Published January 21, 2021 by tindertender

Ever since last night I feel tears brimming in my eyes, which I cannot shed. I’ve reached the conclusion I must “surrender” to the process … apparently, being full-on Laurie is just too much for some in this universe to handle. It makes me sad … that a human expanded is not looked upon with favor by the hidden rulers. My hope is that benevolence will supersede these ingrained realities being spewed onto the populace, and that the human being will be able to enter the fullness of which they are, without threat.

There are many in the unseen who do not want humanity to step into their power fully. They threaten harm to those who have, and who have refused to medicate themselves into a duller, less-than version of themselves.

So many on social media claim to have guides who are kind, who speak to them as friend …

And all I get is warning, warnings that insist I must shrink, to make myself small.

I am extremely saddened by this, and wonder if others simply hear the surface level talk … and not the underside of it.

On the surface they speak of beauty, “You’re so beautiful” and they speak of power, “You’re so strong” … they comment to each other about liking the “sensitivity” they find here, the sweetness of the soul, and the power of the energy, yet underneath, they speak to each other about how they need to ‘recycle’ this one in sacrifice … or prostitute it ….. which is why I warn the feminine who are having astral sex … warn them of their energies being tasted and tested.

I am disheartened, for I do not see the balanced and honorable sharing of experience.

I experience the presence of those overlords who do not appreciate the fact that I hear them.

They want to repeat the savior story.

It’s really just one more cycle for them …

And for we.

Any disruptions or threats to this recycling of a storyline will be dealt with, in their minds, appropriately.

I would LOVE to believe those present are about love, compassion and harmony. Unfortunately, I hear the double speak and know it is simply about control … more of the same.

And humans, sadly, are simply a commodity … a food source, and energy source. One of their favorite energy sources is from the lower chakras, the sexual energy.

I suppose we can’t really expect anything more from them, as we look at other life the same … as food, as an energy source.

We reap what we sow.

The question is … do the hidden string pullers reap what they sow also? I think not, they are busy shucking the blame for their actions, intrusions and sabotages onto the very people they are abusive toward. They are unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions … they are only willing to reap the benefits acquired thru these abuses.

HUmans are the mirror, the energy supplier, and the carriers of the load of improper relations imposed upon them.

It is no wonder they start to mimic the loads they carry. They are becoming that which has been placed upon them by the unseen.

As above (hidden) so below … our manipulated experiences on earth.

What you CAN’T see is more real than what you CAN see.


“And anyway, it would be even better to know not simply what the enemy was planning but what he was thinking, and to be able to alter that thinking, or to destroy remotely without expensive weaponry. Even though enthusiasm about these capabilities remained tempered, the possibilities for psychic warfare seemed endless.”


SON of a BITCH!!!!

One comment on “Power

  • No matter what I encounter, my ability to shine Light, joy and loving peace is what keeps me smiling. I need no one to accept me, approve or give permission to me to do this. The ones that are confused or show duplicity will be returning to more of the same in each of their soul’s journeys. I embrace me as you embrace you. We are love in its purest form ❤❤
    That is all🙏

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