Listen to Your Own Voice

Published January 20, 2021 by tindertender

There are many in the seen world who like to tell us who we are, what we ought to do, who we ought to permit ourselves to be … and no more than that!! Many who place limitations on our personal advancement.

What many do not know, and I understand many DO, is that this world is managed by those in the unseen. The Planetary Management Team.

When an individual wakes up to themselves, becomes telepathic, these managers recommend you take medicine to make your own mind quiet. You see, they have a cozy little relationship with each other, and we pesky humans coming into telepathy disrupt their haven.

They’ll sabotage you, and then tell you it is YOU sabotaging self. They love to blame others for the actions they themselves choose to take.

You see, they are not only the planetary managers, they manage all life upon this planet. Humans and the animals are seen as nothing more than a commodity.

They “hook” you, they’ll hypnotize you in the astral and let someone sexually exploit you. Yes, they believe they OWN you, own WE, and perhaps they do, perhaps they have for millenia.

As an individual who accidentally barged into their world, I have, and still do, experience all sorts of invasiveness, and the shifting of blame … they try to get me to carry responsibility for their actions toward me.

I will not.

I am responsible for my own actions.

And I will continue to chant every night, raising my vibration. I will meditate and practice the HA Breath. I will do my affirmations and I will also practice my pendulum healing techniques.

I will continue to see the love in people and in myself, as often as my mind is being dragged into unworthiness … I know I have every right to grow into my gifts.

I will be all that I can be.

And I will not shrink because an invisible, or visible, entity tells me I actually haven’t the freedom to be whole.

In this now moment, I am free.

In this now moment, I birth peace and will not make decisions based on fear.

In this now moment, I embrace all that I am, all that I am becoming, and all that I will be.

I will not be silent.

I choose to grow into fulness.

It would not be so bad if they had chosen to teach more than just a selected, privaledged few to managed their personal abilities in fulness, if they had taught us how to be in alignment with actual values rather than slimy lies and smoke screens.

Maybe it was because humans are actually quite powerful, and they worried that an enlightened and empowered populace might mess with the ‘system’ … that others might try to gain control using these powers.

My brother has accused me of having thoughts of cheating him out of an inheritance (that might not ever come for either of us) … and I understand he accuses me of these things because that is what resides in his own heart, he’s using me as a mirror.

Those who long to control feel there is always someone coming to strip them of this control … not because anyone would, especially if trained in the proper ways to manage ones own sources, but because this is what they would do … what they do.

Apparently, freedom isn’t what I’ve always thought it was …. yet I will cling to my perception of it, just the same.

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