier to cross. Fear and pain become your teachers, which is a necessary step on the path of integration. If you experience any resistance to this process, your inner guidance keeps you working here until you move on to deeper quantum levels.

4) The linear 3D aspect has to be released to allow more emotion to rise. This process dissolves the crust and brings you more in touch with your emotional body. But when this happens, you might think you are going crazy or that something is wrong with you. You berate yourself and say, “Why am I so sensitive? Something must be wrong with me. My spiritual practice is failing me because I feel this pain.” But in reality, a sign of your integration and opening is when you become more sensitive during this adjustment period. If you resist, it lasts a whole lot longer. The evolutionary cycle asks you to slowly drop the armor. Some of you will do it willingly, and others will not.

Some of you know that my mission is to bring truth and knowledge for the ONENESS of humanity. But I am also aware that a lot I tell will just resonate to those who are already on the path of Oneness on their eternal journey back to Source. They have already left the path of left or right, black or white because they already know that we are ONE in highest realms. And 3D is really the lowest vibrational realm, where we go through duality, seperatness and ego just to learn what we REALLY are. Pure Love and light in consciousness and immortal Beings. But with this comes RESPONSIBILITY and so we have to learn lessons here, that as long as we don`t understand that Darkness is not a self-sustaining life form but the ABSENCE OF LIGHT AND LOVE and in this nourished BY THE PEOPLE, because they don`t spread their love and light TO ALL.

Darkness just can “vanish” when we shine bright enough for everybody. And I know – tough lesson and I also struggle with this sometimes. But we try it every day again – so go and SHINE and BE LOVE!!!!

And that`s what I wanted to tell you about The Plan – all “parties” in the game have a PLAN. Some looks terrible, some looks better because they refer to “God” and “Christians”. But do you really think that SUPREME CREATOR IS SO SMALL just to provide a plan for Christians and one party??? This is stupid to think so – sorry. Yes – there is A PLAN – BUT this is the DEVINE PLAN OF SUPREME CREATOR and had been planned billions of years ago and this plan is for the ACENSION of beloved GAIA and HUMANITY: But humans have the FREE WILL to choose any plan they wish and give humans also the ability to go on this realm for thousands of years and learn their lessons. This is no punishment because every single human decides for him/herself.

Love and Light have the same quality: They just ARE, they don`t judge and they don`t “damn”. Love is simply there and we don`t decide if it is allowed or not. But just because of this – Love and Light don`t vanish, or? Like the sun- and the heat of the sun may seem cruel when you are in the desert, but she creates also Life for the whole planet and humanity. And she just IS -also a consciousness Being of unimaginable Light and Love experiencing existence in this devine form. The whole journey of an IS-BE is a journey of experiences.

May give you a “re-view” and a “pre-view” from the point of view from the monadic entitiy of the Pleyaden Civilisation – Adamu (through Zingdad) – take what resonates.

White Dragon Society and their point of view – the actual “commander in chief is a thief” (Biden) – what a Show on Earth. You know my point of view about politics – but this is a point above 6D. So let`s see what is going on in 3D and behind the scene.

The “Plan” from the Rockefeller Foundation (2010) – their playbook of the “Pandemic”.

The political theater we are observing.…and-its-all-theater-lights-.html


One comment on “The Ascension of Earth is Proceeding on High Speed

  • Truth 🙌 the past few days during this full moon have been a rebirthing. Now on the other side and through it, I feel peace and salvation, a renewed and beautiful love❤
    Thanks for sharing this one sister🙏

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